Prince George told a child: ‘My dad will be king so you better watch out’

When Prince George was a baby, we all predicted that he would be a little hellraiser. On his first royal tour to Australia – before he was even one year old – George was punching other babies, trying to grab a bilby and throwing gifts on the floor. He was a fun baby. But as he matured, George is not really the hellion we thought he would be. He gives off more of a shy, reserved energy. He and Charlotte actually seem super-wary these days, as their parents force them out in public more and more. Well, Katie Nicholl’s book, The New Royals, has a story about George. Remember, Nicholl’s sourcing for the book is almost entirely Kensington Palace and Middleton Manor. Meaning, Prince William and Kate want this story out here, and they probably think it’s “cute.”

Do you even know who my father is? Prince George warned classmates who were on his bad side that they’d better “watch out” because his father, Prince William, will one day be king, according to royal author Katie Nicholl.

“My dad will be king so you better watch out,” the royal expert claims the future monarch, 9, once said in her book, “The New Royals.”

According to the Daily Mail, Nicholl also writes about how George is very much aware that he will one day be king himself.

“They are raising their children, particularly Prince George, with an awareness of who he is and the role he will inherit, but they are keen not to weigh them down with a sense of duty,” the author said.

[From Page Six]

This bugs me. It bugs me that it’s being presented as a cute story and not like a bratty streak which should be addressed through parenting. I suspect George is getting this kind of sh-t from his parents and from Carole Middleton, who spends a lot of time raising and influencing her grandson. Children are very influenced by what they see at home. George is likely mimicking what he hears his father say, and that sh-t is being reinforced by Kate and Carole, that George is special, that he’s different, that he can do whatever he wants because he’ll be king one day.

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  1. Shawna says:

    If only an Early Years expert was on hand to help out!

  2. matthew says:

    good luck with all that

    • Barbie1 says:

      What a little brat lol. If this book is to be believed. If only grandma was around to explain how he should talk to people.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      Probably why they had to move schools. ‘Cuz he was gettin’ his azz beat. Not that I condone it, but maybe, just maybe, he f*cked around and found out.

      • Cara says:

        This was my thought. Wasn’t there talk that he needed to change schools because of bullying? I do not want that for him but it fits.

      • MeganC says:

        Eddie Redmayne went to Eton with William and talked about how he was the primary target on the rugby pitch. George may have said this in response to bullying. Context is everything,

  3. Nanz says:

    “Awareness of his role, but keen not to weigh him down with duty.” That tracks.

    • Amy Too says:

      Came here to say the thing. They don’t want to “weigh them down” with that boring, stupid, annoying “duty” crap, they just want them to know that their daddy is very special and powerful and that George gets to be in charge of everything and everyone because he’s going to be King one day. Just the fun, power tripping stuff, none of that noblesse oblige, “with great power comes great responsibility,” “we must be seen to be believed,” service junk.

    • The Duchess says:

      Well if that isn’t an indicator on how his future attitude is going to be, I don’t know what is! William & Kate are adamant on raising work-shy futures, aren’t they?

    • sunny says:

      Hahahahahahah. Yup, it does sound right.

    • MeganC says:

      I assume this is in response to how William was raised. Whatever messages he got from the adults in his life made him angry and respectful about being one of the most privileged people on the planet.

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      That bugs me. They are extraordinarily wealthy and also are supposed to serve the public. So basically they are reaping the benefits with no responsibility.

      Well, that tracks.

      And as mean as it is to say, both the boys seem like total brats.

  4. Brassy Rebel says:

    So someone hasn’t yet gotten the “Our family is all about service” lecture yet. What a surprise!

    George sounds like the Freddy Bartholomew character in “Captains Courageous” before Spencer Tracy got ahold of him.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      Well, neither of his parents could possibly give that speech without their pants catching on fire so…

      It’s more likely that George is being raised to feel more special and important than his siblings so it’s no wonder he’ll turn out just like his father and his father’s father.

  5. Snuffles says:

    William pulled the exact same shit at George’s age and we see how he turned out. This ain’t cute and should be nipped in the bus IMMEDIATELY, but they won’t. William is probably like “That’s right, George! You tell those plebes!”

    I wonder if he tries that shit on Charlotte. Something tells me Charlotte ain’t one to be fucked around with. Or maybe I’m just projecting. 😛

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Exactly. There were people on Twitter saying “he’s just a kid!” to claim that this wasn’t a big deal. Once upon a time, William was “just a kid” too.

      • sunny says:

        This isn’t a big deal. He is a young kid and kids can be bossy or rude sometimes. It’s his parents’ non reaction to it that is the big problem. It is there responsibility to help teach him right from wrong as he matures.

