Courtiers have hatched a plan to not invite Duchess Meghan to the Chubbly

There’s literally four months until King Charles’s Chubbly party, which will probably end up being a lot more expensive than originally promised. Four months… and people are acting like everyone in the institution and government is running around in a blind panic about how there’s not enough time to plan things. Charles set the Chubbly date himself, and it did not have to be in early May, or on his grandson Archie’s birthday. Charles could have scheduled the Clowning for much later if he so desired. I also think the panic stems from… disorganization and laziness, right? These people are all about busy work – they spent over a year planning the Jubbly, and they needed every single minute. Anyway, the Mail had more updates from the Chubbly planning, including a palace scheme to only invite Prince Harry and only “bring him in” for 48 hours.

Harry in a Hurry: Prince Harry could be whisked in and out of Britain for a 48-hour appearance at King Charles’s Coronation without his wife Meghan, sources said last night. One working theory, dubbed ‘Harry in a hurry’, is that Meghan will remain behind in California to celebrate Archie’s fourth birthday while Harry flies into make a brief appearance at the event on May 6.

The Sussexes’ requirements? It was reported yesterday that both Harry and Meghan would be invited to the ceremony – but it remains unclear whether they will accept in the wake of Harry’s tell-all memoir about Royal infighting…It was suggested that they might accept the invitation if they were given a prominent pew and an undertaking that Harry would not lose his Royal titles.

Diversity takes time! Sources close to the organisers say Charles’s desire to deliver a cut-down and ‘diverse’ Coronation has proved a nightmare for organisers racing against time to complete the arrangements. In addition to the [Church of England] bishops, to match the ‘diversity’ requirement, space would also have to be found for representatives from other faiths.

Space & time constraints: One person involved in the planning said: ‘We need Wembley Stadium, not Westminster Abbey.’ A source said: ‘It would have made more sense to hold the Coronation in the autumn… but Charles was keen to get on with it.’

[From The Daily Mail]

This might be one of my new favorite sub-genres of royal reporting: courtiers whining about how they don’t have enough time, space or intelligence to properly plan a Chubbly party which NO ONE WANTS. Charles could have had a simple, pared-down coronation – he has chosen not to. He could have set the date in the summer or fall, to give people enough time to plan and prepare – but he wanted his big fancy Chubbly party right away! He could have called his son and offered a warm invitation to Harry, Meghan and Charles’s two mixed-race grandchildren. He has not, instead choosing to allow his courtiers brief the Mail about plans to grab Harry for a 48 hours, not invite Meghan or the kids and treat them all like they’re disposable.

(Now that being said, if the Sussexes are invited, I hope Meghan and the kids stay in California too. They treated Meghan like a hostage at QEII’s funeral and I hope she simply opts out of all of it.)

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  1. ChillinginDC says:

    Laughing so hard. What is it? Is she invited or not. Cause it sounds like both are invited, but Charles is letting it be known she may not come cause of the kids. They didn’t “univite her.”

    Also I really need the RR to stop talking about the titles. Harry already said they offered to give them back! It’s like they think no one read Spare. He doesn’t care. So them trying to act like Harry is some grasping fool that needs the titles is not landing. At all.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      A front row seat and keeping titles are not Harry’s conditions for attendance.

      • Kingston says:

        @Brassy Rebel
        THANK! YOU!

        I’m over here laughing my arse off at the schizophrenia that seems to have struck palace snitches, RotaRats, pretend-journalists and even arbitrary bloggers and other gossip mongers of ukroyalty.

        How else to explain the glaring, whiplash switcheroos…… second its: H&M “might accept the invitation if they were given a prominent pew and an undertaking that Harry would not lose his Royal titles.”
        In the next milli-second its: “H might be brought in for 48 hours” and, of course, a tight lid kept on him.

        Just who da fcuk put these fantasies in these fcukers heads? Do they seriously believe H&M answer to ANY edict from the BRF? Do these fcukers seriously believe that H&M are available for the BRF to dictate to?

        All these nonsense utterances are simply designed to get H to say something and even I, from half way across the world, can see clearly that H is done talking.

        His last utterance on the entire matter can be found in his comments in his and M’s “look-back projects,” which he commented on in the interviews he gave for his book promotion:

        H said:

        1. The ball [as in: next-steps, following the publication of Spare] is in his father & brother’s hands.
        2. Heres what father and brother need to do with that ball:
        (b) accept accountability for your actions that contributed to our having to flee ouR home in britain.
        (c) agree to PRIVATE, sit-down talks as a FAMILY…..meaning: no courtiers and assorted other palace snitches.
        3. AFTER all that is done, then my wife and I will decide whether or not we attend the Clownation.
        4. AND, of course, our attendance will necessarily be accompanied by other considerations & agreements pertaining to our security, privacy and autonomy while in the uk.

        Now, seriously, what part of that do palace courtiers, RotaRats, pretend-journalists and even arbitrary bloggers and other gossip mongers of ukroyalty not get?

      • DouchesOfCambridge says:

        I think the reading between the lines should say, he needs to keep his title because he needs the protection that goes with it. Isnt he suing the police or something on that matter? They’re making it about the title, it’s probably about the security. Harry is biggest request was always about security.

      • Jais says:

        Is it still about the title though? Aren’t they saying now it’s about being a working royal? The point is that it’s all opaque and seemingly arbitrary and RAVEC is a joke.

      • Tacky says:

        The courtiers are delusional if they think Harry will attend without Meghan.

      • Formerly Lithe says:

        Right? This source is simply looking to smear the Sussexes on the sly. We all know full well that prominence is not what they are looking for. They simply want respect and not to be othered, starting with an acknowledgment of and apology for past harm done to them…and assurances that his miserable family will cut that shit out.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Douches, both Beatrice and Eugenie have HRH, titles, and no taxpayer-funded security. His security issues and security lawsuit aren’t related to titles.

    • Chloe says:

      He said it in spare and the Netflix doc. They really need to let that title narrative die.

