‘It’s highly unlikely’ the Windsors ‘will engage in a tit-for-tat battle of words’

One of the things I appreciated about Netflix’s Harry & Meghan is that Prince Harry really began to tell the truth about palace briefings and how certain stories are “planted” and certain narratives are palace-driven. Even if some people don’t believe that part of the equation – hilariously naive, but sure – then surely Harry’s second point holds, which is that he repeatedly asked for his family and their communications offices to simply clap back on all of the negativity, racism and sexism, only to be refused. That’s why the first clip released by 60 Minutes was Harry explaining what was happening yet again:

“Every single time I’ve tried to do it privately there have been briefings and leakings and planting of stories against me and my wife… You know the family motto is ‘Never Complain, Never Explain’ but it’s just a motto. And it doesn’t really hold. They will feed or have a conversation with the correspondent. And that correspondent will literally be spoon-fed information and write the story. And at the bottom of it they will say that they’ve reached out to Buckingham Palace for comment. But the whole story is Buckingham Palace commenting. So when we’re being told for the last six years we can’t put a statement out to protect you but you do it for other members of the family, there becomes a point when silence is betrayal.”

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Those quotes should blanket any and all coverage of the Salt Island freakout. Because wouldn’t you know, some correspondents were “spoon-fed” some information about how the family really “feels” about Harry’s interviews:

The Royal Family are ‘completely exhausted’ with the ‘stream of misinformation’ from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, sources claimed last night. The comments come in the wake of Prince Harry’s publicity blitz for his new autobiography, Spare, set to be released next week, during which he has claimed his family ‘have shown absolutely no willingness to reconcile’.

A royal insider told the Mirror: ‘It all feels very repetitive. Harry’s constant sniping is rather draining and he knows full well it is highly unlikely they will engage in a tit-for-tat battle of words.’

Another source added that the duke’s claim that his family refused to reconcile with him was ‘unadulterated nonsense.’

Buckingham Palace has refused to comment on the trailers, which were filmed at a hired ranch in Montecito.

[From The Daily Mail]

I laughed at “he knows full well it is highly unlikely they will engage in a tit-for-tat battle of words.” Harry knows full well that Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace will engage in a briefing spree and smear campaign in advance of Spare’s publication. Which is the whole reason why he wrote the book and why he’s saying all of this in interviews. Harry’s like: this is what will happen. And the Windsors fall all over themselves to prove his point.

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  1. Steph says:

    It cracks me up everytime bc they really do prove Harry right every single time.

  2. Lady D says:

    “nasty little men such as yourselves always get their comeuppance” Your time is coming, clan Windsor.

  3. Cessily says:

    They have their mouthpieces to rant for them on speed dial. They are ridiculous and out of control between the talk shows, news programs, print media and tabloids they definitely let the rabid racists loose with their orders.

  4. Eurydice says:

    I like the bit at the where BP refuses to comment on the trailers. They don’t have a problem commenting on everything else

  5. Amy Bee says:

    The easiest way to prove Harry’s lying is to not do exactly what he said the Palace does.

  6. Zoochy says:

    Harry should just make a bingo card and hold it up during his next interview

    • Naye in va says:

      Please please that would make my year

    • Scooby Gang says:

      OMG … yes! Can’t you just imagine the squares on the card?

      – initiates abuse by proxy
      – refers to the Sussexes as “whiners”
      – remains silent as their flying monkeys torment Meghan
      – strut around in ridiculous uniforms
      – reward their mouthpieces with plastic medals

  7. Becks1 says:

    I just can’t get over their stupidity. I know, they have no reason to act differently when the british press is so invested in carrying water for the royals but there have been so many articles after that trailer aired just PROVING Harry’s point over and over again. Like….now is really the time to keep your mouth shut.

    They won’t engage in a tit for tat, except that’s exactly what they’re doing.

    • Ellie says:

      There are so many photos of the Cambridges shoot arrows at Meghan and Harry, their last Commonwealth celebration is a perfect example but a very telling hurtful comment by William was when Either Lili or Archie was born and one of the cameramen asked what he thought of having a nephew and his response was ‘ I already have one of those thank you. Nasty, spiteful. I believe every word about the royals the grey men and King Charles.

    • Ellie says:

      There are so many photos of the Cambridges shoot arrows at Meghan and Harry, their last Commonwealth celebration is a perfect example but a very telling hurtful comment by William was when Either Lili or Archie was born and one of the cameramen asked what he thought of having a nephew and his response was ‘ I already have one of those thank you. Nasty, spiteful. I believe every word about the royals the grey men and King Charles.
      Such pettiness when Harry couldn’t wear his uniform, 2 deployments to Afghanistan, a dreadful war is a fine example of their meanest and nastiness.

