Florence Pugh in Valentino at the Fashion Awards in London: stunning or meh?

Here are some photos from last night’s Fashion Awards in London. I don’t really care who won what, I’m just here to look at fashion. Some A-listers came out for this event and there were tons of models in attendance, of course. One thing British fashionistas do well is highlight new designers and up-and-coming designers, so it was an interesting mix of, like, people wearing Valentino and people wearing off-the-wall bespoke stuff. Here’s Florence Pugh in Valentino. I sometimes wonder if Flo should go for more streamlined, simpler looks given how short and petite she is, but she clearly loves big gowns and ballgowns. So be it. She looks great.

Tilda Swinton in Charles Jeffrey Loverboy. She looks bonkers and I love it.

Naomi Campbell in bespoke Valentino. Incredible, honestly one of my favorite gowns of the season, if not the year.

Elizabeth Debicki, looking like a tailored queen.

Jodie Turner-Smith in Gucci. Stunning. Very few women can pull off this chartreuse-bile color and Jodie is one of them.

Irina Shayk in bespoke H&M. She’s beautiful, of course, but this dress looks so uncomfortable and poorly cut. I think it’s just a tube and she can’t walk in it.

Rita Ora in Nensi Dojaka. Tacky. She has prosthetics on her face too, that’s why she looks like an alien.

FKA Twigs, possibly doing too much.

Ashley Graham in Patrick McDowell Spring-Summer 2023. I dislike this and it shows that even with the more body-positive and body-diversity movements within the fashion industry, designers still don’t know what to do with a woman larger than a size six.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Katie Beanstalk says:

    Naomi Campbell looks like she’s channelling Xanadu. As for Florence Pugh – if I swung that way…

  2. Megan says:

    Flo looks like she’s going to prom. It’s fine. Holy ish Naomi Campbell though.

  3. Becks1 says:

    Why do they have Ashley Graham in an nightgown? That’s what it looks like to me. Just…no.

    Florence, Tilda, Naomi (WOW!), Elizabeth and Jodie are all the winners for me. I don’t know if I’m just not adventurous enough but the other looks are all….not great…in my opinion.

    Tilda’s look is bonkers but I love that about her. Her red carpet looks are so often bonkers and they WORK.

    • Kirsten says:

      Agree with all of this. It’s like they just draped Ashley Graham in whatever fabric was lying around the showroom.

      I think maybe Irina just needed different shoes?

  4. Twin Falls says:

    Love the color of Florence’s dress. The straps not so much they look uncomfortable and like they’d constantly
    need to be pushed back to keep from falling forward.

    I don’t like the chartreuse but the dress is lovely.

    I like FKA Twiggs whole look. Rita Ora is a no.

  5. Lady Baden-Baden says:

    I can only see Tilda. GODDESS!

  6. Ellenolensk says:

    The black/ dark lipstick on Florence is awful. It was awful in the 90’s when we didn’t know any better. Now we do.

    • Chaine says:

      My thought exactly…I have lots of pix of young me wearing that color and now when I see it always makes me think of what happens when you spend a long time savoring a blue popsicle.

    • Normades says:

      Yes the lipstick does not suit her at all and for the love of god I wish she’d stop doing her hair like that.

      • Tiffany:) says:

        I wasn’t a fan of the wet hair trend when it started. Flo has been wearing it consistently for almost a year now, and it’s so bad. She’d look so much better with touchable hair! It reads stiff, sticky and gross to me.

        The color of her dress looks amazing on her, though.

      • Normades says:

        The kardashains (especially klhoe) were doing that awful wet look last year. Only Zendaya can pull it off. Flo needs to stop that.

    • The Old Chick says:

      The whole top of that dress is 90s or early 0s. That cut straight across, skinny straps was most what we saw then. The whole look is dated.

  7. Jillian says:

    Oh Rita. I appreciate that she’s trying something and taking risks(?) but I have no idea what she’s trying and it looks like she forgot to get dressed. Maybe FKA Twigs can lend her a jacket

    • Peachy says:

      Too funny! All I could think of the pair is that one did too little and the other did too much!

  8. Lucy2 says:

    Naomi’s Is my favorite. I thought I liked Florences until I saw the bodice detailing, it looks like it’s about to fall off, and there’s not particularly flattering. I love the color on her though.

  9. Gizmo’sMa says:

    Tilda out here rocking the Flock of Seagulls hair in 2022! Naomi sparkling like a disco ball! JTS glowing in chartreuse. I love it all!!! They are amazing. That emerald necklace on JTS is glorious.
    Some of the others are ok. Ashley looks like she wearing novelty bedsheets. As a model I would assume she would know what designers to wear that flatter her figure. The dress on Irina is ugly to me. No comment on Rita.

  10. Susan says:

    Chartruse-bile color? HAHAHAHA I laughed out loud. I am here for the fashion commentary! They all look a little crazy to my non-fashion country-mouse view but I love looking.

  11. Léna says:

    Irina’s shoes…. just why..

  12. MangoAngelesque says:

    Irina’s feet look ginormous sticking out of that weird cylinder dress.

    • Peachy says:

      Yes! First time I saw the pic, was trying to decide if I liked it or not…then those *shoes* make her look like she’s wearing boards on her feet!

  13. Aly says:

    Elizabeth Debicki’s look was my favorite from last night, that fitting is too good.

