People confirms Mel Gibson & Oksana’s baby girl, named Lucia

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Los Angeles Industry Screening

On Sunday, Radar had the first report that Mel Gibson’s pregnant girlfriend/fiancée Oksana Grigorieva gave birth (“a few weeks early”) to a baby girl on Friday, and that Oksana and child were home by Sunday. Although CB and I both thought there was something slightly fishy about the birth, pregnancy and, basically, the whole relationship of Mel and Oksana, we both thought the Radar report was probably close to the truth.

Thankfully, it seems it was true. Mel’s rep confirmed the news to People a little while ago. Oksana did give birth on Friday in Los Angeles, and she and Mel have named the girl Lucia. I don’t know if they’re going to hyphenate the last name (Lucia Grigorieva-Gibson, which is kind of cute) or whether she’ll just be Lucia Gibson. People also reports that while Oksana and Lucia came home from the hospital on Sunday, they also report that Mel flew out of LA, to New York, to finish filming The Beaver.

Mel Gibson became a father for the eighth time on Friday when his girlfriend, musician Oksana Grigorieva, gave birth to a baby girl, PEOPLE confirms.

“This will confirm that Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson welcomed the arrival of a baby girl named Lucia on Friday, Oct. 30, 2009, at an undisclosed hospital in Los Angeles,” says Gibson’s rep, Alan Nierob, confirming earlier reports of the event. No further details were available.

“Everything is great! They couldn’t be happier,” a friend tells PEOPLE. “Everyone’s healthy and thrilled. He loooves it!”

Gibson, 53, was at Grigorieva’s side in Los Angeles until she and the baby went home from the hospital, then he flew to New York Sunday to resume shooting The Beaver, costarring Jodie Foster.

On Monday morning, an announcement of the birth was made on the set of the film in White Plains, N.Y. “Everyone sang ‘[For] He’s a Jolly Good Fellow,’ and he blushed,” a member of the film crew told PEOPLE.

Gibson has seven children (six sons and a daughter) with his ex-wife Robyn, while Oksana, has a son, Alexander, with her former boyfriend, actor Timothy Dalton.

In April, Gibson’s wife of 30 years, filed for divorce and later that month, he and Grigeorieva made their first public appearance together as a couple.

Their daughter’s birth was first reported by Radar Online.

[From People]

It could be totally possible that Oksana gave birth very close to her due date, and that this whole “she delivered a few weeks to a month early” stuff is just the tabloids trying to cover up their own crappy reporting. Considering Oksana and Lucia came home so quickly, I have to think that she is probably a very healthy baby who was probably born full term.

What does everyone think of the name Lucia? I think it’s pretty – but I was expecting a more Russian sounding name, like Natalia or Natasha. Congratulations to the happy family again!

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Los Angeles Industry Screening

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  1. Kiki says:

    I love Lucia! It is a beautiful, “normal” name. Congratulations to the happy parents!

  2. annie says:

    Maybe she was named after one of the Fatima children, that was the name of the oldest living one who just died a few years ago.

  3. xlisted says:

    it sounds like LUCIFER and is in fact the female version of the name lucifer, so thats very passing, when we see how this happened and what this slut is about.

    Mel wasnt with her when she delivered and came home alone at sherman oaks and mel flew away short after so no i dont think he is happy for this nor is interested by her nor the baby.
    From his action we all can see that he do not give a damn and must be now drinking all he can.

    there was no mention of “how much” a while ago it was said that she made a contract to receive 25 million dollars when the baby will be borned.

    So now that she no longer need her money making thing, i suppose she is going to throw the baby in the garbage??

    people is always keen ot come with “a friend” coment when no other media reporgted such a thing.
    They all said that it was confirmed, and the name was klucia, but nothing baout mel being happy na dall that.
    but we know from experience that people mag is fil with lies.

    well yoru wrong kaiser, TMZ announced that she was enterign her 4 month of pregnacy in may, so it must have been true since he gave birth in late october.

    Next i am waiting to see are mags with the title “mel Gibsion ended hs relationship wiht oksana” wbhich couldnt be long now that this part is over with.

  4. wow says:

    I’m loving the name Lucia, and hope that she has a hyphenated last name. It sounds much better than Mucia Gibson.

