Princess Kate is focused on her new Early Years program, not ‘Spare’

There wasn’t a huge amount of criticism for Kate, the Princess of Wales, within Prince Harry’s Spare. I was left with the impression that Kate is rude to a lot of people (especially Meghan) and that Kate is prissy, very cold and that she freaks out if you mention her baby brain. Considering Harry also outed Kate’s husband as a violent psycho, you would think that Kate would actually be happy to get some sympathy. You would think that Kate would just take that as a win and move on. Well, she is moving on, but not before she makes a big deal about how she was simply too busy to pay attention to Spare.

The Princess of Wales has “already moved on” from the Prince Harry memoir saga, as she prepares to launch a major campaign to change the future for generations of children. Princess Kate even “dismissed” the controversy surrounding the Duke of Sussex’s explosive book as she was busy preparing to launch the next stage of her flagship early years work for children, according to royal sources.

At the end of the month, the mum-of-three will announce a new revolutionary “three to five year programme” aimed at impacting the vital first five years of every child’s life.

Sources close to the Princess, who Harry painted as uptight and unwelcoming to his wife Meghan when she joined the royal fold, have revealed how she was left “baffled” by Harry’s personal attacks, but was left unruffled because she was “totally immersed” in her work “to take much notice”.

A royal source said: “Of course there have been other distractions but the Princess has had far more important things on her mind. It’s an important and exciting time. The campaign she has been working on really is the result of several months behind the scenes (and) will launch a new three to five year programme. (Kate) spends a lot of time reading, meeting and speaking with professionals across the entire field – but this isn’t just one project, it’s an opportunity to make generational change for all our children.”

“There are a number of creative parts in the process for parents and non-parents to be involved across the country with lots more to come and the hope is as many people as possible, from those in the medical and academic world as well as parents and non-parents, join the journey.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

“But this isn’t just one project, it’s an opportunity to make generational change for all our children.” It’s going to be another copykeened survey. Or another “wing” (another desk) for the Keenwell Institute on Buttons and Early Years. Maybe she’ll make another unhinged commercial comparing her work to Malala and John F. Kennedy. MAYBE SHE’LL GIVE US ANOTHER PIE CHART. Anyway, it’s hilarious that Kate is using Spare to talk about her sh-t.

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  1. Lorelei says:

    Sure, Kate 😂
    For sure, you’re “too immersed in your work to take notice.” I bet she doesn’t even know the book exists, considering how many hours she’s working! And LMAO at “revolutionary”

    • Chloe says:

      Not going to lie. They’ve got me curious. I wonder what this program entails.

      • Andy Dufresne says:

        Let’s face it. If there is any ounce of real work onto this Early Years project, I wouldn’t give Kate the credit.

        This is just about something she has to do cuz the Palace told her to focus on SOMETHING/ ANYTHING to appear that she is doing any type of work. Willy has Africa, Charlie boi has the environment, Rottweiler has domestic violence. All of this is performative!

      • Chloe says:

        @andy: does willy really have africa tho? I can’t remember the last time he did something to promote conservation there. Or when he went to africa to campaign. Seems to me like he’s very much moving onto his father’s territory of climate change. I wonder how chucky feels about having to share a passion project.

      • DouchesOfCambridge says:

        Yeah right @Chloe it got me curious too lol
        It’s not a very smart answer I find from KKKate to completely disregard the conversation and invalidate everything that’s been going on, as a person advocating for mental health that’s such a poor and dry response with such a lack of sensitivity and understanding and sorry but, intelligence. There’s about 1000 things she could say and she chose the worst one: it doesn’t exist to me.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Chloe he attends the Tusk Trust awards every year? Is that enough to say that he “has Africa” after he demanded Harry “let him have it?” (that part of the book was super weird and very revealing IMO.)