    • ChillinginDC says:

      Thank you all! I am like, he said it in the documentary, said it with his whole chest in the damn book, said it again when interviewed. Why do they keep acting like he’s a famewhore? Oh wait, they want to paint Meghan with that brush. They are full of such crap.

      I will say the same thing that I did with regards to the Jubby. I get it if they go, it’s not what I would do, but honestly I hope they stay home.

  2. Inge says:

    I hope they both stay away and celebrate Archie’s birthday.

    No need for them to attend that shitstorm.

    • Sam says:

      And I hope it rains all week!

      • Cessily says:

        Rain would be great, Wicked and torrential rains would be even better. How many more months of these articles are left? It’s painful exhausting how everything about the chubbly clowning centers around one tiny American woman and her husband. None of this makes any of them look good, the entire event is just grotesque and out of touch with the very serious decline of that country but sure keep briefing against the Sussex’s in America because that what the racist BRF does.
        I truly hope they don’t attend, this entire thing is going to be a disaster.

      • EllenOlenska says:

        How about hail instead of rain?

      • ChattyCath says:

        Often rains at that time of year and I’ve known biting cold and snow. The weather is very strange and on off in the wake of climate change and the failure of ocean currents. How do I know? Fundraising events planned on those dates. It won’t be ‘a bright May morning’ as a given

    • Queenie says:

      Def want them to do what’s best for them but I won’t be mad if they attend. Love any chance to see a MM fit.

  3. Brassy Rebel says:

    Sounds like British Special Forces will be kidnapping Harry before returning him. And does the DM think that Meghan’s feelings will be hurt if she’s not invited? This rag is completely out of touch. They are so bad that they referred to the great Bonnie Rait as an “unknown blues singer”. Totally clueless.

    • BeanieBean says:

      They called Bonnie Raitt an unknown blues singer????? Did her Grammy win upset them or something?

      • Haylie says:

        Bonnie Rait, a whole legend, is an unknown blues singer, but the loser “celebs” from Love Island and the Spandau Ballet guy’s nephew are “big stars” when it comes to Kate’s Baby Brain Initiative.

    • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

      OMG they said effing what?? About Bonnie Raitt????

      • Katya says:

        IKR?? It was hilarious. I love Adele and Beyonce but Bonnie Raitt has forgotten more anout music and singing than they ever knew to begin with. And she is so humble to say she doesn’t WRITE many songs” …. the woman wrote “Nick of Time” and “The Ones We Couldn’t Be”

      • Katya says:

        IKR?? It was hilarious. I love Adele and Beyonce but Bonnie Raitt has forgotten more about music and singing than they ever knew to begin with. And she is so humble to say she doesn’t WRITE many songs …. the woman wrote “Nick of Time” and “The Ones We Couldn’t Be”!

      • Becks1 says:

        My favorite Bonnie Raitt song of all time is Circle Dance. I first heard it when Stevie Nicks was doing it on tour ages ago and its just this beautiful haunting and very sad song. And Bonnie wrote it, obviously lol.

    • Emily_C says:

      They did that to Bonnie Raitt?! God these people are so stupid. But I truly believe they think the U.S. is still a little backwater colony beholden to the great English Empire upon which the sun has never set. They are delusional.

  4. Miranda says:

    Yeah, briefing the Fail and basically saying that Meghan miiiiight be INVITED, but would not actually be WELCOME. That’s the way to reconcile with your son!

  5. LadyE says:

    Jeez louise, why are these people so unprepared??? How on earth do you, as a “courtier” of a hereditary monarchy, not have a skeleton coronation plan in place waaaaay before the current monarch actually passes? They should not need more than 4 months!!

    Of course, for all the nonsense over the past years about how at the Queen’s passing, the UK would go into some James Bond type down to the second notification/transition process, that did not happen…politicians were getting texts, rushing out of Parliament, etc and it was clear something was up before the vaunted “London Bridge is down” business happened (note: is that the right name?? May be confusing with that movie lol), not to even mention the shitshow with Harry, which regardless of current conflict- how the F do you not have a travel plan in place for all members of the RF in case of the Queen passing???

    • Duch says:

      That’s a really good point. The vaunted London bridge plan surely had some elements of coronation as well !

      And I also agree that the plan was not executed very well, on the travel side anyway. It sounds like turn for the worse happened quickly in the last 48 hours but that they knew for months she was on a fatal decline.

  6. BayTampaBay says:

    Does anyone with only a single brain cell believe that Harry will leave his family in California (on Archie’s birthday no less) for 48 hours to attend The Clowning?

    This is The Fail so I believe this story is 100% made up Bull S*#T.

    • Peachy says:

      Nope. Came here to say this…Harry isn’t missing that birthday!

      Doesn’t sound like his conditions have been met anyway.

    • Noki says:

      I believe that Harry may actually do that. I think he is still very conflicted with his family. He may very well attend if even for the sake of not wanting to miss such a historic event. He attended the funeral when Meghan was far along and he even went to his mothers statue unveiling,so I wouldn’t put it past him.

      • ncboudicca says:

        I agree Noki. I’m not here to judge people with difficult family relationships. Everyone has to handle them according to their own needs and wants. I had a difficult father myself, but wouldn’t have missed him being crowned King or some equivalent, because I did love him and wanted to be there for his big lifetime moments. I wonder also if Harry will feel obligated to do it on behalf of his children’s futures or titles, too. On the other hand, he may have progressed emotionally enough so that he doesn’t feel obligated in the least. Either way, it’s not on me to throw stones at Harry (I’ll throw ’em hard at Chuck and Willy, though)

      • ABritGuest says:

        I don’t think it’s surprising he went to his grandparents funerals & can’t see why issues with the royal family would stop him from going to a statue unveiling for his own late mother.

        i think I agree with Camilla tominey for once who said that Charles & Harry are in a difficult spot. For Charles it looks bad if you are meant to be a ‘uniting figure’ (as they claim the monarchy is) if you can’t even unite your own family. For someone who claims his coronation will be celebrating diversity & is meant to be head of the commonwealth- its a poor look if the only people of colour in your own family are missing & with their claims about their treatment very much out there. On other hand the palace doesn’t want to apologise to Meghan which seems to be a condition for Harry’s attendance.

