Olivia Wilde in Gucci at the LACMA Art + Film gala: retro-cute or poorly styled?

Saturday night was the annual (or biannual?) LACMA Art+Film Gala in LA. In recent years, the pandemic years, barely any A-listers came out for this event. But red carpets are back in a big way, so a lot of celebrities came out on Saturday night. The event is always co-sponsored by Gucci, so all of Gucci’s brand ambassadors come out too, I think they’re contractually required to. Olivia Wilde is all about Gucci, and this is what they gave her. I actually think the dress is cute in a retro ‘70s way, which honestly, Olivia can really pull off. But the red gloves ruin it. A lot of people did gloves and these were the worst.

Quinta Brunson wore Gucci and they gave her the best look, right? A princess gown in taffeta, with a cut which complements Quinta’s petite proportions, and those sheer gloves were the best gloves of the night.

Salma Hayek and her husband Francois Henri Pinault. Salma in Gucci, because her husband owns Gucci. You’d think they’d give the boss’s wife the best looks and bespoke the crap out of everything to flatter her short hourglass figure. They do not.

Sydney Sweeney in Giambattista Valli. Typical Valli look with the shorter hemline and the ruffles and big sleeves. I feel like… there’s too much going on? The sleeves would have been better with a longer skirt to balance them out. I also think the platform heels were way too much!

Carey Mulligan in bespoke Gucci. I really like the dress and coat-worn-as-cape, I just wish she had sparkled it up with her styling a little bit? She looks like she was taking a dog for a walk and she just threw this on and went to the gala. Give us some bright lipstick or something.

Photos courtesy of Xavier Collin / Image Press Agency / Avalon and Avalon.

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  1. Size Does Matter says:

    Those red gloves look like she just pulled a calf.

  2. Seaflower says:

    That is the worst outfit….speechless

  3. Shanaynay says:

    That outfit is awful. In my opinion, that outfit makes her look like a hooker.

    Personally, I think all of the outfits are awful.

  4. MsIam says:

    The red gloves look so odd with that gown. Not sure what the thought was behind the styling.

    • Concern Fae says:

      I felt to me like there was a design, but the gloves and dress were made by different teams and the gloves ended up way too bright. Maybe a miscommunication and the dress was a different color to start with. If the gloves were burgundy I can see it.

      But the gloves also completely ruin the 70s vibe the bust on the dress seems to be going for. Oh, well.

  5. Arizona says:

    the dress looks nice on her but the red gloves completely do not go. the color clashes hard and the style doesn’t match either. nor do the red sandals.

  6. Mcmmom says:

    Those are all awful. No one looks good.

    • AMA1977 says:

      This (except Quinta, she’s lovely.)

      Olivia loves to have her whole chest out and it’s not a look I think is flattering. The gloves…no.

      Poor Salma’s girls are squeezed in within an inch of their life and look so painful!! Her bustline looks like a shelf from the side, not good. The dress itself is not great and the fit is awful. I wish the fashion industry would do better by her. She’s a beautiful woman in spite of this mess.

      Sidney looks like a ballerina-ice dancer-matador mashup and it’s also…no.

      Carey is overwhelmed by fabric and crystals and looks like she’s wearing a muumuu, which does not flatter her in the slightest.

      • Krista says:

        @AMA1977 I’m not sure if it’s her that’s naturally flat and saggy or the gown that just does her chest no favours? I think the gown needed a touch of support. The less said about those gloves the better. Horrid.

    • bananapanda says:

      I look at all these dresses and say “Gucci hates boobs.”

      NONE of these fit properly in the chest area.

  7. jen says:

    This may sounds terrible but – every time I see a picture of OW it looks like her face is melting??

  8. Sugarhere says:

    Sydney Sweeney in Giambattista Valli: I’m loving the blush pink and demure the ballerina looks.
    Miss O = Miss Eww. I’m not a fan of the Kardashianesque ultra revealing cleavages: vulgar as hell. The excess glitter and the color mismatch are ill-inspired.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      Ugh, those Kardashians get credit for everything. Kim must love being seen as the first curvy woman to wake up one day and think “Why does having no y chromosome obligate me to treat my whole chest like a penis? That’s boring.”