    • Amy Too says:

      But also, what 8 year old even has a shit list that would necessitate saying this to the little kids on it? And at their “super duper normal,” middle class values, “focus on kindness,” “kids’ welfare and mental health comes first” school?

      • Flowerlake says:

        My classmates said crazier things than this at that age.

        Don’t mean to make this into an argument, but I feel somewhat uncomfortable by how he’s already being discussed like this.
        Even though I understand the other side, that they probably won’t do anything about it unless it gets called out.

    • Nic919 says:

      Exactly. William’s stories were more that her would be king so it gave him the right to boss people around. At the time it wasn’t covered as a cute story though, and the fact that Nicholl and the Middletons / K and W believe that it is shows just how twisted their mentally is.

      While perhaps George may not be to blame for thinking this is okay to say, his parents sure can.

      • Becks1 says:

        This is why I think the story stands out to me. He’s not saying he’s going to be king. He’s saying his father will be king, and this was from before the queen died, so William was still FFK. You have to wonder how much his parents talk about it front of him and in what context. Does William use that line on Kate? I’m going to be king so i’m in charge?

        could it be as simple as George sees his father in uniform at Trooping and the like and its explained by saying he’ll be king one day. Sure. But wouldn’t that tie back to George being king one day? Like it just stands out to me that he’s using his father’s future status and not his own.

      • Lorelei says:

        KN is definitely a Middleton mouthpiece, but what I’m curious about is if *William* knew that they gave Katie this little anecdote for the book. I can totally see him not knowing ahead of time and then absolutely hitting the roof when he finds out about it.

    • Over it says:

      I wonder when the bullying investigation into George will start .

  6. Flower says:

    Like I said in the other thread – interesting that this story should surface the same day that KP set up the toddler waiting in the cold for 4 hrs and then subsequently released their bots.

    I smell dissent amongst the RR’s.

  7. Emmi says:

    Yeah … I don’t know that we should start in on the children. This could be a complete lie and the boy is 9. Even if it’s true, can we not? His parents aren’t good at their job from my perspective but he’s NINE. Guess they’re done with the adults for now?

    • Snickers says:

      Agreed. I’m not a fan of child shaming. Kids, my own included, say and do stupid things from time to time. A comment such as this, if in fact it did happen, is not reflective of George’s character or what he’s being taught.

      I’m also not a fan of body shaming or mental health shaming, both themes that have been raised in recent comments about W/K. Both are unnecessarily cruel IMO.

    • Nic919 says:

      No one is blaming George here. They are blaming the people who thought this story was cute and told Nicholls about it.

      That’s the difference and to wave it away is just tolerating massive arrogance from a family that has tons of power and no need to accept accountability.

      Would a story about Barron Trump be viewed like this? Doubtful. People would be criticizing his parents for raising him like that and William and Kate should not get a pass here.

      Nicholls is viewed as a friendly rota to the Wales / Middletons so it’s also doubtful the story isn’t true.

      • Becks1 says:

        Either this story was passed on by KP/the Middletons, which means they think its cute (its not), or it was passed on by a parent or teacher at the school, who most likely NOT think it was cute (and it probably wasn’t the only story like this). I’m inclined to think it was the former in a “oh George is just so cheeky and has so much personality! haha one time he even said this at school.”

        Is it the worst thing a kid can say? Of course not. But many of us are looking at this through the lens of William, who made similar comments as a child and has turned out to be an entitled ahole of an adult.

      • Emmi says:

        Barron Trump of all people is the worst example because he has always been off limits on this blog and almost everywhere else.

        And yes, if you read through the comments, people are very clearly slamming the child. You can dress it up as “Oh we’re just commenting on the parenting.” but that’s not what’s happening.

        I get that people want to talk about the parenting of these two but you can only do that if you talk about the kids at some point. George is old enough that now and then someone will attribute a quote to him and I personally think that should be nipped in the bud. Now. Even IF this was planted by someone in KP or wherever, I don’t care.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Emmi, I think part of the issue is that the Wales/Cambridges (sorry, Wales still sounds weird to me lol) want to use their kids for distraction and PR purposes. They’ve put their kids into the public sphere more than they had to because they were giving into the press, and this is the flip side of that. Comments that the kids make are going to be used as tabloid fodder and are going to be discussed.

        I think it DOES matter whether this was planted by KP, because it tells us a lot about how KP views this story.

        And yes, we’re going to talk about the parenting of William and Kate, especially when the reason they can’t work is because they’re such amazing wonderful hands on parents and Kate is an Early Years expert etc etc. Again, this is the other side of that coin. You want to hide behind your parenting as the reason you can’t work? Okay then your parenting is going to be discussed.

