‘M3GAN’ has a near-perfect Rotten Tomatoes score, on track to open big

When the M3GAN trailer came out last year, it went viral and every piece of it became instantly iconic. The dancing, the fact that a robot doll runs on all four, the idea that a sentient robot-child will literally kill to protect her BFF. It was all pretty great, especially because this was a pretty cheap movie – the budget was $12 million, and while there are special effects, most of it is done through old-fashioned movie trickery. M3GAN comes out on Friday and box office prognosticators are already saying that the film will make back its budget on opening weekend. The reviews are coming in too, and as of Wednesday, M3GAN has a 98% critics’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Even movie-snob critics are applauding it – apparently, it’s more of a black comedy than a pure horror, but it walks both lines very well.

A terrifying animatronic doll named M3GAN, short for Model 3 Generative Android, is poised to take the box office by storm. Universal and Blumhouse’s PG-13 “M3GAN” is aiming to generate $17 million to $20 million from 3,400 North American theaters in its opening weekend. Those ticket sales would mark a scary-good start because the modestly budgeted horror film cost just $12 million to produce.

“M3GAN” is hoping to function as counter-programming in January, which tends to be a dead month at the movies. But the pint-sized agent of terror will be no match for James Cameron’s reigning champion “Avatar: The Way of Water,” which is expected to dominate domestic box office charts for the fourth consecutive week. Disney and 20th Century’s blockbuster sequel is projected to decline roughly 50% over the weekend, putting its estimated three-day tally at $30 million to $35 million.

Fear not, horror fans. Pandora won’t entirely suck up the oxygen in theaters. Already, the Gerard Johnstone-directed “M3GAN” looks like it’ll benefit greatly from word of mouth. In the lead-up to its release, the robotic doll has become a viral sensation and meme queen, thanks to her killer choreography and overall chaotic energy. Universal and Blumhouse have capitalized on the fervor with clever marketing tactics, including troupes of dancing dolls at the film’s premiere.

[From Variety]

Seriously though, M3GAN looks like so much fun, I might actually go see it in the theaters, and I’m literally waiting to watch all of the Oscar-bait stuff at home. Anyway, I hope this murderous doll wrecks James Cameron’s dumb movie. This one’s for the killer robot-girls!

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  1. Mimi says:

    I haven’t been to a theater since March 2020 and this literally the first time I want to go back. Lol.

  2. Gizmo’sMa says:

    I really want to see this movie! I can tell from the trailer it is B-movie gloriousness. However I will not go to a theater to see this when there’s an Omnicron variant rampaging across the country.

    So I will wait until Cocaine Bear comes to VOD and watch both of them. It will be the best B-Movie double feature ever!

  3. MsIam says:

    Just looking at that picture is scary enough for me, lol. No thanks! I was thinking of getting a robot vacuum but maybe not, lol. Yikes!

  4. ariel says:

    I saw the trailer when it first came out- i am dying to see it- and the trailer was horrifying and creepy. Fascinating.

  5. Zan Bee says:

    MEGAN was written by Akela Cooper, who also wrote MALIGNANT. Akela is the first recipient of the NAACP/CBS Writer’s Fellowship. She used the fellowship award to attend USC School of Cinema-Television. Akela has also worked on a lot of supernatural/sci-fi TV shows, including my favourites GRIMM and LUKE CAGE. I’m so excited to see this talented, black, female writer succeeding in the genre of her dreams!!!

    • heather says:

      I looooooved Grimm – it jumped the shark for me with the whole baby thing but man those early seasons were SO good. I happened to be in Portland and saw them filming back in ’14. I fan girled from a distance.

  6. Giddy says:

    I want to see it, but I have a niece who is barely able to wait! She is on her high school’s robotic team, goes to state and multi- state competitions, and her team is planning to go to see M3GAN together. These kids are brilliant. They have to have knowledge in engineering, math, and computers to build the robots that they do. My niece has promised to call me after the movie!

  7. Mee says:

    When I first saw the trailer I laughed sooooo hard. It looks like a classic already. I’m also ready for Cocaine Bear. I need some outrageousness.

    • Yepsure says:

      Yep, totally over the top and hilarious. That dance scene was written in for TikTok, lol.

  8. Roo says:

    Who has the better dance scene? Megan or Wednesday Addams? 😂