Enquirer: Brad Pitt calls Tom Cruise “Dr. Strange”, old grudges resurface

This seems like an old story, but there is some new stuff hidden in the depths of this National Enquirer report. Apparently, Tom Cruise is really pissed off at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Pissed enough to audit them? Who knows? But there’s some kind of ancient grudge match going on, if this report is to be believed.

At first, it seems like the war might just be between Tom and Angelina. Angelina notably took Tom’s place in the lead role in Salt. Originally, Tom was supposed to star, but various things happened, and the part ended up being rewritten for an actress (perhaps because Angelina pulled the diva act and “demanded” script changes… like a name change). Salt was made with Angelina, and it will be out next July – but the trailer was just released this week, and I have to admit, I’m glad Angelina got the role and not A Friend of Xenu. According to the Enquirer, Tom is still holding a grudge about this casting decision, and then some:

Ill will between Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise threatened to boil over when Angelina Jolie snatched a plum role as CIA agent-turned-spy Edwin Salt, sources say. Tom was reportedly haggling over salary and control of the movie, prompting execs to cut off talks with him. After Angelina expressed an interest in the role, it was rewritten for a woman.

“When Tom saw they’d changed the character to a female and renamed it Evelyn Salt, he was not pleased,” a friend says. “Tom really wanted that role, and the rug was pulled out from underneath him.”

When Brad heard that Tom was grousing about it, he started calling Cruise “Dr. Strange” said the source.

The animosity between the two actors dates back to 1993 when they costarred in ‘Interview with a Vampire’ and Brad said that he hates making the movie because of Tom.

“He bugged me,” Brad was quoted saying in published reports at the time. “There came a point during filming when I started really resenting him. He’s North Pole, I’m South. He’s always coming at you with a handshake, where I may bump into you. There was this underlying competition that got in the way of any real conversation.”

Tom, whose rep denies there is any bad blood between the two, has been a huge star since 1983’s Risky Business, but Brad didn’t get his big break until 1992, and there was a definite pecking order on the “Interview” set, the friend says.

“Brad felt Tom big-leagued him. He wasn’t gracious and acted aloof around Brad,” said the friend.”

[From the National Enquirer, print edition, November 16 2009]

I swear, when I was reading about how Tom Cruise might have come across back in the day, I was reminded of Bronson Pinchot’s interview, where he described Tom as “weird and tense” and making “constant, constant unrelated homophobic comments”. In any case, I always love a good Brangelina versus TomKat story, although I don’t really buy them. I think Tom and Brad probably have what resembles a close, professional relationship/friendship based on not judging each other and not burning bridges. I’m sure Brad does think Tom is crazy – but Tom and the Church of Scientology are still powerful enough in Hollywood where everybody has a stake in not alienating them.

That being said, there is some history with this alleged battle. Back in 2008, there were some reports that Tom was pissed that Brad and Angelina were considered the better, hotter celebrity couple. After that, it was reported that Tom bought a special, one-of-kind motorcycle that Brad really wanted, and Brad might have had a hissy fit about it. Then, back a few months ago, Brad might have said that Tom’s film Valkyrie was “a ridiculous movie.” But Brad denied saying that later. So, what’s the verdict? Does Brad call Tom “Dr. Strange”?

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  1. Firestarter says:

    Unleash the Gerbils of doom!!!!!!

  2. Praise St. Angie! says:

    my first thought when I saw that top pic was “wow, pitt and kidman both used to be so hot”.

    not sure I buy this story…I DO buy that Cruise is uptight, manic and strange and Pitt is laid back.

    but I don’t think they have any sort of grudge.

    (one positive thing I’ll say about Kidman…seems she didn’t bow to Crazy Cruises wishes about not wearing heels and stooping when standing next to him, as does Katie Holmes. Seems Kidman had no problem with towering over him.)

  3. KLO says:

    Call me crazy but i believe all of this to be true ;P

    And i rarely believe those “celebrity grudge” stories.

  4. ocultist says:

    I used to hate Tom Cruise but now I tolerate him for two very important reasons:

    One, he got Kate to stop acting (she almost destroyed the first Batman).

    Second, he brought back the word glib.

  5. wow says:

    God. And they say women are the biggest whinners. Brad and Tom are so successful in their own right that I doubt they are carrying on like this. I feel the same way when they try to make it seem that two successful women are trying to out- diva each other.

    I’d think they’d have enough to worry about with just trying to stay relevant.

