Josh Duhamel’s stripper continues media tour; Josh & Fergie’s date night

The Atlanta stripper who claims to have had a one night stand with Josh Duhamel told her story on a local radio station yesterday. The woman in question, Nicole Forrester, first sold her tale to the National Enquirer last week for a reported $20,000, although she says that money has yet to come through. She claims to have had a porn-filled hotel night with Duhamel after he came to her place of work, the ironically named “Tattletales.” Forrester isn’t backing down from her story, and is currently featured on the covers of People and US Weekly.

After watching the video of the woman’s interview, available on E! Online and below, I have to say that I believe her story. She’s not the brightest bulb, but it really sounds like she’s telling the truth. She says that Duhamel came in while she was working and that she had no idea who he was, but “knew he was really freakin’ hot. He was so hot.” A waitress at the club told her it was Josh Duhamel from Transformers and that he was married to Fergie. That doesn’t seem to have stopped her from hooking up with him or from letting him drive drunk with her to his hotel.

Forrester, a single mom, claims that the National Enquirer approached her first about the story and that she didn’t want to talk to them because of her kids. “I didn’t want my kids to find out I was a stripper. [They’re] 13 and 10 and it would kind of mess up their school and just stuff like that.”

The Enquirer called her three times and said “we’re going to print the story anyway, they’re going to know you’re a stripper, so why don’t you make money off of it?” At that point she decided to come forward. E! Online has more from the interview:

Josh Duhamel seemingly put a stop to this, but it appears that Nicole Forrester is just getting started.

“We did hook up, we had lots of sex, and we had a really, really good time,” the stripper and mother of two said in an exclusive interview with The Bert Show on Atlanta’s Q100-FM.

“And then the next morning, when I left, you know, he kissed me on the cheek, really sweet guy.”

And a really married guy, too, of course.

Duhamel’s rep has vehemently denied Forrester’s story about having a one-night stand with the Transformers hottie. Mrs. Duhamel, aka Fergie, was with her hubby last night in Atlanta, where he’s filming Life As We Know It.

But Forrester says she has saved text messages and “a lot of evidence” that she had a tryst with the actor.

She denies feeding the story to the National Enquirer herself, saying that the tabloid came to her, offering her $500 just to come in and talk, after an anonymous tipster reported that Duhamel was bragging on the set that he had “banged a hot, blonde stripper at Tattletales.”

Forrester insists that she is not in this for the money or the 15 minutes of fame. She just wants to clear her name and not be branded a liar.

Yet she did, in fact, take money from the Enquirer—$500 for the initial sit-down and $1,500 to pass a polygraph test. (She says she was supposed to get $20,000 for spilling all the details to the mag, but that transaction was never completed.)

“I would actually pay money to make this go away. If I had it, I would do it, you know? But I don’t,” she shrugged. “Nothing I can change now…If it was going to get out there, I figured I might as well benefit from it. I think most people would.”

And she says she doesn’t fear Duhamel, Fergie or their legal team.

“No, because it’s the truth. I’m not lying about anything, and he’s just as guilty as I am.”

Sounds like a classic case of he-said, she-said, everybody-cringes.

[From E! Online]

As Kaiser said when she first covered this story, I believe this. The woman seemed genuine to me in the interview. Fergie is standing by her man, though, and the two made a very public show of solidarity on Tuesday night at a restaurant in Atlanta. Reports claim that Josh is in the doghouse, but it sure didn’t look like it as the two noshed on steak and lobster and were “snuggling up.” Do you think that Fergie knows what’s going on and either doesn’t care or has made peace with it?

Nicole Forrester interview part 1

Nicole Forrester interview part 2

Nicole Forrester interview part 3

Fergie is shown at an event in Las Vegas on 10/23/09. Credit:

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  1. Firestarter says:

    If it is true, then he is a dog for not only cheating, but for doing it with a woman like her.

    I don’t care about how “busted” Fergie’s face is or all the usual stuff people say about her, she seems like a nice, and pretty open and honest woman. I feel for her, because it sucks to be betrayed in the first place, but it has to be even worse when it is done and made public.

    I think she knows the deal and has Duhamel on notice. Hopefully this was a one time deal from a drunken night of debauchery.

  2. Skins says:

    This is disgusting. Not only this lowlife whore for running around talking about this crap, but the media for persuing it and printing this garbage. This is news? I’m not a huge fan of Fergie, but she is ok, and to be put thru this by a bunch of lowlifes is terrible

  3. Jag says:

    Maybe they do have an open relationship…

    It’s not cool if the stripper is telling the truth and the NE stiffed her, but her saying that she didn’t want her kids knowing stuff makes me wonder why she went into such detail then.

  4. princess pea says:

    Dear Nicole Forrester,

    Please go away. You did your moral duty and told all the press about a married man’s affair, not that that was your motivation. You got your money from the Enquirer. I know the vultures of the media will circle you for the next few weeks, but you don’t HAVE to make a spectacle of yourself and your kids by doing a dozen interviews. I sense that you are hoping to parlay this lucky bit of casual sex into a longer-lasting place in the spotlight. Please don’t. We don’t need more wastes of space in the celebsphere, actually; we currently have far more than capacity. So please, stop.

