Raphael Warnock defeated Herschel Walker in Georgia’s Senate run-off

Thank god, Senator Raphael Warnock won reelection in the Georgia runoff. Warnock won the election in November too, but the margins were so tight, a runoff election was called. Warnock and Herschel Walker spent the past four weeks campaigning (to various degrees) as Walker tried to ignore the persistent stories about how many times he demanded his girlfriends and mistresses have abortions. At the end of the day (or, as of Wednesday early morning), Warnock won the runoff by about 100,000 votes, which meant that he won 51.4% of the vote. It should not have been that close, but here we are. A win is a win.

Senator Raphael Warnock defeated his Republican challenger, Herschel Walker, in a runoff election that capped a grueling and costly campaign, secured a 51-seat Democratic majority and gave the first Black senator from Georgia a full six-year term.

Mr. Warnock’s victory was called by The Associated Press late Tuesday evening as the senator’s lead was expanding to 51 percent compared with Mr. Walker’s 49 percent. It ended a marathon midterm election cycle in which Democrats defied history, as they limited the loss of House seats that typically greets the party that holds the White House and now gain a seat in the Senate.

Throughout one of the most expensive Senate races in American history, Mr. Warnock used the cadences and lofty language he honed as the senior pastor of Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church to ask Georgia voters to rise above the acrimony and division of Donald J. Trump’s politics.

“I am Georgia,” he proclaimed Tuesday night in Atlanta, invoking the martyrs and heroes of the civil rights movement and the small towns and growing cities of his childhood. “I am an example and an iteration of its history, of its peril and promise, of the brutality and the possibilities. But because this is America, because we always have a path to make our country greater against unspeakable odds, here we stand together.”

He uttered what he called the four most powerful words in a democracy: “The people have spoken.”

[From The NY Times]

It’s still so amazing to me that Georgia has two Democratic senators. And they’re great senators too, Warnock and Jon Osoff are incredibly charismatic pols. Fingers crossed that Georgia Democrats are building something which lasts for a long time. And hurray, Senate Dems have 51 seats!!

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  1. Lightpurple says:

    Thank God

    • Lissen says:

      Too close for comfort but a win is a win.

      • Zazzoo says:

        Heartstoppingly close. Anyone else notice the NYT’s prediction meter went down for about two hours? I suspect they were worried something was wrong with their algorithm as Hershel kept moving up. Then the meter came roaring back on with a solid prediction for Warner. Like, the very foundations of our Democracy were at stake and triumphed.

      • Josephine says:

        I’ll take the win but man, it is incredibly depressing that so many people voted for Walker. In a field of absolutely horrific republicans, he managed to be one of the very worst and yet still people voted for him. That is not a sane, rational vote and this is not one of those issues where reasonable minds can differ.

      • Zazzoo says:

        @Josephine – Post Trump I think we’re beyond reasonable dialogue. Voting is a sport between two teams now. Blue collar white people who vote republican are voting for an affirmation of their lifestyle, guns and god, regardless or whether the candidate upholds those same values of whether the party is in anyway serving the interests of working people. My in laws go on gun retreats with their church. They desperately need to believe that some undefined evil is threatening their god-given
        right to be free Americans (whatever tf that means, mostly free to not have their racist beliefs challenged). Trump and Walker in different ways are everything they despise but the cognitive dissonance is strong. IDK why even have campaigns and debates any more when everyone votes along strict party lines.

      • Nicki says:

        Shocking and alarming that it was so close. Walker was off-the-charts nuts, completely incoherent. What were people voting for when they were choosing him? I don’t understand.

      • mauve says:

        @Josephine, agree, many people were not casting sane, rational votes. I have to remember that other societies have bounced back from insanity. I still believe democracy can prevail but this whole ‘the call is coming from inside the house’ stuff is presenting the most serious challenge of our era.

    • Betsy says:


      I feel as if the eloquence has been beaten out of me in the last few years. I cannot believe it was this close but I also can’t believe that *Georgia* has two Democratic senators. Like all former traitor states, they’ve kept down their Black (and mostly Democratic) voters so long by design and I’ve been so hopeful for so long that the ship would be righted. Still have a regressive gov but making steps, taking steps.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      “And hurray, Senate Dems have 51 seats!!”