  6. Leni says:

    Brad comes across as a good ol’ boy whereas Tom comes across as a “I am great, bow to me”. I would think they are very different personality wise. I also think (not knowing the real people at all) that only T boy would be holding onto an old grudge. I do not see either Angelina or Brad being as worshipful as T boy would like, but we all work with those we would never socialize with.

  7. Bubulle says:

    I tOtally believe they hate each other. Sounds like typical celebrity feud.

  8. Pole says:

    I totally believe it.

  9. grisgris says:

    I would buy that there was tension on that set. I remember when the movie was being made and Ann Rice really did not want Tom Cruise to play Lestat (and he really was all sorts of wrong for the part). Rice was pretty vocal about her dislike of the casting choice and eventually the studio made her come out with a statement in support of him.

    I was watching the movie the other day and the pairing of Pitt and Cruise really doesn’t work. The scenes between Antonio Banderas, Stephen Rea and Pitt are so much better.

  10. Cheyenne says:

    Whether or not you believe it, after all this time, what difference does it make?

  11. Loser1 says:

    I’m sorry, but Pitt sucked in IWTV. Cruise acted circles around him in that movie.

  12. crash2GO2 says:

    Tom was pissy with Brad because he is taller and beats him in the looks department by a mile. That’s a no brainer.

  13. birdie says:

    It’s time for Tom Cruise to go into retirement. He’s just too creepy to have a film career anymore.

  14. Beth says:

    I seriously doubt there’s a feud. I know people love to hate and will believe anything bad about them but some of these rumors seem catty. Also I don’t know why Angelina is called a diva for wanting script changes. I haven’t read the script but I’m sure because of the sex change, parts of the script probably wouldn’t make sense.

  15. Roma says:

    ocultist, while I’m a huge Christian Bale fan I refused to watch that Batman for over 2 years. It finally took my bf at the time convincing me that Katie had a very small role before I’d see it.

    That’s how much I hate her acting. So hurrah to Tom for that.

  16. Firestarter says:

    Anne Rice didn’t want either Cruise OR Pitt in Interview. She later admitted that they BOTH did a good job in their respective roles and went on to support both actors in their performances. The studio did not make her come out with a statement in support, she saw the film and realized that they were suited to their roles.

  17. Aras says:

    ocultist: Blahahahahah too funny!

  18. rose says:

    i so hope this is true. its so funny

  19. Juice In LA says:

    Sure, I buy it. I definitely buy that Cruise is in a one man competition with Pitt. As for Brad- he isnt gonna care that much about competeing for projects, he seems to kind of do what he wants and he has alwasy been hotter than Cruise.

    Why wouldn’t Pitt dislike Cruise? I bet a lot of Hollywood dislikes him- Hell you can even see guys like Beckham and Will Smith try to distance themselves from him.

  20. Firestarter says:

    Oh yeah, I am sure Cruise is sitting up at night worrying himself to death over Brad Pitt. NOT.

    I don’t like Cruise, but I find it funny how people say that Cruise is in competition with Pitt, yet Pitt is too laid back and busy to be in one with Cruise.

    How about neither of them care because they both have careers for themselves, families and hobbies, keeping them rather busy with their own lives and not worrying about the other.

  21. Munkey says:

    Firestarter: Yeah, I also thought that Anne Rice applauded both Cruise and Pitt for their performances after seeing the film. (As opposed to being forced at gunpoint by the studio to make a false statement.) I also agree that it’s hard to believe that either actor is really losing sleep over some lame “feud” or whatever.

  22. Fire says:

    It’s because Pitt doesn’t have to wear lifts in his shoes – that’s the whole feud

    :o )

  23. Firestarter says:

    @Fire- Now that could be true! Haha! But Cruise doesn’t have to wear that Newsboy hat either!

  24. grisgris says:

    Mea Culpa Firestarter. I only remember the ado about Cruise’s casting, it was a long time ago. But I do recall that people were not really buying Rice’s statements supporting the casting. Even so, she came out with the statements after seeing the film. So during filming both actors had to contend with gossip about their suitability and skills, which I would think made for a tense set. I don’t necessarily think they have a hate on each other, I just suspect they didn’t have a positive experience making the film.

  25. gg says:

    I saw the movie again recently as well, and thought they both sucked in the two roles. I remember being really pissed when Cruise got the role for Lestat. And poor Brad really can’t do serious roles where he has to speak with seriousness or with an accent. He has a dead tongue.