    I’m glad they didn’t go with a more Russian Natalia and Natasha. It’s been way over done already. At least to me being that I know of way too many Russian figure skaters and ice dancers with either of those names. :-)

  5. annie says:

    I’m sure she’s adorable!

  6. Harmony says:

    Oh F*CK. i swear to god, i have been planning all my life to name my future daughter Lucia and this news has significantly destroyed that for me :( they are disgusting

  7. Iggles says:

    Meh. I feel sorry for this kid. She’s got a lot of baggage to deal with regarding her family drama. But at least she’ll never wont for food and possessions.

    On a sidenote — Mel’s only 53!!!!!!! Dude looks 10 years older!

  8. princess pea says:

    It’s funny, because I agree that Natasha is stereotypically Russian-sounding (Thanks Rocky and Bullwinkle!) but if you asked for a Russian-ish name I’d have suggested something totally different… Olga, Ina, Elena, Svetlana.

    Whoa, xlisted, I think you skipped your meds today. Lucia sounds more like Lucy than Lucifer, to me. (Oh crap, you’re telling me the Peanuts was a SATANIC COMIC?!?! )

  9. xlisted says:

    thats not a new life nor a baby thats a money machine.
    i dont think that mel is happy about htis and of course kaiser ahd to chose teh people version with faulse testimony of faulse peole to pretend that mel wcouldnt be happier! sure the goldigger is, but i doubt very much that mel could be at all.
    AP, CNN, WENN, all reliable sources only mentioned that Nierob confirmed the birth and that the name was Lucia and that was it.

    For a fact we know that Mel wasnt with ehr at teh LA hospital but was in malibu at the time of the delivery, and that he flew back ot NY on sunday so he do not give a damn about this goldigger nor her child.

    Not like in boston where he interupted production when she was coming to his trailer.. time have changed, and she is now out of the picture.

    wont be long before they are officialy not together anymore. This month.
    Unofficialy they are not together since a long while.

    I can only wish a woman like that the very worse in life. She is too disgusting in all ways to be respected or even considered being human.

    My thoughts go to Robyn and to the other kids, that this monster made suffer so much by her very egoistical mentality and greed.

  10. gillie says:

    does “lucia” translate into russian as “cha-ching”?

  11. sunshine says:

    they look happy,,,,,,,,,,
    i dont think you can fake that,,,(to those who comment Mel is with her out of obligation) ,,he looks happy,,,,the other thing that the girl got her way with him the oldest way that existed,,,and she’s done it twice in her life,,,quite professiaonally,,,,
    but still – he looks happy,,,,,,,i think he is

  12. Firestarter says:

    Lucia means ‘Of the light” or something to that effect.

  13. Kevin says:

    Lucia? For some reason I was sure they were going to name her Suger Tits Lottery Ticket Gibson.

  14. Blitz says:

    “does “lucia” translate into russian as “cha-ching”?”

    gillie that’s the funniest thing anyone said all day, and it seems to fit. haha

  15. Cakes says:

    ugh you can practically see the dollar signs in her eyes.

  16. Ellie says:

    Wow xlisted, are you sure you’re not one of those “friends”? Lucia did not derive from Lucifer. The names Lucia, Lucifer, Lucius, Lucy, Lucille, etc. all derived from the Latin word “lux” meaning light.

  17. Sincerity says:


    Robyn and her children will be just fine. They have the respect, compassion and prayers of many, many people whom have never met them but understand their pain. I strongly suspect that many of Mel Gibson’s most fierce detractors feel for them, also. Oksana on the other hand, has a much tougher “row to hoe”. If what you say is true and a financial agreement has been reached, more than likely she’ll fade back into the obscurity in which Mel Gibson found her unless he decides to marry her. Only time will tell. Being involved in such a “high profile” scandal would make it so much harder for her to easily latch onto another unsuspecting wealthy man, single or otherwise. Of course, she’s not entirely to blame. A person can’t “be played” unless they are “willing to play”. I’m quite sure all of her lovers have learned this lesson well. I pray that her daughter, Lucia, will be exposed to much more positive feminine role models than herself. The vast majority of women can attract men, wealthy or otherwise, but a truly worthwhile man will marry a woman of substance to nurture him and his children. Others are just momentary distractions they use and “kick to curb” when they’re through with them. Class, sincerity and intelligence are worth more than their WEIGHT IN GOLD.

