Aaron Taylor Johnson met with James Bond producers, ‘the meeting went well’

I’m sitting here with the sudden realization that the next James Bond will probably be younger than me! For all of my life, James Bond has always been played by an actor older than me. I’ve never rejected the idea that Bond could be played by someone younger, but the character needs the gravitas of someone who is (at least) in their mid-30s. Bond producers have let it be known that when they get around to casting the post-Daniel Craig 007, they will likely look for an elder Millennial and not a Gen-Zer. Meaning, someone in their early 40s or late 30s, at least that’s what we hoped. Except now there are reports that Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s audition went really well? Aaron is 32 years old but he seems a lot younger.

According to a new Puck report from Matthew Belloni, Aaron Taylor-Johnson isn’t just a name picked by fans for the next Bond – he’s met with the producers.

“And, obviously, the granddaddy of casting coups: James Bond. The Aaron Taylor-Johnson rumors are true – he sat with producer Barbara Broccoli, and the meeting went well, per sources,” he wrote.

However, there is a small problem. “While Taylor-Johnson fits the bill—great actor, British, fits the younger direction the Broccolis want to go, accomplished but not particularly famous – he’s about to be a much bigger star. If Sony’s Spider-Man spinoff Kraven the Hunter or Universal’s Ryan Gosling two-hander The Fall Guy works, Taylor-Johnson might end up, ironically, too famous to take on Bond.”

No official details regarding the casting of the next James Bond have been announced, but Broccoli said in September 2022 that it’d be a “couple of years off” before we know anything.

[From Dexerto]

Weirdly, I always wondered if the “he’s too famous to play Bond” issue was at play with Idris Elba too – granted, Barbara Broccoli seems utterly unwilling to cast a person of color as 007, but I wonder if Idris was simply too well-known, too famous and too accomplished already. Anyway, if Broccoli is letting Aaron audition, then surely she’ll allow 32-year-old Dev Patel to audition? That would be amazing. As for the Aaron rumor in particular… I don’t think he would be a good James Bond, although I admit that he’s good-looking and good at action movies. He *seems* too young though.

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  1. Emily_C says:

    Yawn. Remember when Bond movies weren’t a thing, for years? That was a good time. It would be nice to have that again. So tired of the same old things.

  2. Brassy Rebel says:

    After William was permitted to tool around in that AM over the weekend, I just assumed he would be the next Bond. On second thought, no. That would be work ,and we all know he doesn’t do that.

    Personally, Idris Elba gets my vote.

  3. Fani says:

    Hope his wife directs.

    Would love a gorgeous, esthetic Bond.

  4. Millennial says:

    This biggest thing holding back his career imo, is his marriage. Not his fault, given the circumstances, but I think he could pull it off. I have a soft spot for him though.

  5. Ann says:

    I’ve never seen the man act and I barely know who he is beyond that he has a hot older partner. What I do know is he is a stone cold fox who can get it. I barely care about Bond films and I wouldn’t watch him in one but I’d enjoy the hell out of the promotion if he gets cast so bring it, please.

  6. agirlandherdogs says:

    I’ve never heard the too famous to play Bond idea. Possibly because I don’t like Bond movies. But if that’s a thing, how was Daniel Craig not too famous to play Bond? He had an amazing career before he was tapped for Bond.

    • Mimi says:

      I guess I’m the only one who does not think he is attractive. Part of the allure of James Bond is that he is sauve and sophisticated. Hard pass.

  7. Kaye says:

    Aaron Taylor Johnson – no. ugh. he’s never been attractive to me.

    Dev Patel – perfect.

    • Silver Birch says:

      I agree, I don’t think he’s attractive either. His hair always looks greasy, and his hair is receding in an unappealing way. I think balding guys can be sexy, but Bond needs a full head of hair.

      • DeeSea says:

        To each their own, but I respectfully disagree. For example, at one point I would’ve loved to see a fully bald Stanley Tucci as 007. If I can’t have Stanley Tucci, I’ll gladly take Dev Patel (who, admittedly, has a glorious head of hair).