      IMAO, the best news is:

      No progressive Democrat will have listen to or talk to Joseph Manchin III, aka Joe Manchin Democrat, West Virginia, for the next two years.

      • Deering24 says:

        BayTampaBay–thank God for that. My mom is from W. Va, and we’ve never been able to figure how/why such a firebrand state keeps voting for scumbags that previous generations would have eviscerated. It’s like people have forgotten what their ancestors went through to get workers’ rights and put mine owners in check.

      • booboocita says:

        How did Wisconsin, a formerly union-supporting blue state that produced Fightin’ Bob LaFollette, keep sending a turd like Scott Walker back to the governor’s mansion, over and over? We’re in the Upside-Down for sure …

      • Isabella says:

        Judging from my relatives, racism is a factor, starting with the idea that immigrants are taking “our” jobs and/or killing people. Also gun rights. Abortion. Walker’s celebrity helped, as it did for Trump, because he’s one of the rare celebs who doesn’t lean left.

        One thing I’ve learned is to ask my relatives: Where do you get your news?

        Just Google one of the crazy “facts” they feed you and you’ll find it’s from Breitbart, the Daily Caller, a Christian online site, FOX, Conservative radio, etc.

        During this campaign, Warnock was called “a son of satan” online because he describes himself as a “pro-choice pastor.” On Breitbart he was linked to Castro and Islamic He was said to be a wife abuser. On and on.

    • aftershocks says:

      Yaaayyy!!! Thank the Lord! God is Good! Congrats to Senator Warnock and to the state of Georgia! 🍑 Georgians should be commended for overcoming the odds!

      I can’t say the same for the Trump-pest following Ohioans who voted for corrupt sellout opportunist, Hillbilly Elegy author, J.D. Vance. After sheepishly cringing and kowtowing to Trump and being supported by vile Senate Repubs, Vance was able to cop Rob Portman’s senate seat over Democrat Tim Ryan. At least, we still have long-serving Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown. But this outcome is very disagreeable and it doesn’t bode well.

    • Traveller says:

      Absolutely…………thank God!

  2. Heather says:

    This is largely thanks to the incredible Stacey Abrams and her team. GA – you’re lucky to have her fighting for you!

    • Chicken says:

      Her grassroots work has been amazing, she’s so damn smart. I was proud to vote for Warnock, but I’m also proud of how many people I know who don’t usually vote who turned out over the past couple of weeks.

    • SomeChick says:

      Stacey Abrams is a national treasure and we are all lucky to have her!

      this is AWESOME news!!! I danced around a little when I heard. YESSS!

    • Steph says:

      It absolutely is bc of her. I really wish she would have won governor.

      • Zazzoo says:

        It’s legitimately criminal that she’s had the governor’s office stolen from her, but she will be president. The question now is what is her stepping stone? DNC Chair?

      • lucy2 says:

        I do too, and I hope she goes for a more nation-wide or federal position now. GA is, for some inexplicable reason, not going to vote her in for governor, so I hope there’s bigger and better on the horizon for her. She’s amazing.

    • Cindy says:

      Nooo that could not be further from the truth. So many moderates here (in Georgia) can’t stand Stacey Abrams. My dislike of her started when she refused to concede her first election loss. Great job starting that trend.

      I say this to be helpful: y’all need to be smart about who you choose in a primary. I’m an Ossoff / Warnock / Kemp voter. Be mindful of what worked for the people who actually won their elections.

      • Blue Nails Betty says:

        Kemp is evil incarnate who supports taking away all human rights as well as election rights but you’re mad Stacey didn’t concede (which did not affect the election outcome)? GTFOH. You are a hypocrite and most likely a misogynist.

