Jeff Bezos gave $100 million to Dolly Parton for her Imagination Library

I’ve really come around to the reality that “there are no good billionaires.” Not even Warren Buffett! Jeff Bezos cheated on his wife, mistreats Amazon workers, tries to crush every unionization effort and he’s worth more than $120 billion. When you get to be that rich, of course you start getting pressure to give a huge amount to charity. So far, Bezos has resisted that pressure, only giving sparingly to “cool” charities popular with celebrities. Now Bezos has decided to give away huge grants to other people so that THEY can do charitable works. Which is how this happened: Jeff Bezos gave Dolly Parton $100 million.

Dolly Parton is being honored by Jeff Bezos. The “9 to 5” singer was awarded with the Bezos Courage and Civility Award by the Amazon founder and his partner Lauren Sanchez Friday, along with $100M to aid her philanthropic efforts

“We have in this very room, the recipient of the next Courage and Civility Award,” Bezos, 58, said alongside Sanchez in a pre-recorded video shared on his social media feeds Saturday. “The woman you’re about to meet embodies these ideals so thoroughly.”

“She gives with her heart,” he continued. “What she’s done for kids, for illiteracy and so many other things — is just incredible. It is my great honor to welcome the 2022 Courage and Civility recipient up on stage. Dolly Parton.”

“Did you say 100 million dollars?!” Parton, 76, reacted after she received the honor in a sparkly, black gown.

“When people are in a position to help, you should help,” the country music legend urged to the cheering intimate audience. “And I know that I’ve always said I try to put my money where my heart is, and I think you do the same thing.”

[From People]

Dolly has already said that the bulk of the money will go towards her Imagination Library, which sends free books to kids around the country and around the world. All parents have to do is sign up and their kids will get free books every month. It actually makes some kind of sense that the founder of Amazon is giving the money to the person who sends free books to people? Of course, he could give away twenty of these $100 million grants and still have enough money to treat his workers fairly and allow Amazon workers to unionize.

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  1. JanetDR says:

    He’s just trying to get some of Dolly’s shine for himself and it’s not working. At least we know she will do good things with the money!

    • bananapanda says:

      This is a very lazy donation – Dolly’s Foundation has plenty of money and the Imagination Library is well funded and growing each year. I kind of hate when people donate to already well established charities. It’s fine.

      I’d be more impressed if he did HALF the work Mackenzie is doing with her half – she’s researching and donating to organizations that can use the money to jumpstart or noticeably increase their capacity. The funds are non-earmarked, meaning they can use as needed. She’s especially focusing on communities of color where charities are often under-funded. She also leaves it up to orgs whether they want to go public or not.

  2. K8erade says:

    So yay for Dolly. The local school district where I live uses Imagination Library to get kids books and it’s hugely popular around here.

    As for the photos: Someone needs to keep Lauren away from the plastic surgeon before she goes too far and can’t come back from it. She is walking that line. And Bezzy is so botoxed out he looks like a Madam Tussaud’s statue.

    • Blairski says:

      Do they not have anyone around them who will speak the truth to them? They can’t buy a “real talk” friend for $100M? She looks completely unnatural, it’s hard to watch.

  3. AppleCart says:

    Amazon also announce they are laying off 10,000 people. Would have been nice if that money went to people who worked through a global pandemic and took risks for us. While people stayed inside nice and safe. Just to be kicked out of their jobs when things start to normalize again.

    And Jeff’s exwife does the same thing. And doesn’t put on a giant show for glory over it.

  4. Eurydice says:

    As much as I have a problem with him, I don’t have a problem with him giving money to an organization and letting them decide how to distribute it. If he likes the organization, there’s no reason for him to meddle.

    I read something today about how he wants to give all his money to charity- we’ll see.

  5. Annaloo. says:

    Slow clap, Bezos. Stop trying to ride on the coattails is people who are making impacts that you know damn well you could initiate 10x on your own. God, we have awful rich people in this world

  6. Jane Wilson says:

    Funny thing: by donating this $100 million (through the irreproachable and wonderful Dolly) while studiously and consistently refusing to address his treatment of his Amazon employees, it’s like he’s stuck bells, whistles, waving flags and a loudspeaker cranked up to 11, repeating the list of ways he’s abused employees 24/7.
    Dangerous, obscenely rich fool.

  7. Solidgold says:

    A billionaire giving money away to a multi millionaire is a weird flex. Why not give Amazon workers a bonus instead?

  8. laurie says:

    There comes a point where all the Botox and plastic surgery in the face can’t hide the aging skin on the arms and hands. Take note, Lauren…..

  9. coolspray says:

    He’s trying to steal Dolly’s considerable goodwill and widespread admiration. Good luck Bezos.

  10. Margo says:

    How nice of Jeff to have the courage and civility to empty his pants pockets and look under his couch cushions.

  11. aggie says:

    Google Andrew Carnegie. This is no different. It’s blood money, and I’m saying that as a librarian that fully recognizes his role in establishing the modern public library in the U.S.

  12. pixyloo says:

    Very good timing to squash his treatment of his personal employees!