        If Harry refuses to attend after being invited, he could look petty even with very valid & important reasons not to attend. He still loves his family by all accounts & Its his father’s biggest day. It could be like missing a parent’s wedding because you are feuding for us plebs or like a president’s kid missing their inauguration. For someone who is a royalist & proud Brit it’s a big deal to miss this historic occasion.

        BUT the palace has been so awful to Harry’s family & what is the incentive for the palace to actually stop being an active participant in the abuse if they keep being rewarded with H&M’s presence at monarchy celebrating events like the jubbly or the chubbly.

        this is likely only time Harry could actually get a concession from the palace over the treatment of Meghan & his kids so it will be interesting what happens.

        I wouldn’t want to be in Harry’s shoes over this & I definitely give him grace for what he decides.

      • Is it possible Harry and Meghan will attend the Coronation and bring Archie and Lily to the UK? Just like during the Jubilee, Lily had her first birthday celebration in the UK. Is this possible? Just a thought.

      • C says:

        What? His mother and grandmother were the only two he was committed to honoring. He has no such loyalty to Charles and has said that Charles et al haven’t met his conditions.

      • robem07 says:

        No matter what the reasons, if Meghan choses not to attend (she’ll be grudgingly invited), I cannot believe Harry will leave her behind, on Archie’s birthday, no less, and set the ravenous Rota off on a “Harry chose us over them”! article spree.

    • Duch says:

      OK I guess I’m the one with only one brain cell but I could definitely see it. Archie doesn’t know whether his birthday is Saturday or Thursday or Tuesday. Of course they can celebrate it on a different date than it is actually. What am I missing?

      • Tessa says:

        Meghan is Harry’s wife and if she does not go, Kate with her mean behavior to her would have “won” and she will be playing up to Harry if he’s not there with his wife. If it had been George, I doubt Charles would have scheduled the coronation the same day as his birthday but with Archie…

      • susan says:

        do you honestly think that Harry would go solo if Meghan is not welcome? Not a chance in hell. No no no. And I do mean *welcome* regardless of whether there’s an engraved invite.

        if the source of these reports is Camilla, which I suspect, she’s up to her usual tricks, and Harry’s not gonna have any part of it.

        He and Meghan both said their loyalty was to the Queen. it didn’t transfer to Charles upon her death.

      • Blujfly says:

        You’re not missing anything. A child turning 4 getting to celebrate on the specific day with just a cupcake while parents have work and historical obligations is hardly unheard of. Some of these remarks seem designed more to set up criticism of Harry as a bad parent later.

      • AmelieOriginal says:

        Yeah at that age, children really can’t tell the passage of time, nor do they really comprehend it. It’s around when your first memories start. I don’t know when that happened but it was well into elementary school when I realized dates and the passage of time were a thing. I remember asking my mom as a young kid “is today my birthday?” lol. Not all the time, but I didn’t understand it was a once a year thing nor did I quite grasp what a year was. Archie won’t know it’s his birthday unless his parents tell him.

      • Tessa says:

        Children have birthdays celebrated in school. Archie is going to school so he would know when his birthday is. Since they may have parties for the children on their respective birthdays.

      • Athena says:

        I think at 4 it will matter to Archie, it’s not going to scar him for life but in the moment he will mind. When my children were in daycare it felt like a party a week. Parents brought in clowns, magicians, characters, etc, some parents went way out with these birthday parties held at the daycare. It was a big deal and the kids looked forward to. So if Archie has experienced that, he may be expecting to have a party at his school with his friends, not a party in a foreign country with a bunch of people that he doesn’t know.

        All these stories are making Charles coronation about Harry and Meghan.

      • Lionel says:

        I’m with you. No person in their right mind is gonna choose their child’s 4th birthday over a once-in-a-lifetime event. Now, refusing to attend said event on principle is entirely different. If Harry chooses not to go it will be the latter, and I wish people would stop talking about Archie’s birthday like it’s an event of equal importance keeping him away. It’s just not, and making it so takes some of the power away from Harry’s (hypothetical) principled refusal, IMO.

      • Renstewart says:

        @Duch-Thanks for reading my mind! Ditto 100%!

      • Nerd says:

        Archie’s birthday can be celebrated on any day. Just as Charles’s event can be acknowledged without being present. Let’s not pretend as if the date wasn’t chosen with the knowledge that it was on the day of his firstborn biracial grandchild’s birthday. There are historical events that happen all of the time that don’t mean that someone should stop their lives to celebrate a horrible, husband, father, grandfather and king. This is a man who cared so little about his son, DIL and grandson that he pulled their security and ignored all calls from them when they were in an unsafe situation. This historical event is as relevant as a number of other crappy people in history and deserves just as much celebration as those. We don’t know what Archie will remember about this birthday now, but he will definitely know in the future that his a**hole grandfather has thought so little of him that he has avoided speaking his and his sister’s names, avoided acknowledging their birthrights through their titles and chose to make Archie’s birthday his day of Coronation.

    • Polo says:

      I think some people are making absolutes and will be disappointed and use that as an excuse to criticize Harry or Meghan when the scenario they wanted doesn’t happen. we don’t know Harry and Meghan!
      I actually think this may be Harry and Meghan’s plan and the courtiers or mail is trying to make it seem sinister. I could for sure see Harry coming for a couple days and leaving quickly.
      Missing a bday doesn’t mean anything when you’re a toddler. My parents have missed plenty and Meghan not coming isn’t a big deal either.
      I wouldn’t want to be there either.
      Just saying all scenarios are possible.

    • Abby says:

      EXACTLY. It’s like they don’t know Harry at all.