  9. EllenOlenska says:

    My very first Olivia Wilde thought was “Jessica Rabbit”

    • Swordspoint says:

      I thought of the same movie, but Christopher Lloyd’s latex gloves after The Dip (that poor shoe!)…

  10. Peanut Butter says:

    I don’t like any of these. I wonder who thought the red gloves on Olivia were a good idea. I think there was real potential for Olivia’s look that was completely squandered.

  11. Sean says:

    Olivia Wilde truly strikes me as the “try hard” type. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, she is her character from “Drinking Buddies.”

    Maybe it was a choice by her stylist but I’m picturing her thinking the gloves would make her appear “edgy” or “unique” because they don’t compliment the dress at all. However, they just look weird.

  12. Seraphina says:

    I agree that these all look terrible. What were they thinking. Selma looks like her chest is trying to fight her to escape. And OW – WTH. Those red gloves and those red shoes with that dress. OMG it’s like a little girl playing dress up in her mom’s closet. And for the love of God, her chest looks awful. It looks lopsided. I know we are not symmetrical but she could have done better. This is a FAIL.

  13. SarahCS says:

    I like the idea of Carey’s outfit but it also looks like she’s drowning in it/it’s smothering her.

    Olivia – NOPE.

  14. Eurydice says:

    Sometimes I think that designers hate women’s bodies. Why are all these dresses cut to make breasts look sagging, or bulging or painfully squeezed?

  15. Bettyrose says:

    DTW dropped on HBO so I’m watching it on the treadmill. For some reason my treadmill fare American Gigilo isn’t out this week. I have zero expectations for this fllm but it’s aesthetically fun like Olivia Wilde’s dress, which I like.

    And second best Chris is smoldering.

    • Squiddus Maximus says:

      How can I be the only lusting after OWs dress?! The sheen, the pattern, and the BELT are perfection.

      The red gloves I’m kind of on the fence with. Again, the sheen is divine but I think I would have appreciated a cobalt more.

      SS looks ridiculous, but her makeup is glorious.

      • bettyrose says:

        I like the dress, and the red gloves. The dress (with perhaps black gloves) reminds of something Lady Mary might have worn, with a higher neckline of course. I’m just discovering through DWD that I really like Wilde’s aesthetic. I don’t how much she consulted on the fashion in DWD but it’s great.

        (OMG, I was referring to DWD in my post above. I don’t know WTF DTW is. Bug spray or something?) I need to disable autocorrect. It embarrasses me more often than it’s useful).

      • Twin Falls says:

        I like her dress, too. I like a lot of her fashion choices though.

        SS indeed looks ridiculous.

      • SquiddusMaximus says:

        I feel like OW’s been knocking it out of the park with her recent press tours. Her dresses have been absolutely works of art. Unfortunately, I think she’s getting unfair blowback from her little “scandal.” Does not impact her ability to wear a great dress at all!

  16. Jen says:

    I don’t like the red gloves, either. That dress also should not have had a belt (waistband?) disrupting the chevron pattern.

    Salma’s corset ends at the waist and the edge is all ripply and showing through the dress! wtf. They really failed her.

  17. ChillinginDC says:

    Wow. That’s hideous. Also did Salma have work done or is that the camera angle?

  18. Bread and Circuses says:

    Okay, I’m going to argue on Sydney Sweeney’s outfit — I think it’s wacky in a good way, and the shoes actually save it!

    She looks like a surreal version of a ballerina — an explosion of pink poofiness above impossibly long legs — I really like it!

  19. jferber says:

    I like Olivia’s dress, but not the red gloves or red shoes. Very pretty woman. I am watching My Policeman on Prime Video with Harry Styles and he and it are excellent! Rupert Everett is also in it, an added bonus. Rotten Tomatoes only gave 2 and a half stars, which I thought was VERY unfair. Often women’s films and gay films are judged much too harshly (I call it deleting one star for women’s and gay films). Do check it out. I also plan to watch Don’t Worry, Darling.

  20. Jaded says:

    Salma Hayek looks ridiculous, why does she insist on wearing these skin tight hooker outfits? She looks like she can’t breathe and the squashed in boob shelf is ridiculous. How can someone so rich look so cheap?

    Olivia Wilde looks like she’s about to give a horse a prostate exam.

    Sydney Sweeney’s dress looks like bunched up Kleenex.

  21. A Fan says:

    Ruh roh. Salma did something to her face.

    [*And it’s not good.]