  18. crash2GO2 says:

    These endless photos of Mel yapping at Oksana while she looks at him with adoring eyes and what looks like cheeks full of popcorn, are getting old.

    I’m ready for baby pics or nothing at all.

  19. linda k says:

    seems like he was happy she was in new york…b ut she was cutting it pretty close in traveling since she was month earlier…or was she?

  20. clarify says:

    I think the game they have been playing is clear. It is apparent they wanted us to think all along that her pregnancy was later than it actually was, so that it would seem accidental or of no consequence relative to the timing of when Robyn filed for divorce.

    They wanted it to appear that the divorce was going to happen anyway and OH! SURPRISE! what a *coincidence* that his mistress was expecting. So they tried to make the timing of when she got PG later than it actually was.
    This was to protect Oksana’s reputation; they didn’t want her to appear like a home wrecker… which I believe she was.

    There were so many contradictory dates and statements all along. It turns out the earlier dates were the true ones, and that the later dates were their sloppy attempts at damage control. I think she was deliberately making attempts to hide how far along she was… like the recent street photos in NY, when she was holding a jacket to hide her baby bump.

    And in all this, we see Mel protecting his mistress and casting indirect shame on Robyn. This gold digger had a ring through his nose and she kept twitching him all over the pace.

    I wonder when the dust settles if he will feel it was all worth it.

  21. snappyfish says:

    I don’t buy into the Lucifer part but what is interesteing is that if Lucia means “of the light”, Lucifer was the angel of light.

    hmmm coincidence, I think not. lol…I am kidding.

    As for this woman and Mel. She clearly is a famewhore (translated meaning here: wants her children by famous men) She didn’t care this man was married and he clearly didn’t either. If a man will cheat with you he will cheat on you.

    With that in mind, the next pretty face with deep pockets comes by…baby number 3. Not a very optimistic way to start your life out together.

    blessing to the little girl, however.

  22. annie says:

    Really, I think mel named her after Sr. Lucia one of the children at Fatima. He and Robyn met with her at her convent shortly after making POTC.

  23. Meimei says:

    Lucia is also a saint’s name (a.k.a. Saint Lucy). According to the legend, her eyes were gouged out, and some nasty people (don’t look at me! :P ) might argue this kid might want to do the exact same thing in a few years, with Mel’s face falling and Oksana’s getting fuller and rising ever higher.

    At least it’s a pretty name, after all.

  24. Uzi says:

    @Clarify…Well said! I can’t wait for the PEOPLE article to see if it includes the birth weight of this “premature” baby (not that it matters…Team Mel would probably lie about it anyway, just like they’ve done with everything else!)

    @Sincerity…Loved your comments, as well as those two posts ago. I doubt this will happen, as Robyn’s an extremely classy, private person, but I’m hoping she and some of her kids will sit down with someone like Oprah and give their side of the story…ideally the week Mel’s new movie is released in January. I especially feel for Hannah, who until 10/30 was Mel’s only daughter.

  25. curious says:

    The MEaL ticket has arrived!!!!

  26. xlisted says:

    to clarifty things:

    Luciferee Satanas, is the nanme of the devil, following cathilic scriptures.
    The name of the falling angel, the angel of light, who fall from the side of God, and was before that the closest angel to God.
    Sataniss beleive that this angel is the angel of light who fall on free will on earth to save the humans and reopen their eyes to God,. Following the christians’s version of this, he is the devil, who temopt humans to distract them from God, and make them sin and walk in a path away from God.
    The feminin version of Lucifer is Lucia.

    St Lucia is a pagan goddess, rest from pagan rituals after christianity had taken over.
    It is a rest of the cult of BAAL, cult of fire and therefor of light.
    But dont get fooled by the name..
    Santa lucia is celebrated with childrens carrying a crone on their head with 6 candles on it.

    To annie, Fatima is the name of the wife of mahomet, prophete of islam.

    namees like lucile and lucie and lucy are all derivated form lucia and lucifer and all means the same thing, but Lucia is the closest to Lucifer you can come to.