  26. Fire says:

    nor don that ridiculous goatee!
    (I definitely consider myself more of a Pitt fan and think Tommy is creepy, especially after all that sofa jumping crap, not to mention the Scientology stuff)

  27. Anak says:

    Do you really think that the “strange” is Tom? Tom does not use pot, does not run all over the world to buy kids and after expose them to the media, he does not have a lesbian wife, he is always clean, and shaved (thank God) and does not have pictures drunk all over the world, just to start. Who is strange?

  28. Firestarter says:

    Has anyone ever noticed that Pitt speaks with a slight lisp? You could really tell in Interview, and it was equally bad in Legends of the Fall (he looked damn good though!). I watch Burn After Reading and his lisp was also rather pronounced. He and Drew Barrymore both have similar, subtle little lisps.

  29. Firestarter says:

    @Anak- I feel sorry for you….. you are gonna get it! Not from me, but ohhhhh the backlash! : )

    Waiting for frenzy to start in 5..4…3..2..

  30. danielle says:

    Yeah, I remember when Interview came out – got the impression at the time that Cruise and Pitt really didn’t like each other. Two alphas – I buy that they still don’t like each other.

    Interesting – look at how adoringly Kidman is looking at Cruise. Is she just a better actress than Katie? Cruise and Kidman both seemed normal when they were married to each other, and now both seem fairly nutty.

  31. ariadne says:

    I don’t believe it totally. I do think that there was tension on the set back when the film was being made but I doubt it caused some long lasting bad blood. I just think that they have nothing in common and that TC’s personality quirks make it hard for anyone outside of Scientology to really like him.
    If he does call him Dr Strange I am sure his not alone in Hollywood.

  32. mimi says:

    crash2GO2 ditto Pitt beats Tom in every department

  33. ariadne says:

    Anak-no frenzy here but I think Tom Cruise is one of the strangest stars in Hollywood and that Pitt is not.
    Pitt may have other issues but I wouldn’t call him strange.

  34. holy says:

    I remembered at IWTV premiere fans screamed Pitt’s name ignored Cruise. Cruise was pissed off. He held grudge since then I believe it.

  35. princess pea says:

    Yep, Anak, I do. See, I don’t think smoking a little pot is strange. Or getting drunk from time to time.
    Angelina is pretty clearly NOT a lesbian, what with the two marriages to men, and the current heterosexual long-term relationship. She might be bisexual, but that’s not stranger than asexual, is it? Because RoboKatie is sort of androgynous, don’t you think?

    And I am literally laughing my ass off at your idea that Tom Cruise doesn’t expose his kids to the media. Have you somehow escaped seeing a picture of Suri at least once a week? You must live under a rock.

    Not to mention … *coff coff* xenu.

    Admit it, you made that post for the attention, right?

  36. truthSF says:

    LOL @ princess pea, ur post had me ROFLMFAO!!!

    And I agree with Firestarter about Ann Rice comment of how she really liked Cruise & Pitt’s acting in IWAV.

  37. beep says:

    Tom cruise acted circles around dull pitt in interview and that’s a fact. Brad is dull in all of his movies and is only good at playing CRAZY which is funny because people love to say the same about Angelina.
    anyway, I’m sure scientology hates angie for taking Tom’s movie. I know Tom’s people say he didn’t want it anyway, but that was all PR damage control. But who can ever fully trust the enquirer?

  38. andrea says:

    i dont care for either of them. but def agree that tom acted circles around brad in vampire and does so in general. tom’s maniacal quality plus his pretty-ness were great for lestat. i think brad is always so goddam wooden. tom appears to be wearing lipstick in the photo. nicole’s maybe? even tho tom’s shorter, i still think he’s better looking than brad. brad has never done it for me. and i think theyre *both* wackjobs in real life.

    more ryan gosling!

  39. beep says:

    Btw, everyone used to think Tom was so wonderful … that was before he fired his PR ho and traded her for his sister. Now everyone thinks Brad is wonderful. I don’t buy his laid back image. he is a control freak just like Tom.

  40. andrea says:

    firestarter – yes! the damn lisp! or whatever it is. that is brad pitt as an actor, in a nutshell: dull, wooden, lisp, but KIND OF hot, sometimes.

