Mindy Kaling announces that The Mindy Project is coming to Netflix

Here’s some good news for people who don’t have Hulu and like good shows: The Mindy Project is coming to Netflix! Mindy Kaling announced the news about her show in a cute Instagram post in which she wore various outfits that her titular character wore throughout the series. Mindy Kaling is really on a hot streak lately, isn’t she?

Winter just got a lot more colorful thanks to Mindy Kaling.

The actress and producer is brightening things up with a parade of vibrant dresses on Instagram. In a new post, she announced that every season of her beloved show The Mindy Project would be available to stream on Netflix in January, and we couldn’t help but notice her collection of dazzling dresses.

As she announced the details of her show’s big move, the star switched between various coats, dresses, and tops in colors like pink, blue, green, orange, and yellow. But it was her red dress that really caught our attention. In the second frame, Kaling wore a red dress with flirty ruffles and a round collar, adding some prep to her step.

[From People]

I love Mindy and I love this show, so I’m happy about this news. This is one of my favorite shows and I put it on on Hulu all the time, but I know some people don’t have Hulu (why, it has great content) so I’m glad it will be on Netflix where it will get more viewers. It’s such a funny and underrated show and gets even zanier after the third season, when it was picked up by Hulu after being canceled by FOX. Also, the fashion in this show and Mindy’s fashion in general is so good. The Mindy Lahari character is quite colorful, literally and figuratively, and has great style. And Mindy Kaling’s style is a bit different, but similarly great. I love her outfit posts in her closet and I think her style is aspirational and accessible — stuff people actually want to buy and wear instead of just admiring from afar. I wish Mindy was in more stuff as an actor, like The Mindy Project, but she seems to be all about producing/writing these days.

Photos via Instagram and credit: LCY/Avalon

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  1. Bookie says:

    Chris Messina (the BEST Chris – I will die on this hill) had better come back! I love, love, love this show.

    *edited to add: I thought this was going to be a reboot and it’s not. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  2. Abby says:

    This was one of my favorite shows, and one of the only reasons I had Hulu. I was hoping this was a reboot! But I’ll just go re-watch 🙂

  3. ChillinginDC says:

    Ehh just skip the two seasons before we get Chris Messina back as Danny.

    What is going on with Kaling’s make-up?

    • Hootenannie says:

      I think it’s to distract from the work she’s had done/aggressive weight loss. Rumor is she’s been taking Ozempic like many celebs, so she dropped a ton of weight fast and it left her face looking hollowed/off.

  4. OriginalLaLa says:

    In Canada, it was on Netflix years ago (do we get Hulu in Canada?) !! it was pulled a while back so I’m hoping they add it again, I LOVED it!

  5. NMB says:

    I read the header and thought the show was coming back for new seasons. Sad.

  6. Not it says:

    I haven’t seen this show in ages. I should rewatch. But actually (sadly) what I remember the most is that Mindy only dated white guys – which is fine. But then the character never joked about only being attracted to white guys which I found to be a bummer. Unpacking why a first generation, brown person never dated anyone not white would’ve made me feel like the comedy was cutting edge.

    • Kate McCallister says:

      They make constant jokes about her only dating white guys, that her type is white guys- it’s addressed throughout the show.

      • Not It says:

        I’m surprised to hear that because there were so many articles written about how race was never addressed with nuance l and I thought Mindy said that was purposeful. It was enough of a big deal for an an Indian woman to have 75 percent of the lines, run the show, etc. The first season, there was an ep where Black basketball players into her – and she said something like ‘Black guys love me.’ But never dug deeper on why she was not into them. But if it progressed in future seasons, I’m def wrong. It was ages ago. I think there is humor here and would love someone to explore it.

  7. lucy2 says:

    I never finished watching the series, I should rewatch and finish it.
    I follow her on social media, she’s been rocking some fun fashion lately.

  8. Ange says:

    I loved the first few seasons when it first came out, then noped out when Mindy left the guy she wanted to start the fertility business with holding the bag to go back and start one with douchebag Danny.

    Recently I tried to re-watch when it came to Netflix Aus and I couldn’t get through 3 episodes. After the last few years where we’ve been reckoning with the behaviour of entitled men I can’t watch his character in a vacuum, especially knowing how he ends up being. That plus Mindy being her own kind of awful made me completely unable to watch again.

  9. TeddyB says:

    She’s gotta pay for that Ozempic.