Prince Harry: The monarchy’s silence on Jeremy Clarkson was ‘deafening’

“If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it.” -Zora Neale Hurston

Prince Harry’s ITV interview – which was called Harry: The Interview – aired in the UK hours before the 60 Minutes aired here in America. Tom Bradby covered some of the same ground as Anderson Cooper, but the ITV interview was much longer, more detailed and, at times, shadier. Here are some clips:

When asked why he wrote his memoir and why he’s being so public, he answers simply: “I don’t want history to repeat itself. I don’t want to be a single dad. I certainly don’t want my children to have a life without a mother or a father.” The fact that Harry is saying this outright means he knows the stakes and he knows this has always been a matter of life or death. Looking back, it’s still remarkable that they were able to survive the past three years. And yes, the more Harry speaks, the more he puts a spotlight on the fact that his family – in collusion with the British media – put his family in mortal danger.

Harry also addressed the Jeremy Clarkson episode, where Clarkson wrote a violent screed about Harry’s wife, including a lurid and violent fantasy about stripping Meghan naked and marching her down the street so people could throw feces at her. At no point did Buckingham Palace say one word of condemnation, probably because Clarkson wrote the column just after he had lunch with Queen Camilla and Piers Morgan. Harry told Bradby:

“Not only is what [Clarkson] said horrific and hurtful and cruel towards my wife, but it also encourages other people around the UK and around the world, men particularly, to go and think that it’s acceptable to treat women that way. To use my stepmother’s words recently as well, there is a global pandemic of violence against women. It’s no longer a case of me asking for accountability, but at this point, the world is asking for accountability and the world is asking for some form of comment from the monarchy. But the silence is deafening, to put it mildly.”

[From ITV]

Quoting Camilla… *chef’s kiss*. Harry had every right to expect the palace to comment on something so violent and egregious. But like everything to do with the Sussexes, the Windsors’ silence is their complicity. It’s pathetic.

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  1. Tessa says:

    Go Harry. Great irony in his statement about Camilla work with abused women

    • May Bench says:

      Her refusal to speak out means she isn’t serious about abuse of women. Camilla is a fraud and horrible woman.

      • jazzbaby1 says:

        The only thing she’s serious about is her gin.

      • SarahCS says:

        Absolutely. It’s glaringly obvious that this topic area was chosen for her by advisors as the best way to tackle the ‘she was hideously cruel to another woman’ narrative. It’s just part of her job description.

  2. IForget says:

    YES Harry YES, this is it! No notes, this was perfect.

  3. Layla says:

    I am so so glad Harry spoke about this can you imagine having to sit there and listen to some disgusting privileged white man’s words about your wife like that! But the fact that he not only said it was disgusting but that it encourages other men to believe that it is ok to treat women (and women of colour) hopefully means that now that’s not a talking point derangers can use against him. Now the magnifying glass can re shift to how the palace’s silence still is deafening. Also I LOVE how he used vanilla’s words against her: this is supposed to be an advocate for violence against women but she has said nothing

    Now he just needs to call out the resident p.o.s Piers Morgan

    • girl_ninja says:

      I think both Meghan and Harry are purposeful in excluding Morgan and I love it. Meghan was right to stop communication with Morgan and he showed what horrid abuse he is capable of. That they haven’t even uttered his name probably drives him crazy. I love that for him and I hope they keep it up.

      • Layla says:

        @girl_ninja your point actually makes so much more sense than mine and yeah it is a really good thing that they aren’t giving him the time of day. I just hate that this guy feels that he can continue to be abusive towards Meghan because KP gave him that platform

  4. MoBiMo says:

    Thank you, Kaiser, for the Hurston quote…. perfect!

    • QuiteContrary says:

      Totally agree about the Hurston quote. It is perfection. As was Harry’s reference to Camilla and violence against women — the phrase “hoist with one’s own petard” comes to mind.

    • Christine says:

      100%, every part of that quote is perfection.

  5. Flowerlake says:

    Clarkson seemed to think all people his generation thought the same. Wonder where he got that idea, after just having that lunch.

  6. TeamMeg says:

    “Silence only allows the abuser to abuse.” —Prince Harry 💥♥️

    • Lurker25 says:

      OMG the last two Clarkson and Camilla photos… Nightmare fuel for weeks! These ppl are like characters from a Grimm’s fairy tale, all rotting teeth and leathery wrinkles.
      Sometimes you*can* judge a book by its cover, and should.

      • Blue Nails Betty says:

        They are the walking talking definition of “when you’re older you get the face you deserve”.

      • Lorelei says:

        Is cosmetic dentistry not a thing in the UK?? The BRF has all of the resources in the world, but you sure wouldn’t know it from looking at their teeth.

      • Christine says:

        They don’t even have souls, their teeth are the least of their worries.

  7. Anita says:

    ” use my stepmother’s words ” ohohoooo, beautiful and direct, brilliant in the simplicity of the delivery.