      • Ashley L. says:

        Brian Kemp is a modern day architect of voter suppression that harkens back to Jim Crow. A vote for him is nothing to be proud of. You must have some privilege (I would dare to guess that it is the color of your skin) that you could vote for someone who denies a woman’s right to choose, refuses to expand Medicaid which is causing hospitals in the state to close, doctors to leave and people unable to access critical and routine care without delay and exorbitant cost, among other terrible policies. How you can vote for Warnock and Osoff as well as Kemp defies all logic.

      • aang says:

        Abrams built the turnout machine that elected Warnock. Her strength seems to be as an organizer. As Cindy makes very clear white people will vote for a black man under certain circumstances but a black woman is apparently a step too far. It is sad but it is reality.

      • SIde Eye says:

        So Abrams paved the way for the insurrection? Is that what you’re saying here? Are you aware of what happened the first time Kemp “won” governor – he oversaw his own election FFS. She was right to challenge it and she did so legally – without storming the White House with her confederate buddies still salty about losing their slaves.

        Abrams is not the first person to legally challenge an election result. GTFOH.

        You really outed yourself with this post. You voted for a man who, with every fiber of his being, hates Black people and has done everything in his power to take away the Black vote. He is the king of voter suppression and outright cheating. That’s who you’re bragging about voting for.

        We just can’t get out of our own way. Sigh…

      • Korra says:

        Brian Kemp is a DeSantis-style Republican. What truly distinguishes these men from Trump is their ability to effectively gut civil rights, especially for Black people, but somehow convince people they aren’t like him; if anything, they are worse. Oh, and Kemp is a likely challenger for Jon Ossoff in 2026. I am curious who you will vote for then. I think I already know.

      • Jaded says:

        @Cindy — you must mean “white” moderates like yourself. Stacey Abrams is nothing short of a miracle and a tireless fighter for voting rights that Kemp is trying desperately to gut.

      • Jais says:

        Had not heard that kemp was going to run against ossoff in 2026. Ugh. Gross.

    • Truthiness says:

      What Stacey has done in Georgia is nothing short of phenomenal. Standing ovation for her tireless work!

    • Debbie says:

      You’d better believe “Thank Stacey Abrams.” Hallelujah for her.

  3. BlueSky says:

    It goes to show you what hypocrites republicans are. They will vote for anybody that will protect their white supremacy. All these so called Christian pro lifers were fine with this abusive POS who was getting women pregnant left and right and paying for abortions.

    • Seraphina says:

      Exactly this, I would love to seen what the Republicans would say if Walker was the Dem candidate. They really hypocrites and I don’t understand how my friends who are reps don’t see it. Party over common sense and human decency.

    • Zazzoo says:

      There was a credible accusation Trump had raped a 13 year old child before the Christian right decided to champion him. We don’t talk about that enough.

    • lucy2 says:

      Exactly. Some people hand wring over one or two aspects of a candidate they don’t like and throw away their vote, but Republicans will back anyone with an R next to their name who will further their agenda. It’s terrible.

    • Meghan says:

      Part of me feels a teeny bit sorry for Walker because obviously the Republicans saw him as a puppet and he was. I bet they drop his a** and try to sweep this under the rug. (Walker is a terrible person and I won’t forget that, but it’s hard to see someone so manipulated by the Republicans)

  4. Neners says:

    ATL and the other GA metro areas are the GOP’s worst nightmare. This is the exact scenario that keeps them up at night scheming to pass voter suppression laws: a state in the GOP region whose white, republican rural population can no longer outvote it’s diverse, democratic metro population.

    • Chicken says:

      Oh my, I’m happy to be the GOP’s worst nightmare.

      • Neners says:

        Wear it like a badge of honor! Magats were on Twitter last night how the blue around Atlanta just keeps spreading lol

      • lanne says:

        Me too! I voted early last week on a crazy day. I took the baby to daycare, went to vote, got the baby from daycare and took him to a doctors appointment, took him back to daycare, then went to work, where I had to actively teach all day. I would do it again, and will do it again, and again, and again, and again. GA is a blue state now! We’re serving notice.

  5. Amy T says:

    It should not have been a squeaker, but BIG relief.