      • Melissa says:

        A fully bald 007? Hello! Mark Strong is right there! You gotta admit he fits the role: English, fantastic actor with gravitas, drop dead gorgeous, very sultry, sophisticated, tall, in great shape. Too bad he’s 59 so he’s definitely out of the run just from that. Perhaps as a Bond villain…?

    • Naye in va says:

      Dev Patel ftw. I now don’t want to see anyone else. I. Need. This

  8. Layla says:

    I don’t think this will be the case but I really really really would like Aidan Turner to be bond. His portrayal of Philip Lambard in the 2015 adaptation of And Then There Were None… he was basically Bond

  9. ariel says:

    Once i realized it could have been Idris Elba – not it is not- for “reasons” aka racism- i can’t imagine watching a new bond movie ever again.
    B/c James Bond has not always been British- no one cared, but a black man- gasp.

    Also- i feel like most people’s favorite bond/bond movie is the bond they saw first- so for me it is Roger Moore in A View to a Kill. With Duran Duran singing the title song.

    I would watch Idris Elba in a not bond, but bond like rip off. B/c he would be perfect in that kind of role.

    • Fortuona says:

      Nothing to do with racism it is idris’ age that matters they are looking for a 30+ year old for the role as they can keep him doing it for 15 years

      Idris has just turned 50

  10. Lucy says:

    I love Dev Patel SO much, and I’m deeply disinterested in Bond (despite trying to get into it because of Ben Whishaw as Q), so I may be biased. But would Dev actually be interested in the role? I’ve seen him talk in several interviews about how much he hated the scope of production for The Last Airbender Movie and how he prefers more character-driven work? Maybe he doesn’t want Bond? (I selfishly want him to do things like David Copperfield that I actually want to see…)

  11. Dani says:

    He’s British, smoking hot, he can act, he’s athletic and he’s the right age. I can totally see him as James Bond.

  12. Dutch says:

    If the goal is casting a younger actor to play Bond, then Idris is way too 50 to fit the parameters of the role.

  13. Christine says:

    The Bond movies are not my cup of tea. I didn’t bother watching the last two. That being said, I especially wouldn’t watch one with ATJ. Nothing against him, but it’s such a boring choice after Daniel Craig. I think of Dev Patel as sort of slim and geeky. Is that not the case anymore? I can’t see him in the role at all, although I think he’s fantastic.

  14. Torttu says:

    He will make a great Bond. He’s gorgeous.
    They should have not killed Bond though, I’m still angry about it.

  15. Mia4s says:

    Lame. What a snooze of a choice! Interesting that given a leak like this very clearly came from his team it’s clear he desperately wants it (or at least his team does $$$$$$).

    I’m bored already!

    • Robert Phillips says:

      If his team actually leaked this they were stupid. Because now he will never be Bond. Until the studio releases who the next Bond is you will not ever hear it. And it won’t be anyone you probably ever heard of.

  16. Stacey Dresden says:

    Aaron Taylor-Johnson is so dayum fine. I would be very into this project even though I don’t see him as steely enough to be Bond.

    • Erin says:

      I agree, he’s so my type and the way he moves, yum. I am not into Bond movies though, I can’t even remember if I’ve seen one. Pierce was Bond when I was growing up and the most impact it had on me was gaming with golden eye, iconic video game lol. I guess the one thing that I associate with Bond that he doesn’t have is a deep voice like Sean Connery.

  17. Dara says:

    I wouldn’t be mad about it, he was on my short list. Others I also wouldn’t be mad about, in no particular order – Rege-Jean Page, Nicholas Hoult, Dev Patel, Chris Pang.

    • dj says:

      ATJ is a bore. I am team Rege-Jean Page or Nicholas Hoult if they have to be that young. Otherwise, I would love Tom Hardy. He sold me he could play Bond during the Venom movie.

