Ivanka Trump refuses to be her father’s fascist baby-whisperer this election cycle

Truly, it would be better for everyone if we could just ignore Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, but they’re not in prison yet and they probably won’t be in prison any time soon, so here we are. Tuesday night, Donald Trump gave a meandering, Adderall-sniffing, deranged speech at Mar-a-Lago where he announced his 2024 presidential run. Dude can’t hide the fact that he’s a giant loser, so I guess we have to watch him lose all over again. While most of the Trump family was there for Bigly’s announcement, one person was notably absent: his favorite child, Ivanka Trump. Ivanka isn’t going to baby-whisper fascistically in his ear this time around. She spent four years as a roving fascist and full-time ethics violation and she’s not going to do that again.

Ivanka Trump told Fox News that she is “extremely close” with her election-denying, insurrection-inciting father. She added: “That hasn’t changed and will never change. I’ve had many roles over the years, but that of daughter is one of the most elemental and consequential. I am loving this time with my kids, loving life in Miami and the freedom and privacy with having returned to the private sector. This has been one of the greatest times of my life.” Noting that her three children “are at critical ages,” she said that she and Kushner are “happy where we are right now, and we will continue to support my father—as his kids.” To close, she said that while she “never intended to go into politics,” she is “very proud” of what she was “able to accomplish” while working at the White House.

Notably, she did not condemn any of the horrifying things her father did while in office, the two years lies he’s told re: the 2020 election being stolen, or the violent insurrection he fomented that left multiple people dead.

On Monday, it was reported that Trump had spent the weekend attempting to convince Kushner and Ivanka to appear with him onstage for his 2024 announcement. Not only did that not happen, but Ivanka wasn’t even at Mar-a-Lago when he delivered it (Kushner appeared in the crowd alongside brother-in-law Eric Trump).

[From Vanity Fair]

Sources also told CNN that Ivanka “would never go back to that life… She knows it’s not something that would serve her or her family at this point.” I feel like the assumption being made by the people around Ivanka is that Donald would actually win and she wants no part of it? I don’t have a crystal ball, but it feels like there are a million different scenarios for how the next 23 months unfold. While Ivanka’s absence from her dad’s campaign is notable and the absence will have a big effect, there’s so much other sh-t happening.

Ivanka also edited out Kimberly Guilfoyle from her carousel IG photos from Tiffany Trump’s wedding.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid, Instagram.

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  1. Chic says:

    Well she did ask the judge to dismiss her from Trumps lawsuit last week, claiming it hurts her reputation. I think she wants in with Old Society in NY and cannot get back closer to them. Her parents were New $$ but Ivanka made inroads that was ruined with White House.

    • Sue E Generis says:

      Well, she and hubby did get a couple billion for their efforts so she didn’t make out too badly.

  2. Roo says:

    She doesn’t need him anymore. Her husband obtain $2B from the Saudis and she obtained many concessions from China while dad was in office. They’ve grifted as much as they can while using this country’s state secrets. She knows he won’t win this time. She’s his daughter and her support is as transactional as his.

    • Tacky says:

      They can’t go back into public life without those grifts being investigated by congress and they know it.

      • Seraphina says:

        @tacky, exactly. She and her husband more so understand that they will go after them and everything will be aired. In this day age it’s a bit harder to keep secrets in the closet – especially when one ha so many enemies.

    • Sunday says:

      Exactly what I was going to say! Jared got that Saudi money, they don’t need the white house connections anymore. Jared and Ivanka returning to the white house would be like criminals making the mistake of returning to the scene of the crime – state secrets, classified documents, taped conversations, foreign asset identities – they’ve already milked it for everything it’s got, no need to return to the scene.

    • Lightpurple says:

      She obtained far more than we will probably ever know in Brazil, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, India and elsewhere. She set up a “pay to play” scheme from the outset with foreign leaders knowing they had to meet with her and contribute a minimum of $50 million to her “Women’s fund” before Daddy would deal with them. She used our State Department as her personal travel agency for four years, spending hundreds of millions of our tax dollars on herself and, on average, made two foreign trips MONTHLY. Most of which she documented on federal websites. There are countless videos of Nagini slithering into rooms in foreign countries. There are countless videos of Nagini sitting in auditoriums around the world watching videos of herself walk into rooms. She stole from us and she would happily do it again.

      And in 2017, she claimed she wouldn’t work in the administration, she would just be a daughter.

      Her kids are photo op props for her and their body language says they prefer Jared. The middle kid seems to abhor her.

      • Truthiness says:

        None of Grifting Barbie’s financial scams received the media coverage it should have. The student is achieving more than the master at this point, she’s jumped ship to count her millions while her dad is going through litigation. We need 3 DOJ’s just to properly indict this family’s actions for 4-5 years.

      • Lionel says:

        Imagine preferring Jared to … anyone.

  3. WiththeAmerican says:

    What did she “accomplish”? Does she mean her silence as kids were caged and separated on purpose? Or the way she used her status as a woman to give Kavanaugh a pass.

    she’s had too much plastic surgery because she looks like a fake human, it’s just really unattractive.

    Her daughter looks a lot like she did as a kid. How awful to grow up waiting until you can get all of this surgeries you need to look “acceptable” to this gross family.