    What a world we live in, and what a moment. Democracy is an endangered species and this is a time to breathe for a moment. Then, keep fighting for the country we want to live in – where people who love each other can get married, reproductive rights are a given, and you don’t have to be an old boomer or a nepo baby to afford a house.

    • Carmen says:

      I would imagine nobody is feeling more relieved right now than Herschel Walker. He knew he couldn’t do that job. He was hopelessly out of his depth. He was railroaded into running by Trump and his minions. Now he can go back to Texas or
      wherever the hell he’s really from and count his football trophies.

    • Debbie says:

      You are both right. His own son, a right-wing shill himself, said that “everybody with a brain begged him not to run” because he had an “insane history” and way too much ugly baggage.

      Another Republican described Herschel Walker as follows: “Herschel was like a plane crash into a train wreck that rolled into a dumpster fire. And an orphanage. Then an animal shelter. You kind of had to watch it squinting through one eye between your fingers.” This was said by Dan McLagan, who as I said was a fellow Republican too. I’m sure those familiar with American politics know how rare it is for Repubs to speak ill (or honestly) about one another. Herschel Walker was that bad.

      • Peachy says:

        Omg I can’t stop laughing literally laughing until wheezing bless you! That is such an accurate assessment! This whole thing has been so stressful and we’re very happy Warnock won. My son and I straight up *lied* to the young (republican) woman who lives with us so we could go vote without her knowing.

  6. Sierra says:

    Now with Arizona having a Democratic Governor, Biden should offer Sinema a position with his administration and they can appoint another democrat to her seat.

    • girl_ninja says:

      To hell with Sinema. She can be primaries and voted out by the people of AZ. She deserves nothing.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      I see your point, but I hate the idea of rewarding her for her obstruction, obstinacy, Republican ass-kissing, and recalcitrance.

    • AnneL says:

      That might be a smart move. No, she doesn’t deserve a job in the administration at all. Sinema is a selfish POS. But if we could get an actual Democrat in that seat who wants to get good things done? It would be worth it, IMO.

      Politics is sausage making. It’s messy and you don’t always want to know what’s in there. Biden has been around long enough to understand that.

    • Carmen says:

      The best thing about Warnock’s win is that both Sinema and that asshole Joe Manchin have effectively been rendered irrelevant.

      • Winter Day says:

        At least Manchin has a reason to act like an asshole. He is dealing with his ruby red constituents from West Virginia. Sinema on the other hand, can’t stand her. She has no excuse for her behavior.

  7. El says:

    I’m so glad that they could call it last night. And also glad the political ads and texts will finally stop. Those ads were a little traumatizing for my seven year old so he has only been watching PBS Kids and Netflix.

    • Cara says:

      They’ve been awful, haven’t they!

    • BayTampaBay says:

      @El – I must agree with you!!! All the unexpected sex in the latest Netflix remake of “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” was far less traumatizing and nauseating than the political ads for Georgia Senate race runoff.

      • Mimi says:

        That is THE thing about Lady Chatterley’s Lover, though. LOL Why were you expecting chastity?

  8. Jais says:

    Am so happy about this 🙏

  9. Becks1 says:

    I was SO GLAD to see this news. It’s scary that it got as close as it did, but here we are with 51 senators. It’s a thin margin, but its a margin.

  10. Noki says:

    So Americans can run for office without any experience and formal education?I don’t remember Kanye graduating for anything,in my country at the bare minimum you need at least a political science/international relations degree.

    • mj says:

      Only requirement here is a few bucks and a willingness to humiliate yourself.

      • Frippery says:

        Sonny Bono became Mayor of Palm Springs with no prior political experience. Same with Jesse Ventura becoming mayor, and he had a pretty decent political career after that. Cynthia Nixon from Sex and the City ran for Governor of New York a few years ago, although she was an activist beforehand so that’s arguably experience.