      • Jais says:

        I’m just curious as to why they would say its going to be revolutionary. They need to tone it down. Yesterday was MLK day and I’m not really into throwing the word revolutionary around for Kate’s early years project. I’m sure there are people out there doing truly good work on this topic but it’s not Kate. After this many years, an insulting 5Q survey, and lame-ass pie charts, I am not actually curious about what is being rolled out next. However, I am cringing just thinking about it.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Becks1 that part was beyond bizarre and is a perfect microcosm of how this family thinks and operates. As if there isn’t enough room in Africa— nor enough endangered animals on the entire continent— for TWO people to dedicate some time to it. Freaking ridiculous (and it must have been all the more enraging to Harry since William does fck all besides use it as an excuse to visit Jecca every so often)

      • Margaret says:

        Well she should start with Louie, and show how her expertise has improved him.

      • Lucy says:

        Honestly, I read revolutionary and 3-5 year olds and my first thought was done kind of boarding pre k program. Because that’s exactly where her line of paternalistic, colonial, kids need rich parents to have a good life line of thinking leads. And I’ve read too many boarding school for native American histories.

        The only other thing it could possibly be is like a read to your kids program, which would be nice, but Dolly Parton has already done a better program for that.

      • Iz_Q says:

        Probably something she copied from Crown Princess Mary and The Mary Foundation.

    • BeanieBean says:

      *snort* She’s been working hard for lo these last several months on this initiative. Uh huh. Was that before or after the raid on the Queen’s jewel vault? Before or after the Great Caribbean Flop Tour? Did she squeeze this work in between the hair appointments for the Jubbly? Or the hair appointments for the funerals? And I thought they told us she’d been working on Early Years for years now. Just a few months? Just for this initiative?

      • Mary Pester says:

        She doesn’t work at any project. She just puts her name to other people’s. You can bet your life there is a team beavering away FOR her, she has to have something to sign

    • Alice says:

      I hope we see coverage of today’s article telling us that the early years “expert” struggled without a nanny. Um hm. ww w.geo .tv/latest/465317-kate-middleton-had-conversation-with-queen-after-george-gave-her-tough-time

      • notasugarhere says:

        They’ve NEVER been without a nanny for the kids. They lied from the start and said they wouldn’t have a nanny or any help with the kids. Then the pics came out of the night nanny and Willy’s former nanny in the car caring for George from the start. They were with her at the Midds starting right when George was born.

      • Becks1 says:

        I haven’t read that article yet, but my impression was there was always at least a night nanny. The whole “they don’t have a nanny” was bc they didn’t hire Nanny Maria until George was a few months old. But there was always at least one other person there. (which is FINE, I know “normal people” who hired night nannies or night nurses for the first few months, but again, its the whole refusing to admit it thing.)

  2. Tessa says:

    Her program will effect generations of
    Kate has no qualifications in the subject. This gets more and more embarrassing. Kate has no clue and or believes her own publicity

    • Chloe says:

      Maybe she can ask pippa for help

      • Lorelei says:

        @Chloe, lmao. Also, I love the way this is worded — like, Kate actually hopes/expects that the ENTIRE COUNTRY will drop what they’re doing to “involve themselves” in her asinine little project and join her on her “journey.”

        At least this is so stupid that it actually veers into comical territory.

      • MY3CENTS says:

        Just wondering when she’s meeting up with Dr. Biden to iron out all the little details?

    • JP says:

      It all just seems like an excuse to get photo opps with children.

  3. ThatsNotOkay says:

    No one needs her advice. If she wants to do something, send money. Spread the wealth. Auction off all your stolen wealth/goods. House the homeless. Feed the hungry from your own pocket. Act like a human being. You know, that kind of stuff….

    • Gabby says:


    • C-Shell says:

      Came here to say the same. Let’s start with making sure all children have food, shelter, health care, and education. KKKHate is obtuse. And pathetic.

    • DouchesOfCambridge says:

      Yes! Instead of smiles and word salads and 12 brownies in a brown bag

    • B says:

      Do you suppose her base…. actually considers what she has to add to be new and valuable information? Could these Royalists be the child development equivalent of flat Earthers?