    • MaryContrary says:

      I have said this for months: they are NOT going to the Coronation. He loved his grandmother and had a great relationship with her (in his mind) so of course he was going to be at the Jubilee. There is zero reason for him to go to his father’s Coronation when he’s not even in contact with him.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        The thing is this: people who grew up in abusive families and seek therapy, learn to set boundaries, the consequences for violating those boundaries, and learn to communicate same and follow through on the consequences laid down if/when the abusers violate the boundaries.

        Harry sought therapy. He did the work. Now he’s set the boundaries, publicly delineated them to the BRF and the BM, and cited the consequences for violating the boundaries (ie, the conditions that must be met before any of the Sussexes would set foot in UK again, and that their attendance at Chubbly rests on that).

        Charles wants to have his Chubbly cake and eat it. He wants to ostracize and vilify the Sussexes for speaking out about the family’s abuse, while also pulling them aboard to ride coat tails of their star power.

        FOFA time for Charles. He cannot have his cake and eat it. He and his geriatric Camgirl cannot punish his son and DIL for existing for YEARS through his Other Son and courtier Mouthpieces of Sauron, and expect the Sussexes to fete him smilingly on his “Big Day”.

        Charles will not get what he wants because he is unwilling to publicly apologize to Meghan and Harry, and is unwilling or unable to drag his incandescent Other Son and his Mean Girl to the bargaining table and compel them to apologize as well. This whole mess is down to Charles, Camilla, William and Kate’s out of control jealousy and pettiness. It’s a source of active ongoing harm to the Sussexes.

        When Cluck and Workshy forced the Sussexes to abandon half in, half out and become independent of the BRF, that was the day they also relinquished having any say over how the Sussexes spend their time and with whom. It was remarked by many on here at the time that there was no coming back from that for either Cluck or Workshy. Charles would never be able to command Harry to attend him after this. The funeral was Harry’s last duty to his grandmother sovereign, whom he regarded highly and who always had his back in quiet ways, when her courtiers didn’t interfere.
        I think Cluck is finally slooowly coming to that realization, and is salty about it – although honestly, Cluck is probably on some level enjoying this state of affairs because his whole life he has loved nothing better than playing the victim over something or other. He’s always most comfortable playing the aggrieved party. But it’s not playing in Montecito or anywhere else outside his little enclave of grey men hallway whisperers. Cluck is playing this game like it’s still 1994 before the advent of global social media, and he’s losing in the court of public opinion badly. Courtiers can stuff themselves full of leftover caviar from the King’s table and claim the opposite to every tabloid in Little Britain, but it just won’t ring true to the wider world.

  7. Jais says:

    I’m still pissed that he set the coronation on Archie’s bday. Wtf, really? Like, nah, not a coincidence imo. And are the courtiers actually complaining about adding diversity? Am I hearing that right? They can all choke on their Chubbly.

    • C-Shell says:

      When I’m wearing my tinfoil tiara, I am of the opinion that CIII deliberately chose Archie’s birthday to make the Clowning difficult or impossible for the Sussexes to attend, but most especially Meghan. He doesn’t want them there stealing his limelight, but he wants to SEEM like a loving father.

      • Duch says:

        Now c-shell that I agree. Despite my comments above that Archie won’t know if they celebrate even a week before but it does create logistical challenges if they want to do both.

        I don’t think Charles chose it deliberately for only that reason but I think it brought a little bit of satisfaction.

      • Harper says:

        C-Rex picked Archie’s birthday so when Harry and Meghan don’t come the reporters all say in their hushed tones “notably missing are Harry and Meghan, who opted to stay in California to celebrate Archie’s birthday” instead of “notably missing are Harry and Meghan–a sign that the continuing tensions within the royal family have not been resolved.”

      • Tessa says:

        Young children can be sensitive. Archie may know when his birthday is. No way would Charles have scheduled the coronation on George’s birthday. What a horrible person Charles is.

      • Beverley says:

        Because on Salt Island, George matters. Archie doesn’t.
        We all know why.

      • Mary Pester says:

        C shell you are spot on. They knew QE2 was in her late 90s and like the Duke of Edinburgh who planned his own funeral a long time in advance the inefficient Palace could have arranged this a long time ago, they knew the Queen would not be around forever and let’s face it, if Charlie chinless had fallen of his perch, the same arrangements could have been used by bullyam and botox barbie. Nope, all this briefing and wailing is just a smoke screen for their own Royal fk ups. In other wirrds, how can we make Charlie chinless and cowmilla look good, but keep bullyam and botox barbie happy. I hope the wheels come off (in more ways than one) on the big day, but more than that, I hope Megan and Harry are sat in sunny california laughing their arses off at the mayhem. Let the crown topple!!!

      • ChattyCath says:

        Agree totally. Selfishness klaxon. On a morbid note I wouldn’t come if I were Harry. Planes crash, a few months of pretend grief and Meghan Archie and Lili can be paid off. They give no credence to human feelings. They have none themselves

      • Tykarri says:

        I don’t think he purposely chose Archie’s birthday. Only because I don’t think he cared enough about his “other” grandchildren to actually know when their birthdays are. He probably knew it was “sometime” in May and coincidentally hit the date. And all his advisors were gleeful about sticking it the the Sussex’s and didn’t advise him to change it. Or they suggested the date and he went with it not realizing what the day was.

    • Miranda says:

      See, I have zero problem believing that Charles has no idea when Archie and Lili’s birthdays are. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he needed aides to prompt him to wish Harry a happy birthday when he was growing up. I think the question is, do any of his aides consider Archie and Lili even worth a prompt?

      That said, I’m sure he knows by now that the dates conflict, but just doesn’t care.

      • Becks1 says:

        This. Honestly, in September, I think if you had asked Charles when any birthdays were – Wiliam’s, Harry’s, Kate’s, the Wales/Cambridge children, the Sussex children….he would have had no idea. He definitely knows it conflicts NOW, but I don’t think it was on his radar at the time. Now the courtiers might have known, but not Charles.

        (I do think he knows Meghan’s actually, since there was that bit in Spare about Meghan and the QM sharing a birthday and how Charles thought that was special.)

