Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer going after her dad for releasing cry for help tape

Yesterday we heard a pretty sad and disturbing phone call from Lindsay Lohan to her dad, asking for some kind of help. In our coverage, I neglected to mention that Lindsay’s dad Michael threatened last week to release the tape in retaliation to his ex wife’s claim that he was lying about Lindsay’s prescription drug addiction. The truth is that I try not to pay that much attention to the guy and am embarrassed that I missed that detail. Michael said “If Dina and her cohorts want to continue lying, I could [keep exposing her] for a year – on so many different subjects. My lawyers told me to keep every single conversation – and I did.”

In the tape, Lindsay sobs uncontrollably and says that her Mom told her she was worse off than her dad was. It’s kind of clear she’s talking about her drug addiction, although she doesn’t specifically say that.

Lindsay’s lawyer tells Radar Online she’s trying to figure out if Michael violated the law by releasing the tape. If so, it sounds like Lindsay is going to go after him legally. She’s already said to be seeking a restraining order against him, although I haven’t seen confirmation that it’s gone through:

Lindsay Lohan’s legal ace attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, is doing every thing in her power to go after Michael Lohan, following his release of a phone conversation between himself and his daughter.

Chapman Holley tells that she is “exploring all options both civilly, and criminally. We are talking to legal authorities in New York and Los Angeles to determine if any laws were broken.”

Chapman Holley goes on to say, “This was a private phone conversation, and if this conversation took place in California then it was a violation of the law.”

Michael Lohan tells that Lindsay made the call from New York.

Michael Lohan has been publicly saying that Lindsay needs help and is in a fragile state. He says he released this tape in an attempt to prove his point and to disprove those around Lindsay who are saying she is fine.

[From Radar]

Lindsay has taken to her Twitter to deny that the call is recent along with expressing her outrage that her dad would release it. She wrote: “fathers such a loser & those recordings are from years ago. To release personal things is foul enough, but to edit them. I used to think That he needed the book for dummies on learning how to be a father. Haha-he’s needs the book for dummies on HOW TO BE A MAN.”

Lindsay definitely needs help. Look at her – her pupils are pinpricks and she looks strung out. (Very small pupils like Lindsays are indicative of opiate use, often prescription drugs like Oxycontin. Large dilated pupils show stimulant use like cocaine.*)

Her dad is just pushing her further away with these obnoxious tactics. He name dropped Heath Ledger in an interview and said she’d be dead in a year for God’s sake – he went on Maury! If anything Lindsay’s family, with her in-denial mom and her in-your-face self-righteous famewhore dad, just goes to show how she ended up so messed up.

The girl is just 23. She’s at an age where she should know better though, definitely, and she’s done so many awful things that it’s hard to know whether she’ll ever realize that she’s not the center of the universe. Getting clean and sober would be a start. I doubt she’ll give up her crutch while she’s fighting her dad over this, though.

*Here is a link to a book that describes pupil size by drug use. I heard this last week on NPR’s Fresh Air with a doctor who used to work at Bellevue.

Lindsay is shown at an event on 10/24/09. Credit: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures

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  1. nAynAy says:

    Whether or not her father did this for his own purposes, it is apparent that Lindsay desperately needs help. Instead of getting a lawyer to go after her dad, maybe she should listen carefully to her own rants, and see how sick she really is. In my opinion she is going to end up with the same fate as Anna Nicole Smith.

  2. Firestarter says:

    Her face is soooooo bloated!

    This legal action is another ploy to deflect attention away from her problems and blaming them on someone else. Typical addict behavior.

    I do not think Michael Lohan is a good father, but I do think, in a twisted, self serving kind of way, he is the only one willing to admit she is in need of help.

  3. ☠MeowBea says:

    Agreed -get some help Lindsay

  4. Praise St. Angie! says:

    she needs a rehab like Betty Ford.

    Residential, and where you do your own chores, so you realize that being a celebrity doesn’t make you special (or invincible) when it comes to addiction.

  5. elusive says:

    What a mess. She has the worst most enabling parents ever, and she’s a hugely spoiled brat. I agree, she will likely end up like anna nicole, or heath, or marilyn, or michael. Unfortunately she doesn’t think she has a problem, short of a 5150 this girl will never get the help she needs. Not even the judicial system will step in and say that she has a problem. She cant even finish the conditions of her parole that kept her out of jail, and the judge gave her more lienancy. Everyone will keep enabling her till she’s dead.

  6. princess pea says:

    Wow, good lawyer. Doesn’t care that she might be calling him to bail her out any day now, doesn’t care that she might well die and the money dry up. But if Linds wants to fight with her dad, he’s there!

    I wonder if she’s giving a lot of sexual favors, lately. Because the lawyer who indulges her crazy anger and ignores her blatant law-breaking coupled with the judge who decided poor little Linds was too gosh-darned busy to do her parole conditions and the idiots who still hire her, there is something fishy going on.