    • Alice says:

      She’s no expert. She couldn’t even raise her first without a nanny and running to the Queen(!) about it: w ww.geo .tv/latest/465317-kate-middleton-had-conversation-with-queen-after-george-gave-her-tough-time

  4. aquarius64 says:

    Please. Tominey’s 8509th rewrite of Crygate and the deployment of Uncle Gary are proof Kate is worried about Spare.

    • Seaflower says:

      Don’t forget the Erdem dress saga.

    • Chloe says:

      I don’t know why she would be because like kaiser said: she got of light. Harry repeatedly says that he ‘liked Willy’s girlfriend’ so she should be relieved.

      • Becks1 says:

        She did get off very light overall but once Meghan entered the story Kate started to appear different. Wonder if Harry saw a different side of her at that point?

        Even with the little he said about her though, I think it was damaging because it blew a hole through Kate’s PR as “the normal down to earth royal with the close knit family who is raising those kids to be grounded and normal.” No, Kate shows up at her BIL’s house for dinner “dressed to the nines” and Kate grimaces when her SIL asks to borrow lip gloss and Kate white-knuckles a chair bc Meghan mentioned “baby brain” as a way to excuse Kate forgetting something and Kate throws a fit because H&M didn’t give them Easter presents as adults etc.

        I do think Harry went really easy on her which is why I think what DID come out about Kate is interesting and, like I said, revealing. She came across like someone who is a Mean Girl who is also a huge snob.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Becks, seriously, what is up with the “Easter gift” story? Who does that?? Is that a British tradition, or just W&K being pissy little b!tches about *any* possible perceived slight that they can think of?

      • Lady D says:

        I’ve never heard of Easter presents either. Maybe it’s a British custom?

      • Emily_C says:

        I also need to know about the “Easter gift” thing! Harry had never heard of it, so he clearly hadn’t received or given them as an adult before. I tried googling but all I can find is lists of “best Easter gifts for adults” from people trying to sell things. It can’t be a real thing, can it?

      • Becks1 says:

        I don’t think its a real thing, lol. My mom used to give us Easter presents well into adulthood but it was usually a chance for her to get us a new outfit for the summer or something (we all went to grad school so getting clothes we didn’t have to pay for was very nice, lol.) I think she might still give us Easter presents? I’m not sure. but if she does its something like a pretty plant in a new vase and the vase is nice and actually the gift.

        But I have never ever gotten my siblings or my nieces/nephews an Easter present. That’s just not what Easter is like here. And clearly its not like that in the UK either since Harry was confused. W&K weren’t mad that Harry didn’t get anything for their kids (which would still be unusual IME but would make more sense overall.) They were mad he didn’t get anything for THEM.

  5. Digital Unicorn says:

    As usual its all talk talk talk with her and when there is any announcement its usually just a rebrand of the same old sh!t.

    That first photo screams ‘the kHate bot needs a reboot as the update file was corrupted’.

    • Midnight@theOasis says:

      How can Kate “ launch a major campaign to change the future for generations of children” without 💵💰💵💰. It would take government funding and massive buy in to achieve something like that. Ensuring children have enough to eat and access to early education are part of the foundation for improving a child’s early years.

      • Shawna says:

        It could be just as simple as finding the single right expert and then… doing what they say! What a novel idea! But no, she has to muck around in things that are too complicated for her to understand, which seems to justify inaction.

      • Gabby says:

        There’s enough royal money to give it a good start. Then employ people who will come up with ways to generate ongoing revenue, through benefit events, public-private partnerships, etc.

      • Rnot says:

        That would actually be revolutionary. Now I’m going to sit here and hope that the Princess of Wales was somehow able to secretly convince the Tory government to increase funding for early childhood programs. That would be praiseworthy.

    • Harper says:

      Reading between the mush-mash of the article, we can expect that Kate is going to announce a new three-to-five year program. So, just another press release I guess, to let us know she is still going to hide behind the Early Years for the next three to five years.