    Eh. I think Harry was (and probably still is in some ways) incredibly loyal to his family for a long time.
    Judging from what’s in the excerpts, he was mistreated and humiliated when possible by the people who thought they could get away with it (and they did). So I think if the RF had just behaved well – not really cordially – but moderately well, and not attacked him and his wife so violently, he would still be around, he would still be an active member of the Firm, and he, his wife and their marriage would probably be dying a slow death. What is happening now would have happened after Queen EII’s death with or without them leaving UK, but now they are independent and in a position of power.

    Sweet irony, that thanks to RF’S short-sighted, violent and persistent attacks, they left him no choice but to leave in order to survive. And in retrospect, the timing of his, their move from UK to USA to attract the world’s attention was really good: after the wedding, after the birth of his firstborn, and before the death of Prince Phillip and Queen EII.
    Thus, what happened was the best thing in a terrible, life threatening situation, because they are now independent and thriving. I am sure that normal family relations would be better, but that was never an option, was there.

    • Kingston says:

      @Anita I totally agree. The timing of everything H&M have done since they left the uk in November 2019 (rmbr that rota talking point at the time about the Sussexes “going on a 6-wk break” in which theyll “celebrate Thankgiving & Xmas in Canada” and then return to ‘royal duties’ in January? I laugh about that now. That was the narrative handed down from BP/CH/KP directly to the rota.

      But what that 6-week time period really did, however, is give H&M an opportunity to seriously assess their situation and come up with a plan to partially extricate themselves from the RF and their incestuous relationship with the britshidtmedia. Hence the offer of the half-in/half-out plan. And we all know how that went.

      The razor-edge timing of it all is also visible in the fact that even up to March 2020, after the final week of duties performed by H&M, when M had to leave to return to Canada and THEN the machiavellians in palaces told H they wd have that summit afterall, it was because of their hubris in fraudulently signing H’s name to that statement about Bullyam the Bully that H&M made the decision to sever their working ties with the RF.

      And then we know the hair-raising dash to freedom on TylerPerry’s jet, with papparazzi and covid on their heels.

      Their escape is all toooooooo seemingly divinely inspired for me to believe any of this has anything to do with coincidence.

    • Hilary says:

      Yeah I agree…he would have still been in the fold somehow half in/half out. As terrible as it was it’s good they had no choice but to leave because it forced them to start from scratch and really find independence.
      I think the last part is Harry needing to realize fully that his family DOES NO CARE about Meghan or his kids. I really hope he’s just being diplomatic versus ignorant to the extent of his families involvement in the abuse of Meghan, his kids and even himself.

      I mean William just briefed that he’s gonna expose Harry more ( don’t think there’s anything to expose) so clearly they haven’t learned

  8. kelleybelle says:

    Ugly, soulless monsters. And for all their money, for God’s sake get your teeth fixed!

  9. Kyliegirl says:

    Also, because Clarkson used Harold in his article, Harry knows that his family gave permission or encouraged that article which is sickening. He knows they can’t respond without repercussions from their media friends, but with his response every time Camilla speaks on domestic violence her non response to this article will be brought up or in people’s minds.

  10. L4Frimaire says:

    I think Harry went so hard in Camilla in those interviews was specifically because of what Clarkson said and how she just blatantly associates with him, Morgan and the Daily Fail. She has caused a lot of deliberate harm to others to boost herself. He has every right to be angry and glad he called them out.

  11. phlyfiremama says:

    Ooh, saying my “stepmother” was a master touch!! He might as well have said my EVIL stepmother, but he just leaves it to us to fill in that blank. 😍

  12. Amy Bee says:

    This was the best line of the entire interview and he was absolutely right.

  13. Noor says:

    People are waiting for real and official action to be taken against The Sun and Clarkson for writing and publishing the article,

  14. Louise177 says:

    I’m glad Harry spoke about the lack of statements from the Royals when it comes to the Sussex’s. They release a statement about Kate not having plastic surgery but crickets about racism, violence, and misogyny towards Meghan and the children.

    • SIde Eye says:

      Thank you for pointing this out Louise177. That is my takeaway as well. Clearly, they’ve shown us where their priorities are.

  15. Becks1 says:

    oh these clips are good. “the silence is deafening.” Using Camilla’s words about violence against women. the line about how honesty should not burn bridges (but of course it sometimes does.)

    And then the parts about the Queen’s death. Its so enraging to me that it was even worse than it looked from the outside, and it looked pretty bad from the outside.

    • Christine says:

      I’m with you, and it had to be so much worse than any of this, for Harry to even address the horrible Jeremy Clarkson statements in this interview. He’s talking about something, that in royal terms, happened yesterday, because he’s pissed that he pulled his punches and his family is STILL this fucking awful.

  16. panthress says:

    First of all, I applaud Harry and cheer every word that he said. Harry’s interviews, book, and documentary are planting seeds globally and the seeds are growing exponentially in his favor.Secondly, someone wrote that “Camilla could be a Hoot”. Yes, Camilla can be a hoot always at the expense of others. I bet you wouldn’t like it if one of her hoots were directed at you.

  17. Tessa says:

    Camilla did show how she felt about harry and Meghan by not issuing a statement about Clarkson.