  8. Brassy Rebel says:

    If the British based royals are exhausted, think how exhausted Harry and Meghan are. They’ve had piles of excrement dumped on them for years now. Even when they don’t say a word!

    • Sue E Generis says:

      As I write this, #ShutupMeghan is trending on Twitter and she hasn’t said a single word. He speaks, she’s attacked.

  9. HeyKay says:

    W&K, C&C should all go quiet, and stay out of the public eye for several months.
    They are so out of touch. Charles has done nothing well since becoming King.

    The PR, SM, tabs will be full of Harrys book thru much of January.
    We know if W&K, C&C start trying to spin any response, they will muck things up again.

    • Snuffles says:

      Honestly, I think that is the plan. Charles has already indicated he’s lying low until February. And the Cambridges are usually off on some tropical island during this time anyways.

  10. aquarius64 says:

    You can’t fix stupid for the BRF because it is stuck on it.

  11. Lola09 says:

    I’m FINALLY watching Harry and Meghan (on episode 5). I think people who hate them claim they don’t want to watch it because, well, they hate them but I think it’s more they fear they will have their hateful narrative absolutely destroyed. I can’t understand how anyone could watch even ten minutes of it and not feel sympathy and horror at how they have been consistently ‘fed to the wolves’ over years and years.

    And all the mentions of ‘sniping’ are so off the mark! I found them both to be actually incredibly respectful and restrained in how they talk about the royals, rather they are just matter of factly stating their experience (after years of biting their tongue) WITH RECEIPTS!

    They come across as thoughtful, warm and sincere. Of course Pegs and Jegs aren’t going to engage in ‘tit for tat’ cos no way could they ever in a million years come across like that! Nope all they do is get their press office to lie, manipulate, plant and leak. What a pair of mean, lazy and petty tosspots they are!

    • SquiddusMaximus says:

      Agree with all of this! I’d add:

      (1) Honestly, the “sniping” is fairly anodyne — like, who didn’t know RF was constantly commenting covertly? Harry just stated the obvious; they problem is that it, yes, mangled the KP narrative.

      (2) Harry and Meghan are so, so, incredibly brave to be doing this, and I feel like that’s been glossed over. Whenever the DM or royal rota or whatever starts complaining about that ambitious harpy, Meghan, I want to scream “WHO HAS THE POWER HERE?” The money, the institution, the tradition, the relationships, etc. — it is not Meghan. The British royal institution is a fucking juggernaut of toxic power, and the fact that the two of them — armed only with truth, conviction, and charisma — are brave enough to go toe-to-toe with them is staggering.

      Harry and Megs, I bow to you!

    • Lola09 says:

      SO brave! And they continue to work tirelessly for good, for marginalised groups and such a huge range of positive causes.

      The ‘sniping’ – that’s a verb that is applied to H&M, agree it would be ridiculously anodyne if applied to KP/BP but nooooo of course they are just maintaing a dignified silence. Excuse me while I try to bring my eyeballs back down from the depths of my soul, lol.

  12. Sunday says:

    It’s truly insane that the British tabloids are literally publishing article after article declaring “royal sources say Harry’s claims about royal sources are a lie.” Like WHAT? Do you hear yourselves? How does anyone take this seriously? “Royal sources say there are no royal sources leaking to this very publication.” “Royal sources say absolutely no royal sources leaked or planted any stories, ever.” “Royal sources say that they themselves do not exist.”

    It’s infuriating that absolutely nobody pins these writers or publications at large down and makes them answer: Do your sources exist or did you make up every single thing you’ve ever written that referred to palace sources or royal sources or insiders close to the royals or any of the other euphemisms for “William called us screaming about Harry again, here’s what he said this time”?

    • Emily_C says:

      It reminds me of my father claiming he hadn’t had a drink in months while he was drunk and there was a vodka bottle peeking out of his coat pocket.

  13. Lawley says:

    Seems like a wise plan…

    Especially when the book is probably going to spill affairs, scandals & damage their characters.

    I predict they’ll probably come out of this poorly – they basically set the media & British population against Meghan and Harry via palace PR.

    I don’t see how anyone can trust their brand from
    Now on

  14. girl_ninja says:

    Living on the defensive all the time is exhausting. I’m so glad that they’re away from them but those horrible abusive people won’t let them go.

  15. Well Wisher says:

    William will be head of state, in the future.
    He position is firmly held in a society, not an economy nor a marketplace.
    Yet, he has wasted time and effort to claim popularity from his brother and wife.


    He feels that he should have the hard earned popularity of the Sussexes. People who live in a society responded positively to them, not a brand.

    But William became a brand – selling himself and competing for market-place and created an adversial and toxic environment fermented with disinformation and lies.