      According to the article, she is excited because this is the culmination of several months work. So, two months of work, at the most, from her staff? Makes me think that they decided at the end of November that they would need something to announce in Jan. As for the number of creative parts for parents and nonparents to get involved in? I predict downloadable coloring pages–one for aristos and one for the poors.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Harper, I wonder if we’ll get another Dunder-Mifflin-style shot of a photocopy machine! You know, to show how hard at work Kate is.

      • Becks1 says:

        Wonder if they started throwing this together when Spare’s release date was announced.

    • one of the marys says:

      @digital unicorn, LOL, the tv series The Windsors did exactly that, a Kate robot

  6. Amy Bee says:

    If Kate is unruffled by Harry’s book why did she run to Camilla Tominey with that Erdem story? Why wasn’t she with William at today’s engagement in Slough?

    • Chloe says:

      I wonder if we will see any where is kate opinion pieces.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Amy Bee, she probably needed to do the school run. Won’t someone think of the children!

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Lorelei: Normal people are capable of doing both the school run and their job. Only royals can’t do both.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Amy Bee I was totally being sarcastic, I forgot to put the “/s.”
        Of course you’re right, but W&K use this frankly preposterous excuse so frequently to get out of doing…whatever it is they don’t want to be bothered with.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Lorelei: I know you were being sarcastic. That’s why I said only royals can’t do both.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Only certain royal can’t do both, ie. W&K. Plenty of other royals manage to work for their countries and do the school run.

  7. Abby says:

    It’s interesting that both Kate and Jeremy Clarkson are “baffled” at the Sussexes calling them out on their crap. Interesting word that was a direct quote from both sources.

    Kind of like “a slap to the face.”

    • Lorelei says:

      @Abby, I caught that too and I hate it. It’s such a sneaky way of insinuating that those innocent lambs have absolutely *no idea* what Harry could possibly be talking about, and therefore must just be babbling nonsense.

    • Jais says:

      Right? I just wrote about that on the other post. They’re all just soooo baffled. Do these gaslighters have a WhatsApp where they choose the word of the month or something? They need a thesaurus.

      • Abby says:

        Gaslighting is immediately what I thought of. This word makes it sound like the Sussexes are crazy, whatever are they talking about?

  8. Shawna says:

    Yet another round of *preparing* to do something? Sure, Jan.

  9. WingKingdom says:

    Early childhood doesn’t need a revolution. It needs money. We’ve got the research, we’ve got the experts already. We need funding for schools and teachers and to ensure children from low-income homes have the opportunities that are available to children from high-income homes.

  10. Lizzie says:

    Tell me she’s keen without telling me she’s keen.

    • Lorelei says:

      I died at the fact that at some point in Spare, Harry uses the exact sentence, “Kate was not keen.”
      I don’t even remember what exactly he was referring to because I was laughing so hard.

      • Jais says:

        Okay that’s funny. I stayed up reading it late and feel like I’ve already forgotten so many good details. Thank u Lorelei for the reminder of that gem.

      • Nic919 says:

        I laughed too and suspect Harry has read Celebitchy a few times.

      • MsIam says:

        Oh I definitely think Harry reads Celebitchy! In the book, he was talking about how “Camilla plays the long game” lol. Hi Harry!

  11. RoyalBlue says:

    Isn’t there a ministry in the government that deals with policy and laws and stuff like this? why is kate getting involved in the work of professionals and who is held accountable if this gets fucked up.

    • Nic919 says:

      This is the crazy part because in other countries it is the government that announces initiatives for things like education or health issues and even they get criticized if the plan seems dumb.

      They just seem to let a rich woman funded by taxpayers with no experience or background promote a PR project to make herself look busy and few ever criticize how pointless it is.

      No serious early years project can ever take place without the government being involved. It won’t be accessible to the kids who need it the most otherwise.

