Cher spotted holding hands with 36-year-old music producer Alexander Edwards

Why is the man in that photo smiling? Because he’s rumored to be dating La Cher herself. 36-year-old Alexander “AE” Edwards and Cher were snapped holding hands this past Wednesday on their way to dinner at Craig’s in West Hollywood. The third wheel for the evening was Tyga, who is AE’s best friend.

Does Cher have a new man in her life? The “Believe” singer, 76, was photographed holding hands with music producer Alexander “AE” Edwards, 36, on a date night at Craig’s in West Hollywood on Wednesday night (Nov. 2). The pair wore matching black outfits for the night out. They were joined by Kylie Jenner’s ex Tyga, 32, who is best friends with Alexander.

[From Hollywood Life]

Cher’s been feeling herself lately. When’s she not, right? But she just got back from Paris Fashion Week where she closed out the Balmain show with Rick Owens. Apparently, she hung out with Tyga while she was there as well. And Hollywood Life said both Tyga and AE swung by Cher’s Malibu manse to see the Diva Extraordinaire recently. So does Cher have to babysit Tyga for AE? That seems like a dealbreaker.

I started this post ready to remind you guys that I don’t have problems with consensual May-Decembers and to cheer Cher on to get it girl! But then I remembered where I knew AE’s name from and decided to refrain from encouraging this folly. Not only is there the Tyga problem I’ve already touched on, this is the same AE who is father to Amber Rose’s three-year-old son Slash. The guy who practically bragged about cheating on Amber with 12 other women.

Alexander previously dated Amber, 39, for three years and they had a son together, 3-year-old Slash Electric Alexander Edwards. They broke up sometime in 2021 after Alexander admitted to cheating on her. “I thought, ‘S–t, I got caught.’ I got caught before, you know what I’m saying? And she’s just had enough, obviously,” Alexander said during an Instagram Live in Aug. 2021, after Amber publicly blasted the music producer for being unfaithful to her. “I love her, though. That’s my best friend, the mother of my son,” Alexander also said, adding, “But…I like women.”

[From Hollywood Life]

Cher’s a big girl, she knows what she’s doing. She’s probably just looking for someone to fool around with for right now, so I don’t think she’s going to get her heart broken when this tool steps out of line. They might even have some arrangement that allows for others. But it’s not a good look. AE doesn’t respect women and even if he is good in bed, this is the kind of dirty secret you keep out of the spotlight, not make out with him in public. And you sure as hell shouldn’t have to deal with Tyga to get it.

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  1. Wetbehindtheears says:

    Madonna really needs to talk to Cher about where to go for surgery as Cher is clearly getting the tier above.

  2. Clomo says:

    I just watched her in Mermaids, she was so fabulous in that, I loved that style on her and it’s nice to see she still looks great, she is just one cool customer. I would never have put Cher in the same room as Tyga though, oh dear, the mouth breather dude.

  3. Frnk27 says:

    I feel pretty confident Cher is aware of his history and is currently focused on having a good time. Good for her. I personally would go for less baggage and less glaring red flags but you do you Cher. You do you. And him if that’s what you fancy.

  4. Concern Fae says:

    I think Cher started with the surgery later and doesn’t stay spotlight ready at all times. I expect she has a take pictures on my good days attitude.

  5. Abby says:

    I love cher. My mom adored her. Can I vote for her to be with Pete Davidson, if she’s going to go for a younger guy? I bet he’d be a lot more fun.

  6. mtos says:

    Ok, but who is red shirt guy?

  7. Carrie says:

    It’s no less ick for for a female to be with with a male half her age than it is for a male to be with a female half his age.

  8. Robert Phillips says:

    Why is it always assumed that any man and woman photographed together then they must be dating. I don’t know this guy. But he’s a music producer. Cher’s a musician. Couldn’t they be working on a new album?

  9. J. Ferber says:

    Cher is a goddess, of course, and she does what she wants. Whatever the relationship, boot out Tyga. So what he’s dude’s best friend. Dump him.

  10. DiegoInSF says:

    Cher!!! You can do better than someone with face tattoos!

  11. jferber says:

    I think he’s actually very good-looking. If he suits Cher’s mood for awhile, no harm, no foul.