THR asks ‘how have Angelina Jolie’s abuse claims impacted Brad Pitt?’

On Wednesday, the Hollywood Reporter actually published a piece called “How Angelina Jolie’s Abuse Claims Impact Brad Pitt’s Reputation.” This is a choice being made by one of the biggest trade papers in Hollywood to focus NOT on “how is Angelina doing after Brad Pitt abused her” or “how are the Jolie-Pitt children doing after their drunk father terrorized them on a plane.” This isn’t even about the fact that Brad Pitt sued Angelina over her sale of her ownership of Miraval, after which she RESPONDED to his lawsuit, detailing the abuse he was trying to put under a gag order. Nope. THR’s Mia Galuppo wrote a piece straight out of Brad Pitt’s management’s playbook, and by that I mean I’m sure Pitt’s crisis managers significantly guided this reporting. Some lowlights:

Brad Pitt can’t promote Babylon and pretend like nothing happened: As Paramount gears up for the December launch of Babylon, its big-budget prestige swing, the studio has to contest with headlines about its leading man, Brad Pitt. Instead of chatter about the star’s first awards hopeful since he won an Oscar for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the actor is facing accusations about a 2016 altercation on an airplane involving then-wife Angelina Jolie that have come to light amid a legal dispute over the French winery Château Miraval, which they had owned together.

Pitt’s image hasn’t been damaged: According to a THR/Morning Consult survey conducted Oct. 15 to 16 among a nationally representative sample of 2,211 adults in the U.S., the claims have not significantly damaged Pitt’s public image. There was, however, a slight change in opinion when respondents were informed of the claims. When first asked about whether respondents had a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Pitt, 70 percent answered either “very favorable” or “somewhat favorable.” When asked a second time, after being prompted in the Morning Consult survey about Jolie’s abuse allegations directed toward Pitt, that combined number slipped to 65 percent.

The male/female breakdowns: Fewer women reported interest in seeing a film starring the actor compared with men, with 49 percent of women saying they were “somewhat” or “very” interested in seeing a film starring Pitt, compared with 56 percent of men. Breaking down responses by age, two-thirds of those 35-to-44 (66 percent) said they were “somewhat” or “very” interested in seeing a film starring Pitt, compared with 54 percent of those 18-to-34 and 50 percent of 45-to-64. The perception of older audiences is important, considering the demo was seen as a driver behind the success of Pitt’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood ($142 million domestic) and Bullet Train ($103 million domestic).

The pre-Christmas release of Babylon: Insiders note Pitt remains a consistently bankable movie star and a direct path to a guaranteed green light, and the lawsuit and subsequent allegations will not change that. Still, the claims remain a more immediate “PR nightmare,” as one executive put it, that will likely lead to Pitt not being a major presence on the Babylon press tour. “You think Paramount is thrilled? No,” says one rival studio executive. “It could make press [for Pitt] hard, but the town will rally around Brad.”


I’m reminded of all of THR’s “brutally honest Oscar ballots” and during the Oscar season where Pitt was nominated for Once Upon a Time, there were unnamed male producers falling all over themselves to lavish praise and flattery on Pitt and his performance as a man who likely murdered his wife. My point is that there is a significant portion of Hollywood which will stand with Pitt no matter what, and the Venn diagram of Pitt’s ride-or-die supporters and Johnny Depp’s ride-or-die supporters is probably a circle. But don’t dismiss Angelina’s popularity – she’s worked for Disney and Marvel recently in the past decade, and those are powerful allies to have in that town. Jolie has a lot of quiet support from heavy-hitters. Right now, Jolie isn’t making people take sides, she’s merely responding to Pitt’s increasingly unhinged media and legal moves.

I also wonder if this piece was the start of a larger explanation for Pitt’s absence during this awards season, not only for Babylon but also for She Said, which he produced. While Pitt has been credibly accused of domestic abuse and child abuse (including choking one of his children), he’s also got a history of working with the degenerate serial rapist Harvey Weinstein even after Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina both told him that Weinstein assaulted them.

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  1. CROWHOOD says:

    Well, throw Thursday out. I’ve had enough.