  12. Grace says:

    Now that must be a campaign. What happened to the amazing data she collected in her so-called survey? Has it brought something or was it just quietly buried? If it was so revolutionary, why hasn’t it been used by the experts? If changing children’s lives is so easy it just takes one person with no qualifications in the subject, why hasn’t anyone invented this wheel before? Just wondering.

  13. Becks1 says:

    She’s so baffled but she’s also unruffled! It’s a distraction but she’s so busy! She’s changing the lives of children everywhere but only in a few weeks and she’s launching a project but it still has lots of opportunities for people to be involved across the country.

    Lordy her PR is exhausting.

    • Lorelei says:


    • Eurydice says:

      It will change lives everywhere, but first she has to decide if it’s a 3-year project or a 5-year project, or maybe something in-between.

    • Nic919 says:

      To be fair the annual announcement of the announcement that she will do work does tend to take place every January when she hasn’t done any engagements yet. The press is likely using the same memo as last year with a few added mentions of the book to look a bit different.

      • Layla says:

        @nic919 @becks1 this is the annual “And next year/month we will announce bIG(ly) aMbItIOns to support this objective” I remembered this direct quote from one of the @Celebitchy podcasts a while back. Predictable with a capital P

      • Becks1 says:

        So what you’re saying is that its that time of year to bring out my Spaceballs quote and apply it to Kate, like I do every January lol. “what are you preparing for? You’re always preparing! Just go!”

        Stop leaking that you’re going to announce something that will be a big deal if enough people participate. Just do it.

    • Jay says:

      She’s baffled, but unruffled. She’s bunraffled.

    • MY3CENTS says:

      Keening season is upon us .

  14. manda says:

    I know this has been pointed out before, but what is the work actually going to do? Is it just an awareness campaign, or is she pushing for new services to be provided or new policies to be drafted? Which, if it is the latter, that sort of sounds political-adjacent, to me, at least. If it’s the former, then still, what is she going to do? Make a bunch of PSA commercials about being nice to your kids? I just don’t see how this will leave any sort of personal impact on anyone, and I don’t understand the point of it

    • Tbonesmum says:

      @manda, nobody understands it, least of all Kate. I think at the next meeting they should just give her some crayons and a pie chart and let her do her colouring in.

    • Nic919 says:

      To date the only thing done was to ask people if they thought the early years were important for childhood development. And to put that in pie charts.

  15. ShazBot says:

    Oh god is she releasing an advice manual for child rearing???

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      SahzBot, oh, yes, and it’ll direct you to her office for Research on Early Learning for details!

      Does anyone think that Wails is capable of immersing herself in anything, except shopping?

  16. Bonsai Mountain says:

    Kate spends her time reading? LOL.

    • Lorelei says:

      I would bet my firstborn that Kate is not the type of person who reads for pleasure. Have we *ever* heard her talk about a book she likes, or is reading? It’s always tv shows when they mention what she does in her spare time (pun not intended, I swear, I didn’t realize until I typed it!)

      • Becks1 says:

        Hey. That’s not fair. Sometimes she colors.

      • Tbonesmum says:

        Oh I don’t know. If there was a magazine called, “Buttons and Bows” I bet our Katie would devour it.

      • Layla says:

        @lorelei how could you?! Didn’t you see the Clothbounds?! #sarcasm
        (Lol as a crazy book lover, broke my heart to see clothbounds being reduced to mere props 😭)t

      • notasugarhere says:

        Given her Victoriana prairie dresses, obsession with buttons, and the newly-purchased set-o-classics put on her console table for PR photos? I suspect Kate spends hours on tumblr reading cottagecore posts (in addition to religiously reading all the pro-Kate, anti-Meghan sites). Kate ‘Marie Antoinette’ Middleton.