      • Emmi says:

        @Becks1: I agree with almost all of this, they don’t have to bring the kids anywhere at this age and I thought the first-day-of-school-theatre-productions are ridiculous. Clearly their narrative does not fit with reality. I’ve always been pretty sure that Kate is actually an involved and happy parent. No idea about William. But their PR surrounding the kids has always been questionable. I simply think this issue is one step too far and I think even if this is a KP planted story, we could all just not engage. It opens too many doors. George is already being painted as a bratty child, as resembling his terrible father who was also a brat at that age.

        It also might just be a lie. And we can gossip about all kinds of things concerning the adults but quoting a kid and making him look like a little … well, not a nice child?

  8. Rapunzel says:

    A few things:

    1. Didn’t we hear a similar story about William as a kid? That he used to say something similar to Harry or his schoolmates? Someone more knowledgeable, please confirm. Anyway, I think this totally sounds made up.

    2. Wouldn’t “I’m going to be king one day” be a better taunt? If he’s being led to know he’s special, why is he not focused on the fact that he’ll be king?

    • equality says:

      Or say grandpa or granny already is the monarch?

    • Snuffles says:

      Yes. Except William threatened to send his knights to kill people if he didn’t get his way.

    • SomeChick says:

      yes, he was called Billy the Basher. what a surprise to hear all of this!

    • Ginger says:

      William did say this when he was George’s age. This story just seems recycled. If this is true, then George comes off as bratty and snobbish. Just like his dad.

    • Debbie says:

      I’m still trying to figure out how a 9 year old can have “foes,” as stated in the Page Six article.

      • Snuffles says:

        He’s taking after grandpa and has started his list of mortal enemies early.

      • Erin says:

        My son is a couple of weeks older than George and kids have been cruel bullies since kindergarten so I believe it when they say there are some kids he probably doesn’t get along with. Also, nine year olds have a pretty good sense of right and wrong, they aren’t toddlers.

        On another note, this isn’t a cute story so whoever is pushing it and wanted it out there sounds just like those parents from the buzz feed article in the links that was posted yesterday and if you read that story and those comments from parents you can totally understand how some people might find this story cute/funny. I was appalled at all of them and cannot wrap my mind around that kind of thinking. I also don’t understand why they would open up a child to criticism by even putting it out there. There is no need to put any stories of those kids out there right now.

    • Nic919 says:

      William said he would be king one day so it’s a little different from this story. It wasn’t reported as a cute story back in the day though. More like the queen was concerned that William was acting like a brat. And whether or not it was true we have seen his ultimate character since then which is not one of humility.

      And people thinking that this story isn’t cute aren’t child shaming. Enough of that red herring. No one is blaming George for this.

      But the adults around him are the problem.

    • Islandgirl says:

      Sorry …I don’t believe this.
      What is also unbelievable to me is that she and her sources thought this was a cute story. It isn’t…

  9. equality says:

    Interesting that he would say that when grandpa is already king. Somebody contrasted how they put that out as cute with the headline about Archie going to be a brat because he was being raised away from the RF.

  10. Scorpion says:

    The apple never falls far from the tree.

    This child already knows he is special and better than everyone else, luckily for him, he is the heir so the institution will protect him like they did/do his father..

  11. girl_ninja says:

    Yuck. Yuck. Yucky.

  12. Mandy says:

    William did the same thing as a kid. And let’s e honest the monarchy will probably be abolished by then.

  13. Lynne says:

    Could be made up to sell books?

  14. Cathy says:

    I’m going to call bullpoo on this one. This isn’t about George it’s about William being King one day, as if we need reminding?

    Didn’t William tell his school mates that HE was going to be King one day? And he was going to chop off their heads or send them to the tower or something like that?

    It’s another story to make themselves feel good… about themselves

  15. Mel says:

    It’s not a good look for him, if it’s true. Even if it is, you know what’s an even worse look? Grown folks insinuating and gossiping about a kid. Let’s leave the children out of it.

    • Cessily says:

      They put this out there, no one seems to care when the rota and BRF bully and harass the Sussex children or when their birthright is being withheld as blackmail. The behavior of a self proclaimed “early years child expert” child in a story they put out in the public is fair game imo. This isn’t anywhere near the attacks the Sussex children have come under for being born.

      • Debbie says:

        I know, right? These comments essentially saying, “Won’t somebody please think of the children!” seem out of place when the story is coming from the palaces and their rota and presented as if this conduct is somehow cute.