      • Jais says:

        But in planning the date, wouldn’t he have been speaking with his top courtiers, EY or whoever, before deciding the final date. Like sure he didn’t know but he would have been told during these discussions. Unless they purposely didn’t tell him beforehand but I’m not sure I believe that. Idk, I kind of felt like he just wanted that sussex shine. Every discussion of the coronation will also say it’s also Archie’s birthday and they’ll get those Harry and Meghan clicks. It’s not smart though bc it will just remind everyone that he’s estranged from his mixed-race grandson. Bc he can’t eat humble pie and apologize to his mom.

      • windyriver says:

        I think Edward Young is perfectly capable of manipulating Charles re his schedule, etc. for his own purposes, in the same way he did TQ (when she was suddenly too busy to have Harry visit and stay over). But I think @Jais has a good point – every discussion of the Chubbly will have to mention it’s Archie’s birthday.

        And, it’s not 4 months til the coronation, it’s 3.

      • Babz says:

        I commented on Twitter a couple of weeks ago that the event was scheduled for Archie’s birthday for one of two reasons: 1) C3 doesn’t care enough about Archie to remember – or even know – when the birthday is, or 2) it’s a perfect way to set up the Sussexes. If they don’t go, they can be criticized for staying home because of a toddler’s birthday. If they do go – just the two of them – they can be criticized for leaving their child behind on his birthday. There is no way H&M will come out of this without being bashed, one way or another. If those two options were considered, it isn’t the flex C3 thinks it is. The Sussexes are going to dominate coverage that day, either through their absence or their attendance. Charles and his Consort will not be the stars of the day, in spite of all the machinations.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Takes a while to plan for diversity when you’ve never done it before.

    • SurlyGale says:

      Someone said here ages and ages ago, at the beginning of this fiasco, that Charlie is attempting to ‘erase’ Archie from history. Face it, if this were just another day in the royal world, Archie’s b’day would be top story in ALL the UK papers. He’s hoping to bump Archie into oblivion for his whole reign so that now May 6th will be known as Coronation day instead of Archie’s birthday. (He won’t care about Wm’s reign/dates/issues cause he won’t be around).
      The jubbly was scheduled over Lili’s b’day, the clowning scheduled for Archie’s b’day. To me, that’s now a pattern. Whether done by couriers or royals, it’s still done and as far as I’m concerned, that’s just rude, petty and small-minded. Which is what the royals and their couriers are.

      • Jais says:

        Honestly, this makes sense to me. Trying to erase Archie’s bday. Sure it seems extra but these people are petty AF assholes and racist mother-effers. Although at the same time, I think it backfired in a way. At least for the coronation. Everyone will be saying it’s also Archie’s bday today on the day of the coronation.

      • Tiny says:

        When he is resting with Lizzy is it going to be his coronation or Archie’s bday?

      • Rae S-L says:

        SURLYGALE, Brit here, the late Queen’s Jubilees always took place on/around the first weekend of June, as a way of rolling over the last May Bank Holiday into the next month. It just happened that Lily was born a year before the 70th and last Jubilee. That date had been in the planning for over a year. I say this with love bash the RF on things that is factual, this is not one of them.

    • EllenOlenska says:

      I still love my idea of H and M and company celebrating the birthday in montecito and then posting an instagram photo of Archie wishing his grandfather “ Good luck on your special day!” while holding a balloon and a puppy. Perfect shade

  8. Noki says:

    The Coronation surely has a plan same as with the Operation London Bridge for the Queen. Baring a few tweaks here and there, what is the surprise?

    • Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

      I agree that the plans for Chucks Clowning have been set in stone for decades but I can see him wanting changes now and throwing all that previous planning into chaos just so he can have his way.

    • Jay says:

      Yup, it’s been in the works for years. Even has it’s own name, Operation Rising Sun or something like that. And lord knows Charles has had time to think about and plan just what he wants. I think this is just the courtiers being petulant about the things (“diversity”) that they don’t want to do. For them, “diversity” is something you sprinkle on to the same pile of sh!t afterwards, for show.

      • Patricia says:

        No intention of watching this farce of a coronation. The only thing that could make me tune in would be Harry as a guest commentator on an American network broadcasting this “bread and circuses” foolishness. Not gonna happen but wouldn’t it be wonderful?

  9. Belli says:

    If I were the Sussexes, not being invited would be the easiest outcome and a huge relief.

  10. Caribbean says:

    Maybe that was the intent when he decided on their son’s birthday as the day for his coronation; force them to choose him or Archie, knowing that Archie would come first. So then one would need to stay with Archie to be ‘fair’ And the King can feed his hungry tab about the dilemma that ensues.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      You know what would be really funny? If Harry stayed home with the kids for Archie’s birthday, and Meghan showed up for The Clowning. That whole island would spontaneously combust. 💥🔥

      I’m just joking of course. 😉

      • Caribbean says:

        @Brassy Rebel, they need to put that idea out there as a statement. STAT. LOL

      • Anna says:

        Realistically, I know the BM would lose their collective marbles and the attacks against Meg would ramp up to even more ridiculous levels, never mind how Meg would have to spend time (however brief) with those vipers. HOWEVER. If she went in there on Bad Bitch Tour III that would be the crowning up I’d sign up for💅

      • lanne says:

        I like your thinking. She is the Duchess of Sussex after all. If she came with her mother and a slew of bodyguards–but in all reality, that would be a shitty thing for any husband to do, make his wife confront the inlaws while he stays home.

        I honestly think that if Harry goes, Meghan should go too. Don’t give the courtier rats the ability to think they can separate them. Bring the kids–Chuck probably wants a picture with all his direct family, and perhaps his extended family. It would be bad for posterity to omit them. I also think that deep down, Charles is smart enough to know that history will not look kindly on how the Sussexes have been treated–he’s just too much of a coward to do anything about it. But he doesn’t want evidence that could be used twenty years from now (or even 10 years from now) that his kingship was marred by racism toward his daughter in law. Appearances matter a lot to him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is in secret contact with Harry arranging their visit. He might not even tell his viper of a wife, who would flap her gums to anyone she could. And definitely not to his ragemonster of an eldest son.

