David Beckham apparently ‘confronted’ Brooklyn over his wife’s interviews

Having read a lot of British tabloid reporting and British gossip in my day, one of the funniest little sideshows of British gossip will always be “manufactured outrage that a bride makes decisions about her wedding.” It honestly never fails to make me chuckle. For a while, I thought that the criticism lodged at the Duchess of Sussex over her wedding planning was specific to Meghan. But no, British gossips truly have an issue with ANY bride – especially an American bride – planning her wedding to her own specifications. This has been a consistent issue with all of the drama around Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham. True story, I think Nicola and Brooklyn are both dumb as a box of hair, but Nicola had every right to do whatever she wanted for her own dang wedding. That includes: allowing her parents to host the wedding at their Florida mansion; organizing the wedding photos in British Vogue; allowing her mom to help her plan the wedding and not her mother-in-law Victoria Beckham; and finally, wearing a Valentino gown and not a Victoria Beckham gown.

The wedding gown issue has been a favorite worrystone for the British media. They’re obsessed with the idea that Nicola was “snubbing” her mother-in-law Victoria by “refusing” to wear one of Posh’s dresses. There were also reports that Posh was terribly hurt that Nicola didn’t involve her in the wedding planning or the wedding dress planning. Nicola has spoken about this in interview after interview, saying that she did ask Victoria if she would do the wedding gown, but that Posh’s atelier didn’t have the time. So Nicola and her mother went to Valentino. End of story, right? Wrong. This and other wedding dramas have been played out in tabloid stories and Nicola’s interview for months now. According to the Mail, David Beckham has had enough and he… yelled at Brooklyn?

David Beckham had a rare confrontation with his son Brooklyn and ‘read him the riot act’ over the ongoing drama surrounding him and his wife Nicola Peltz. The ex-footballer 47, told his son, 23, ‘we don’t do this in our family’ after Nicola, 27, spoke about tensions over her wedding dress in an interview with Grazia USA, where she accused her mother-in-law and potential designer Victoria of ‘blanking’ her.

Victoria offered to create a wedding dress for Nicola and Brooklyn’s big day, however the bride ultimately opted for a Versace gown and cited a lack of communication from Victoria as the reason behind her decision. After the public claims, the Beckham clan feel like Nicola is ‘washing the family dirty linen in public’ and want out of the drama, claims MailPlus writer Alison Boshoff.

A source said: ‘I don’t think David has ever lost his temper with Brooklyn or had cause to talk to him harshly, but that has now finally happened. He had it out with him and told him: ‘We don’t do this in our family – and you know that we don’t do this in our family.’

Victoria and David are said to be devastated by the absence of Brooklyn and his brothers have also been left feeling wounded by the drift. Romeo recently appeared to side with his parents as he shared a picture with Brooklyn and their younger brother Cruz, 17, on the wedding day. Alongside the image he wrote: ‘Nothing more important than family.’

The family divide comes as Nicola claimed she was ignored by Victoria when she reached out about designing her wedding gown. The move reportedly blew the bride’s plans out of the water when Victoria said her studio couldn’t make actually make the gown. Insiders have said Nicola is pushing a ‘false narrative’, leaving Victoria ‘bemused’ as to why she keeps ‘stoking the rumours of a feud’ rather than shutting them down.

A source said: ‘Frankly, the most interesting thing about Nicola is that she married into the Beckham clan. David and Victoria have both reached out to her to try and make peace, and find a way to get along. David and Victoria would love to spend more time with their son and his wife, and be given the opportunity to welcome her into the fold, especially given that Brooklyn practically lives with his parents-in-law.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I enjoy the fact that the Mail kept the exact same energy for this that they’ve had for royal drama. Nicola has been cast as Meghan Markle, the American interloper who broke up Britain’s other royal family, the Beckhams. David Beckham has been cast as Queen Elizabeth/Prince Charles, desperate to reel in his adult son and somehow bring him back in the fold. Again, Nicola can do whatever she wants for HER wedding, including wearing a gown not designed by Victoria. Nicola is also free to correct the record in interviews, especially given that the British tabloids have so much smoke for her no matter what she does or says. Victoria and David are portrayed as helicopter parents who cannot believe their adult son… married an American and chooses to be by her side rather than forever attached to his parents? Salt Island is so weird.

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  1. Miss Owlsyn says:

    British tabloids trying to make fetch happen….