  17. Lady Digby says:

    I just know that Kate and Carole went through Spare with a high lighter pen every time she was mentioned in the book. I suspect they are very worried about exactly what he was going to reveal and all the receipts that they have. Big Willy being a shouty and physically confrontational bully depicted in Spare has helped with leverage as in no divorce anytime soon. W and K are well matched and uber lazy. He needs her to maintain a clean cut image so her trade off is all the glitz and glamour and a very light schedule. Yes she would have liked W to be faithful and adoring but after 20 years she really does know the score.

  18. Chantal says:

    I’ll bet questions 6-10 are going to be a doozy and set the academic world on fire! Take that Pippa! (like Pippa cares).

    Mighty big talk and very ambitious for such an obvious lightweight. Shouldn’t raise anyone’s expectations Katty. Wonder how she’ll respond when she’s asked real questions by real professionals that require real answers…

  19. Drummergirl says:

    I laughed out loud when I got to this sentence: “Sources close to the Princess, who Harry painted as uptight …”

    This fluff piece full of praise for her nonexistent work snuck this in. I mean, it’s either a brilliant bit of shade or the writer is just so bad they can’t see how it did not work in her favor.

    • SarahCS says:

      I’m at the point of being confident they absolutely know what they are doing each time they repeat something negative H&M wrote/said.

  20. Blujfly says:

    Its going to be a series of “guidance” for parents working two jobs or three jobs or struggling to make ends meet part time or standing in lines for help about the 3-4 hours a day they must commit to making under 5s safe and successful that will be totally devoid of any solutions for food insecurity or job insecurity or diminished buying power or acknowledge that at least some of this was provided by people outside the home and for free in the past.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Hard to see how she can advise overworked, struggling parents when she is exhausted just doing the school run.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Blujfly, no doubt it will include some incredibly tone-deaf instruction such as: take your children out to play in a green space for at least two hours every day, so they can reap the benefits of cavorting in nature.
      Never mind that this isn’t feasible for the majority of the population.

  21. lanne says:

    I won’t believe 1 solitary thing about “Early Years” until Khate does a press conference with journalists (not just rota ratchets) who ask her questions about the program and she answers them on the spot.

    Meghan could have done that with the Together cookbook and Smartworks. Meghan DID do that for both. So step up to the plate, Jegs. Either this is a real initiative or it’s not. Show us that you deserve all the accolades you have received for doing what looks like absolutely nothing.

    That pie chart paired with Kate Crazyface from the 1st image never fails to send me into gales of giggles. That first picture could be captioned thusly:

    Pegs: Your new friends will be arriving soon. They will be wrapping you in a blanket but don’t worry. All will be fine.

    Jegs: I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers. Ha ha, hee hee, ho ho.

  22. Gabby says:

    Like hell she’s moved on from Spare and Harry. I still think she carries a picture of Harry around in her little girl purse.

    Like hell she’s focused on her next Early Years launch. What is there to launch? I thought it launched already. Is the next pie chart going to be 3-D?

    And by the by, “Baby Brain” is a real thing. Hormonal flux affects moms of newborns and infants. If affects the ability and manner in which moms care for newborns and babies. You know, in those critical Early Years. Royal Moron.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Gabby, that’s a good point- any time she does anything related to this project, they call it a “launch.” Once again, I’m left wondering how Kate isn’t too mortified to even show her face

  23. Concern Fae says:

    What’s hilarious is that she probably thinks this is what actual scientists and researchers do.

  24. ChattyCath says:

    Is Pippa really prepared to give her work away to her sister? Or is she glad for the proximity to Royalty and the odd carol concert? We need to know. All this waffle tells me nothing about how Khate is going to accomplish her plan? Instruct under 5s in The Middleton Way? Make The Middleton Way a standard part of the UK National Curriculum?

  25. Roo says:

    Months of work? In a new campaign? So not an actual program or tangible solution to issues of food insecurity, housing insecurity or underfunded schools? Right. This should be helpful. 🙄

  26. Over it says:

    Judging by Louis reaction to Katie mcbuttons and the way other children relate to her , I am not sure she is the right person for this job. Let’s ask pippa if she is available

  27. Laura D says:

    Aye, Kate’s so busy that she’s only carried out one public engagement so far this month! I know working mothers who have been doing working five day weeks since Jan 3rd. The woman is just an expensive waste of space.