  7. mollination says:

    Geez, it’s about time. Thank you CB. I have been commenting on her pupils in comments on here and dlisted forEVER, and it seemed like everyone couldn’t get over the cokey-head theory. Not coke. That is most def OC.

  8. Megan says:

    Ppl need to stop acting like if she got off drugs everything would magically be better. She does the drugs bc she’s not happy, she needs to address whatever emotional issues she has before she can deal with the drug use.

  9. teehee says:

    Agree w/Megan…

  10. maddie says:

    So I have to wonder how Dina is going to spin this after Lindsay is found O.D. is some one house, after a night of partying.

    Just sick all around how her mom is enabling all of this I guess she figures as long as Lindsay’s name is in the news it’s OK.

  11. jenny says:

    she doesnt go to rehab because SHE dont want!!!!

    and we all should stop talk about this girl…. she is just a mess.

  12. Kayleigh says:

    So this tape was released not to help her, but to prove her mother wrong? What a egotistical jacka**

  13. Just a Poster says:

    How very sad that I am almost 20 years older than her, had a kidney removed and not to mention an exhausted mother to 3 busy kids in the middle of Science Fair Hell and I look a hell of a lot younger than Lindsay.

    As a Mother, my heart breaks for this lost soul, but I also realize she is a grown up and has to take ownership of her life, but it is just so very sad and hard to watch this unfold.

  14. Sigh. says:

    At this point, very few people think s this JUST a drug problem. The drugs is not the only problem, it’s most immediate, b/c it’s life-threatening.

    It’s cyclical – emotional issues can’t be addressed if she’s high-as-hell/dead. She’s high-as-hell due to unaddressed emotional issues. And as long as ANYONE in her business pays her any attention, she will see no problem.

    She needs to cut out drugs, BOTH her parents (I questioned is motives yesterday and his emotional health today), her “career,” AND Twitter right now. They all just fuel her frenzy.

  15. Codzilla says:

    Megan, who’s saying that drugs are her only problem? The bottom line is that Lindsay can’t address her emotional troubles when she’s loaded, and needs to get clean, first and foremost.

    It’s a pointless argument, though, because I don’t think she wants sobriety. And no one can force her to get help. She has to want it, or she’ll just fall back into the same habits.

  16. Karen says:

    There should really be a ban on Lindsey Lohan posts. This site is for entertainment, and if people are entertained by a woman who is on a path to destruction and most likely death. There is something really wrong with us. This isn’t entertainment, it’s sad and depressing.

  17. gg says:

    Her face is so bloated. I wonder if she’s got injectables since all the comments on how old she looked. So very sad that nobody will help this girl and her insecurities/addictions.

  18. meeps says:

    I’m not saying she’s not on drugs – I’m sure she is. But small pupils are also the result of high-powered strobes in your eyes. If there’s a picture of her on the street without flash, that would be more telling.

  19. bondbabe says:

    Princess Pea: It is not her lawyer’s job to be her caretaker or steer her towards recovery–that’s her family’s/friends’ job, as well as her own–and it is so sad that none of them will. We in the legal field can’t do that. We can advise our client of what can and can’t be legally done when the client (LL) comes to us. The only other legal thing to help her would be a 5150.

    Unfortunately, this young woman is stuck in a vicious cycle of self-denial with nobody helping her in a healthy/ethical manner.

  20. princess pea says:

    @ bondbabe – yeah, I know that really. In fact, I almost feel bad for the dude, because this client has got to be a ton of work. Then again, this is the guy who represented her in court and got an extension on her parole, so … nah, I have no warm feelings for him. He’s probably thrilled; as long as she stays out of jail, this makes him look like a miracle worker.

  21. Satan Smith says:

    Your pupil size evidence doesn’t take into account the constant flashes going off in her face from the photographers. The eye is a lense that closes in the face of bright lights.

  22. Firestarter says:

    Look the girl IS on drugs, you can see it in her face, not in the eyes. The girl shows all the classic signs of alcohol and drug abuse, so stop with the camera bulb crap, because camerea flashes have nothing to do with her behavior the last year, nor with the condition of her skin, or with the look of her body. That is all from SUBSTANCE abuse, period!

  23. Jeri says:

    Off the point – but isn’t the attorney a woman. Actually, this comment is just as on point as any others cuz no matter how we spin things – it’s up to Lindsay.

  24. jaundicemachine says:

    Right on St Angie. Obviously sobriety needs to be a priority – but I think the main “emotional issue” Linds has to learn to deal with is her ego.

    The girl has been spoiled and told she’s special her entire mediocre career. It’d do her a world of good to do her own laundry for a change – learning to take accountability for the smallest things could very well save her life.

    On a slightly less important note – while I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s abusing Oxy, I still feel her behavior indicates that her drug of choice is an amphetamine. I’ve lost people I love to OC. Not that it really matters – the girl is strung out, period.