    Dont forget that opksa flew with an airplane to NY the 14 and 16 of oxcotber, less than 2 weeks before she gave birth and that air plane copmpany have strickt regulation as to transporting prengnat women, and that medically it is forbidden for a woman to travel by plane so close to delivery date. So i question very much this birth.
    Her coverign her stomach with an extra jacket didnt help the fact that on several pictures you could see her stomach and it was flat.
    certainly not ready to deliver in a couple of weeks.
    On thiose pictures mel looks very worried, and not happy, like saying “shit we are unveiled”.
    Must be why they hurried that stunt.
    Mel gibson wasnt even at thehospital when it happened and first heard of it on sunday!
    Rigth before taking the plane back to New York.
    This is the reason why Alan Nierob was long before giving confirmation they had to found out what to say.
    I doubt very much that mel gibosn had anyhting ot do with the choice of that name.
    It is certainly not his idea.
    His first reaction was “Really??!! How did she do that? She adopted one!?? bahahha!”
    The alone people in contact wiht oksana were Mel Gibson’s lawyer and attorneys.
    She officialy went directly back to “her” home in Sherman Oaks, LA, while Mel Gibson was in Malibu.

    Some have been trying to create a new saying that he interupted the flming od the beaver to be with her, but the fact is that none of the beaver’s scene have been shooted during the weekends, and all have been free every weekend since they begin to shoot in september. This weekend was no exception, specialy with Halloween going on.
    A bit convenient tho that she gave birth rigth during a weekend. LOL
    You are not alowed to leave a hopsital before the baby is over 4,3 lbs.
    If it was premature, she couldnt leave same day and hour.
    its fishy.
    If it was in time, she couldnt travel by plane to NY less than 2 weeks before.
    her fake pregnacy had to come out at some point and was emabrassing in many ways for Mel Gibson. But telling officialy that she had lied all along was even more problematic for HER, for her career, but also juridicaly.

    Can you imagine MG now coming out saying the DNA/paternity tests are negative and he is not the father of the child?
    What a downer!
    He will truely looks like an idiot.

    BTW Mel was with his kids at Malibu while her “delivery” was taking place somewhere in LA…

    Wasnt it 25 million dollars she was supposed to get at delivery?

    And all this happening while Mel just sold his UK and australian share of Icon, to a russian billionaire.
    How very coiencidential.

  27. annie says:

    Ocean give it a rest!

  28. Ellie says:

    @xlisted, SAINT LUCIA WAS A CATHOLIC SAINT, not pagan as you seem to believe.

    “Following her death in 303, Lucia soon became one of the greatest saints in the Catholic Church. At those times the Nordic people were still pagans. When the Nordic people were brought into Christendom in the 1000s, Lucia, along with many other Catholic saints, became known here, too.”

  29. Ellie says:

    Oh and for future reference, slow down on the typing, that way we can actually read it and not decipher.

  30. Alain says:

    Melgibson who married to the Russian woman Oksana has recently give birth to a baby which shows her a perfect wife.

  31. Bobby the K says:


    xlisted – have you done a detailed timeline and information research thing regarding sarah palin’s baby trig and the circumstances around the birth? i still think it’s a ruse covering for bristol.

  32. Firestarter says:

    Alain- Gibson did not marry Oksana.


  33. Victoria says:

    Well, we know the baby will not look like the mother looks now. I mean, Lucia will look like the mother did before all the plastic surgery on her face.

    Cheap PS comes back to haunt her now that she can afford better work!

  34. Uzi says:

    @xlisted…Regarding Oksana flying two weeks before her delivery…She’s not exactly flying Southwest. Thanks to Mel’s “genero$ity” she and little Lucifer, whoops, I mean Lucia, will never see the inside of a commercial airliner again. Mel may have even hired a doctor or nurse to accompany her.
    Also, we don’t know if she delivered naturally or by Caesarian, so the “birthday” may have been previously scheduled. By the way, I also picked up on Oksana’s hiding her belly with a coat in the recent photo and thought it was strange; she was obviously proud of the fact that she was with child, so why the coverup? However, it IS time to put the “fake pregnancy” theory to a rest! There is definately a baby, and I’m sure that if famewhore Oksana has her way we’ll be seeing pictures real soon.