    • Over it says:

      Exactly and instead of the British media and people ganging up on Harry , I mean the monarchist. They should be asking why will and Kate don’t work but still expect the British tax payer to keep them in the lap of luxury .

  28. Kristie says:

    I think Kate should worry about her husband developing feeling for his current blond mistress. Living separate is going to further push william into his current mistress hand. Look out for 2027 for wales marriage.

  29. Dee says:

    Kate updates her Powerpoint: 76% of parents are not aware that the ages 3 to 5 are very important for health and happiness in adulthood.
    (dusts hands, back to button shopping)

  30. Nanea says:

    Another day ending in-y, which means business as usual for
    Mumbelina McButtons Wails:

    Announcing an announcement where an announcement will be made.

    Actual qualifications needed: none
    Beneficial effects for the projects: none
    Money donated to a worthy cause: none

  31. Inge says:

    Help Kate is Stepford Wifing again!

  32. Sue E Generis says:

    Isn’t this yet another iteration of what they say she’s going to do every January? All these years and she’s never produced anything but a projection of a default Excel pie chart.

  33. Patti says:

    Aside from the laughable pie chart apparently counting as a day’s work, wealthy celebrities (but Kate in particular) who have nannies and buckets of money should be banned from talking about early-childhood issues. They have no idea what it is actually like to raise a kid the way most people do! They have none of the issues the average person faces, and yet they talk about this issue as though they don’t come with an entire staff to do the work for them. How can they advocate for an issue when they’ve never had to, oh, juggle a sick kid with the grocery shopping and your boss screaming at you to get to work and trying to book health care appointments (because you don’t get free, amazing health care like the royals do) and so on? Kate, find another issue, PLEASE.

  34. Michele says:

    LMFAO!! You are wrong for using that photo of mumbles….LOLOLOLOLOL…

  35. SarahCS says:

    Ok I’m calling it and creating my bingo card now. We will have photos of:
    Her in an office (printer/fax machine/photocopier to make that obvious)
    Her with binders
    Her with serious/listening face looking at someone or on a (wired/landline) phone
    Meaningless graphics
    Her in a suit of some kind so we know she’s working so hard

    The actual announcement will be vague keenness and nothing tangible or actionable (for obvious reasons an extra desk in the keenwell institute for buttons does not count)

  36. Over it says:

    To think Harry is a blood prince and he only got money for clothes for official engagements but Kate, the commoner could afford to go all out to but the most expensive outfits to outdo Meghan. This makes my blood boil. They have never cared about Harry hw really was just a spare to these people. No money for Meghan but plenty for Kate and her sister wife plantation owning wardrobe

    • Mary says:

      I do find Charles’ stingy treatment of Harry baffling. The Royals would traditionally keep other senior and minor Royals in line by providing enough for them that they enjoy the trappings of the monarchy but not so much that they can leave the firm and be financially secure.

      I commented a long time ago that the reincarnated Duchy of Sussex was the first time to my knowledge that a non-heir senior Royal Duke was not gifted outright, or by long-term lease, a home and that his wife, the newly married-in duchess, did not receive a tiara or many jewels. At the time I just assumed it was because they didn’t want the biracial Duchess to have nice things. But Charles’ stinginess with Harry goes back further.

      It is as though Charles was on a campaign to show Harry that he was always “less than” and setting up Harry to resent his position in the family and unequal treatment. Again, baffling.

      • Mary says:

        OK, I thought about this and put on my tin foil tiara, here’s my (latest!) theory:

        Charles’ hatred for his self-aggrandizing, money/glory grubbing spare Andrew is greater than his love (whatever that means) for Harry.