    • Becks1 says:

      honestly, this is part of the issue with the Wales’ whole “use the children as shields/distraction” PR method. Because at some point there is going to need to be more than a new picture or two of the kids(which people don’t even really care about anymore since we see the kids pretty frequently now), and stories like this are going to become more frequent.

  16. Miss Jupitero says:

    “I wouldn’t be too sure about that, Georgie! Study hard because you might have to get an actual job!”

  17. Cessily says:

    I wouldn’t want my kids in a school with any of their children esp with George. He will only get worse. It is disturbing that anyone would find this sort of behavior as ok. So much for shaping the man he will become in the first 5 years I would say that was a failure 😣. “Manners make the man” it doesn’t seem like he was taught that but instead taught how to bully just like his parents with their bullying harassment campaign against the Sussex’s.

    • SAS says:

      This sounds straight out of Carole’s mouth to me. Esp if he was getting bullied “…and I told him, well they’d better watch out because your dad will be the King!” And Nicholls somehow thought it was cuter coming from George?

  18. Harper says:

    Either the Middletons told Nicholl that, which is weird because it’s not something to boast about, or there are some disgruntled parents from St. Thomas’ that don’t care about upholding the royal code of silence. When I first saw the headline, I thought oh fun! Those Lambrook parents are leaking already. But since this was in the book, it would have to be from their previous school.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yeah, this would be from Thomas’s, so it makes you wonder again about why they pulled the kids out. Someone said on here a few months ago that they had heard George was being bullied, which is sad if true, so maybe this was comment was a response to that?

      but interesting that someone is talking to KN. This is either from the Middletons (which is possible if they thought it was a cute anecdote) or its from a parent or teacher at the school, so someone isn’t worried about losing access to the royals for gossiping. Maybe this person went to KN once they knew the royals were leaving?

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      There is no way the royal kids do not get treated differently (with more deference from faculty and staff) than the other students, no matter what school they attend. Most parents would not want their kids in the same school as the royals, especially now that all three of them are in the same school.

  19. Becks1 says:

    Remember how the Cambridges pivoted from “George doesn’t know he’s going to be king or even that he’s a prince” to “he understands the weight of his future role” etc? Maybe they should have stuck with the former.

    Anyway, kids can be obnoxious and say stupid things sometimes so I’m not holding it overly against George. It does tell us though that he is VERY aware of his family’s position and power and privilege.

    • Nic919 says:

      It’s not a great story for them to put out there because it doesn’t come off as cute. Unless it’s coming from a parent at Thomas, it’s dumb for any one in George’s family to relay this anecdote.

      • Becks1 says:

        I can see the Middletons thinking its cute, like oh he’s so cheeky, he’s not afraid to put people in his place!! But Katie Nicholl had to know how this would be received, which adds another layer to this story being shared.

  20. Amy Bee says:

    Katie didn’t need to include that anecdote to illustrate that George knows about his family’s future.

  21. Digital Unicorn says:

    Like father like son. Maybe this is why they changed schools. And yeah I agree this behaviour is being enabled by the Carole as we see the same behaviour with her own children.

    William was known as a bully as a child seems George is following in those footsteps.

  22. lanne says:

    This is not a cute story at all. If it did happen, George should be called out for it by his teacher and by his parents when he gets home. It’s not a story for the world to know. What happened to george getting to be a regular child? We shouldn’t know about his boundary-pushing, his tantrums, his misbehavior. He should have the right to be a child, make his mistakes, get called out for them, learn from them as any kid should.

    This story is really disturbing to me not because the kid acted like a brat–he’s a kid, and kids say bratty things. I fear we’re being put on notice that George’s behavior will be subject to public consumption, and that he will be thrust into the spotlight before he’s ready, a spotlight he never consented to, after all. If its the Wailses who put out this story, then shame on them. If it’s the ratchets, then we know it’s already open season on the Wales kids. Shame on them, too. Shame on an institution that refuses to let children be children. All that’s being put on display here is that the generational trauma of the Windsors will continue unabated. Each kid will be shoved into his/her required rolebox, no matter whether or not it fits.

    For the children’s sake, I hope the monarchy is abolished before they get to it. The British monarchy grinds its members down to coal. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

    • Snuffles says:

      True. Expect more leaks about the Cambridge kids behavior at the new school. Every playground fight will become a headline.

  23. aquarius64 says:

    Nichol just made George look like a brat and a bully with this story (which the Wailes signed off on). George was trending on Twitter for the wrong reasons; the search words were Prince George bully. Add to this mess, George was compared to Joffrey Baratheon, Draco Malfoy, and Damien, the kid from the Omen movie. As for George being targeted, his parents put him out there; and as a future head of state and head of nation the BM sees him as fair game. What’s even more disturbing is that it seems students, parents and staff are willing to dime the Wales kids out to the media. And thanks to social media, George, Charlotte and Louis’ mess ups will find their way to Instagram and Tick Tok. Welcome to the monarchy in the 21st century Windsors.