    • molly says:

      This is definitely trying to find a new Meghan/Harry relationship to whip up outrage and hate in their readers. (Too bad Nicole is super white. Being black was one of the most effective ingredients last time.)

      I think Brooklyn and Nicole are both naïve and entitled, but I’m kind of rooting for them. Marrying young and famous after your parents married young and famous can give you a real false sense of how easy it actually is. Victoria and David have certainly had their ups and down, but they seem to have a happy, connected, loving family 23 years later. That’s pretty remarkable, IMO.

      • BeanieBean says:

        The seem to be a tight family, which is nice. Her family seems to be similarly tight. I vaguely recall from an early interview that family was important to Posh & that’s one of the things she really liked about Becks from the beginning, that his family was important to him. From the outside looking in, I guess the issue may be how tight a family, like maybe too tight? Brooklyn’s supposed an adult now with a wife & family of his own to create (family to create, not wife, obvs.).

        Then again, it is the British tabloids, so it is very likely completely made up bull pucky.

  2. Snoopy says:

    Sorry but I can’t with that little pill Brooky. Here’s a kid that has literally done *nothing* adult in his life but appears to believe he’s some kind of established personality. The wife seems equally vapid. Hard-working, accomplished parents on both sides raising do-nothing kids.

    • Noki says:

      You say he has done Nothing, but the poor guy get dragged through the mud anytime he tries something. Yes he has tried football,photography,cooking and possibly failed but I would rather have a Brooklyn than a couple of hell-raisers like the Osbournes kids were.

      • Zapp Brannigan says:

        I have no issue with his trying whatever he wants, my issue with him is that he seems to think that he can decide to be something and then start at the top. For all the careers he has tried, how many of them has he really trained for? He has access that most people could not even imagine, to money for education, and contacts for work but he expects things to just happen for him.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        he gets “dragged through the mud” anytime he tries anything because he tries to “jump the line” into those professions without any formal education in those fields or paying his dues at ALL. he tried to be a “photographer” by having mommy and daddy pay to publish his book of TERRIBLE pictures. if he had gone to school for photography and worked as in intern for a photographer or at a magazine, and actually learned what it means to be a photographer, rather than putting together a picture of book of his “hobby”, people might take him more seriously.

        yah, it’s good he’s not a hell-raiser, but he’s a nepotism EVERYTHING-HE-TRIES. that’s not much better.

    • MeganC says:

      Nicola is an actress with a decent resume.

      • Roxy says:

        A resume bought by her billionaire dad

      • Snoopy says:

        … Who never had vogue coverage or a tattler cover ever … before latching onto the Beckham name. And Imma guess she never had to wait tables between acting gigs. Just … no. Nope to both of them.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        her biggest credit is one of the Transformer movies. and I’d bet anyone who saw whichever one it was doesn’t even remember her being in it.

        so I’m going to disagree with the “decent resume” part of your post. actually, I also disagree with the “actress” part. because she’s not. I’d bet she never held a role in any kind of school or community production, paying her dues, going on auditions, working her way up to a movie role…or, as noted, ever had to work a “real job” in between roles (that her billionaire daddy swung her way). she’s not an actress. she’s a vapid heiress who was looking for something to “do” so people stopped referring to her as “just” a vapid heiress. FFS, she doesn’t need a job…if she wants to fill her time, volunteer. start a foundation or a scholarship. do something productive rather than take roles from people who have WORKED for them.

      • So_Cal_Sam says:

        I remember her from Bates Motel – long before I knew who she was or who her family was. I think Brooklyn is a little lost – and that he married his mother – a complete narcissist.

    • Snoopy says:

      He gets dragged because he doesn’t put in *The Work*.
      Starts to model at 13, lands various Vogues. Never mind years of go-sees like the peasants.
      Decides to be a photographer, publishes a book within a year. Never mind years of training and grunt work.
      Wants to be a chef, gets online series – reportedly produced with the help of over 50 professionals – who presumably did pursue the years of training and experience he couldn’t be bothered with.
      He’s not “trying” new things – he’s playing at trying new things, seemingly moving on, bored, if he doesn’t the shiniest of gold stars. Things that real people work hard to succeed in.

  3. Roxy says:

    Maybe I’m crazy but I’m pretty sure the nanny pusher and her husband are creating this narrative. Like they seem desperate to be the next Beibers but they’re SOOOO BORING!!!

    They’re both nepo babies who think they deserve fame for just existing. Like, do SOMETHING!