    Princess Pea

  5. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I would bet that the two of them do have an open relationship…sort of a “don’t ask don’t tell” type of thing.

    you’re “allowed” to cheat, but do it on the down low and be discreet.

    unfortunately, what usually happens in a relationship like that is that one (or both) partners gets sloppy about keeping it on the DL BECAUSE they’re “allowed” to do it.

    I like Fergie OK…I think she’s got amazing pipes and she seems very “real”…nice, open, and honest, like Firestarter said. however, I also think that she’s ruined her face with surgery. Some website recently had a slideshow of pics, “Fergie through the years”, and she used to be SO pretty, compared to how she looks now.

    this isn’t it, but it gives an idea of what I mean.

  6. janie says:

    It’s bad enough he cheated, but he was wreckless and went to some cheap whore who probably is diseased and thinks nothing of blabbing for money. WTF does he think would happen with some cheap whore who needs money when he is staying at the St Regis?

    But Nicole is a fame whore. She is a liar too about worrying about her kids. She could have just said ignored it. No one was in the room and could verify the affair.

    She is worried about her kids but blabs details of doing a married man?

    All she had to do was say she saw him in the club and nothing else happened and her kids would not have to hear this.

    She is another reality fame whore in the making.

    I just feel bad for Fergie, but I get why she is not dumping him now. Why give this whore the satisfaction of feelling she ended her marriage. She needs to wait a while and then quietly dump Josh.

  7. Andrea says:

    I always thought Fergie’s head was abnormally huge. I guess it’s all down to plastic surgery.

  8. Mari says:

    Fergie would have found out anyway when she discovered a new STD.

  9. wow says:

    I do believe this woman. Its more common for people to cheat than not cheat on their partners… as sad as that is.

    And I can’t even believe I’m about to type this, but its probably more “safer” for people to cheat with strippers or people in the porn industry, as oppose to just some other random person they meet because they have to get tested regularly now. They probably take better care of themselves than others. Ugh, I can’t believe I just typed that, but I stand by it. I think that is more than likely the reason that when men like this cheat, they cheat with stippers or porn type women.

  10. wow says:

    and another give away that he is guilty…the mandatory “husband and wife unity”, “stand by your man” -picture a few days after.

    I swear it has to be written in the Cheating Hall of Fame handbook or something as almost every wife of a cheating public figure seems to do this. Except David Letterman’s wife. I haven’t seen her follow that example yet.

  11. Firestarter says:

    Wow- I am sorry, but there is no evidence that strippers and those in the adult industry take better care of themselves.

    The only reason the adult film industry seems safe is that they require regular testing on all their stars, after there was a serious outbreak of diseases, icluding AIDS back in the mid to late 1980’s. That in no way means that these women take better care of themselves.

    Strippers are NOT required to get tested for STD’s, as they are not “supposed” to be interacting sexually with customers, as that is called prostitution, and in most states is illegal.

  12. bondbabe says:

    Princess Pea, Janie and Firestarter:

    Totally agree. And I too wondered about “the media was going to run with the story anyway, so why not make money off of it?” Um, how did the media know in the first place? Were they in the room?

    And if Nicole was trying to “protect” her children, what did she tell them that she did for living when she left for her job? Guess it’s okay to be a stripper and lie to your kids about it? I can see her ethics hanging out.

  13. nanster says:

    Why did Nicole Forrester even bring this whole deal up if she didn’t want people talking about her and spreading “lies”? This is a bunch of B.S. – she’s just trying to cash in on her 15 minuters of fame. Do I believe that this happened? Absolutely. JD is an idiot and he should have kept his pants closed. I hope Fergie dumps his sorry butt.

  14. Alexa says:

    Oh – who cares?! It’s none of our beeswax anyway (but all us readers are nosy, I know). BTW: My boyfriend has a major crush on Fergie!

  15. vlad469 says:

    Bondbabe and Nanster, did either of you actually read the article? Josh was shooting his mouth off on the set of his movie, thats how word leaked. SHE didn’t go out looking to sell her story, and the NE basically told her they were going to do the story no matter what she said. She’s going to need that cash because she’s probably about to be out of a job for A. Boning a “client” from a club (A huge no-no) and B. Being stupid enough to bone a client who has influence enough to cause her problems, even though it was his own blabbermouth that got him busted.

    As for making judgements about strippers, it’s really crass to make blanket statements about people based on their profession. You don’t know what her situation is, or what she’s like JUST because she strips. Stripping is honest work, and with the economy being what it is, maybe it’s the only way she can make ends meet.

    It’s really easy to judge people from way way up on your high horse, isn’t it? The problem with high horses is they tend to leave piles of crap in their wake.

  16. Lita says:

    I sort of believe the scenario – that she was contacted, told they would run it anyhow whether she spoke or not. Brit media is notorious for being brutal – as much as I think I may be torn for saying this, I can believe they told her “whether you want it or not this will be your next 2 months. Put up or put up *and* take this paltry sum for having us invade your life”. Of course she, and he, should not have done it. And it is cheapness galore. But I believe to some extent this was foisted.

  17. MichelleMuko says:

    @vlad469 u sed it!

  18. jayem says:

    Princess Pea – Loves it!

    And obviously this isn’t true. Josh said he banged a HOT blond stripper. So even if he did cheat, it wasn’t with her!!

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