Levi Johnston pissed at Tonight Show for using fake Twitter to mock him

On Wednesday, The Tonight Show had a segment featuring William Shatner dramatically reading what were supposedly tweets from Levi Johnston. Conan assured us that the tweets were “real” and that “we didn’t make them up.” The result was hilarious. (The Washington Post has a web series called Twits, which involves dramatic readings of celebrity tweets that you might want to check out if you think this is funny.) The only problem is that Shatner was reading from a non-verified Twitter account that Levi has nothing to do with. The tweets were so damn funny because someone was mocking Levi with a fake account.

Levi isn’t too pleased with this, and says through his lawyer that the Twitter account is definitely not his. It doesn’t sound like they’re going to take action against the Tonight Show, though, and they say their first step is trying to get Twitter to shut down the account, LeviJohnston05.

Rex Butler — Levi’s lawyer — tells TMZ the Alaskan is demanding a retraction from NBC. What really pisses Butler off … before Shatner’s dramatic reading of Levi’s putative Twitter page, Conan said: “All real … we did not make these up.”

Butler says the Twitter page is NOT Levi’s and that, “We are in the process of dealing with Twitter first. I think they have an obligation once something like this happens to make some kind of corrective measure.”

Among the Tweets that were read poetry-style by Shatner … “Anybody know where I can get some good weed” and “Whats the deal with the taxi drivers not speaking English, is there a law against it?”

So far, not a tweet from NBC.

[From TMZ]

At least they’re not suing the Tonight Show or anything and they don’t sound all bent out of shape about it. Levi’s lawyer also made a statement to E! Online in which he said “I’ve sent an email to Twitter because they need to step up and take care of business. Then we’ll deal with The Tonight Show. First thing’s first.” They’re probably just looking for a correction and apology.

Meanwhile Johnston will be honored at a awards ceremony next week put on by the website Fleshbot (NSFW!). He’s going to be given the award for “Crossover Star.” Fleshbot editor Lux Alptraum told E! “it’s quite a transition to go from being the future son-in-law of the Republican vice presidential nominee to someone who is modeling in a nudie magazine that’s marketed toward gay men.” We definitely could not have said it better ourselves.

Johnston is shown on 6/10/09 below. Credit: GARRY SUN/bauergriffinonline.com


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12 Responses to “Levi Johnston pissed at Tonight Show for using fake Twitter to mock him”

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  1. Firestarter says:

    Awww, looks who got his little feelings hurt!

    He doesn’t mind dishing out half truths himself, but gets his feathers all in a ruffle over a comedy bit on The Tonight Show. This bottom feeder will do anything he can to not only extend his very much underserved 15min of fame, but also not get an actual job. Now he is going to try and make money by maybe suing The Tonight Show.

    Man that little boy of his is sure going to grow up to be proud of his father!

    Please Levi, go the eff away!

  2. Jazz says:

    Why are people talking about this fool? Because he knocked up Sarah Palin’s daughter? Next!

  3. maddie says:

    Why do we still talk about this jacka**?

    He is not famous for anything he did on his own with the exception of getting his girlfriend pregnant.

    He has no talent what so ever, unless his riveting spews on his ex-future mother in law is taken into account by the whorish media today he’s useless and I want to know if he is supporting his kid.

    I never see any pictures of him with his child only him sitting on some news show spewing his hate speech on his kids grandmother and family.

    Go back to Alaska and get a freaking real job.

  4. Green Is Good says:

    This jackoff better go finish high school, or he’d better memorize the phrase “would you like that super-sized?”.

  5. Kathie says:

    Finally!! I knew this douche would start getting his sooner or later and it looks like later has arrived! He has sucked off his association with the Palin family for his entire time in the spotlight! Hit the bench Levi, the game is about to get much toughter! When you are openly mocked by William Shatner, it signals the tick tock of the fame clock winding down!

  6. Tess says:


    To quote a Butler far better known than Johnston’s lawyer… that would be Rhett Butler, of Gone with the Wind:

    “Frankly, I don’t give a damn.”

  7. ToddRH says:

    I was flipping through the channels and caught the end of “Entertainment Tonight” and they had a segment on him buying his baby daughter a birthday present. So, the father of a quitter’s daughter’s bastard child is news?

  8. Firestarter says:

    I thought they had a son, not daughter.

  9. Lantana says:

    I learn so much from this site. I seriously did not know Playgirl was targeted toward gay men. I don’t think I’ve seen one in 25 years though (a Playgirl, not a naked man, seen plenty of them). Was it for gay men 25 years ago?

  10. EMV says:

    BOO HOO to the famewhore. He isn’t even attractive or skilled in any way. He just needs to stop acting like he’s so important.

  11. lastwordlinda says:

    Welcome to the dark side of fame, Levi. Were you too stupid to notice that people that want to get their name in the news for no good reason, are often made fun of on late night TV? And on celebsites like this one. You assh$$e.

  12. For Sooth? says:

    Wow. Men start losing their looks around age forty. They must start early in Alaska.

    And to Kathy Griffin: Thanks for nothing! This guy was about to fade away and then you had to bring him back. Only the guys would have checked him out in Playgirl. Now he has camera crews with him in fake baby shopping photo ops. Thanks alot!!