QEII was ‘devastated & bewildered’ by the Sussexes in her final months?

Well, Camilla Tominey at the Telegraph put together a particularly crazy article about how the late Queen Elizabeth “really” felt about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Here are some things we know for sure, and I’m mentioning them because Tominey does not: QEII stayed in contact with Harry and Meghan after they Sussexited; she personally invited the Sussexes to her Jubbly; during their Jubbly visit, she made sure they had their own security; she arranged for them to visit her before the Invictus Games (which shocked many family members and courtiers); she seemed genuinely happy that they had gotten away from the royal system. Now, Tominey insists (mostly through Tom Bower quotes) that QEII was upset and angry with Harry and Meghan. Y’all know what would have upset her? The fact that Charles refuses to honor her wishes and pass along the Duke of Edinburgh title to Edward. I bet she would have been upset that Charles sold all of her beloved horses too, but I guess no one wants to talk about that. From this Telegraph piece:

The Firm’s anger: While outwardly projecting a shoulder-shrugging acceptance of events that are now well beyond their control, scratch the surface and anger still permeates across “The Firm”. The Daily Telegraph has spoken to a number of well-placed sources to piece together a picture of what really happened in the final weeks and months of Queen Elizabeth II’s life in relation to the couple she generously described as “much loved members of the family”. Regardless of how Spare – or Netflix – may interpret those events, the other side of the story does not make for comfortable reading.

She was mad about the Oprah interview: It already riled Her late Majesty’s nearest and dearest that the couple chose to appear on Oprah on March 7, 2021 while the Duke of Edinburgh was in hospital, just three months shy of his 100th birthday. It wasn’t just that Prince Philip had been in hospital for three weeks by then. We now know that his beloved wife, then 96, was also suffering from her own significant health problems. As one insider explained: “The late Queen not only knew the Duke’s health was failing but also her own. It became clear that she was on borrowed time as she began to tie up loose ends. That’s what made the Sussexes’ behaviour doubly difficult to deal with. The timing could not have been more insensitive.”

QEII’s response to the Oprah interview: Her response included the now legendary phrase: “Some recollections may vary”, inserted on the advice of advisors including Christian Jones, the then-Duke and Duchess of Cambridges’ former private secretary. The late Queen’s private secretary Sir Edward Young and the King’s private secretary Sir Clive Alderton were also central to the discussions as aides rallied around to protect their “principals” from the fallout. While she insisted on publicly reiterating that “Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much loved family members,” in private, the great-grandmother was, according to those who knew her best, “devastated”, “bewildered” and “disappointed”,

Incredulous queen: While Gyles Brandreth insists that she was sanguine about Oprah, dismissing it as “television nonsense” (compared to Prince Philip’s interpretation of the 90-minute showdown as “madness”) other insiders say she became increasingly incredulous at the damage Harry and Meghan appeared willing to inflict on their own family. She repeatedly questioned why they were persisting in attacking the very institution “that had given them so much”. She also echoed her staff’s disbelief at Harry and Meghan’s tale of abandonment when the perception from the top down was that “everyone had bent over backwards for the couple”.

News of Harry’s book, Spare: “News of the book changed everything,” said one source. “It set back any hope of a reconciliation because there is a limit to what you can discuss with someone you suspect is taking notes of every conversation.”

Visiting the Queen before Invictus: When, in April 2022, Meghan finally returned to the UK for the first time since their move to Montecito – and the birth of their daughter Lilibet Diana in June 2021 – she and Harry made a beeline for Windsor Castle en route to the Invictus Games in the Netherlands. But according to Bower, they did not stay long – an indication, seemingly, of the Queen’s inner sense of unease about their conduct. Having agreed that the couple would meet Charles and Camilla beforehand, Harry and Meghan barely had time for a cup of tea before resuming their journey to The Hague for the competition for wounded ex-service personnel. “It was a very brief encounter,” says Bower. (William and Kate were away skiing with their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis).

People were trying to “protect” the Queen from the Sussexes: “While the couple always tried to separate the monarch from the institution, the late Queen never saw it that way,” said a former aide. Having criticised courtiers for blocking meetings with both his father and his grandfather during the Oprah interview, Harry seemed to be suggesting that royal relations were being hampered by interfering employees. But as the ex advisor pointed out they “are always acting on instructions. It’s their job to reflect the interests of their principals and work on their behalf. It’s the easiest thing in the world to blame the staff but they were only doing what they are paid to do.”