    • Lightpurple says:

      She wasn’t silent. She personally profited from that as she had shares in the company that leased supplies for those detention centers. She also sent out major dog whistles to the MAGATS; as the news broke with images of crying brown mothers separated from crying brown babies, Princess Nagini of the Most Sacred Horcruxed Vagina, posted an obviously posed picture of her lily white self, wearing white, happily snuggling with her lily white youngest, also in white. When news broke of Daddy’s Muslim ban and the news flooded with images of brown women wearing hijab crying in airports after 12-15 hour flights, there was Nagini posting pictures of her lily white self wearing a strapless tin foil evening gown and jewels in front of a giant mirror that revealed her husband’s hand groping her ass. She’s a monster just as bad as Daddy.

      • Bisynaptic says:

        I’m sorry, but, no. Until she’s caused as much death and destruction as her father, she’s not as bad as he is. I’m so sick of hearing women being called as bad as men for doing a small fraction of the shit.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      “she’s had too much plastic surgery because she looks like a fake human, it’s just really unattractive.”

      yeah, I find her face to be so odd…scary…mismatched?…like her nose is too small for her face (it’s been whittled away) and her veneers/mouth are too big for her face…

      superficially, she’s got “the look”…tall, blond, “pretty” etc but if you study her face, it’s will put you off. that last pic from her insta, with her and the youngest…her face, particularly her mouth, scares me. she’s trying to smile and it’s like a robot who’s just learning how.

  4. girl_ninja says:

    Ivanka and her husband have already made millions upon millions of dollars fleecing the American people so they’re done with this particular grift. I really have to watch my heart because every time I see a photo of her it sickens me. She and Kim Kardashian really gross me out. I don’t know what it is about them but I’m not exaggerating when I share this. Disgusting.

    • AlishaB says:

      @girlninja I have the same reaction to both! At least Kim & Co. keeps their grifting to their willing fans and not unwilling taxpayers, and that’s the only kind thing I can say.

  5. Digital Unicorn says:

    As others have said she and her husband have made enough money that has set them up for a loooong time – and yeah she doesn’t think he will win again. If he does my some miracle win again she will go running back – she loves power more than money.

    Dump has Jr and the his GF to ‘help’ what could possible go wrong there. Gargoyle wants to be a Trump sooooo bad.

  6. Mslove says:

    My favorite Ivanka moment was when she was snubbed at the G20 summit in Osaka. Perhaps she realizes what a joke her family is, and wants to repair her damaged reputation for the sake of her kids.

    • Lightpurple says:

      My favorite part of that is that we know about it because Macron decided to post it on his official government website.

      Christine Lagarde’s eyeroll was epic.

  7. AlishaB says:

    It will probably never happen but the only time I want to hear about these clowns again is when they are behind bars.

  8. Kara says:

    I believe the assumption is the opposite: that he will not win, and that being connected to his campaign again can only damage her more. Rupert Murdoch has dumped him. The GOP primary against DeSantis is likely to be so bruising that the winner will go into the general campaign heavily damaged against Joe Biden, who will have the entire Democratic party united behind him.

    Ivanka still believes that, with enough time and distance, she’ll eventually be invited back into polite society. Joining this campaign only resets the timer with no payoff, as he’s so unlikely to get back into the White House where she can exercise her grift.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      Exactly this. If she thought he stood a chance or if it would benefit her to support him, Ivanka would not have released this statement. She, like Murdoch, senses the tide has turned. Jared is less calculating, so he was at the announcement to hedge his bets. She’s leaving her dad to his fate. And if Ivanka & Jared are ever in legal jeopardy, I’m pretty sure she’ll throw him to the wolves, too.

      • HeatherC says:

        I think it depends on who is in legal jeopardy. If it’s her, she’ll cling to him to make sure spousal privilege stays intact. If it’s him she’ll ghost him so fast his face might move.

  9. Athena says:

    Early days. Let’s wait and see if she changes her mind later.

  10. Debbie says:

    I wouldn’t read too much into Ivanka’s absence at this early stage. Both she and Jared share Trump’s highly developed sense of self-preservation, and they want to distance themselves from Trump’s legal jeopardy as much as possible. Ivanka wouldn’t be too prominent in her daddy’s campaign until she saw that Trump was making great headway. They were burned by their complicity in the Trump (ugh!) “administration” last time but they go where the money is, and where the power is. Plus, they want to inherit the bulk of the lolly when Trump dies, so Ivanka and Jared won’t desert them.

  11. olliesmom says:

    These criminals should have never have been allowed anywhere the White House.

    But Hunter’s laptop!

  12. clarabelle says:

    I’m curious if her recent meeting with Kim Kardashian in LA (photo in DM) if maybe she was seeking tips for separating from a powerful but insane person.

  13. jferber says:

    When she got everything she needed from Daddy’s Nazi shenanigans, she quit that bitch. If I were him, I would be pissed by her betrayal (yes, I said it). Before she made bank on his presidency, she was ON BOARD for every horrible thing he did. Also, her face looks like a rectangle in the header pic. She and her husband’s names need to be on ALL the lawsuits because they did all that WITH him.

  14. Brassy Rebel says:

    Nothing to see here. Just Ivanka having her cake and eating it.

  15. The Recluse says:

    She and her husband made a massive fortune the first time around, but I suspect she doesn’t want to push her luck and draw any further scrutiny to their financial activities, especially after Jared got that fabulous amount of money from Saudi Arabia (after the murder of the reporter).

  16. NotSoSocialB says:

    Ivanka clammed up and noped out of everything after she testified to the J6 Committee. She has three young kids. She’s not going to go to jail if she can throw her father under the bus and enter some kind of immunity. She’s got the most to lose out of all those miscreants (minor child {Baron} excepted). And knows where many metaphorical bodies are buried.