    • JC says:

      yeah whatever andrea.. its hard to follow the plot of the storyline with so much good acting going around, hey? SO sit on your couch and eat your cheese naks and leave the acting to the pro’s will you! you wouldnt know a good actor if he sat on your face! STFU and spare us from your puny comments will ya

  41. Iggles says:

    Wow, I think it’s hilarious that Angelina got the role Tom wanted. He seems to forget that his star appeal went down after the couch jumping and rant against psychology..

    In other news, yesterday I saw the trailer for Salt. It looks really good. I’m definitely going to see it.

    I skipped “Wanted” (it looked silly and cliche), but I saw “The Changling” and I thought she was brilliant in it! I also loved “Mr and Mrs. Smith” so I have a good feeling about her new movie.

  42. Firestarter says:

    Iggles- Changeling wasn’t bad, but oh, how did you stand Mr&Mrs Smith? I was bored and thought it would NEVER end. It was too long for what teh movie was about.

  43. Fire says:

    anak….not sure what to say here, but way to go out on a limb there….in MY opinion, you couldn’t be farther from the truth….but that’s just me. perhaps angelina got the role that tom wanted because she’s a lesbian…yeah, that’s the ticket

  44. forever says:

    Tom Cruise was supposed to be the star of Interview with Vampire but Brad Pitt stole the whole movie.

  45. Lem says:

    odd to see such a split vote.

    they have never seemed to like or respect each other.

    either way that movie blew- Johnny Depp is the only believable vampire (as if)

    “adoringly” ? I’d guess, if I didn’t know better, Nic was sleeping with Pitt not Cruise in the header photo

    Anak: you’re logic is strange :)

  46. Macca says:

    They are both mediocre actors. Face it we are not exactly talking DeNiro and Pacino in their prime are we? Tom was a decent enough actor, but is a creep in real life and believes in strange things, in my opinion to hide something *wink*. Pitt is a decent actor, but is really famous because of his looks and he hooked up with Hollywood’s Female Dr Strange: Angelina Jolie. IWAV was an okay movie, but we are not talking Citizen Kane, so I think these two egos should just chill out. I am sure lots of Hollywood people think Cruise is a weirdo because of the cult that is Scientologt and becuase he is way too intense and hyper and not very clever. But Pitt and Jolie can walk a carpet and act like they are royalty and we are all blessed to even look at them. So all in all. I’d rather watch a Cate Blanchett or Kate Winslet film than see Jolie do the lame ol’ pouty action role. I won’t be watching Salt but I would actually avoid it like the plague had Tommy been in that part. And of course he wanted that role. What else is he doing nowadays? Oh yeah a romcom with Cameron Diaz. *snore*

  47. Macca says:

    Oh and one more comment: aren’t we all glad red tinted glasses stayed in the 90s. GEES what were we thinking?

  48. Lem says:

    Macca: DeNiro & Pacino? LMAO
    which one is which again?

  49. DD says:

    Hi, I would just like to second Brad Pitt’s opinion… Tom Cruise is Dr. Strange indeed.

    I’m not going to go into comparing talent and morals here… just gonna stick to the subject and say that Tom Cruise definitely beats Brad in the strange department.

  50. Fire says:

    they are all “adoringly” looking at the camera

    cruise just looks a little nuttier than the rest of em, that’s all
    :o )
    happy friday everyone!

    oh and macca – no doubt *yawn* on the romcom with cameron diaz. those two have zero chemistry, just like in vanilla sky…

  51. Firestarter says:

    @Forever- I guess that is your opinion, because I found Tom much more amusing and closer to Lestat than I did find interest in Pitt’s portrayal of Louis. I have been an avid Anne Rice-a-looney since I was a teenager. I can tell you that when I heard about either being cast I was probably more appalled than Rice herself was. Upon seeing the movie, I loved it,(and I was a HUGE Pitt fan at that time) and as much as I have never liked Cruise, I had to give credit where credit was due.

    @Macca- No joke! I had a pair and I found a picture of myself recently andthought “Ah God, what on earth!”

  52. Westender says:

    Maybe Tom is upset that he could not get Brad Pitt to join the C of S? There could be some bad blood between them because of that after all these years. Can you imagine if Tom got Brangelina to be a follower of Xenu? That would be the ultimate for Tom’s relationship with C of S!

  53. Lee says:

    Boy, Nicole was really pretty. Love, love the red curls.

  54. Vermithrax says:

    ALL this mess aside… I have to note that Tom played Lestat to the letter and then some. Pitt couldn’t have been a worse choice for Louis, either.