The Jubbly trip: When the couple made another beeline for Windsor Castle, travelling straight there after landing at Farnborough Airport, she refused their request to have professional photographs taken with Archie, three, and her namesake Lilibet, one. Claiming she had a bloodshot eye, she adroitly denied the Sussexes the photo opportunity they craved. Harry was “persistent”, according to those party to the meeting, expressing a desire to get an official snap of the two Lilibets together at some point in the future. But of course it was never to be. She died three months later.

The Sussexes rejected a lot of Jubbly invites: Regardless of the hurt they caused, multiple insiders insist that “an arm was thrown around” Harry and Meghan to include them in as much as possible as non-working royals – only for them to reject the peace offering. They were in such a rush to leave the Trooping the Colour ceremony on the Thursday that they missed the magnificent flypast altogether. The Sussexes were offered the opportunity to attend both the Party At The Palace on the Saturday night and Sunday afternoon’s Platinum Pageant but declined both – leaving the UK before the colourful carnival swept down The Mall. “God, how we tried,” sighed one aide.

[From The Telegraph]

There’s more about what happened after QEII died, and wouldn’t you know, Tominey conveniently leaves out the part where Charles’s first act as king was to tell Harry that Meghan isn’t family, and then Charles literally briefed against the Sussexes for the next 48 hours. I also enjoy how Tominey makes “they went to Windsor” sound accusatory – the Sussexes literally have a home in Windsor, of course they went to Frogmore and of course they wanted to see QEII as soon as possible since she was the whole reason why they were visiting in the first place. I’m still begging all of these people to get some therapy too – they can’t deal with the fact that Harry only gave a sh-t about QEII and he’s not going to be ordered around by them anymore. They can’t hide the fact that they were desperate to have the Sussexes at all of the Jubbly events. I’m so glad Harry and Meghan didn’t play their games. That’s the larger issue – Harry and Meghan can’t be controlled and they’ve been abused and maligned to the point where they want accountability and justice.

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  1. Flower says:

    WOWZERS the briefing and leaking continues.

    The woman is dead. Let her rest.

    • Pumpkin (Was Sofia) says:

      Didn’t take long to drag the dead queen into this, did it?

    • Concern Fae says:

      Having to say both TQ was very upset with them AND the courtiers had to protect her from them gives the whole game away, doesn’t it?

  2. Cessily says:

    And who “BRIEFED” her for this hit piece story to further smear the Sussex’s? Figured they would drag out the dead grandmother at some point.

  3. Brassy Rebel says:

    We NEVER brief against the Sussexes. Here’s some more dirt that we never dish!

    • Eating Popcorn says:

      Sounds like the ‘Never Complain’ Queen was complaining about Harry… These people can never keep their narratives straight. I find it so hard to believe she was so upset about the Oprah interview and just fine with Andrew being sued as a Pedo, rapist. Really – they expect us to believe this? What was the word used recently, she was intrigued by what was going on with Andrew…

  4. Polo says:

    I mean last week they said she understood their need to leave and create a life for themselves and fully supported them..Lol
    She was all peace love and bubbles in their last briefing and now it’s back to this. Edward young is that you?

  5. equality says:

    Bloodshot eyes are an easy photoshop fix. Even more a pic could be taken with her looking down at the children so her eyes weren’t visible. This is treating family members like they are “much loved”? It’s not like they had to talk about government secrets, especially with children. Why would anybody think this would make TQ look like any sort of decent family member or grandparent? They refused invites to public events? Big deal. What they actually wanted was for their children to meet family in private and that is what the RF wants to brag about denying them.

  6. Digital Unicorn says:

    Wootton was also shrieking about this – he also said that QE2 had a terminal illness which many have speculated about. Wonder who told him that?

  7. Chloe says:

    Camilla Tominey was nowhere to be found for damn near a year but now that the sussexes have new content coming out here she is again. It’s not hard to guess what her end goal is.

  8. Eurydice says:

    I imagine the Queen was devastated and bewildered by a lot of things in her final years. The H&M kerfuffle and separation had to have been stressful, her husband died, her son was declared a sexual abuser and pedophile, she had to pay for both his court settlement and the Swiss chalet, she got Covid and, if we believe the reports, had to deal with a terminal cancer diagnosis.

  9. L4Frimaire says:

    They really can’t keep using the late queen to guilt trip them. The way they treated the Sussexes at the funeral showed that the last ties that binds were frayed really badly.