    I’m 50/50 on Miss Flo’s look, she looked good from certain angles/lighting and meh from the others. Ever since she broke up with her father’s lookalike, she has been trying to cultivate sultry movie star/fashion girl vibe. I’ve seen her glam team post pics where Flo is doing that sleepy/bedroom eyes look (see Lily Rose Depp fashion editorials for reference). She has also started striking poses on red carpet in much more dramatic ways..if you have seen some of her latest red carpet videos then you know what I’m talking about lol. I believe her obsession with hair gel is also the part of the same agenda, maybe her or someone from her team is convinced slicked back hair will make you look sexy irrespective of your face shape.

    Basically Miss Flo is putting in work but so far it’s been unimpressive imo cause her style game is weak and all her dramatic posing looks too rehersed, too perfect. But then again Miss Flo is a born performer. I won’t be surprised if she eventually masters the art of working the red carpet naturally.

  14. AnneL says:

    I love the color of Florence’s dress but the cut and design don’t flatter her.

    Naomi’s dress is the best. It’s not something I would or could ever wear but it’s amazing on her.

    I don’t know who Rita is even. She looks like she’s wearing a bikini with a sheer coverup. She’s trying to be daring but this just looks trashy.

  15. Prairiegirl says:

    Who keeps trying to make Rita Ora happen?!? Who?!?

  16. Jewell says:

    Florence’s dress is pretty but the sideboob, slicked back hair and dark lipstick are mehhh.

  17. one of the marys says:

    Jodie OMG looks like a goddess and knows it

  18. Anne says:

    Ashley Graham is so beautiful. Even in that not-so-great dress, your immediately goes to that bone structure. She could wear a potato sack and make it work.

  19. Case says:

    Florence’s style of dress makes it look ill-fitted at the top. I don’t like it.

    LOVE Naomi’s look. Wow. Amazing.

  20. K says:

    I hope Rita is prepared for Elon Musk calling her. That’s his type of look. Just dreadful. I happen to love Florence and her lipstick. My only complaint is the cut/fit of the bodice.

    • Outoftheshadows says:

      That made me visualize Taika waititi and Elon Musk having a slap fight which made my day! Thank you!

      • SarahCS says:

        I did hear there’s a new Bridget Jones book/film (I forget which) in thew works, maybe that’s the next big fight scene.

    • Chris T says:

      Yes to the cut/fit of the bodice on Florence’s dress. I know “side boob” is a thing, but this is ill-fitting on her.

  21. Kate says:

    Florence always has this terrible slicked back hairstyle.

  22. Peachy says:

    Miss Flo looks okay here but rather bland compared to some. Her “Boudoir Baby” look from the next night’s event was fabulous, however! That woman knows how to work a train! Naomi and Jodie are the absolute standouts in this group…daring, elegant and wearing a dress that would overwhelm anyone else. Tilda is always uniquely Tilda and I adore that about her. Ashley *can* look amazing but this fit needs to be returned to bed, bath and beyond…hope she kept the receipt!

  23. blue says:

    Naomi & Elizabeth look terrific! Flo’s styling isn’t flattering.
    Did Rita get her inspiration from Hamburg’s Reeperbahn?

  24. Katie says:

    I like Ashley Graham’s look, minus some quibbles (e.g., train is too long). While she shouldn’t be required to wear flowy stuff, just like Tilda and Naomi, she should be able to if she wants to.

  25. Green Desert says:

    Jodie and Tilda for the win!

  26. Mel says:

    I LOVE Tilda Swinton in all her glorious weirdness. This is the best I’ve seen Naomi Campbell look in a long time. Jodie Turner Smith is hit or miss for me, this is most definitely a hit. Ashley Greene is beautiful but why did they make her a walking duvet for this event? It’s awful.

  27. Concern Fae says:

    Florence is short but broad shouldered. I think going for width is actually helpful because it’s working with her body, instead of trying to force her into looking like a wannabe waif. She’s not hiding who she is and it works.

  28. LIONE says:

    Rita Ora has lost a lot of weight. Probably on the same Ozempic Injection-trend as the rest of the celebrities these days.

    Irina looks like she’s had a minor stroke. I’ve noticed that alot lately, a lot of people’s faces has become a bit droopy on one side after the pandemic.
    It’s very common in various virus infections, but can be a sign of some underlying health issue or due to severe stress. Hope she’s okay.

    Florence’s thyroid seems a bit enlarged.
    Might have or develop metabolic issues.

    This turned into a medical examination for me. Haha!

    Naomi Campbell’s dress is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!

  29. karkopolo says:

    Miss Flo could wear a paper bag and I’d say “ooh, stunnin’!” in my best Olivia Cooke impression. So I think she looks amazing. But you are spot on: Naomi Campbell, oh my goodness. She looks exquisite.

  30. shanaynay says:

    FP looks to be petite. I think the dress is just too much for someone her size.

    • Julia K says:

      Flo doesn’t dress to her body type, she free spirits whatever look she wants, so good for her.

  31. ML says:

    Miss Flo and Ashley Graham have a different body type compared to the other women photographed here. Personally, I find the dress AG is wearing has a nice color, but she deserves a better style (it’s a bit underwhelming). On the other hand, other than the slicked-back hair, I am here for Miss Flo’s look. She’s not super skinny or long-limbed, which is what most designers create their dresses for, and maybe this is a good thing that she’s rocking these fashions.