    Kinda’ sucks hearing all these old stories about how lame people acted :(
    Ahh well, what are ya gonna’ do.

  55. nikki says:

    i always thought Cruise and Pitt hated each other so i can believe they trash each other!

    that’s another good week for Tom Cruise(after be an inspiration for Patrick Bateman character and Pinchot commentary)*sarcasm*

  56. Mairead says:

    Did Anak just call beards strange – way to annoy at least 75% of Muslim men in one fell swoop. :-|

    And I can well believe that neither of these two can stand each other. Plus I think that as bland an actor as Pitt is (brilliant in Burn After Reading though), he’s not all that laid back.

    I’ve not seen Interview in a while, but Pitt was woeful and I thought so at the time. I think it’s probably Tom’s most likeable role after Cocktail (even though Brian Brown wiped the floor with him). Even Antonio was a bit limp tbh. Only Kirsten held her own. As to Anne Rice’s “vision”.. sorry but the woman isn’t that good a writer, some of her books are very entertaining and others are blah. She just seems like a watered down Poppy Z. Brite to me.

    But It was professional scene-stealer Stephen Rea who stole the show. End of. :twisted:

  57. memnoch666 says:

    I used to love Tom (back when I was young & stupid); now I love Brad. I’m sure Brad & Angie think Tom is a whack job but would never say it. Ever though they are a power couple, Tom & the church of aliens are scary.

  58. MymaJane says:

    Why did Nicole destroy her face? Her lips in particular…they used to be so darling, but now they look all plump, stretched out, and creepy.

    Tom Cruise is bat shit crazy. I make a point not to see any of his films because he’s such a horrible actor. The ones that I have seen have been against my will and with a gun pointed to my head. Well, not really. I’ve seen a few mostly because I wanted to laugh at him.

    Brad is “meh”. I think he’s a better actor and he’s not all creepy scientologist so he has that going for him. As for their fued, I find it extremely entertaining and hope it’s true.

    P.S. If River Pheonix hadn’t died of a drug overdose, he would have made a brilliant Lestat.

  59. Elle says:

    Hey I agree, taylor. Brad and Nic would’ve made a hot couple way back when. Not anymore, though. Now, shes a fozen-faced, plastic surgery victim and he’s the billy goat king.

  60. la chica says:

    is anything going right for Tom Cruise? if i were him i would seriously retire. stick a fork in him, he’s so done.

  61. Kevin says:

    It’s been straight down hill for Kidman since Dead Calm. Thats the movie Dr. Strange first saw her in and set up a part for her in Days of Thunder. She was with someone else at the time, maybe engaged? Thats seems to be Tom’s M.O. for shopping for beards.

  62. Jax says:

    Oh yes, there was hell on that set. I loved that book so I followed the making of the movie avidly. Tiny Tom threw constant fits that he wasn’t getting enough screen time and being treated like a mega star. They even changed the ending of the movie to suit him. It wasn’t him that ended up with the interviewer, it was supposed to be Brad but Tom thought he was getting too much attention. Tom was a huge baby the whole time so yes I believe he still has a grudge against Pitt.

    I’m thrilled that Angelina took the Salt part away from Tom. His time is UP. And of course they had to change the script since the lead would now be a woman instead of a man. She wasn’t being a diva, she was very professional about getting the part. The trailer looks amazing.

  63. herewego says:

    Dead in the eyes. The smile is all his teeth.

  64. Jax says:

    Man, Kidman was so gorgeous before she started messing with her face. And why she bleaches all the color out of her hair and face I do not know. She is so beautiful as a redhead.

  65. For Sooth? says:

    Brad and Nic would have made a stellar couple, for a while.

    Kate and Tom can never compare to Brad and Angelina. NEVER. He must be so pissed about that. His last ace in the hole is Suri. But she will be the product of COS so she will be weird as well. I think she will have trouble playing with other kids. But that will be the least of her problems, with “Daddy” being so crazy and all and Mommy being part robot.

  66. 2 cents says:

    I don’t really like TC anymore. This scientology stuff is really weird and he only donates money to this organization. Keeping the money between his friends will die out eventually.

  67. Toe says:

    I really liked Brad more in IWaV. His character had great chemistry with
    Antonio Banderas. I really wanted to see them kiss in the movie.
    Jax: I heard that too…Tom was really jealous of Brad in the movie.

  68. Wresa says:

    Thanks for the Interview with a Vampire stills. I could give a flying F@#$ about their “fued”; both of them look delicious in those 18th century clothes.