    • ariel says:

      I read the article yesterday and was appalled by everything about it.
      The way it was framed, the way the public does not know- due to media playing along to get themselves access to Pitt.

      Omid Scobee tweeted after Jolie’s lawsuit response was filed that he knew about the assaults of her and the children, but most of his reporting was not allowed to be published at the time.

      And i am sure the media forces don’t consider themselves evil. But- maybe they are.

      So depressing.

      • Facts says:

        When you have three articles authored by women in two weeks trying to make the case that you haven’t been damaged by your ex wife’s abuse allegations, YOU HAVE!

  2. Serena says:

    I’m get so angry and upset just seeing his face but reading all that… *inahles*.

    Yes his reputation is not in the mud as it should be and everyone working with him should be effing ashamed.

  3. Noki says:

    OT: I was watching Legends of the Fall last night and Damn what happened Brad? Superficially ,He was a thing of beauty.

  4. equality says:

    Would be interesting to know what other parameters for their “representative sample” were outside of age and gender. And what kind of spin was put on the abuse that his ratings only went down 5% after people were informed.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Yes. Especially since he’s accused of abusing his children – because sadly I don’t think that people in general take the abuse of women seriously enough. Child abuse generally seem to hit people differently.

  5. ThatsNotOkay says:

    He doesn’t have many “heartthrob” years left so he’s gotta Jedi mind trick people into believing they still care about him or his middling acting and rugged, pocked looks.

    Over the past six years I’ve learned Jedi mind tricking works quite well with the feeble-minded, and a large and vocal minority of Americans are as feeble-minded as they come. Scary.

  6. Mina_Esq says:

    Great point about Angelina having support of Disney and Marvel. In this new age of Hollywood, where only big budgets afforded by those heavy hitters can ever make it onto the big screen, that support is arguably more important than the support of a bunch of vile old men who have spent decades shielding rapists and abusers. I look forward to the day that the Academy is also irrelevant.

  7. milliemollie says:

    Brad is untouchable in Hollywood, he will never face consequences there. Weinstein was the one they sacrificed and now Hollywood wants to move from it.

    Brad knows that he’s untouchable and gets away with blaming the women in his life. It was Jennifer Aniston’s fault that he cheated because their marriage was so horrible and she didn’t want his kids, and now it’s Angelina Jolie’s fault that their kids don’t want to have anything to do with him and oh she’s lying about everything anyway!

    Society will always rather believe the man than the woman. I’ve seen so many women commenting online that they believe Pitt and not Jolie and that she’s taking the kids away from him. It’s disgusting that his PR strategy is working.

    • equality says:

      Unfortunately, he will likely set it up so that even if the children do eventually speak out about their experience, his followers will say “AJ brainwashed them”.

      • milliemollie says:

        I think they’re already saying that. That Angelina is influencing and manipulating them.
        I’m not a fan of Angelina, don’t really have an opinion about her, but I believe her about what happened on the plane. And Brad’s actions since then just show what a piece of sh*t he is.

    • Lily says:

      Except Brad *didn’t* cheat @milliemollie . Everyone has said that, even Aniston herself. In a Vanity Fair article it came out that he was upfront with Aniston about his attraction to Jolie. He wanted to end their marriage, and THEN go after Jolie (which he did). Aniston was content for him to have an affair (“get it out of his system”) and go back to her. Pitt was too honorable to do that. So he left Aniston. And then, chased Jolie half way around the world.

      He was upfront with Aniston and ended his marriage first.

      He never cheated.

  8. teehee says:

    I came across a similar headline: “Female actress almost got a male actor fired”

    When the truth was, the male actor was being an ass, and she reported him-

    How exactly is this on HER if he gets fired???

    We really have zero accountability standards when it comes to men for the most part. I’m glad this is changing but its changing so slowly and not completely. I’m so sick of this cowardly irresponsibility, on TOP of the crappy behavior that is so prevalent.

    • lucy2 says:

      I’m so tired of it too. So very tired of abusers and fascists and racists and sexists and just all of the people who make life miserable for others.