  35. CathyT says:

    Annie, interesting thought about the name.

  36. linda k says:

    uzi…i agree…there is a baby, which ended that rumor…even though the covering up thing was a bit strange… but adopting a baby? lucia is a beautiful name, and i think is a beautiful baby…

    xlisted….how do you know he was with robyn in malibu? and the filming schedule…

    now it will be about the dna and money amount, not counting the christmas wedding…boy it will be a busy next couple of months…

    .plus xlisted…if he marries her, that’s a pretty big step if he doesn’t love her as you say…i don’t think his hoax would carry it that far, and he is not that stupid…

  37. annie says:

    x-listed is ocean!

  38. annie says:

    bobby the k., so briatol’s already had her second baby?

  39. susieqinBA says:

    Lucia is still a form of Lucifer. According to history of “St.” Lucia her eyes were gorged out meaning a spiritual significance that she was spiritually blind not having insight (which happened to Custer when he was killed, the Indians gorged out his eyes because he had no spiritual insight). I was raised in the Catholic church and the Catholics have their version of the bible adding books that are not to be added to the bible; all their “saints” were false prophets, so their “saints” really result from paganism; the Catholics worship the dead. Anyway, Mr. and Mrs. Satan had a little girl they named Lucia, born on Halloween Eve (too coincidental). But I say to Oksana, you don’t have Mel in your evil clutches anymore neither do you have his money, you plan to throw him away like a hot potato and hurt him painfully in his heart. No, he has not been a “saint” but that doesn’t mean he is going to stay that way. There is another woman coming in his path who will help deliver him from your witchcraft and manipulation and help him to walk in that path that he wants to walk in and who will genuinely love him and he will find true deliverance and love; Mel deeply desires a true relationship and he is going to find a real relationship. So, honey, you are one big, fat, foolish, sex toy. You don’t want marriage, you never intended marriage because you don’t want to be “saddled” down with any man to tell you what to do. You are really pathetic you don’t want a relationship you want money, and that is all that you every will have – money doesn’t last long, a relationship lasts forever!

  40. linda k says:

    well…just read on megafans that in answering a question about marriage…she replyed she wants to…that they are very, very, happy together….so we shall see…depends on the divorce, which i haven’t seen anything more about, but you can bet she will be walking the red carpet when edge of darkness appears….all that stuff about him wanting to go back to robyn, is not true in my thinking, he now has a child, which in the euforia, will bond him to her and the child even more…christmas is not that far away to has to be soon so not to overshadow the premiere….or after the movie comes out….

  41. Uzi says:

    Linda k…Just read the same thing, which originated in UK Glamour Magazine. The Gibson divorce hasn’t been finalized, and I doubt Mel wants to add “bigamist” to his long list of negative qualities! December is still a few weeks off, and I think the more time Mel spends getting to know the real Oksana the less likely he is to marry her, baby or no baby. Judging by comments on these and other posts, I don’t think Mel has anything to gain, personally or professionally, be “making the relationship legal.” The baby has already been born out of wedlock, and he’s consistently done the right thing as a father, including flying to LA to be with Oksana in the delivery room. Given the a majority of the public’s negative view of this woman it would be better for his career if he “cut his losses” by not marrying Oksana. I think the public would respect him more than if he were to enter into a forced, sham marriage with a golddigger.

  42. Regis says:

    It surprises me how many of you people have opinions on the origins of the name Lucia but lack any insight to validate those opinions. Where do you get your information, or rather lack of it from?

    Lucia is indeed related to lucifer. Lucifer is the bringer of light and the archetype is associated with a conglomerate of pre-Christian beliefs regarding the cycle of seasons and the return of the king, the sun…or the son!! So you have now a festival of light in mid-winter dedicated to a saint named Lucia. Ahem! Yes, it’s true, even most Christian mythology has it’s origins in the pagan systems. I get annoyed with most Christians becasue they are ignorant turds that just believe any nonsense they are told…no power of critical thought, self analysis or insight whatsoever.

  43. Thanks for the great post! One of the best post I have seen in a long time.