        If you need an example of a person needing absolutely no experience or applicable education to run for office, remember that Hunter S. Thompson once mounted a campaign to become Sheriff of Pitkin County, Colorado

    • Seraphina says:

      Noki, all it takes is $$$$$ and lots of it. The US is filled with people politicians who have no understanding of government and its intricacies; yet they have the money to get into politics. Some may be good at it, but those governing with out a formal education make a mess. Look at Trump (and that’s just one I can easily name). One may counter with the fact they have advisors and a slew of people to help but the person in office must be able to navigate the waters of the government and all that it entails. Sadly, most millionaires who get into politics do it for either the fame or the cash they can make off of being in office. Very, very few are in it to help their constituents,

    • SIde Eye says:

      This is the terrifying part. Trump was president and he doesn’t understand the workings of government. I guarantee he cannot name all the state capitals which my child could do at age 7. He did not know Puerto Rico was part of the US. Said he spoke with the president of the US Virgin Islands today, he doesn’t know history and spewed completely made up ramblings about Canada, etc. I’m willing to bet he cannot name the capitals of the states where he resides.

      At minimum they should have to pass a basics civics test which Trump would have failed miserably.

      • Seraphina says:

        Side Eye, you bring up an excellent point, if a mail carrier must pass a test then why shouldn’t those representing the people have to pass a basic civics test. I bet it would be enlightening if they did.

      • SIde Eye says:

        Thank you @Seraphina – it’s why we are seeing this trend of bumbling idiots and reality stars running for office. It’s truly terrifying.

      • Chantal says:

        @SideEye +1 on requiring candidates to pass a basic civics test.

        Relieved and happy that Warnock won! An actual Reverend that the GA Christian Right refused to vote for vs that voting for that clown. Ridiculous. Repubs still haven’t learned that Black Americans aren’t going to vote Repub just bc they plopped a Black person on the ticket. We certainly don’t like ignorant buffoons like Herschel. The past and present lack of support for that ultra embarrassment aka Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas should have made that clear

      • SIde Eye says:

        I’m not talking about an education requirement. I’m talking about passing a basic elementary school level civics test that shows you understand the workings of government and basic geography that an elementary school child could answer but idiots like Trump or Kanye or Sarah Palin could not. Questions like:

        Puerto Rico is part of the United States – true or false?

        What is the capital of California?

        What country do the Virgin Islands belong to?

        What is the capital of Louisiana?

        What is the capital of New York?

        The Vice President has the power to overturn an election – true or false. Explain your answer.

        What are the three branches of government?

        The state of Delaware is in the Western part of the United States – true or false?

        Trump cannot answer these questions. An elementary school aged child could. I’m not saying you have to go to Harvard to become president. I’m saying you can’t be a dumb ass who doesn’t understand the basic workings of your own government.

        @Chantal yes to everything you just said!

      • dee(2) says:

        @Side eye the problem with that is that it on its face is unconstitutional. Now, do I think they are abject dummies yes, but this is literally what they used to do when they had poll taxes and literacy tests to allow people to vote. The ” tests” were supposedly uniform, but somehow managed to always prevent minorities from being able to vote. And if you think state governments like Kemps or Sarah Sanders’ wouldn’t use these tests to disenfranchise brown and black people, we are being overly generous. I can think of a lot of state level reps who they absolutely find a way to disqualify.

      • SIde Eye says:

        Sorry I am not making myself clear. I am not talking about a civics test to vote. I understand the history of that. We’re talking about occupying the highest office in the land. The voters can be as dumb as a bag of rocks. If you want to run for the highest office in the land – you should be able to demonstrate a rudimentary understanding of how government works. How many Supreme Court Justices are there? How many states are there? What is the National Anthem called? etc. We’re seeing a trend of people with zero government experience or intelligence running for the presidency – as Trump has shown this is extremely dangerous. You have to understand how this government works. You have to have a basic knowledge of the geography of this country. I was born in Canada and grew up there and knew more than the president. The president FFS! My child, at 7 years old, knew more than the president. It’s unacceptable. Look at the pattern of dumb and dumber now running for President, VP, and now the senate and house. Marjorie Taylor Greene? Hershell Walker? Trump? Sarah Palin? These are our representatives in government. We’re in serious trouble.