    His brother is forced to correct the misconceptions, explained how his family was/is maligned.
    He did so publicly.
    There was no projection on his part, just his truth.

    Now the Waleses are tired.


    • Well Wisher says:

      Another observation, the Windsor’s silence is deafening.

      Harry may have to establish firm boundaries, like perhaps, continue making immediate holidays a priority.

      They do not have to attend institutional functions.

  16. Janey says:

    It would be awesome, and hilarious, if we could get them all up behind podiums like a political debate and then hear what they’ve got to say themselves when they’re on the spot! Khate would cry her mean girl tears while Carole screams in her earpiece, Baldy would be incandescent throughout the entire thing, recollections would vary, Camilla would be drunk and chain smoking, Pedo would be lurking in the wings with a takeaway pizza waiting for his opportunity to not sweat.;.

  17. Islandgirl says:

    This reaction..the stories in the media commenting while saying they won’t be commenting just makes me wonder more about the British people.
    I no longer have any respect for the BRF, as I realise that they have no discipline or self-control. They have one playbook, and they don’t know anything else. Doesn’t matter who the comms team is. The days following the Queen’s death were proof of that.
    But don’t the people reading these stories see anything wrong here?
    The fact that they continue to print the stories speak to who they are but also the reading public….

    • Feeshalori says:

      It’s all verbal vomit at this point, a disgusting, vile mess that they’re spewing from every orifice.

  18. JMoney says:

    The Windsors are overall not going to be tarnished/diminished by this by the general population in the UK which is their number 1 priority.

    I say that b/c the tit for tat the Windsors are doing by leaking via “sources” are only published in tabloids meaning only royalists will see it and in the royalists eyes The Windsors can do no wrong. Whereas Harry and what he says goes viral on all news outlets not just the tabloids. While its good Harry can say what he wants to say, what’s happening is by the Windsors leaking to the tabloids only, Harry (and by extension Meghan) are teetering towards being overexposed b/c to the average person not interested it can look like Harry and Meghan are “talking nonstop” (i.e. overexposed which is what the tabloids want to happen) while The Windsors keep a “dignified silence”. I hope after publishing Spare, Harry does not mention that family for the rest of the year.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      JMoney, the rest of the world doesn’t see the btm. I think if the brf would just keep their noses in the UK, they could just go merrily down the road. Their problem is that they want to have significance globally. That ship has sailed. Frankly, the way they’ve treated H&M and now with the docuseries and book, the world has a really good idea of what the brf is about. It ain’t pretty.

      I wonder if QE2 saw the writing on the wall? The brf and media being in bed together has truly eroded the Firm. The brf can thank KFC for that–he created this mess with his purpose to ruin Diana.

  19. QuiteContrary says:

    “Harry and Meghan are just repeating the same complaints over and over again. … It’s boring and exhausting and self-indulgent. … We’re above all that.”

    That’s clearly the memo the Windsors have sent to the rota, and the rota are parroting it. The only problem is that Harry is more effective in his messaging, and both he and Meghan are more compelling than the Windsors.

    So while the Windsors’ message may work in England, with the help of the rota, it’s not going to land with the global audience.

  20. First comment says:

    I really laughed at the last sentence of the article “Buckingham Palace has refused to comment” . The whole article is Buckingham palace commenting!!!

  21. Scooby Gang says:

    “… he knows full well it is highly unlikely they will engage in a tit-for-tat battle of words.”

    This infuriates me to no end!

    They imply that the reason H is speaking up is that he knows the rest of them won’t respond. As if H is a coward.

    But it’s the REST of them who are cowards. They hide behind those who do their dirty work for them. They’re not dignified. They’re pathetic.

    And I hope they’re all shaking in their stolen jewels fearing what H will say next.

    H – once he has had enough – speaks directly and concisely – HIMSELF.

  22. SourcesclosetoKate says:

    Why would they have to when they get an entire page in the dailymail to tat.

  23. Okay says:

    Will is all over this mess. It tickles me each time I see how much happier Harry is now and I don’t think they can even digest that he is free, his own man and is madly in love with the woman he married. They think he lost his damn mind. I am dying that he is in California (my state) such a blue state and now a yoga, avocado toast loving feminist liberal free preaching against the BRF and all its evil deeds. Welcome come home Harry! They never deserved you.

  24. SomeChick says:

    OMG y’all! the Guardian has got hold of a copy of Spare! and it says William physically assaulted Harry!!! :-0 shocking but hardly surprising.

    six more days before I get to have Harry read it to me!!!

  25. Carolind says:

    There is a reason William and Kate are so close to the thuggish Tindalls but don’t tar King Charles with the same brush. Harry should not let the whole title thing mean so much. Titles do not make people better.