  4. lunchcoma says:

    This one is more fun than Harry and Meghan, because all four of these people are pretty awful and kind of deserve each other.

  5. kelleybelle says:

    When they’re pictured together she seems to be all about the camera, not even aware of his presence in the shot. I don’t know if she is in real-life but she appears to be off-the-charts conceited as hell.

    • Bex says:

      But she’s on the red carpet. She’s supposed to pose for the camera, just like other celebs do on red carpets. It doesn’t make her conceited or unaware of his presence. The photos are one nanosecond of time.

  6. Miranda says:

    Every damn time a British tabloid goes off about American women married to British men, it comes across as more insulting to British women than to Americans. It’s heavily implied that these men would be better off married to a nice British girl who knows her place and is beholden to class and tradition and the wishes of her husband’s family (which I can’t help thinking probably doesn’t describe many actual British women, anyway).

    • L4Frimaire says:

      Except what kind of person would the Beckham kids marry in the UK, considering it’s class system? Brooklyn married up, way up, no matter how shallow this girl is perceived to be. In England, he wouldn’t be marrying any aristocrat’s daughter. Maybe some football WAGs or oligarch’s kids who party in Ibiza on the regular and drives dad’s G -wagon.

      • Miranda says:

        To a certain type of British person — the type who write for or read these tabloids — ANY American is a step down.

  7. Layla Beans says:

    I give this marriage three years, maybe four, max.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      you’re nice. I suspect they’ll be over by the end of next year.


  8. Macheath says:

    I just don’t think Nicola is benign in this at all. She may come from a richer family. but she is absolutely banking on the Beckham global name brand. This is the most press she’s had since that flop Airbender movie and revelations of her pushing a nanny down the stairs came to light.

    They’ve been getting magazine covers and constantly discussing something none of us would or should know. Posh, for all her flaws, has always been described as surprisingly amiable, funny and warm. I doubt she’s running to the press in outrage that her son married an American who planned her own wedding.

    This is manufactured nonsense, I can agree, but it’s manufactured by the Peltz-Beckham pair themselves.

  9. Lizzie says:

    1. I think you insulted a box of hair.
    2. I put David Beckham in the Prince Philip role in this drama.

  10. L4Frimaire says:

    I think young Beckham is blank and unappealing but this drama seems a bit much. Let the guy live with his wife. Nicola is a billionaires daughter so yes, she will get the couture wedding dress, not some ready to wear brand. She can wear Victoria’s dresses anytime. They also can’t accuse her of wanting the Beckham money because her family could buy and sell them. Notice we don’t here anything of how Nicole’s parent are adjusting to their highly unambitious and goal-free son-in-law. Anyway, controlling parents, bride with her own ideas of how her and hubs will live their lives. This is an old tale dressed up with lots of new money.

  11. Daphne says:

    This whole feud thing is a blatant setup for publicity.

  12. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Someone’s gunning for a reality series…. (Waves at Nicola.)

  13. Christine says:

    Stories like this are hilarious to me because 1. how would anyone know this? and 2. If D&V were worried about an outsider airing the family’s dirty laundry, why would they want THIS out there?

  14. Anastasia says:

    Maybe I’m old, but who is Nicola Peltz, aside from Posh’s daughter in law?

    I tried looking up her movies, and it seems like she’s more of a Paris Hilton type than anything?

  15. laurie says:

    Google Nicola Peltz pre plastic surgery. She’s a whole different person. Eye opening.

  16. JMoney says:

    What has become clear over the past few years is that in the UK the press is overwhelmingly conservative and absolutely LOVE “families” (when they are white and rich obvi) but hate when ppl speak out or break the illusion of a happy family more. To them, its “bad manners” to speak out in anyway against a family member/dynamic/relationship. What they want is the image of a family and that’s why they love when their royals are seen and not heard (despite their insiders being loud af). yet their actions based on the number of clicks and articles on family drama show they love the mess but refuse to ever vocalize it. They’d rather churn out article after article (thereby making money off it) then say they enjoy or profit off the drama as that is “uncouth”.

    In contrast the US if we openly love family drama and say it with our whole chest. At least the US is honest about it. The UK has such a weird dynamic to it and continues to do so as long as conservatives control the media.

  17. littlegossipboy says:

    I’m surprised by this MIL/DIL drama because Victoria absolutely adored Chloe Grace Moretz when she was dating Brooklyn.