  18. Concern Fae says:

    I wish they would announce a round of Bond one-shots. Use the actors who are too old to do the long runs the series usually has, each with a film suited to their style and personality. You could have Idris!Bond, Hiddleston!Bond, Hardy!Bond, someone totally out of the zone like Martin Freeman.

    If we went by the original European copyright rules of life of the author plus 50 years, Bond would have been in the public domain for 9 years and like Sherlock Holmes, we’d have all the Bonds. As of now, it’s 95 years from date of publication, so Casino Royale is public domain in 25 years.

  19. HeyKay says:

    ATJ is hot. But could he carry the Bond franchise? Unlikely IMO.

    James Bond is meant to be an ice cold secret agent, icy calm and with license to kill, and is Commander Bond in rank. ATJ would not be a good Bond.
    Whoever is the next Bond will be expected to become brand Bond. Worldwide, these movies still print money. The product placement $$ alone is huge.

    Pierce Brosnan did well, right age at the start plus his first movie had Sean Bean to assist, he could act, looked great, did a ton of PR for his movies and he did little to distract from Bond in his private life, which I think they want from every Bond.
    Daniel Craig also held brand Bond and did huge amounts of PR in support of Bond for years.

    They are looking for someone to devote a good 8-10 years of their prime age to be brand Bond, endlessly promoting, selling the franchise. For what will maybe be 3-4 films.
    Look at the list of possibles… Idris, Tom Hardy, James Norton, Dev Patal, Cavill, Golding, anyone of them could have been interesting and would pulled in ticket goers.
    The problem with this is they are known as good actors and have all become famous already.

    I really think they are just playing at it, to keep the talk going.
    In truth, the Bond characters were of their time in the 1960’s with Connery and The Russians as the bad guys.

  20. Kate says:

    That’s fine, I guess.

  21. LRob says:

    oh Dev Patel as Bond. What a delicious idea.

  22. Kirsten says:

    I keep forgetting he’s British? Like every time I see him in something where he talks in his regular accent, I’m like, oh right, British. After watching him in Bullet Train, I can totally picture him as Bond tho.

    I’d still rather have Idris Elba, even if it were only for one or two movies.

  23. imara219 says:

    My immediate reaction is 🤨😬😒. Then I remembered Bullet Train. He was one of my favorite parts of the movie. The facial hair, long hair, and suit did wonders for him. Usually, he comes across as a simple-faced child. In that movie, he had gravitas of a man.

  24. Abby says:

    I’m not into Bond movies, but isn’t he supposed to be a spy who’s good at fighting and physical stuff? Doesn’t it make sense he’s younger??
    I never got how it makes sense to have an older guy in the role, like he’d get whipped by a young marine I’m sure.

  25. Melissa says:

    Idris was the best fit but age plays against him. I’m not into the other choices, and they’re all pretty famous at this point. The only one of the current crop I can see as Bond is Luke Evans. He already has the sex appeal. I’m sure he can pull off 007.

  26. Yvette says:

    We can thank the first three Jason Bourne films for the infusion of lifeblood into the James Bond franchise. I went to see the first Daniel Craig Bond film “Casino Royale” in November 2006 because he wasn’t the standard for the franchise (the Jason Bourne film with Matt Damon, “The Bourne Ultimatum” was released in August 2007). But perhaps some may not remember the doubt and surprise surrounding Craig’s selection as Bond. After all, he broke the mold. He looked like an adorable mutt, he was shorter than the other Bonds (Damon is also a true 5’10”), and (the horror!) he was blond. But I loved Daniel Craig as Bond immediately.

    James Bond as Daniel Craig portrayed him was refreshingly different. He was a badass with a cold, lethal stare who didn’t give a shite about looking like a harmless playboy until the moment was right. He had a huge chip on his shoulder but wasn’t the same jaded, world-weary lush as the others. And I believe (bear with me as it’s been a minute since I’ve watched the film) they made a point of saying that he wasn’t born a proper British gentleman blue blood with a silver spoon in his mouth. His education was courtesy of a lucky, but well-earned, scholarship and a sterling stint in the Royal Navy.