      • Debbie says:

        @Dee(2): It’s an easy mistake to make because surely if the voters were more knowledgeable about civics, they would make better and more rational choices in the voting booth. However, unless I’m mistaken, I think that Side Eye was suggesting requiring the candidates to take basic civics tests. All the candidates regardless of race, color, or creed. The idea being that those who don’t pass the test would not be eligible to run for office at that time, but it wouldn’t disqualify them forever.

        By the way, the poll taxes, so-called literacy tests, and challenges of guessing how many beans were in the large jar (I kid you not) were imposed on Black voters in southern states to disenfranchise them — not all people/voters. That’s why the Voting Rights Act was signed into law.

    • Josephine says:

      and apparently you don’t have to really live in the state that you want to represent. i can’t believe more was not made of the fact that he claimed a house in texas as his residence, and I think primary residence? but republicans have been using that slight of hand for awhile now.

      • Debbie says:

        Actually, candidates must reside in the states they want to represent. That’s why Herschel Walker set up a residency in Georgia shortly after Trump talked him into running for the Senate there. Shrewder candidates usually set up residency at least a year beforehand (*cough*Mitt Romney*cough*). Then, it’s up to their opponents to expose such brief residency as just a fig leaf and persuade the voters they’re a real son of the soil, that they actually know the state and care about its people and are not just moving there for political purposes. Ultimately, it’s up to the voters to be smart enough to see through the residency charade. It sounds like Geo. republicans were up for anything with an “R” after its name.

    • dee(2) says:

      I understand what you are saying, but with the cost of higher education in this country that would be overwhelmingly disqualifying for a lot of individuals, and it wouldn’t eliminate the people you think it would. Trump went to Wharton, Walker was on a football scholarship. Most of these people who have the money to run are college educated, they just clearly didn’t use that time wisely. I myself earned my Bachelor’s degree in my late twenties because I couldn’t afford to finish when I initially started after high school. If we start to gatekeep like that, we may as well just introduce another poll tax.

    • Emmi says:

      At first glance that sounds great but in my country (Germany) for example, there are no educational requirements and that’s by design. The Bundestag (parliament) is supposed to be a representation of the people and that’s not going to be hundreds of academics. However, the Bundeskanzler is also not elected directly by the people so a Trump is not going to happen here the same way. Your won’t make it to the top unless you’ve worked in government for quite some time. You also need your party’s support, no independents running here.

    • Isabella says:

      I don’t know that people with political science degrees make the best politicians. Warnock, for instance, is a pastor. Joe Biden is a lawyer. We also have scientists, people with military experience etc.

  11. Normades says:

    F&ck yassss!!!
    I heard it here first!
    Thank you always for your reporting!

  12. mellie says:

    It should not have even been this close, I can’t believe anyone, in good conscience, could vote for Walker. I did hear a gal who says she typically votes Republican say on the news this morning say that she just simply could not vote for him based on his past, good for her for speaking out.
    It’s just a damn shame that Stacey Abrams isn’t governor of the state, she deserves it.

    • SIde Eye says:

      You are right @mellie – Georgia is going to wish it had voted for her when Kemp does everything in his power to interfere with Dekalb and Fulton County voting and tries to gerrymander the hell out of that state. They are going to shut down this early voting stuff too. Kemp has a known history of actively interfering with the Black vote (shutting down the DMVs in predominantly Black counties etc.)

      I really wish people had gotten over their hatred of Black women just this once – they are going to regret that they didn’t. Kemp is extremely dangerous.

      Abrams should be the governor right now – she was the most competent person for the job. I really wish she had won and the decision to vote for Kemp has long term, very dangerous ramifications.

    • sunny says:

      What amazing news! It was sad that it was even that close, reminding us again on how democracy can be put in peril due to institutional failings.

      The fact that Walker was even running was just awful. My father said of this, the fact that anyone would vote for him over Warnock makes him lose faith in humanity. I mean, Walker is a trash person and a bad candidate. Yay Georgia!

  13. Southern Fried says:

    We’ve got the honorable Senator Reverend Warnock for 6 years! 4 elections in 2 years, you know he’s beyond exhausted. Since Hershel lost the erection do you suppose Creepy Ted Cruise will drive him back to Texas or no?