  69. Maritza says:

    I could see it being true. Brad is everything Tom would want to be, tall,handsome and laid back, oh and much more famous now with Angelina.

  70. smilelover says:

    Brad has nothing to worry about. As far as these creeps from Scientology believe, when the world ends on 21th December 2012, all the “good” ones from Scientology will be transferred to XENU.

    LOL!!! AHAHAHAHA! These stupid creeps, TC can be so proud to believe this.

  71. Raven says:

    I agree with Firestarter that Cruise was much better in Interview than Pitt was.

    I don’t believe the story. There were suggestions at the time of Interview that Tom and Brad did not get along, but Brad does not typically trash his fellow actors. I didn’t buy his supposed negative comment about Valkyrie either. I do believe that Cruise was sorry to lose the part in Salt, but if he’s going to play hardball in negotiations and be unreasonable, he has to accept it when the other side walks away.

    In that picture above, it looks like Nicole is with Brad instead of Tom. And she does look gorgeous, with her natural hair and no Botox.

  72. America Kills Our Sleeping Enemies says:

    At least Tom Cruise is an American, unlike Brad “lying boatshit” Pitt who has to lie about his identity both through his movies and on his “official” biographies. Pitt also doesn’t even live in America and never has. He’s a purebred lying boatshit who FAILED IN AMERICA!! Pure and simple.

  73. birdie says:

    To each his own, but I’d take a literal beard over a Scientologist’s beard any day. (If you know what I mean)

  74. birdie says:

    @ America Kills – - Put down the crazy Barley water! What are you even talking about?

  75. Codzilla says:

    birdie: I second that. WTF?

    Ps: Is it me, or does Tom kind of look like a young Tiny Tim in that blond wig? Not his best look, imo.

  76. Kevin says:

    Wonder what these people will do if the aforementioned date passes and nothing happens.

  77. cassie says:

    Well Tom said complementary things about Brad in People last year something to the effect I knew he would be a good father by the way he interacted with Bella and Connor on the set of Vampire. Also Brad said nice things about Tom on Extra this year

  78. ted says:

    I think Tom and Nicole are wearing the same shade of lipstick in the picture…how nice they save so much money by sharing:)

  79. ted says:

    Brad and Nicole make a nice couple

  80. yellow says:

    although i won’t buy the whole feud between the two of them, i have to agree that tom gay is crazy. he hasn’t had any successful movie beside the MI franchise.

  81. Firestarter says:

    @Yellow- Are you kidding me? No successes other than Mission Impossible franchise? I am no fan of Cruise, but I would suggest checking out Box Office Mojo and looking at the stats on his domestic and International box office grosses before you make a statement like that. Even his films that are not critical sucesses manage to bring in money. He is more of a box office draw than Pitt.

    As far as him maybe being gay, who bloody cares what his sexuality is? Why should that matter to you? Yes, he is a nutty Scientologist, but that is his business and if he wants to be in that weirdo religion/cult that is up to him.

  82. janine says:

    Doesn’t matter whether Pitt’s acting sucked or not in IWTV, it was one of his early roles and to those who hadn’t seen him before, he was spectactularly good looking. Rumour at the time was Cruise was really insecure sharing screen time with the young, handsome and TALL actor. Add that the to the fact that most people, (including the author) thought Cruise was terribly miscast as Lestat and you have pretty good grounds for a permanent grudge if you ask me. Cruise can’t open a movie anymore. Pitt is going from strength to strength.

  83. Firestarter says:

    Well here are a few stats for everyone.

    The fact that Tom Cruise began his career in 1981 and still does draw people to his movies says a lot.

    Pitt began his career in 1987.

    Pitt is 45, soon to be 46.

    Cruise turned 47 in July. Began his career in 1981

    Tom Cruise: Domestic Gross: $3,275,259,438
    worldwide Gross-$6,643,303,057

    Brad Pitt:Domestic Gross-$1,999,490,614
    Worldwide Gross-$5,061,184,252

    Biggest Flop in last 5 movies released: Cruise in Lions for Lambs-Worldwide gross:$63,211,088

    Pitt in The Assassination of Jesse James-Worldwide Gross: $15,001,774

    No dispute that Pitt’s last two movies made more than Cruises. Cruise currently has more movies in post production than Pitt.