    Nonetheless, also being a HUGE Jason Bourne franchise chic I noticed a few similarities in that first Daniel Craig film (and so did the critics and interviewer, which drove Craig nuts during interviews). Like Damon’s Bourne, Craig’s Bond was scrappier in “Casino Royale” with loads of jaw dropping hand-to-hand action of the up close and personal, one wrong move and you’re dead action. But what captured a lot of attention was the jacket Craig’s Bond wore through a good third of the film (if you’re a Bourne film fan, you know what I’m talking about). It was a bit too much on the nose, so of course Craig got asked in every interview about the similarities between his Bond and Jason Bourne. In one interview, after being asked the question, Daniel Craig just starred coldly at the interviewer for a 30-second count and then said “I’m a fan of those films, but no.” LOL! Loved it! I guess what I’m trying to say is that different can be very, very good. Despite doubts and snide remarks about Craig’s choice as Bond, he turned out to be the best of the bunch.

    Aaron Taylor Johnson is a charismatic, incredibly talented actor with loads of intensity and gravitas. He was extremely impressive as Sir James Douglas in the sorely underrated Netflix film “Outlaw King” with Chris Pine and a host of gifted British and Scottish actors and actresses. If he’s selected to pick up the mantle as 007 (after the ending of “No Time to Die”, I don’t think there will be another James Bond), I’ll go see it because I know He. Will. Bring. It!

  27. ZeeEnnui says:

    I would have scoffed at the idea of ATJ playing Bond, but then I watched “Bullet Train.” (Talk about a movie being done dirty by the trailer). Johnson was all style, wit, and brutality in the movie – a perfect combo for Bond. I’ve always enjoyed him as an actor, but I saw a new side of him in “Bullet Train” which was more fun than it had any right to be. My pick is still Richard Madden for Bond (just watch him in “Bodyguard” and you’ll know why). It’d be nice to see a bit of diversity with the Bond character if they’re going to go younger, but I don’t think Barbara Broccoli is gonna go for it.

  28. Beatrice says:

    Idris Elba would make such a fantastic Bond. And if they weren’t willing to cast a person of colour, then Richard Madden. He’s Scottish, handsome, well-known but not massively so. He’s be perfect.

  29. Juxtapoze says:

    Just watched “The Witcher: Blood Origin” and Laurence O’Fuarain is another actor I’d love to see in the mix for the next Bond (if the producers are stuck on another white male Brit which sadly they seem to be). Would like to see Oliver Jackson-Cohen (Emerald City, Haunting of Hill House) up for consideration as well.

  30. Mollie says:

    Whoever plays Bond needs to have swagger. Idris has the swagger. He’s really perfect for the part. Too bad for stupid racists. He’s got that intangible that Sean Connery, Roger Moore, even Daniel Craig all have. I can’t put it into words. But you look at those guys (and pierce brosnan) and think yep, that guy can be James Bond. Idris has that too.

  31. Shirurusu says:

    I have never seen ATJ be good in anything honestly, he was horrible in marvel, didn’t like him in Kickass, didn’t even like him in the John Lennon movie and I’m generally a Beatles fan and love that era. He just always seems like ATJ in every movie, not the character he’s supposed to inhabit. Plus he has no charisma. I do feel sorry for him for being groomed by a predator though.

    Bond franchise hasn’t been good since Casino Royal so I don’t care too much for that, although there was a time when Damien Lewis would have been my choice 🙂 He’s always amazing, but I think for both him and Idris they’re better off not being Bond..

    • imara219 says:

      I seriously hate the Daniel Craig era of Bond. I’m kind of biased because dudes with his features are just not my jam but I still tried to give it a go and see Casino Royale but yeah. He really threw off the brand for me.

  32. shaboo says:

    He’s attractive (though I hate his hair) but the scrunched forehead thing he does is so annoying and his voice is very nasal for Bond. I’m not sure he’s suave or mysterious enough to be honest.