        Charles mistakenly thought that the Queen’s generosity with Andrew was the origin and main driver of Andrew’s pomposity, arrogance and outrageous sense of entitlement. So, he was going to be as stingy as all get-out with Harry to avoid a repeat. But in reality, Andrew was always going to be an as*h*le and Mummy just loved him better.

        Don’t get me wrong though, not wanting the bi-racial Duchess to have nice things did also play a big part!

  37. M says:

    That pie chart never fails to make me cackle. I would be embarrassed to have that be my big result after “5 years” of “work.” She is such a joke. 41 and nothing to show for it.

  38. Layla says:

    Have you guys all started to notice how Since becoming POW and especially since the Netflix documentary, other than that green screen monstrosity, k is sticking to monochrome neutrals and dark tones like Meghan adopted her entire tenure as a full time royal. But you know, k definitely isn’t concerned about Spare or H&M

  39. Sunny says:

    “Kate spends a lot of time reading” now we know that PR is a joke. All the lols.

    What is this PR strategy?

  40. Well Wisher says:

    What impact would this have on the children who are lacking in provisions. For example, food, shelter and clothing?
    Just read about a mother who walked two hours to a food bank and collapsed when she got there.

    How will Kate’s public relations affect real change for children in less fortunate circumstances?

    Children’s well being encompasses a wide range of factors that cannot be cynically reduced to sloganeering, 5 stupid questions or being used as a tool of deflection.

  41. Deedee says:

    But… does she know these people well enough to comment on their parenting???

  42. greenmonster says:

    “…hope is as many people as possible, from those in the medical and academic world as well as parents and non-parents, join the journey.” Sounds to me like they’re asking for unpaid, volunteer workers?

  43. LP says:

    Oh, so she’s going to announce funding for low income families with children five and under? Like a lump sum given for the first five years of each child’s life? Funded by auctions of clothing and jewelry, and/or paid tours of Kensington palace, and/or the sale of even one of her homes? Because THAT would be revolutionary! Otherwise nope!

  44. Emily_C says:

    Kate will never talk about how children need food. Ever. Her eating disorder is too severe. As is her affluenza.

  45. QuiteContrary says:

    The Wailses might want to be careful throwing around the word “revolutionary,” given the boost that “Spare” has given to republicans.

  46. rawiya says:

    Haven’t these kids grown out of early years by now? You’d think we’d be in middle years or something. /sarcasm

    Whatever happened to her ballet thing? Y’all remember that? When she suddenly showed up at the ballet rehearsal, and then she and Chucky supposedly went to a show together?

  47. Julia K says:

    I would like to see Kate auction of half of the clothes in her many closets ( she doesn’t re wear them anyway) and donate the entire amount to fund the new Princess of Wales early childhood nutrition center, providing daily meals to the under five early years children. She could then invite local businesses to match her contribution to keep the centers open.

  48. tamsin says:

    Louis is almost out of early years. Was he part of her early years program? And wouldn’t something that would make such a big change that a whole generation will be affected at least involve important work already being done? Wouldn’t she be partnering with institutes and various people doing studies and research? Partnering- now that’s one action she hasn’t picked up from Harry and Meghan yet. Why is the suggestion that Kate is single-handedly leading an early years revolution? It beggars belief! What is needed to improve the early years of children in order to have a profound effect on their development is already known. If she were really interested in early years, instead of putting aside her work during the pandemic in order to be leader hand clapper, she would have been doing her best to see children under the age of 5 continued to get the proper nutrition, security, and social stimulation.

  49. Saucy&Sassy says:

    Okay, I’m befuddled, bemused and bewildered. She can’t go near policy or anything that even thinks of being political. I seriously doubt she will be setting anything up that will involve money. Let’s see what’s left?

    I guess she’ll go with the tried and true. Read to your children. Play with your children. That’s all I can come up with. Both good things, but not exactly revolutionary. I don’t think Pippa is around very much, so I doubt she will be helping. I can’t see this as anything but another embarrassment for Wails. If she was working that hard, wouldn’t her year-end numbers show it?