  9. Brassy Rebel says:

    Just as Hollywood rallied to protect Depp, Polanski, and Allen. This is how Hollywood rolls, people. We need to stop thinking of it as some kind of benign, benevolent “dream factory” and start recognizing it as the cutthroat misogynistic industry it is and always has been. It’s depressing, but Hollywood can’t be fixed unless we recognize reality. And that includes the reality of some of our favorites.

  10. C-Shell says:

    Follow the money, I guess. I hate that cynical calculation drives this abuser’s continued support from the movie industry. He’s just not that good, not smart, and he’s no longer pretty, but, like Depp, gets to ride the coattails of his early box office popularity into old age. I’m not a big cancel culture participant, not a huge movie-goer, but I’ve got a growing list of still-successful people I will not even watch for free, including Pitt, Cruise, yeah Depp, Woody Allen …

    • Emily_C says:

      I really don’t think it’s the money though. Depp is a total disaster on set and actual liability. When did Woody Allen last make a big picture? I’d bet Angelina Jolie’s more profitable than Pitt at this point. Tom Cruise, yes, he’s a slave labor-using Scientologist, but his movies make huge bank and he’s dedicated to his work.

      So no, overall, it doesn’t look like it’s money to me. It’s the old-fashioned Old Boys’ Club.

      • Jess says:

        I agree. Angelina is part of the biggest money makers in Hollywood yet everyone is silent about Pitt’s abuse. This is all about misogyny and supporting men, no matter what. It’s so gross and shameful.

      • Coco says:

        No, it’s about the money if the public turns a blind eye and goes watch these abusers in the movies and makes them money why should they do anything about them?

        I see people on here complain about Cruise, Pitt Depp, and so on and so forth, talking about how Hollywood is not holding them accountable for their actions and yet they still go watch the movies would you like Hollywood now they don’t give a cure but these men are abusers, rapist and so on.

      • Emily_C says:

        @Coco But the public doesn’t go watch their movies (except Cruise’s), that’s the thing. Depp’s movies do not do well, and he’s a liability who can’t even get insurance on-set any more. I don’t think Pitt’s have done great lately. And Woody Allen’s been a has-been for a long time.

    • dj says:

      I’m totally with C-She’ll. I will not spend money on Cruise, Depp, or Pitt. I am a big movie goer and I am finally putting my money where my mouth is. I also am supporting women directed (not Olivia Wilde though) and women lead movies. The Woman King was an excellent recent example I supported at the movies. I also want to see the new Jane (project ?) with Elizabeth Banks and Sigourney Weaver re: abortion network in the 70’s. I am only buying the product of the people and projects that are important to me. That’s my 2 cents.

  11. Mireille says:

    Oh this has CAA Lourde and Huvane written all over it. With a laughable poll to accompany it. He wants everyone to know that he got Hollywood in the divorce and he’s still popular!!! Since we’re doing polls, let’s do one on how many of his kids still want anything to do with their father.

    When a media publication focuses on how abuse allegations are affecting the ABUSER and not the abused than you can chuck that magazine in the garbage. This is about protecting a white privileged man during award season. BP terrorized his family. Angie has proof and the courts on her side. I hope she never grants another interview with THR for this display of misogynistic hypocrisy.

  12. JMoney says:

    It’s not just money and fame, Brad has something that Jonny does not have and that is wealthy friends not just in Hollywood but in politics/government. Brad is a big donor and has been and he’s calling in every favor he has in every sector. B/c its just “coincidence” that the FBI agent never pressed charges despite having ample evidence to do so and could’ve earned brownie points by looking like a hero yet didn’t? Also “pure coincidence” the judge that just happens to be overseeing the divorce/custody had a conflict of interest? There are times coincidences are just that but with Brad, I don’t think that’s the case.

    • Coco says:

      I’ve never heard of Pitt having connections in politics or government he’s never had any influence on them in any of those departments.

      Please let’s not use the FBI as any evidence to that because there’s a whole gymnastics teams that were victims and the FBI did nothing. It had nothing to do with connections just that they turned a blind eye and conveniently loosed evidence when it comes to women and children being abused.

      Also Pitt’s lawyer had a connection to the judge that precedent over their divorce and custody. The judge and the lawyer have been in cahoots for years pulling these same schemes on other families going through a divorce. None of these things have anything to do a Pitt having some sort of connection with anybody.