      • Blue Nails Betty says:

        @BrassyRebel BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA that would be AMAZING. She could be all “I was in town to do some charity work and popped over to see the coronation. Haz sends his regards. Thanks for the invite, where’s the food table?”

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        @Anna, Bad Bitch Tour III. I like it!

      • Christine says:

        It would be hilarious if Harry issued a statement saying he had scheduling conflicts, so he was sending the Duchess on his behalf, like Chuck and Willnot did when Pope Benedict and King whoever died last month.

      • No Harry should send Scammy Markle or the heart attack king to represent LolLol

  11. Noor says:

    There are many reasons why Prince Harry may not be keen to attend the coronation. First and foremost, it is tone deaf to hold a lavish coronation during a cost of living crisis.

    The British pride themselves on being civilized. For the courtiers to float the idea that only Harry will be invited without Meghan show how far they have departed from good manners and breeding . Prince Harry do not have to think twice in rejecting such a rude invite.

    • Reborn Rich says:

      Good manners except when the and their representatives defecated in the mouths of the enslaved people who challenged them on their island plantations in the Caribbean.

  12. C-Shell says:

    It’s truly awesome how they keep banging the drum about “welcoming” Harry, only Harry, not Harry’s wife/mother of his children, or his children ONE OF WHOM IS HAVING A BIRTHDAY ON THE CLOWNING DAY, and are oblivious to how this looks to the whole damned world. Especially the Commonwealth. Harry was clear about his pre-conditions for returning to the bosom of his family, but they will continue to ignore him because only CIII’s wishes matter. God’s chosen.

    • Midnight@theOasis says:

      In their eyes Meghan, Archie and Lilli are non entities and do not matter in the least. Only Harry, of Royal blood, matters to them.

      • Solidgold says:

        Exactly, Meghan and the kids are a small and insignificant detail to the monarchy.

      • equality says:

        Archie and Lili are as much “of royal blood” as Will’s children.

      • Caribbean says:

        Actually I think to opposite is true. She is significant to them and that is why they are shook. She came and showed them up and did not do anything that they could point out that was TRULY wrong.

    • zebz says:

      Meghan is hugely significant to the BRF. They literally *all* copy everything she says, wears, and does. Who are we fooling here? They try to ostricize and belittle her all they want but she showed them how it’s really done. Blazing a trail that is still seen today. She could do the job on her own with no hand holding from the courtiers and that’s their real problem with her. She didn’t need coddled like the rest. Unable to wipe their own ass without staff or croonies puffing her up with fluff. She didn’t need to play the media game the way the rest did and it pissed them off massively.

  13. Midnight@theOasis says:

    “ plan a Chubbly party which NO ONE WANTS”

    I disagree. The British Media and Rota Rats definitely want a grand expensive Chubbly so they can report endlessly about it and rake in the cash.

    • ChillinginDC says:

      I hope it goes as well as the Queen’s multi day funeral. People in Britain were not for it. American viewers got sick of seeing it on every channel.

      • Dee says:

        It’s Kentucky Derby Day. No way the Chubbly takes precedence over that.

      • Kel says:

        @dee as much as I would like that to be true.
        The coronation will be similar to the funeral. All the American stations will be there for a few days because it’s a historic event. The derby happens every year.
        The media will make it a big deal. Face it ever since Meghan came on the scenes royal reporting has blown up. They have benefited greatly from her. This will be no different.
        Unless something huge happens like a major politicians death or weather disaster happens in the US..all eyes will be on London.

      • Blue Nails Betty says:

        @DEE. It would be hilarious if Harry and Meghan went to the Kentucky Derby.

      • ChillinginDC says:

        Dee exactly. If people even thought about showing this over the Derby in America, they will lose it. I don’t see the minute by minute stuff they got away for with the funeral.

      • Becks1 says:

        The coronation is going to be over before the Derby. Isn’t that around 5? I know there’s all day coverage but the actual race is in the late afternoon, right? (I know Preakness is usually around 615-630).

        So if the coronation stuff starts at 10 am UK time, it will be long over before the Derby.

      • Beverley says:

        I couldn’t understand the saturation of media coverage of Betty’s funeral here in America. We don’t give a damn about the monarchy for the most part. We fought a revolution to be rid of them. Meghan marrying Harry renewed interest in the Royal Family…at least for me. But wall-to-wall coverage of the funeral was probably due to the Queen’s impossibly long reign. Charles’ KKKoronation (all white, all the time) isn’t likely to generate as much interest.

  14. JJ says:

    I can not imagine any world in which Harry skips his child’s birthday to attend his jerk father’s celebration of self

    • Solidgold says:

      It will happen so believe it.

      • Tessa says:

        I don’t think it will happen that Harry will behave that way. Maybe Harry and Meghan and Doria can come over with the children and have the party in the UK.

      • Kel says:

        Some of y’all are really setting yourself up. I agree there’s a chance it will happen. He’s not a bad person or parent if he does by the way.

      • Jais says:

        Lili’s last bday was in the UK at Frogmore so it could be like well then Archie can have one there as well. Who knows how much longer they’ll even have frogmore? I’d like Meghan to get that apology though. And a montecito bday just sounds a lot better. Their house and yards are just so beautiful. I’d want a bday there.

      • brighidg says:

        It will be Harry with the entire family or nothing.

        Let’s face it, Chuckles is over 70 and his health isn’t that great. This isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime chance for Harry. He can wait for William or even George, if the monarchy lasts that long.

  15. Good lord the gymnastics and hoops they will perform and jump through to make fetch happen their way. I believe Harry told them what he wants. I will wait for Harry’s spokespersons to let us know when the time comes. Personally I believe he won’t attend. He has better things to do.

  16. JMoney says:

    I think this is what Charles and the RF want just Harry but as a “courtesy” invite M, too but really just using it as an excuse to increase their “diversity count”. Either way I do see Harry going bc the coronation is a once in a lifetime event and he knows Charles views this as the most important day of his life ( more important than any marriage/births/funeral) and he did walk M down the aisle for H’s most important day of his life. H has stated several times he wants to reconcile and that he believes in the monarchy that’s why I think he will go.

