Beyonce wore Gucci to the Wearable Art Gala: is she wearing the right size?

After Beyonce had the twins, her body changed. She was older, and it gets harder and harder to take weight off and keep it off. She didn’t “bounce back” immediately, and her boobs absolutely got a lot bigger. What I enjoy about Beyonce’s figure in recent years is that she seems fine with it. She’s still really comfortable in her own skin, and if anything, she seems to be embracing her curves like never before. Which isn’t to say that Beyonce isn’t like many women: slightly delusional about what size she should fit into. Just because you can zip it up doesn’t mean you should wear it, B.

These are photos from WACO Theater Center’s fifth Annual Wearable Art Gala. Tina Lawson (Bey’s mom) co-founded this gala and has been involved with it for years, which means Beyonce and Jay-Z always show up to support Tina. Beyonce wore a strapless Gucci gown for the gala and… whoa, she really poured herself into it. You can see in the photos she posted that the Gucci is TIGHT. But in photos and videos from inside the event, we can see some different angles and the fit around her bust is especially terrible. She’s strangling her girls. How can she even breathe??

In addition to that, Beyonce auctioned off two tickets to her upcoming Renaissance Tour. They sold for $150K. Insane.

Photos courtesy of Beyonce’s IG.

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  1. TrixC says:

    I think it looks uncomfortable, but it’s a corset-style bodice, so it’s going to lift and separate no matter what the size of the girls.

    I’m not a particular fan of her music, but I have always found her body positivity to be inspiring.

    • Anna says:

      Exactly.. this is what corsets do to natural boobs (or boobs with enough fat tissue).

    • Eurydice says:

      I’m not seeing any lifting or separating – I’m just seeing flattening and squeezing. But she looks radiant and beautiful anyway.

  2. What does the GALA raise money for? Love that she got that much for tickets for a good cause!!!

    I asked because that is the ONLY thing I am going to take from this write up.

  3. Alita27 says:

    If you can get it on…it fits.

  4. Barbiem says:

    Her outfit does look uncomfortable but I think she used to wearing clothes i wouldn’t last 5 minutes in.

    • Sue E Generis says:

      Five minutes? I had trouble breathing just looking at her.

    • Yup, Me says:

      She absolutely is. Plus, she gets it from her mama. Miss Tina has spent years wearing outfits she poured herself into (and clearly looking like she’s feeling fabulous).

      Plus, that over the shoulder shot, with her curls cascading, looking like a Dynasty Diva, is THE money shot.

      I have a great aunt who spent decades (from my childhood on) wearing unitards because she loved them – no matter how they looked on. I learned a lot from her joyous self confidence and love.

      Beyonce is clearly someone for whom the feel of the clothes on the body is not as important as the look/effect. I’m not mad about it – as long as I don’t have to make those choices for my body.

  5. Brubs says:

    Look, I love Beyonce and she should do whatever the hell pleases her, but I don’t think she is a good example of body positivity
    Sure, she’s embraced more of her curves after the twins, but she still went through a crazy diet for coachella, she still only posts photos of herself which are well edited and sometimes a little photoshopped, she doesn’t even go on red carpets that much anymore so she can have a say on which pictures of her are out there

    again, this is her thing, I don’t necessarily think it’s bad, she wants to control how the world sees her and fine, but I wouldn’t say she’s an example of body positivity – that level of micromanaging your image, and how the world sees you can be very harmful for anyone, specially a person who doesn’t have the means that she has

    (I entered the comment twice before finishing it, that’s why it’s edited)

  6. Hootenannie says:

    Definitely too small. I know her body changed from pregnancy, but I absolutely believe she also got butt implants. The Ivy Park promo photos are insane. I don’t think pregnancy can account for that extreme of a change. But Bey fans are like Swifties, and refuse to accept what’s obvious re: cosmetic surgeries and procedures. I think Beyoncé got pregnant, had kids, felt happy and more relaxed at a higher weight and then decided to get butt implants and some other procedures to accentuate it, knowing she could just claim pregnancy accounts for it all.

    She looks great regardless- I only say this because I think there are plenty of fans who criticize body enhancements when done by the Kardashians but play blind for Queen B, and it’s more honest to just be consistent.

