“What if it’s not awkwardness, what if Ashton Kutcher just smells bad” links

I still think the reason why Reese Witherspoon & Ashton Kutcher look so awkward with one another is because he smells bad. [Dlisted]
Does Taylor Swift not know how much eggs cost? Or was she simply confused by how dreadfully unfunny Trevor Noah was as Grammy host? [Buzzfeed]
Ah, Harry Styles had “technical difficulties” during his performance. [JustJared]
Andrea Riseborough didn’t go to the London Critics Circle Awards. Will she go to any of the awards season events? Hm. [LaineyGossip]
The Last of Us episode 4 recap. [Pajiba]
Cardi B changed into this Paco Rabanne at the Grammys. [RCFA]
Would you wear this grandma’s quilt-looking Moschino dress? [Tom & Lorenzo]
I loved Bonnie Raitt’s lil’ suit at the Grammys. [GFY]
Speaking of Trevor Noah being unfunny… [Towleroad]
Zendaya’s bob is cute as hell. [Egotastic]
Jennifer Coolidge talks about Legally Blonde 3. [OMG Blog]
Trendspotting: thinner or nonexistent eyebrows. [Jezebel]

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  1. HeyKay says:

    Hard. Pass. on AK. The douche bro of all douche bros.

  2. TIFFANY says:

    If Andrea smart, she will sit this one out. It is an embarrassment on a large scale and she need to listen to PR people and not Mary and Michael.

  3. Eurydice says:

    Cate Blanchett wore the last iteration of granny square dress, no reason why she wouldn’t try this one, too.

    I was wondering when the “technical difficulties” excuse would appear.

  4. Constance says:

    Did they both owe Netflix a movie? Why decided to pair them up I wonder. Would have been better to just let Mika do it with him…

  5. Green Desert says:

    Honestly I was thinking either they’re bangin or they hate each other.

    • SAS says:

      I dont think he’s banging Reese but I am getting the cheater “overcorrection” vibes. If you’re secure in your marriage, why would you care if people comment on your red carpet interactions (see Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaacs).

    • vanna says:

      ding ding ding ding

  6. Rnot says:

    Howling with laughter over AK smelling bad. Case closed.

    • Josephine says:

      He honestly looks unwell in many of those pics. Wonder if something is going on.

      • Hannah says:

        I know he has been doing a lot of long distance training and ultra marathons (running) I saw this happen to my Dad too after 40.

        He did some hectic 24 hr marathons. Dude looked 70 by the time he was late 40’s. I’m seeing it too with my sister. Great way to stay lean but bl**dy hell, it ages you.

        I love running, but 6 miles 3 x a week is defo more than enough. Long distance takes a heck of a strain on your body

        My 2p. Weights, Pilates, Yoga & brisk Walking

      • Meagle says:

        Not an Ashton fan, but FWIW he has a serious autoimmune disease that almost killed him. He gave some interviews about how he was hospitalized & had to relearn to walk and see. That was a few years ago now, but those kind of things do tend to leave a permanent mark.

      • Concern Fae says:

        Ultra marathoning is one of those bad marriage hobbies. Virtuous but it means spending a lot of time out of the house. Bad sign for a man with young kids to take it up.

      • Hannah says:

        @ Meagle 💔 I’m so sorry, I didn’t know AK had an auto-immune illness. I sincerely apologise to anyone who found my comment distasteful

  7. Khate’s Mourning Wig says:

    That was my thought too! 👃🏽

  8. AKD says:

    All I know is that Fran Fine would wear the hell out of that Moschino dress.

  9. girl_ninja says:

    It is possible that Ashton stinks, I read on a gossip site several years ago that John Mayer smelled like BO…

    I’m good if I don’t hear or see Harry Styles for a while.

  10. Chaine says:

    Someone told Ashton and Reese to leave enough space between them for the Holy Spirit

  11. kgeo says:

    I don’t understand the Ashton Kutcher hate. All I really know about him is he was married to Demi and now Mila, and that he has a nonprofit dedicated to ending the sexual exploitation of children. I know he was annoying with some show in the early 2000s, but any annoyance I felt by that was overshadowed by his speech to the senate. I feel like I missed something.

    • paintergal says:

      He said he hopes Danny Masterson gets off on the rape charges, so there’s that.

      • kgeo says:

        Hmm, I just googled that. All I could find was that he hopes Danny Masterson is innocent. I don’t think that’s the same thing as hoping he gets off on rape charges.