    I agree M should stay home with the kids. If H goes it will be just for a very brief time for his dad but no need to subject M and the kids to the RF’s ostracism and the Royalists bigotry bc the ones who are participating by either standing inside the church or outside in the crowd will be no fan of H&M

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      Not once in a lifetime. William will be” “king” in this lifetime, and maybe George as well. I put “king” in quotes because I’m hopeful for the complete and utter downfall of the monarchy before then. So in that sense, yeah, might be Harry’s last chance to participate (also because no way Willie would invite him to his if he had one, which we pray he won’t).

      • Tessa says:

        Harry also gets ONE chance to be at a birthday party for his first born child. Harry needs to stay home if his wife is not invited.

      • Becks1 says:

        First, they could have a birthday part in Windsor like they did for Lili. Second, they could plan a birthday party for Archie in California the week before or after the Chubbly. Harry attending the coronation is not Harry abandoning his child and people need to stop implying that.

        That said, I agree that Harry needs to stay home if Meghan is not invited but I don’t think he needs us to tell him that.

    • Tessa says:

      Meghan is his beloved wife. She should not be treated that way. I totally disagree that she should stay home. She is being treated with disrespect and Harry should stand up for his wife. I don’t care how important the event is to Charles he is a horrible human being IMO. Charles walked Meghan down the aisle for his own publicity and praise. He never spoke up against Archie being likened to a chimp. Leaving his first child’s birthday party to cater to his selfish father I think is totally unacceptable. The most important people in Harry’s wife are Meghan, Archie and Lili. Harry will be treated like dirt if he goes, and then the “divorce” rumors would go on in the media and people praising that Meghan is not there. Go with your wife Harry or don’t go at all.

      • Anna says:

        I’m of two minds about this. While I agree that Harry shouldn’t go simply for the amount of disrespect Meg’s experienced, he has expressed his desire multiple times to reconcile with his father/have a relationship with him.

        There’s no doubt that Harry is more forgiving than I am, but given that he’s lost both beloved grandparents relatively recently, and mentioned in Spare how he’d thought of his father’s morality in the wake of Prince Philip’s passing, I can’t help but think he’d go to be there for his Pa.

        It’s a tough call, honestly.

      • Tessa says:

        Harry and Meghan are married. Harry will get plenty of disrespect if he goes alone and fire up divorce rumors and all the Kate the peacemaker nonsense will come up again. William may even confront Harry again. Harry can reconcile with his father, but it takes two to reconcile. If Charles has that attitude toward Meghan, he is a disgrace. Charles may be a lost cause.

      • JMoney says:

        @Tessa If this were Christmas or some other normal family event I’d agree H shouldn’t go and to his credit he hasn’t even when his grandmother was still alive. However the coronation is a once in a lifetime event. Archie will have many birthdays and like a user said above, they can always celebrate it a week earlier or later (most ppl do depending on their schedules if they have something on the child’s actual birthday). H will def not be invited to W coronation and as I said, H did go out of his way not to just say he wants to reconcile with his dad during his book tour but also that his family isn’t racist (he said this in the Tom B interview), defended Lady Hussey and lastly said he believes in the monarchy. C & H know it would be a “bigger story” if H wasn’t there. Just b/c he goes to the Coronation does not mean he is disrespecting M. In fact it tracks with the statements he said about his dad and the monarchy during his book tour.

  17. Jay says:

    This makes it sound like the courtiers are planning to full on kidnap Harry from his California home in order to attend the coronation! My theory is that the Sussexes have been invited and declined, and they are scrambling to put it out there that they disinvited Meghan first, while still trying to pressure Harry to come on his own.

    And if course these clowns are finding it difficult to plan a ‘diverse’ Coronation – never forget that we’re talking about the same brain trust that orchestrated the Colonialist Caribbean Tour for the Keens. And “cut-rate”? He’s literally getting a new gold carriage.

    • JoJo says:

      Don’t forget two new thrones too. Maybe they can’t use the old ones because of the thought of Maxwell and Spacey’s bum imprints being on them 🤣.

    • TheWigletOfWails says:

      Yup.. this is how abusers work. They’re trying to isolate Harry from his support system so they can use and abuse him like they did in the past. Meghan is a pillar of support for him and they don’t like him having that.

  18. WhatKateHerselfSaidOnPageSix says:

    Meghan said ” you can’t not invite me because I’m not coming”. Fixed it

  19. MADONNA says:

    Charles would not attend any event if Camilla was not invited. Harry should learn from him.

    • Tessa says:

      Of course but Charles still treated the mother of his children like dirt.

    • mickey says:

      Harry has his own beautiful wife and cute kids and they don’t need to be anywhere near a group of criminals, accepting money in bags.
      I don’t care how many apologies they could make, -and I’ve been there- and they can’t help themselves with their vitriol and back stabbing . It would be a crime to expose not just Harry but Meghan but their gorgeous children . The date was set on Archie’s birthday should’ve been enough.
      I’m so sorry Harry but like me you are going to have uk face up to the realization that they never loved you and they never will. I grew up watching Diana and in I’m 55 they won’t change

    • tamsin says:

      I read a story once about Charles refusing to attend the wedding of a godson because the hosts refused to let Charles and Camilla sit together. This was before they were married. Charles of all people should understand that a man wants his wife respected. But then, Charles can only think of himself, and like other members of his family, incapable of putting themselves in someone else’s shoes.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @tamsin – This happened when Edward van Cutsem married Lady Tamara Katherine Grosvenor, daughter of Gerald Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster, and Natalia Grosvenor, Duchess of Westminster, in 2004. Charles had a fit because he was told by Hugh van Cutsem and Emilie Quarles van Ufford van Cutsem, parents of Edward, that Camilla could not be seated next to him at the wedding or reception due to, hold on to your knickers and Tinfoil Tiara, ROYAL PROTOCOL!