    Cruise may have 6 yrs professionally on Pitt, but Pitt did not achieve movie star status until he hooked up with Jolie. Part of Pitts success derives from the interest in him since he began his relationship with Jolie. Cruise has not had to attach himself to another actress to gain any fame, as the women he has been with benefitted from his status.

    In my opinion, both actors are fair to good in the roles that they play. Who will have the longer career? My guess is Tom Cruise. Let’s see when either releases their next movie, who is in the driver’s seat at the box office. But to say Cruises career is dead and that Pitt is only going to get better, that is a mighty big statement. Cruise, IMO, is the better actor of the two, and he doesn’t have a slight lisp.

  84. fizXgirl314 says:

    i don’t care what anyone says and how badly cruise’s name has been tarnished of late, he was sooooo much better than pitt in interview with a vampire… he was thrilling!!!

  85. fizXgirl314 says:

    man these stupid stories are so childish… celebrities are like any other human beings… they probably experiene workplace tension all the time… heck, i’m in the science field and you wouldn’t believe the drama! the other day we were joking about how we should tell people we’re in theater if they ask because of all the drama… who gives a fuck… where there are people, there will be tensions and drama and collisions of ego…

    I’m sure even ghandi had to face human conflict… and he was close to sainthood… I don’t see why pitt or cruise or any other retarded celeb would be exempt :/


  86. fizXgirl314 says:

    cruise actually still interests me as an actor, whereas when I see pitt i feel like i’m seeing him playing the same damn role the same damn way, even though he is in a completely different movie…

    cruise was seriously hilarious in tropic thunder… robert downey was AMAZING… I kept arguing with my brother that it couldn’t be him until the credits roled lol…

    anywho… I kinda like cruise’s crazy, nutty intense cookiness… it’s interesting…. pitt is just as boring as a pile of crap… soooo over it!!

    besides, I’ve always thought his features were too femninite… I kind of prefer cruise’s somewhat masculine features….

    who cares ultimately either way though… i guess :/

  87. fizXgirl314 says:

    that should have been efffeminte or feminine… not some weird combination of both….

    smilelover, that is NOT a belief of the church of scientology… that is actually a mayan belief…

    this is why I never take anyone’s account of anything seriously until I see it for myself… I bet if i read the doctrine of scientology I would find it completely contrary to how the public portrays this philosophy… I find that mob mentality is extremely off most of the time… more akin to witch hunts more than anything true, valid or logical…

    think for yourselves folks… If even half the things said about scientology were true, most of those people would be behind bars or in mental hospitals… It’s probably all rubbish :/

  88. Mairead says:

    Firestarter: Cruise may have 6 yrs professionally on Pitt, but Pitt did not achieve movie star status until he hooked up with Jolie.

    Far be it for me to cast compliments on Brad Pitt’s career but *coughFightClubcough* ;)

  89. Elle says:

    Brad had many roles before MS. Jolie. He was good in Kalifornia, True Romance, Legends of the Fall, 12 Monkeys (received an Oscar nomination), Snatch (loved this role), as well as Fight Club. I think Cruise’s best roles were Born4th july, Magnolia and Tropic Thunder. He always seems like himself, though? Brad has more range, in my opinion.

  90. Firestarter says:

    I did not say he was not well known, but he did not have the “movie star ” status that he enjoys today before he was with Jolie. I was a HUGE Brad pitt fan, from his brief stint on Dallas, through Kalifornia, True Romance, Legends etc, but he was not a star like Tom Cruise until he paired up with Jolie. He was much lower key, and I loved him that way.

    For those that always accuse me of hating Pitt, I can tell you that I own most of his movies except for the very most recent 3.

  91. truthSF says:

    To say Pitt did not achieve movie star status until Jolie is a damn lie. For one, Pitt achieved movie star status since he was with Paltrow, he started getting paid $10 million when he made Sleepers in 1996, according to IMDB, which at the time was movie star status money making. By the time he made that crappy “Meet Joe Black” in 1998, he was making $17.5 million, also according to IMDB. How much was Angelina making, not even a million per picture. She was making critically acclaimed movies like “Gia” and earning the respect of Hollywood, but not making any real money because she wasn’t quite a star yet. So to make that statement Firestarter, without proof is premature on your part.

  92. Amelia says:

    Oh, I believe it and Tom Cruise had NO BUSINESS WHATSOEVER playing Lestat. He ruined that movie. He made Lestat look like a toad. Lestat is supposed to be a tall man and so beautiful that it’s hard to look at him. Anne Rice complained and then rolled over, I’m sure because of pressure from the studio.