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Is that a typo, Southern Fried? 😆

      • Southern Fried says:

        Nope. Lol, Hershel himself said it first in a presser book-ended by Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham. Neither one even blinked.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        Oh, that’s right! I did see that. He made so many malapropisms it’s hard to keep track. Cruz and Graham answered all the questions in that interview. Can’t figure out why. 🤔

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      Yes–I hope the poor man gets a rest after all of this. Thank you, Georgia!

    • Debbie says:

      So, the candidate who impregnated several women and advised them to get abortions, which he paid for; who was now running as a staunchly anti-choice candidate said that he “lost his erection”? Boy, he was really trying to tell us what he was, wasn’t he? Sweet jumping Jesus.

  14. Ariel says:

    I’m horrified it was so close considering walker was a train wreck of a candidate. But I live in Louisiana where both our senators are human garbage gop. So – way to go Georgia!

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      It won’t be that close when all votes are counted. Blue counties still reporting but Warnock over performed November 8th everywhere.

  15. C-Shell says:

    I feel like I can breathe better, more easily, this morning. Thank you, Atlanta/environs. Our democracy is safer today.

  16. Brassy Rebel says:

    Judges! Judges! Judges! And even more judges!

    • Southern Fried says:


    • Ravensdaughter says:

      Yes, that is the power of the Senate! Huzzah!
      Who looks old enough to retire from SCOTUS? Could that happen?

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        Clarence Thomas is not well. He should retire to focus on his health and spend time with his beloved Ginni. 😉

      • SIde Eye says:

        Yep! Time for Uncle Ruckus to go spend some quality time with Ginny. Maybe they can work on her horrid fashion sense, since there’s no hope for her morals or character.

      • lucy2 says:

        I would love Clarence to go, but he’s going to hang onto that until death, at least while the Democrats are in the WH and control the Senate. But one can dream…

        Thank the Lord and thank the voters of Georgia!

  17. K says:

    Ugh thank God. I really want to be decent here. I truly think HW has some cognitive issues and I won’t bust on that. However his moral compass sucks b@lls. It floors me that the vote was this close after the lies have been exposed etc.

  18. Mrs. Smith hi says:

    Oh thank god — I just saw the results!

  19. FancyPants says:

    Congratulations to Rev. Warnock and the state of Georgia! He has been on the ballot something like 5 times (or 6?) in the last three years, so I hope he can finally take a break from the constant campaigning and settle into six full years of legislative work now (at least 6 years!). He sincerely wants to do good things for the residents of Georgia.

  20. MsIam says:

    Wonderful news, thank you Georgia!

  21. girl_ninja says:

    I know that folks are disgusted by the close call of this runoff election but I am just grateful for citizens of Georgia who committed to doing their civic duty and voted for Senator Warnock. It can be discouraging to look at the margin especially with a candidate as horrendous as Walker. But this was a HUGE victory for Georgia and for the country. Stacey Abrams did so much to make this happen and I believe that many Georgians will continue to work to make great change for Georgia. This is a victory.

    Watching a few clips of that racist Laura Ingraham have a fit about this when was glorious as well. I recommend seeking it out as it will warm the cockles of your heart.

  22. Les says:

    We worked all year for this win. I personally wore out two pair of sneakers. This election was won with patience and persistence. It was somewhat helped by the hard right outflow to Tennessee and Florida. In the primaries many, many people (100,000+) crossed party lines to target Trump’s pleasure picks. The real key was the incremental rise in Dem votes across all counties. The county may have been red but we picked up 8-15% in blue votes. Everyone needs to raise a glass tonight to the Sen Rev and give thanks. Next donate $50 to Fair Fight. It is two years before the next vote but the work starts now.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      Thank you for your tireless, hard work, @Lee!

    • HufflepuffLizLemon says:

      This is a really important point. I live in Foco and it has changed so much just since we moved here in 2015. Red counties are fading as the demographics shift. Georgia is purple and headed to blue. I love Stacey Abrams, and I hope she becomes involved in the national democratic apparatus. She is so talented at architecting wins and driving voter turn out. Next up, we got to get Kemp out of his seat. The work is never done.