  13. Mslove says:

    Oh gee! Smelly Brad Pitt might cause a PR nightmare for the Babylon press tour! Instead of lying, smearing, and attacking AJ, maybe Hollywood could give that child strangler the boot instead. That would put an end to the PR nightmares.

  14. Stef says:

    I’d always thought I’d take my husband’s name but it’s not so simple for most women. When I got engaged at 27, I strongly disliked my then fiance’s last name and decided to keep mine. We split up 3 years later and never married.

    When I finally married at 34, I took his name and almost instantly regretted it. It felt like I’d lost a part of my identity and was expected to just blended into his. He was a lot older than I with a major power imbalance and turned out to be quite controlling; constantly trying to change me into what he thought I should be, dress like, act like, ect.

    When I finally left him, I instantly went back to my maiden name and began intense therapy to get back to who I was before him. I will never change my name again, and will not likely re-marry either.

    In Quebec, women don’t change their names and there is something pretty awesome about that.

  15. ML says:

    Himpathy. Money. Connections. And BP is one of the better a-hole Hollywood abusers at maintaining his image. AJ has not gone after him hard and has tried to keep a lot of the details private because of her children. That helps. Jann Wenner publicly said that AJ called the paps in Kenia (which outed Brangelina and destroyed his relationship with JA): BP didn’t get the blame for (JA or) the paps, but he was right there. But also his photo shoot after coming out as an alcoholic. A popular wine. Skin care while looking like death. The ability to distance himself from the NOLA housing disaster. No one remembers Nico Mari. He’s good at seeming less of a jerk than he is.

  16. WiththeAmerican says:

    This article just confirmed what I said in a comment a few weeks ago that upset people. I wasn’t trying to defend Brad, but I was trying to point out how much power he has.

    here it is, in the industry mag. Absolutely disgusting. Notice how they push that only a few people changed their mind after hearing the allegations? Pitt PR.

    AJ is popular with the people and BO draw. But Hollywood always sides with the male until the bitter end. This is kind of reminding me of Princess Di vs firm.

    • Solidgold says:

      It’s not just Hollywood that sides with the male, it is society that is very, very male identified.

      Many women refuse to believe that their beloved movie star would hurt his kids. And if he did it was because of alcohol and that scurrilous she-devil Jolie. So, he must be forgiven. remember, he owned his side of the divorce and look his ex-wife, Americas favorite friend, has forgiven him.

    • Mireille says:

      I’m sorry that people got upset with your comment, but what you said is true. Whether we like it or not, Brad Pitt is still hugely popular, influential, and powerful in Hollywood circles. A lot of that hearkens back to when he was young and pulling audiences and critics for his movies and a lot of it is him getting in with the men like him who pretty much control Hollywood. It’s why he never really gave up working with Weinstein or that Lourd is his agent. He is backed and protected by power players as long as he stays white, male, and privileged.

  17. jferber says:

    He looks ugly and old, especially in the profile pic.

  18. Concern Fae says:

    The fact that sexual assault and domestic violence (including child victims) is covered in newspapers as “allegations” in a way that other crimes are not causes real harm.

  19. Carmen says:

    He can whine and pout to the media till the cows come home, and it’s still not going to get him the one thing he really wants. He wants Angie back and it’s never going to happen.

  20. ThisWitchIsntDead says:

    I used to be a fan. I had already decided not to ever see another movie associated with Pitt (acting, producer, whatever) BEFORE we learned the specifics of his abuse, and no poll is going to change my mind. Nothing can change my mind. The man deserves to be in prison for what he did and I refuse to act like it never happened, just because some news publication is willing to print fake poll results that women still support him. Not me. Nope.

  21. Facts says:

    Pitt and his team are swimming in his own pool. They created this whole mess and has from day one tried to blame Angelina. Only because she refused to play their game and protect and lie for him.
    These articles flooding talking about his popularity, where? Women are still being stupid over sad men.
    HW is a community, they protect each other. Angelina Jolie is not a part of that community. She had never been and survives without their help or support.
    Believe me he is dent and this is just the tip of the iceberg.