  10. blue says:

    These “courtiers” and hangers-on ascribe to QE a depth of empathy & compassion which were beyond her. She was never very insightful or perceptive, as shown by her behaviors & choices over many decades. (Margaret, Diana, Andrew, etc) Now these fringe players are creating fictional tales intended to enhance perception of QE’s warmth/kindness (/s) & curry favor with KC. In doing so, they also expect to elevate their own perceived status as insiders-in-the-know. Good luck with that.

    Liz was reared/trained by people who held 18th & 19th century values and believed themselves personally chosen by a deity to rule other mortals to whom they were superior in all ways. She didn’t outgrow her belief in that fairy tale and never showed the intellectual capacity to question it. She was also old, unwell, and, until less than a year before she died, drinking alcohol 4 x day. Maybe half potted?

    • Jais says:

      Half potted? Okay, I’m dead😂. We’re now firmly in the era of reporters and whoever being able to say just about anything about QE now that she’s gone. She didn’t say much on record while she was here so now they can see more or less anything. The queen loved Kate so much and their relationship was so special that she’d never ever show it off for the public. But absolutely it was a rich and deep friendship behind the scenes.

  11. Feeshalori says:

    I find it hard to believe that the Sussexes don’t have any photos of their children with the queen, even casual ones taken with an iPhone. That would be such a shame if none existed.
    And sure, just ascribe all these thoughts and feelings to a dead woman who they’ll continue to roll out to their advantage slamming Harry and Meghan at every turn.

  12. Becks1 says:

    Yeah, the Queen’s actions during the Jubbly seem like the actions of a woman who did not like her grandson and his wife (meaning, arranging for their security, arranging for their private walk down the aisle at St. Paul’s, etc.)

    I think its funny that the courtiers are still ticked that H&M met with her in April and no one knew about it beforehand.

  13. dee(2) says:

    It’s bizarre to describe someone turning down an invite as a snub when they have accepted others. Also, they conveniently didn’t mention that this was also their daughters first birthday weekend. They are going to weekend at Bernie’s this woman for the next 5 years to attack H&M, because they know no one gives a crap about hurting KCIII’s feelings.

    • Blujfly says:

      The two events they were invited to included mingling with the media and various invited guests who are largely media or media adjacent. Which is why the Sussexes turned it down. And the media is mad because wootton and co. absolutely would have set up some confrontation with Meghan.

  14. Chaine says:

    Of course she was bewildered. She was 96 years old and if rumors about cancer are true, she was probably on some heavy narcotics.

  15. Cel2495 says:

    Now they using his dead and gone grandmother to guilt him into staying quiet ? Smear him some more? Predictable and pathetic 😂

  16. rawiya says:

    Noooonsense. She died in September, non? Didn’t she just get to spend time with Archie and Lili in June? She was probably happier with them at that point, I bet, than any time before (I get the feeling Lizzie only liked (Andrew and) her great/grandkiddies.

  17. Laura says:

    The media attack the Sussexes is working well considering the comments I saw under the Netflix H&M trailer. It’s scary.

    • Polo says:

      If you’re talking about YouTube then that’s no surprise.
      It’s filled with Sussex haters and they jump on ANY videos about them. That’s where they mobilize to attack so it’s not surprise. Just don’t look at the comments cause they are unhinged.

  18. chill says:

    Tell me again how the RF and RR are not briefing against Harry and Meg!

  19. Aviva2 says:

    I think there are private photos of the two Lilibets. The media is just mad they haven’t been released.

    • Becks1 says:

      This is why I think they keep hammering away at this point. They’re trying to goad H&M into releasing the photos.

    • Green girl says:

      I would be shocked if there aren’t any photos of the queen with the kids. I just think we will never see them (which is fine!) or they won’t be released for years.

    • swirlmamad says:

      I will cackle for all eternity if the elusive Lilibet Sr/Jr + Archie photo appears in the documentary.

  20. Feebee says:

    I think we can drop “leaking” and just run with briefing and advised etc from the Palace. They’re going to make up all sorts of shit and attribute it to the old Queen because what or who is going to stop them? Certainly no journalist is going to question it.

    What a sad, pathetic lot they are.

  21. Lauren says:

    Personally I feel like the Queen would be bewildered by everyone talking to the media about her feelings when she was very strict on the whole don’t explain don’t complain thing.

    • Unblinkered says:

      I very much doubt the ‘feelings’ being attributed to the Queen about H&M are true. What is needed is one of the close members of her personal staff who loved her to go to the media with the actual truth – that it was W&K who she distrusted and whose actions toward H&M caused her terrible distress and torment.

  22. Carrotface says:

    Aha! It seems that “palace sources” is actually a Ouija board the RRs are using to contact the late queen! Because we know that the RF and palace staffers don’t leak or brief, it’s the only possible explanation.

