Lindsay Price and Josh Radnor break up after a year; save Eastwick!

Let me start off by saying that the only reason I’m covering this story is because I want to complain that Price’s show “Eastwick” has been canceled. I really love that show and think that if it didn’t have the numbers that ABC should have given it a chance. It’s a very solid, entertaining show with a fabulous cast and if it was promoted better it could have achieved a higher viewership. It’s just really disappointing to hear that one of my favorite new shows probably won’t be coming back.

Lindsay Price, 32, plays an unemployed journalist with psychokinetic powers on the show. She’s been dating fellow TV star Josh Radnor, 35, of CBS’s “How I Met Your Mother” since late last summer. The two recently called it quits, with a “source,” probably one of the actor’s PR reps, telling People “it was just time.”:

Lindsay Price and Josh Radnor, who began dating in August 2008, have called it quits, PEOPLE has confirmed.

“They aren’t together anymore,” a source tells PEOPLE of the former Lipstick Jungle actress, 32, and the How I Met Your Mother actor, 35. Adds another source, “It was just time.”

The pair met in 2007 when Price appeared on How I Met Your Mother, but they didn’t kick off their courtship for another 18 months. “We met up a year-and-a-half later in New York,” Price told PEOPLE in June. “We went to have dinner near the Bowery. It went really well.”

At the time, Price said of Radnor, “He’s very thoughtful, and he’s very good at giving gifts.”

[From People]

A year sounds about right if you like the person and just end up realizing you don’t have the same goals in life or aren’t ready to commit to something longer term. That’s too bad for them, but if they weren’t right for each other it was time that they called it quits.

Back to the real topic – I’m still holding out hope for Eastwick. The cast is amazing and it’s a very well crafted show. I wasn’t really familiar with Rebecca Romijn before seeing Eastwick, but she’s a good actress and I enjoy her scenes. Eastwick also features Jaime Ray Newman as the redheaded weather-changing Cat and Cybill Shepherd as a practicing witch. A lot of people are going to miss that show. At least the episodes that are already complete will still air. Maybe another network will pick it up.

Lindsay Price and Josh Radnor are shown in the header at the Emmy awards on 9/20/09. Doesn’t he look kind of annoyed while she’s hanging on him? They’re also shown on 5/18/09. Credit:

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  1. Dorothy says:

    I was also so upset! I love every character and the plots are fantastic. I am keeping my fingers crossed that CBS or NBC will pick up!!!!

  2. snowball says:

    My first thought was, “who are these people?”

    I rarely watch the 4 big networks, so I suppose that would be why.

  3. manda says:

    I have always thought of myself as quite the couch potato, but I have never heard of that show! And it sounds right up my alley (I was a fan of charmed, and buffy, and angel). ABC needs to advertise better. I’ll start watching now, though!

  4. mollination says:

    No! This is me and my mom’s show. That’s so sad.

  5. stinabelle says:

    I’m going to disagree and say I hate that show. I think Rebecca Romijn should give up acting. That show bored me to death. I had to give it up after a few episodes because it made me fall asleep, and I REALLY wanted to like it.

    That said, Lindsay Price is beautiful.

  6. Just a Poster says:

    At first I was all NOOOOOOO when I heard about this show. I loved the book, HATED the movie and pleasantly surprised by how much I really love this show! I really like how all the characters are written and developing and where the story was going.

    It really irks me that ABC cancels really good shows all the damn time. Seriously, they are keeping “Ugly Betty” over this?? BLECK

  7. Iggles says:

    Man, I hate looking at pictures of broken up couples in “happier” times. It makes me wonder what happened! So sad..

  8. Ally says:

    Tried watching the show, but it was boring, corny, and embarassingly low budget (the latter is the network’s fault). Poor Lindsay Price. She’s so cute and likeable, but she must have been on a dozen prematurely-cancelled shows by now.

    Lipstick Jungle should have been kept going. The characters were interesting, the writing wasn’t moronic, and regardless of US viewership it would have had great international sale value and DVD potential. Male network morons to blame, methinks, anxious to kill a “chick show”.

  9. Ana says:

    Did she have a bad nose job?

    I love that guy…he’s so adorable.

  10. Nonstopstudy says:

    I dig this show, too. Hope it comes back, but won’t hold my breath since so many awesome shows get canceled.

  11. dusntmattr says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Celebitchy on her/his(?) opinion of Eastwick being canned. I’m bummed!!

    The guy who plays Darryl Van Horne is brilliant!! Quite yummy…