    • Ameerah says:

      Ummm no. Bey has ALWAYS had a big butt and thighs. It’s what the Destiny’s Child Bootylicious song was all about. She then made an effort to lose a lot of weight – and kept it off for some years. When she made her documentary Homecoming she had just had the twins and had lost a lot of weight to do Coachella. And she said that she never wanted to be that thin or work that hard to maintain her weight again. And she actually gained a decent amount of weight after that.

      • Hootenannie says:

        @Ameerah – in Destiny’s Child, her butt was almost flat. You can see before and afters. I’m sure she was restricting calories, but her butt was not above average in size in any way. She has been in the public eye with a very generic early aughts slim body type with low slung jeans and a wide belt and you can tell her butt is not round.

      • C says:

        I’m not sure what pics you are looking at because I’m looking at pics of her from 1999 on and yes, her rear is round, and her rear and thighs are larger than what was the norm then.
        She definitely has had her share of restrictive diets to try to fit into what was/is the norm in Hollywood during her career. With more training and a different diet it’s not weird she would look like she does now.
        When blackfishing celebs like the Kardashians do it it’s a little different. It’s an actual thing where people accuse Black women of getting fillers etc in face or otherwise when they actually have those physical attributes.

      • Nicole says:

        @Hootenannie. That’s not is not true. Bey and Jennifer Lopez were showing their butts and low slug pants. Her but was certainly not flat. Even then.

    • Yup, Me says:

      I noticed that about the Ivy Park promos as well. (It was impossible to not)

    • Bosandi says:

      I am not a Beyonce fan in the least bit. I appreciate her performances but it’s just not my cup of tea (don’t come after me, lol). Eons ago and soon after I think the 1st Destiny’s Child group change, I saw Beyonce in a Subway in Houston. Yes, Subway. She was “famous” but could still maneuver without being easily recognized. We were on a Hispanic side of town, and we were the only two black women in the place. I didn’t immediately recognize her as she was in the line ahead of me but she kept turning around – like a nervous person so that made me pay more attention to her. It wasn’t until I got in the car that I realized who she was.

      Anyway, I can truly say she was very beautiful with little make-up, her natural curly hair, thicker thighs and a bubble butt. If anything, I think she’s had some work done in the past to slim her thighs and maybe a few other areas. I don’t know. But I just wanted to chime in and say I actually saw her backside long ago, teehee, and it was definitely not flat.

  7. Amy Bee says:

    She looks fine to me. She’s showing off what she’s got. Nothing wrong with that.

  8. Kim says:

    My grandmother passed on to me the same zaftig figure. The “official” photos don’t look too bad, and I didn’t really see the fit issues. But the interior photos – woah! The fit is definitely wrong. Even revealing, the cups need to fit in some way, shape or form. I always wonder when someone has access to the best of the best fashion. And then no one points this out.

    Now, let’s talk about those faux pasties stars.

  9. lucy2 says:

    It does look a little tight on her, I wouldn’t be comfortable in that, but she must have been to choose to wear it.
    I like the gold dress the woman in front of her is wearing.

  10. Ameerah says:

    She looks fine. It’s a corset dress and it’s clear she was going for an aesthetic.

  11. HeyKay says:

    I say she needs 1 size up.
    Man, no way could I squeeze myself into that outfit, can she sit down?
    I’m going for comfy, because I’m not Bey. Perks of being non-celeb.

  12. Lolo86lf says:

    No she is not wearing the right size. She is so beautiful that even with 20 pounds overweight she still looks good. Not many people have that gifit.

    • C says:

      You would be surprised at how little a difference 20 pounds makes in appearance in general for many people, especially of a curvier build. It’s certainly not disfiguring or anything.

  13. Jo says:

    I think she is really inspiring regarding body image. She embraced her new body post-partum after the ridiculous amount of weight she lost for Homecoming and never looked back. Yes, the dress is tight though!

  14. Ann says:

    The stars are tacky.

  15. Pork Chops and Applesauce says:

    I love Beyoncè, please don’t get me wrong, but I think it’s clear that she had her breasts worked on. In the past she’s said she’d like larger breasts. And after having Blue Ivy and the twins, she was ready for a lift and implants, as many women will do after having kids put their boobs through the ringer, so to speak…

  16. Cessily says:

    Truthfully unless it was pointed out like it is here, I wouldn’t have noticed. I think it is hard for women who have large breasts and small waists to dress comfortably, not that I have any personal experience with this, but I have watched a few friends who have this issue. I’ve learned a lot shopping with them.

  17. BB says:

    Pretty huuuuurts