    • Gennessee says:

      Because he’s a do*che canoe…

      A long time, verified, dou*he canoe…

      A serial cheater and a brown-face wearing, rapist-defending, non-bathing d*uche canoe…

      • kgeo says:

        I had to google some of this stuff. The brown-face is definitely douchey. I guess the rapist-defending is about Danny Masterson, but I just read that and he said he hopes he’s innocent. I don’t think that’s the same thing as rapist-defending. I don’t know much about the case though.
        Definitely can’t find anything about even an apology for the brown-face. That’s not great.

  12. Lauren R says:

    I was going to say Ashton looks very tired, maybe he is sick or getting over something here? Relatedly doesn’t he have a twin brother who has some kind of health condition? Makes you wonder if maybe Ashton is struggling with something health wise that isn’t a common knowledge?

    • Summer says:

      I believe Ashton’s twin brother has cerebral palsy, so that would have nothing to do with Ashton’s health.

  13. Miasys says:

    I think Ashton has an autoimmune disease. I recall it being reported on recently, however, I’m not a fan so details didn’t stick. He capes for Danny Masterson so hard pass.

  14. paintergal says:

    Kutcher explained that doing red carpets is difficult because he still deals with hearing loss after suffering from a rare form of vasculitis.

    “I can’t hear very well, I’m hard of hearing in one ear and I can only hear in the other,” he explained. “I don’t know who’s yelling my name but I know there’s a lot of people yelling, ‘Reese! Ashton! Over here! Look this way!’ And at a certain point you’re like, God this is really something. Look at the camera? Got it. Are we done? Awesome.”

    “There’s a standard you become accustomed to in your life, like being able to see clearly,” he said. “And then suddenly you can’t see, like you have this occlusion and you can’t see. And then, you’re like, ‘Why are you not f—ing talking louder, because I can’t hear you?’ You want to reclaim the health that you once had.”

    • Twin Falls says:

      “There’s a standard you become accustomed to in your life, like being able to see clearly,“

      I can no longer see driving at night if it’s raining. Just happened this year. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do for the next 14 PNW winters until my youngest can drive himself to things. Anyway, hearing loss is a believable reason for looking lost on a red carpet.

  15. HeyKay says:

    I need a bit of explanation, please.
    I’m 61 and have seen the phrase “capes” used in a way I don’t know.
    Above “He capes for Masterson so hard”

    Meaning please? And thanks in advance

    • Diana B says:

      It means he deffends Masterson. Advocates for him.

      • jwoolman says:

        I read what he said in the referenced interview and it didn’t really sound like he was defending a rapist.

        They had been friends for many years and apparently Masterson had been helpful to Ashton when they did That 70s Show together, and they had remained friends and I think Ashton was involved in the tv show that Masterson had been bounced from after everything started coming out about the accusations.

        It sounded to me more that he was hoping Masterson was innocent, as I would expect a long-time friend to hope. Doubt that he has any illusions about it now after the testimony of several women. But Scientology went to great lengths to make sure the stories stayed secret for quite a while. I haven’t heard anything about Ashton being at the parties where things occurred, for example. So it’s very likely that if he heard any rumors, he didn’t believe them. He simply saw a very different side of Masterson than the women who were assaulted.

    • LBB says:

      It means to protect and defend, sort of like Superman wearing a cape to save someone. That is how I think of it at least.

  16. HeyKay says:

    Thanks CBers! Now it makes sense 👍

  17. The Recluse says:

    Shave your eyebrows at your peril, ladies. They don’t always come back the way they used to grow.

  18. Emily_C says:

    Seeing pictures of Ashton Kutcher used to make me feel really weird, because he used to look like my first boyfriend if said boyfriend had had short hair and no intelligence in his eyes. Like if he’d been possessed by the spirit of a stunned cow. Kutcher still looks dim, but has aged out of looking like a 20-ish guy, thank goodness.

    Harry Styles is a technical difficulty.

  19. J.Ferber says:

    He has totally lost his looks. Totally. He couldn’t have looked less interested in his 50th sucky rom-com movie. Isn’t he long in the tooth for that shit? Reese is a total professional and I have no shade for her, whatever her reasons for doing this movie with him. Just that she needs a better co-star picker.

  20. DrFt says:

    That’s enough for you CHAINE. Go to bed!!!The holy spirit????? For real?

    • CooCooCatchoo says:

      DRFT, it’s a joke – it’s what the nuns told couples at school dances when I was in Catholic school. “Save some room for the Holy Spirit” was what they said when they thought you were dancing too close.

  21. Uralmom says:

    DRFT it is / was a pretty common phrase to tell young people at school dances and whatnot not to get to close to each other while dancing.

  22. Kkat says:

    That was a common thing to hear if you grew up in the fundi church lifestyle.