Amal Clooney wore a flapper Versace gown to the Clooney Foundation event

George and Amal Clooney started the Clooney Foundation For Justice years ago, after they got married. They have intersecting humanitarian and free-press interests, and their foundation is an extension of that. Last night in NYC, their foundation hosted their inaugural Albie Awards. The awards were given to “those who devote their lives to justice.” All of George’s big cool friends came out, like Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, John Oliver, Dua Lipa, Bruce Springsteen, Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber, Julianna Marguilies, and Lori Harvey. You can read more about the awards here.

For the big night, Amal Clooney wore a retro-style (but new) Versace gown. Very “flapper.” I think Amal kind of has a drag-queen default style, and I’m not saying that as an insult. Her style is rather costume-y, verging on camp at times. More Cher/Bob Mackie, right? I’ve grown to appreciate that about her – she has the prim, conservative suits for legal work, but when she’s not at work, she lets her inner drag queen out. I’m just saying, she sort of looks like she’s going to a 1920s costume ball. I’m also extremely jealous that Amal’s hair “takes” curls so well.

More photos from the event – very few people actually posed outside, but there were some decent fashion shots. I don’t know what the hell Julia was wearing. It cracks me up that Lori Harvey scored an invite. Cindy looks great.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Cover Images.

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  1. Bookie says:

    Amal has the Meghan glow. She is exquisite.

  2. Becks1 says:

    Oh man I love Amal’s style. I k now what you mean about it being kind of campy and I think that’s why I like it? Like she seems like she’s having fun with what she’s wearing and she’s going to wear what she wants bc it makes her happy. Like in the pictures last week of her with George out to eat people were saying they look mismatched – I think she’s one of those women who is probably like “and tonight I will wear the velvet and diamonds with the long gloves and I don’t give two figs what you are going to wear and I don’t CARE if we’re only going to McDonald’s!! I’m in the mood for velvet so I shall wear VELVET.”

    Anyway Cindy also looks great here, Julia Roberts….man. Sometimes she nails and sometimes she does not lol.

    • Concern Fae says:

      Julia’s fashion has been tragic for so long you kind of have to admire it.

      I think Amal’s style is just naturally flamboyant. If she were to dress demurely, it wouldn’t suit her. I always wonder whether she’s buying all these clothes. Having her look so fancy is certainly part of George’s image at this point. But she’s so obviously happy that it seems completely natural.

      • Debbie says:

        Amal’s style does seem be naturally flamboyant but, to blame George — the man who’s been known to wear the same tux to every formal event for years — is a large stretch. You know, men aren’t always to blame for women’s actions. Sometimes a woman knows her own mind.

    • Surly Gale says:

      I love this look and hey, I wore my best ‘Calvin Klein’ dress to walk the dog and do grocery shopping because what good does it do just sitting in my closet waiting for an occasion? There is a story about a husband who bought his wife beautiful lingerie as a gift. After a few years he asked why she hadn’t ever worn it and she replied, I’m saving it for a special occasion. 3 months later she died. Her husband had to pick out the clothes she would be buried in. Going through her drawers he found the lingerie … figuring the funeral was as special as an occasion could ever get, it’s what she was buried in.
      For some reason this story hit me hard and I don’t save my ‘best dress’ or good scarves or whatever. I want to wear them till they are rags. I want to enjoy the nice things I have whilst alive. This is what Amal and the way she dresses says to me. Have fun! Wear nice things!

  3. mia girl says:

    Omg Kate is in convulsing because Dua Lipa got her hands on that Versace dress before she could. It’s like the one button dress to rule them all!

  4. DougJudy says:

    Not really flapper—more Mae West or 1950s starlet. Love it.

  5. Krista says:

    I feel like Amal is trolling Kate – THIS is how you wear a gold gown!

  6. Alexandria says:

    I want an Amal and Meghan podcast 😀

    • Dilettante says:

      Nah – Amal, just a little too thirsty for me.

      Great dress, though, and the woman can wear clothes!