    • Snuffles says:

      And the Cambridges will blame the Sussex’s for not being there to take the heat. Because you KNOW the plan was to do all of the above to Archie and Lili once they reached school age.

  24. Pumpkin (Was Sofia) says:

    He’s only 9. It could just be a throwaway albeit bratty comment but that isn’t an indication of his personality. Now if he’s like his parents in personality when he’s 40 then I will see this comment in a different light but for now I’m just treating it as a kid saying things.

  25. Lizzie says:

    Doubtful at best, sounds like pure pr. Also agree, not cute. Wait till George figures out they make up stuff about him all the time. He’ll come to understand Uncle Harry sooner than we think.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      Nah, because George is in the heir position, so his bad behavior will be hidden, just like his father’s was. It’s Charlotte and Louis who will be thrown to the wolves, like Harry.

  26. The Duchess says:

    It seems like the leaking from the new school has already begun. I remember seeing a few commentators on here predict this back in the Summer. I hope the move was worth it. The kids were always going to pay the price one way or the other.

    • Pumpkin (Was Sofia) says:

      This book was probably written at least a few months ago. Probably longer than that actually so if it’s true, it’s parents from Thomas’ talking not Lambrook.

  27. Beach Dreams says:

    William 2.0 launching. The fact that his father was making similar comments at his age should be cause for concern because look how he turned out. And between the Middletons and the Windsors as influences, it looks like George is going to be raised with the same level of entitlement as his father.

  28. Mooney says:

    Ha! What did they say? That HRH Prince Archie will be a brat because he won’t be around his precious Wails cousins? In the past three months or so, two of the three Wails kids have shown their bratty side, one actually on the camera. Be careful what you say about others 😉

    I see some of you had hope for the kids. It looks like it’s too late at least for the boys.

    Could that be shade by Meghan in the article when she said how she stressed about manners?

    Reminds me of Draco Malfoy: My father will hear about this!!!

  29. ME says:

    100% agree. Since when do we take what children say seriously?

  30. Vanessa says:

    The Royal Reporters and the Cambridge’s stans think this behavior is adorable but it not at all just like Louis behavior at the jubilee was not cute at all . I can guarantee you that If a Archie behave the way George or Louis has the royal reporter and the Cambridge’s stans would be calling out his brat behavior when Archie was one years in that video Meghan and Harry posted for charity there were grown adults woman labeled Archie as a bratty horrible because he knock a book out Meghan hand . George Behavior is not cute it’s not ok this story is shouldn’t have never been repeated this story doesn’t make the Cambridge’s look good in fact it show that George even in his younger years was aware of his privilege knew how to use it to make other kids scary .

  31. Fredegunda says:

    It says a lot about William and Kate’s character and poor parenting skills that the assumption is George said this as a threat/to lord it over a classmate.

  32. Veda says:

    Imagine George’s shock in life when the monarchy gets abolished before his time! Britain is going down the drain and they have no more colonies to loot from. At some point the public is going to figure out that the monarchy has no RoI. Meghan and Harry made the best call to completely break away.

  33. lucy2 says:

    I was too young to think about Harry and William this way, but I feel bad for these kids. Yes they are probably spoiled beyond belief, but they have parents who don’t seem to like each other very much, and the rest of their family (except the 2 that escaped to CA) seem solely focused on power, status, and weaponizing both to use against each other and other people. They’re growing up with their entire future mapped out for them, no room for their own choices. They’re never treated like regular kids, and true friendships will be hard to find.

  34. Cerys says:

    The apple does not fall far from the tree. Comments like this are to be expected from the son of Billy the Basher (his childhood name). It’s not cute. If the story was shared by the Middletons, it has not come over well.

  35. Kelsey says:

    If Archie ever fixed his mouth to say anything along the line of “Do you know who my parents are?” the media would crucifyyyyy him and his parents. Not them trying to pretend this is cute behavior. Almost as bad as the ones who tell their crying daughters that Kimmy’s being mean to them that “he just likes you”.

    • lanne says:

      I’m really glad Meghan and Harry left for that reason. The UK is not a safe place for their children. It would be open season on their children. The ratchets have already shown us how gleeful they are at the idea of publically shaming a baby. The royals are willing to serve up children to the beast of the media. They are all a bunch of monsters.

    • Becks1 says:

      Not one single person defending George now (on twitter in general, not here in particular) would be defending Archie in that situation.