    • JanetDR says:

      Yes! Thank you Georgia!

    • ATLMathMom says:

      Thank you for your efforts! Canvassing is hard work! So happy to see the results last night. Early voting in my metro ATL county was nuts. Hour plus waits throughout the entire week of early voting seemed to be the norm, but it gave me hope. 6 more years!!

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      Thank you!

    • Side Eye says:

      Thank you @Les! A million thank yous.

    • Winter Day says:

      @ Les, thank you so much.

  23. HeyKay says:

    It is ridiculous that HW got as far as he did. Should never have been on the ballot.
    Glad to see that he was stopped, what a mess.

    • Jaded says:

      As a Canadian, I find it mystifying how a meathead like Herschel Walker got to where he is. He’s dumb as a rock, a notorious philanderer who has demanded his girlfriend(s) have abortions, he held a gun to his ex-wife’s head, he has been violently abusive to other women in his life, he’s a hypocrite of the first order, and his own son has publicly disowned him. And yet he has a rabid fan base. SMH…

      Anyway, on that note, I’m very happy for all you American CBers, especially the Georgia folks, for your victory!

      • Peachy says:

        Down here it’s all God, guns and football and Walker was a football hero back in the day as a star running back. Most of them could give a rat’s fuzzy behind about how he treated women or lied and could move past his skin color due to the fact there was a “Rep” behind his name and he played *football* for UGA. Personally, I think he is an awful person and obviously took one or two very strong hits to the head. He can slither his butt on back to Texas!

  24. Snarkle says:

    Thank you CB Georgia voters! The GOP made it harder than it needed to be to vote but you made it happen anyways We appreciate you

    • ML says:

      Snarkle, I’m going to add myself to your comment. Thank you Georgia for fighting for your vote and your Senator! Rev Warnock absolutely deserved to win and you showed up for him and democracy. And thanks also to those of you who normally vote the other way for voting for the decent candidate.

  25. Blue Nails Betty says:

    Sidenote: I’m really happy Senator Warnock’s mama won’t be represented by Walker. 😁

  26. HamsterJam says:

    Oh Happy Day!!!!

  27. AnneL says:

    We listened to his speech right before we went to bed. I slept well. Great man, fine Senator, sweet victory.

  28. Ashley L. says:

    Democracy (barely) lives to see another day!

    I too am disgusted that the vote was this close, but it makes sense. There was an excellent opinion piece in the NYT last week titled “What White Voters See in Herschel Walker.” I encourage all to read it.

    Of course there were those on the MAGA fringes who truly thought that Walker would be a great Senator and there was nothing wrong with him, but the vast majority of republicans who voted for him did so because they knew he was a tool to uphold white supremacy and stop progress.

  29. BeanieBean says:


  30. Petra (Brazen Archetyped Phenomenal Woman) says:

    I’m glad Raphael Warnock won but I’m sad 48.6% wanted stupidity.

  31. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Thank GOD for sure. I’ve been avoiding reading about it because…why so close? That’s what’s so depressing.

  32. VegasSchmegas says:

    Republicans prove they will always vote party over country, even when their candidates go against everything they CLAIM that they support. Hypocrisy, thy name is GOP.

  33. Emmy says:

    OMG, that was a nail biter. Couldn’t watch the news until it was all over.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Georgia voters.

  34. Mo says:

    I am still in shock that Walker made it as far as he did, let alone that that many people voted for him. It still astonishes me, the way in which (a vast majority of) Republicans will cling for dear life and vote for absolute buffoonery simply because “I’m a Republican and this was my candidate.” The blind leading the blind, truly.

    I actually came back into town this week with the express purpose of voting, as I wanted to make sure to do my part in seeing this clown defeated.

  35. L4Frimaire says:

    So glad he won and going back to the Senate. Walker’s candidacy was an absolute insult and quite frankly disgusted with those who voted for him. That man is not well.