Kendall Jenner & Devin Booker broke up again, because of their ‘demanding jobs’

Good lord, Kendall Jenner is such a charisma vacuum that the last time I dedicated a post to her, it was back in June when she and Devin Booker broke up. Here we are, five months later and they broke up again. We’ll be back here in May 2023 with a story about how they for realsies broke up this time. In any case, yes, Kendall and Devin Booker were together for much of 2021, then she brought him to Kourtney’s Italian wedding and they broke up soon after he met her extended family (lol), then they got back together and now they’re over again. Devin was probably like “I can’t handle a Very Kardashian Christmas y’all.”

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker have called it quits. Several sources confirmed to PEOPLE that the Kardashians star and Phoenix Suns guard ended their relationship last month due to their demanding jobs.

“Both have incredibly busy schedules right now with their careers and they’ve decided to make that a priority,” a source tells PEOPLE. For Jenner, 27, that includes her 818 tequila line and her booming modeling career, and for Booker, 26, it’s his involvement with the NBA.

Another source adds, “They have a lot of love and respect for each other and wish only the best.”

An insider also revealed that the decision to end their romantic relationship was mutual and just came down to timing, though Jenner and Booker do plan to stay in touch.

The now-exes have been romantically linked since 2020, but they didn’t go Instagram official until Valentine’s Day 2021. At the time, a source told PEOPLE: “What first seemed like a fun hookup, is now a relationship. They are exclusive and Kendall is very happy with Devin.”

[From People]

I’m sure there are still a lot of people who will claim that this was the end of some kind of contractual arrangement and/or Kendall is gay. My feeling is the same as it’s always been: if Kendall is gay, she would just… be gay. She would be out and proud. Her mother would love nothing more than getting in with the Hot Hollywood Lesbian community, come on, Kris would ALL over that. Kendall’s family would be very accepting. No, I think Kendall is just a tomboy who is relatively discreet about her heterosexual romantic life. Discreet in Kardashian-Jenner terms, as in “not broadcasting every single relationship detail constantly.” Now that being said, I really do believe Kendall’s family probably freaked out Devin Booker and that’s why he doesn’t want this to go much further.

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  1. Chaine says:

    Most boring celebrity on the planet.

  2. Jenna says:

    Harry Styles 🙂

  3. Sindy says:

    This is straight out of the Hailey Bieber playbook. She was in a relationship with someone she didn’t seem to be all that interested in, then was seen at Harry’s concert when he split with Olivia and now she’s single and available…

    • Lemons says:

      I’m so happy Kris and Harry’s publicist/agent were finally able to connect! The contract negotiations are going to make for one interesting partnership we’ll get to enjoy in the tabloids and gossip blogs 😂

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Yeah – I always wondered when he’d get involved with one of these ladies. He’s as thirsty as they are.

      • Pilar says:

        They already dated, twice, when Harry was a boybander. My impression is she still has a thing for him or at least momager is very keen on Kendal dating him , but i doubt she fits into his carefully curated image. Harry dates people strategically. She isn’t cool or interesting enough to elevate him further now that he wants to the cool pop star.

      • Josephine says:

        @Pilar – I agree with you. any of those K sisters would be a huge step down for him.

  4. Seraphina says:

    Careful Kaiser, don’t give Ma Jenner any ideas. Because you are spot on that she would love nothing more than to have her daughter come out.
    These ‘demanding” jobs always give me a chuckle. My grandparents had ‘demanding’ jobs too – one worked day shift and the other night shift at the factory to help make ends meet and ensure one parent was home to raise four kids. Yet they made it work.

    • Duch says:

      Fair – but I think this is demanding and geographically impossible with their travel schedules. Not sure why they didn’t have say that second part.

  5. Snuffles says:

    “ if Kendall is gay, she would just… be gay. She would be out and proud. Her mother would love nothing more than getting in with the Hot Hollywood Lesbian community, come on, Kris would ALL over that. ”

    Yes, that how momager Kris would want to do it, but that may not be what Kendall wants to do. Or she isn’t ready to. Who knows. I don’t really care.

    • Lucy says:

      If Kendall were gay, it would be out by now. There is no privacy, respect, or confidentiality in that pack of jackals. It would have been “leaked” to distract from one of the other 643443 stories about them, especially during all the Kanye drama.

      • Lady jane says:

        Nah I don’t think so. I mean we still don’t know the names of Kylie or Khloe’s babies and look how they protected Kanye

  6. SAS says:

    I’ve never actually heard the “Kendall is gay” talk. Only the “not like the other girls” tomboy narrative. I’ve honestly never considered it, she has all the sexuality of a plank of wood.

    In a family with SUCH a lack of charisma (like, it’s just Kris and mayyybe Khloe not dead behind the eyes), she really stands out for being SO vacant. But (I don’t follow basketball so could be totally off the mark) her boyfriend seemed similarly bland so I actually thought they would last!

  7. Noki says:

    I don’t see any reason especially from the family and world that she comes from that would make her afraid to come out!?

  8. Elon's Sink says:

    Eh. I kinda believe this. They’ll get back together after the NBA season is over, or if the Suns don’t make it to the playoffs.

    I read that as “her bombing modeling career”. LOL.

  9. jferber says:

    The story of why they’re not dating anymore seems so defensive. I personally think Devin Booker is hot as hell (I also have a crush on Jayden Tatum–his relationship with his little son Deuce is so adorable) and he has ALL the options in the world. He’ll be with an instagram model, an influencer, or a sneaker chaser next. And he’s only 26. I’m actually surprised they were together this long. Very few professional athletes stay with one woman for a long time–except a long-time girlfriend they have children with and I’m sure these relationships are on/off too. LeBron James and Steph Curry come to mind as family men, but it’s not the norm.

  10. jferber says:

    Sorry, Jayson Tatum– I also like how he’s so soft-spoken in general and so adoring of his little boy.

  11. KC says:

    They have done a good job having no tea and staying (visually) monogamous. I have a soft spot for Kendall because she seems to be content not being like everyone else and setting boundaries to protect that even if it might not be the most mature way (bombing that modeling session when she was younger with Kim comes to mind!😆). She also seems to be in control of her privacy and image and less pimped out than the others.

    I DO wonder if Devin really likes her but the only way he can make this work is to split for the major family get-togethers because he just can’t with her family and I wonder if she’s in on/aware of it.