    David Geffin had a hard on for him plain and simple. If we HAD to have Tom he should have played Louis and Brand should have played Lestat, though I don’t find Brad all that great, he would have been better than freaky old Tom.

  93. Ursula says:

    Firestarter, you are right, Pitt had never had the star status he has now. Tom Cruise has always been the bigger star. That is why Pitt is now more identified as the other part of Brangelina as opposed to Brad Pitt. Cruise on the other hand has been a movie star since the 90s, that is why he has always got his terms and Pitt bows to the studio.

    Talks with the producers of salt fell through, Angelina was not chosen over Cruise. Just like she has not been chosen over Theron, the latter has left the role for some reason.

    I don’t think there is a real grudge between the two men. Pitt is not that clever to have any grudge. In any case, he is too busy trying to get out of the hole he has created for himself.

  94. Firestarter says:

    @TruthSf- If you would re-read my posts you may have a clearer understanding of what I said.

    The money you make has nothing to do with the publicity you get. Your lifestyle and Q ratings do.

  95. NFLer says:

    Fight Club Baby!! I’d love to see Brad Pitt kick Tom Cruise’s high-heeled ass all over the place!

  96. Daisy says:

    I don’t care about these two much,but I will say that I hate when people make dumb ass comments like anak.U can honestly say Brad is stranger because,what was it?He smoked pot,adopted kids,dates a women who fooled around with girls when she was younger,and has a beard?wtf planet r u from?must be xenu’s.I also think brad n angie r weird,but between the 2 there is no comparision.tom is a freak

  97. Fire says:

    Sorry, Firestarter – I usually agree with you, but I have to say Brad was a movie star before he hooked up with Jolie. I’m not saying he made the best choices or is a brilliant actor, but he was definitely a movie star before he became half of Brangelina.

    Fight Club, Snatch, Oceans Eleven, Oceans Twelve, The Mexican, Troy, even the earlier Legends of the Fall, Seven Years in Tibet and Se7en – he was in the lead roles in these movies. Doesn’t that mean he was a “movie star”??

  98. anon1000 says:

    certain posters here who hate pitt and jolie are trying to re-write history. no matter if you hate brad, to say he was no a movie star before jolie is clearly a lie and biased. brad pitt was and is a movie star. no need to show your hatred against this man for some perceived wrong he committed in your mind.

  99. J says:

    Up to today, Brad Pitt is still not a huge movie star. I am sorry, ladies. I know everyone here is a big fan of the so-called Brangelina. But Brad Pitt never has the power to open a global box office on his own. He always has to team up with someone such as his best friend George Clooney.

    In Hollywood, stardom means box office, in cinema, not in tabloid magazines. Tom Cruise used to have the power to open a weekend box office by himself before he jumped on Operah’s sofa and ruined his own career. But he is a big star globally.

    Nowadays, either Tom or Brad has the power. It’s Will Smith. He is THE movie star today.

  100. cybernotix says:

    We live in the USA. People have the right to have their opinions and religious beliefs. Others don’t have to like it but being civilized is a necessity. Stop judging everyone including Tom for Scientology or jumping on Oprah’s couch.

  101. nasim says:

    yes, brad is good actor. But he is not like tom who once used to be the last word in box office. Tom is the legend. Look at his career from the begining. He is the one man show. We can compare johnny and will to him.

  102. Jett Bando says:

    true, absolutely. Let me tell you all why. BECAUSE THEY ARE MOVIE STARS!!!!The two biggest, Cruise and Pitt. What you dont’t think they see all the mag.covers we do.They have huge egos, they have to.This is their life and it has been for decades, esp Tom,.To stay on top means everything.It Is Their LIFE! Their world. and they’re human. So yeah i really bielive that what pitt said and what tom says about him ,well this little article is only the tip of the iceburg.they’ve been competing for years we just don’t see or hear it.

  103. nasim says:

    They r not the two biggest stars. The two biggest stars of the decade r Johnny and Will. And I think they have more range of acting.

  104. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I got onto this thread and what entertaining read, the comments give perspectives from both sides, excellent posts :)

  105. JC says:

    I just read Tom then I cruise allready! He is such a bad actor he shouldnt be in this game at all! he thought he could throw his face around and that would be enough.. ppffftt! Brad is a much MUCH more evolved and matured and talented actor than Tom can ever hope to be!