“A helpful explainer for the Paul Mescal-Phoebe Bridgers drama” links

A helpful explainer for the Paul Mescal-Phoebe Bridgers drama. [Pajiba]
Most brands’ Australian Open tennis kits were kind of boring, but I can’t believe Aryna Sabalenka won in Nike’s terrible kit. Congrats to Big Lenka though! [GFY]
I agree with this take on the Ben Affleck/J.Lo/J.Garner dynamic. [LaineyGossip]
Rest in peace, Cindy Williams. [Dlisted]
I genuinely thought Eiza Gonzalez was Katharine McPhee in this pic. [RCFA]
Malia White could be a Below Deck captain soon! [Starcasm]
I was expecting wall-to-wall shenanigans but some of this Stephane Rolland collection is actually kind of great? [Tom & Lorenzo]
More photos of Angelina Jolie looking amazing in Paris. [JustJared]
Ron DeSantis has banned Black history in Florida. [Towleroad]
Lottie Moss got a face tattoo & a boyfriend in Bali. [Egotastic]
I’m also a fan of the big, loose t-shirt. [Gawker]

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  1. Ciotog says:

    I was way too invested in Paul & Phoebe. I’m sad they broke up!

    • Jo says:

      Haha! After I finished the article I just thought “I will never get these
      minutes back”. I am not Mescal intolerant but I seem to be Mescal immune and would not recognize the lady with him amongst a group of UK young adults in London!
      I am officially old!

    • fani says:

      I read the article to find out what the drama was and never found out.

      Knew they were together, knew that later they weren’t.

      Now, know about as much.

  2. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Florida sinks further and further into the sea.

    • Twin Falls says:

      It’s tragic and terrifying because he would love to take this to the federal level.

      State sanctioned book banning is also underway.

      “School officials in at least two counties, Manatee and Duval, have directed teachers this month to remove or wrap up their classroom libraries, according to records obtained by The Washington Post. The removals come in response to fresh guidance issued by the Florida Department of Education in mid-January, after the State Board of Education ruled that a law restricting the books a district may possess applies not only to schoolwide libraries but to teachers’ classroom collections, too.“

      • desdemona says:

        As a European, I truly can’t and won’t ever understand the USA. Anybody can own a gun, you can buy a gun and ammos in supermarkets next to the the fruit section. Nevertheless, you can’t read whatever you want and please.
        I don’t get it… Your governors have truly forgotten the meaning of “Land of the free”..

        I’m so sorry your wings of freedom are cut more and more on a daily basis.

      • schmootc says:

        My Mom was an elementary school teacher for decades and had a huge library. (She was President of a statewide association for reading teachers at one point.) Cutting off access to that library for her students would have crushed her and removed a huge resource for her students.

        I also read through a large portion of the curriculum for the AP African American History course and can see why he objected because it’s an honest and frank look at American history from a Black perspective, so of course it isn’t pretty. And he definitely can’t handle anything even approaching the truth.

        To summarize: DeSantis is a pig of a person.

    • Jennifer says:

      I wanted to go back to Disneyworld someday, but now I can’t because (a) ethically I need to boycott Florida now, and (b) probably my own safety as things go on.

    • The Recluse says:

      I am beyond bewildered at how DeSantis is getting away with turning Florida into a fascist fiefdom. It’s part of the United States, but its citizens are increasingly being subjected to authoritarian decisions. How the blazes is this allowed to happen to our fellow citizens?

  3. Chaine says:

    I’m just now realizing Phoebe Bridgers is not the actress named Phoebe from Bridgerton

  4. lucy2 says:

    I agree with the Ben/JLo/Jen stuff too. I bet Jen is just relieved that he’s JLo’s problem now! And Marc has like 6 kids and is on wife #4, so I’m not surprised JLo’s kids with him spend most of their time with her.

    Florida really is the worst.

    • Coco says:

      JLO has been married 4 times too and their kids are the youngest of Marc children.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Florida really is the worst. I’m sorry for normal Floridians, but dang y’all, this is bad & terrifying.

    • Christine says:

      JLo married a man whose ex-wife has primary custody of their kids, so from JLo’s perspective, this is not a move up in the world. Having said that, they are clearly in whatever their version of true love is, so, please, carry on! I love watching all of it.

      • Mariettajones81 says:

        Ben and Jen Garner have always shared 50-50 custody. Hence why his children are often with him. Garner was in Montecito with her bf and Ben had the kids in LA.

  5. Blergh says:

    Lottie Moss was in Bali…for rehab? And celebrated finishing rehab by getting drunk…and getting a face tattoo while drunk… and then made a video about how she got really drunk and got a face tattoo but its okay because shes not “controlled anymore”? …and now she’s posting videos of flying on a jet to see a dude she met in said Bali rehab? I don’t care that the kids get face tattoos, and its not like she’s going to ever have to work at a job thats going to care etc. etc….but read that narrative back and tell me this is a story that is going to end well. 🙁

    • BeanieBean says:

      I’m embarrassed to say I clicked on that link. I guess I wanted to see how bad that face tattoo was (not too bad, for a face tattoo). I was more taken aback by her painful looking lips.

  6. littlegossipboy says:

    Number one Paul fan right here. Talented and gorgeous!

  7. Granger says:

    How did I not know that Cindy Williams was married to Kate Hudson’s biological father, and that her kids are Kate’s half-siblings? Wild. Anyway, Cindy was such a great comedian — it’s annoying that, as she got older and passed her Hwood best-before date, she became yet another underrated actress.

  8. Chlo says:

    I was really expecting more drama from that phoebe/Paul article.