      • Frnk27 says:

        I respect your opinion but how is Amal too thirsty? She’s a highly accomplished international law and human rights attorney. She’s smart, she’s powerful, and she wears whatever she feels like wearing. I’d put her more if the idgf category before I’d call her thirsty. She doesn’t need George Clooney. It’s more like he needs her for credibility.

  7. Chaine says:

    Sorry, she is lovely but I don’t like this dress on her. There is something about it that seems really dated and it ages her.

    • Formal Gumby says:

      @Chaine: I agree she looks dated, but I actually think it’s the makeup, at least in the first pic. It’s so heavy and reminds me of the early 90s, late 80s. Like, she’d use the word “blusher.”

      Drag queen was a great reference; not an insult, but def a look and a choice. I usually think she’s so lovely, and still do here, but with just a couple tweaks. I absolutely adore her, and George def married up when he scored her! Team Amal forever!

      • Frnk27 says:

        I’d fire whoever did her makeup. It’s pretty hard to mess up natural beauty but they sure put in quite the effort.

      • Debbie says:

        In this case, I think you can give the credit/or blame to Charlotte Tilbury.

  8. Tiffany:) says:

    I love this dress, it is so stunning! I love the movement of the fringe, and how it shows of her really slim waist. She looks so statuesque.

    The fringe might read “flapper” to some, but in the 20s the silhouette was a dropped waist and very boxy shape, so I don’t get flapper from it.

  9. Nadine says:

    She looks amazing as do Lupa, Crawford and Marguilies. All the dresses would be welcomed into my closet.

    The only thing is that her under-eye highlighter could have been blended better or maybe not as reflective- the whiteness stands out against her natural skin tone. Otherwise, probably one of my favorite looks on her.

    • LadyAlbert says:

      Her makeup is awful. The white setting powder probably looked blended in person, but it gets picked up with flash photography.

  10. Kyle says:

    I enjoy Amal’s dress, but I actually think her makeup is pretty awful here…

  11. Seraphina says:

    I like her more and more and I love the fact she has a mind too. She looks gorgeous, but the first thought I had was: Vegas showgirl. But when one wears court room appropriate you tend to wear more glam.

  12. Nina says:

    Julia Roberts looks like she is wearing a graduation gown hahah

  13. Vaper says:

    I agree. You can tell Amal enjoys fashion and even when she wears ‘classic’ pieces she is never boring.
    I’m envious of the fact that her face and features take strong makeup so well. Perhaps it has to do with her colouring but a strong eye and lip at the same time suits her face magnificently. I have light hair and light eyes and heavy makeup looks clownish on me.
    She does seem happy and like she has a charmed life. She’s also brilliant in addition to being beautiful so I’m sure that helps!!

  14. jferber says:

    Love the flapper gown so much. Julia Roberts is having problems looking like her 23 year old self, which has always been her goal. Kathleen Turner made a remark about Julia being like this and it’s true.

  15. SIde Eye says:

    She is STUNNING. I love her style. I love the whole camp, glam, over the top thing. I love this dress and the color on her.

  16. Lila says:

    Wow Amal looks amazing. I think what I like about her is that she commits to her outfits.

    Julianna Margulies looks great! She continues to have the most gorgeous face. Dua Lipa also looks really good. Lori Harvey does not. I cant even comment on Julia.

  17. Christa says:

    Lebanese have a strong appreciation for sparkle and bling…. You really can’t overdo it in Beirut. I know she probably hasn’t lived there for many years but still…. I think she’s not afraid to go over the top when dressing up.

  18. Cel2495 says:

    Amal is such a beautiful woman… love that hair and the dress too. She truly is stunning.

  19. Div says:

    I get what you mean-Amal is very camp, very Cher/Dolly Parton, but in a good way and it looks great on her. She also always looks comfortable and happy. I really love the dress on her.

  20. Purple says:

    Insanely confident woman. Would say she’s probably not so much “drag queen” style but flamboyant in an Arabic way, perhaps? I have read comments online from people who say they’re Arabic claiming this of Amal’s style. She’s doing the Arabic princess thing. She lives a pretty good life so more power to her – and George looks very happy doing the power couple thing.

  21. DeltaJuliet says:

    If I had her figure and her money I’m pretty sure I would dress the same! I love it. She is so striking.