  23. Alex says:

    After everything she’s been through, considering her role, if she REALLY was “bewildered” by the Sussex crew, that would be quite sad and surprising. I mean she’s ruled through how many wars and tragedies and PR issues? And the Sussex’s “bewildered” her? If they mean mildly confused then sure.

  24. Blujfly says:

    Appalled but not surprised the Palace brought back Christian Jones to hel spread the smears around the time of the Oprah interview, after he had already been outed as Dan Wootten’s source by Byline Investigates. The Palace’s mole operation proceeds about as OJ’s search for the real killer and John Roberts’ search for the Roe v Wade leaked

  25. Kt says:

    How terrible of Harry to want a picture of his daughter with his grandmother before she died.


    • Deering24 says:

      Yep, what an utterly insensitive, fiendish request. The RR is giving off some stank desperation here…

      • Mimi says:

        There is a plausible theory that they brought the photographer to take pictures that would be used in the Netflix doc, which they were under contract for at that time.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Mimi, Netflix would not be in a position to demand pictures of H&M’s children. What parent do you know (well, forget Fails & OfWilliam for the moment) who would CONTRACT their childrens’ photos to be plastered wherever? This is one of the reasons the Sussexes left the UK. The bm believed they owned the children and wanted access. You don’t have a very clear idea of how Netflix operates, because this really is a ridiculous notion.

  26. QuiteContrary says:

    Burn it all down, Harry.

  27. Kingston says:

    Effing pack of schizophrenics. LMFAO

  28. Well Wisher says:

    The last sentence says it all. The late Queen statement spoke about the Sussexes having peace.

    She accepted the fact that the Sussexes have a chance at financial independence based on talent and age and worried about Andrew being cast out.

    The late Queen’s father was the Spare, she has seen the unique situation from both sides.

    Meanwhile, the present monarch has reclaimed all the titles given to his father, who believed that he could have bestowed to his son and grandson, Edward and Harry.

    The dukedom and military titles are back with the monarchy.

    Such love and respect for his parents.

    He regained the position of Ranger of Windsor Park.

    • Ty says:

      It’s funny to read the royal rota reports and then juxtapose that with what Chuck is actually doing. He is trying to erase everything and start o erase. His father didn’t like all the hanger ons and his son is doing the job. Chuck is trying to make everyone work for it; in his own way. If I was Anne I would demand some titles at this point. Chuck has consolidated everything and who knows what he is plotting. I guess old Ed will be waiting another 20 years. Then some press report said he will give Charlotte the title. I suppose a middleton source said that.

      Then William has a chip on his shoulder so he will further cut. If I was Edward I would try like all out to push the issue.

  29. Well Wisher says:


  30. Rhonda says:

    Horse racing is a particularly brutal sport. I’m sure she was very pragmatic about them and would approve of the horses being sold if Charles had no interest in them.

    • Tessa says:

      She may have wanted anne to have them and had breeders she would have wanted to get her horses

  31. Amy Bee says:

    It seem people at the Palace don’t take rejection very well. It’s clear that Harry doesn’t like being around these people and prefers to be in California.

  32. Normades says:

    I think she was a very tired old woman who Harry wanted to protect in her later years. Period.

  33. Bonnie says:

    There are two sides to every story.

    • Valerie says:

      @Bonnie Yes ,both sides will have a story. However in this case the truth of being abused , vilified and put out to hang all came at the behest and support of the palaces.That is what needs to be heard and understood. When one reads a story, it is important to know where it originated and pehaps use some critical thinking. Also, who benefitted from all the lies and deflection. William, Kate,the Tory govt , the Rota etc…. all should walk the walk of shame.

    • Tan says:

      Daily mirror wasn’t cutting it for u today?

  34. Tessa says:

    And she was not bewildered with the Andrew situation and Charles asking het to endorse Camilla as queen consort. She did want Edward to be duke of edinburgh.

  35. Maddy says:

    Qe2 wasn’t stupid. She knows Harry is popular and she saw he was having success. Him being popular helps the family at the end of the day. I assume Chuck doesn’t want to hurt William bid to be king but I don’t believe he wants Harry out of the family. If that was the case they would really be sticking it to Harry. I wonder who is putting all these weird press releases out. I assumed it was Andrew trying to take some of the heat off. Now I assume all of them are making press statements but for different reasons.

  36. bisynaptic says:

    Can’t wait for the picture of the Queen and Lilibet to show up in the Netflix doc.