  20. aquarius64 says:

    The title nonsense is not the.flex the Palace minions think it is. Parliament is not going to pull those without good cause; a family feud is not it. If anything, Archie and Lili officially listed as prince and princess would be the grounds for coming. Frankly the cost of living situation should be the reason coronation; Charles is already king.

  21. Tessa says:

    Harry needs to stay home if they keep his wife from attending. This is just so disgusting.

  22. Kim says:

    Lol the chances of Harry going if Meghan is not allowed to come are 0%. I’d put the chances of Harry going at all at 1% mostly because there’s a 1% chance Chuckles and Baldy will sincerely apologize to Harry and Meghan and I believe Harry when he said he’s not going if that doesn’t happen.

  23. Becks1 says:

    If Meghan isn’t invited Harry is not going. and I think if harry wants to go at all, Meghan will go with him. Harry going alone is not going to happen IMO. (but I could be proven wrong in a few months.)

    I think the royals and the RRs have put themselves into a tight spot because “someone” knows how BAD it would look for H&M to not be there, but “someone” also knows that the RRs want H&M “punished” by not letting them attend and the hardcore royalists don’t want H&M there. But the RRs ALSO really want H&M there. They’ll write stories about them either way, but they’ll get more stories and more drama out of their attendance than their non-attendance.

    The solution, obviously, is to reach out to Harry and Meghan, have the conversations they are asking for, LISTEN TO THEM, apologize, and treat them decently at the coronation and stop briefing against them in the press.

    But thats not going to happen……so…..back to that tight spot for Charles and the BRF and the RRs. Oh well.

    • Nx2 says:

      Becks1: I agree – Harry isn’t going to attend without Meghan. He’s already made it clear he wants an apology for how they’ve been treating her. Everything they do to Meghan, they do to Harry – she is his beloved soulmate.

    • Nic919 says:

      I agree. Harry will not attend the coronation without his wife. End of.
      Harry attended Philip’s funeral on his own because of the pandemic restrictions were much more severe and it was a risk to travel with a young child who could not be vaccinated yet. And Philip was his grandfather. (I’m not sure if he ever knew Diana’s father).
      Attending the coronation is optional and they can’t exclude Meghan and expect Harry to tolerate it.

      • pie says:

        End of?….girlll okay lol.
        Let’s come back to this is a few months.
        If they’re both not there then I think Harry will be for sure. Charles will have a conversation with Harry at some point if it hasn’t happened already for Harry/Meghan to go.

        I don’t think if means anything bad like some people are insinuating either.
        If he goes alone I believe Meghan would be totally supportive but I’m sure other people will push their narratives.
        He’s not betraying Meghan by going alone guys.. I assume they’ll make the decision together whether its together, not at all or just Harry.

      • Tessa says:

        Harry was old enough to have gotten to know grandfather spencer.

      • Jais says:

        So, my only thing is that Harry said he wants an apology to his wife. Whether he goes alone or they go together, I want Meghan to have that apology and I want a press release from the Sussexes saying we or Harry alone are going bc there was a discussion and an apology to my wife as asked for. Now, do I think I that’ll happen? Idk? I just don’t want them to go and then the papers to crow that Meghan never her got her apology. Now, would I trust any apology she gets? No, it’d prob just be BS but my petty self would just want to see Charles and the palace people be forced to publicly state that they made an apology just to get Harry or both of them to attend. Would the papers try to demean and belittle the apology once the Sussexes arrived? Yeah, prob ugh.

      • Rnot says:

        Harry was 6 or 7 when his Spencer grandpa died.

      • Nic919 says:

        I love these new handles showing up and pretending Harry has not been very clear that he is not going to go somewhere where his wife is not accepted. And outside of Philip’s funeral, when there were Covid restrictions and Meghan was pregnant, Harry has not attended anything in the UK without Meghan by his side. The jubilee and the funeral only confirm this.

        So if Harry does go to the coronation then Meghan is there with him. He isn’t going to hide her away to make the white ones feel better. So yes. End of.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yes, Nic919. So many new t r o l l s on here. Now we recognize their names, time to label, ignore, and move on.

  24. Mina_Esq says:

    The Chubbly isn’t a funeral of a dearly departed grandparent. If they don’t show respect to Harry and his family, Harry isn’t showing up.
    I hate that they are using Duke of Windsor as their point of reference. Harry isn’t desperate. Harry doesn’t care for titles and privilege. Harry is financially independent. There is zero overlap between the two couples, aside from M also being an American divorcée. That’s where the similarities stop. I hope H and M don’t show up, even if invited.

    • Tessa says:

      What bothered the Duke of Windsor was Wallis not getting the HRH. Since Charles as a divorced man and Camilla as a divorcee got to marry it is a moot point. Camilla is more like Wallis.

      • notasugarhere says:

        No Church laws were changed for Charles and Camilla, that idea is false. At the time C&C married, he was considered a widower by the Church of England, she was a divorcee with a living former spouse. The CoE changed the rules in 2002 allowing *any divorced person* to marry in the Church. When D&D of Windsor married, the rules hadn’t been changed.

        C&C didn’t marry until 2005, well after the rules were changed for everyone. They chose to marry in a civil ceremony for PR reasons – and had a blessing service in church attended by 800 people. But they were legally allowed to marry in CoE as of 2002.

      • Tessa says:

        Charles had the rules bent to suit him. I disagree. Charles is not a widower. Had he been one:

        1 _ Diana would have automatically gotten a royal funeral.
        2. Diana would have kept her HRH
        3. Charles would not have had to pay a divorce settlement.
        4. Charles openly was seeing Camilla after the divorce.
        5. Diana was dating Khan and later Dodi
        6. There are less traditional people in the C of E that gave Charles a Pass to date. and divorce Diana.
        And even if Charles were a “widower” he still was seeing a woman with a still living husband.

        The rules would have had to be changed for Charles divorce from Diana to be recognized and it was.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I get it, I get it. You love Diana and hate Camilla – which is irrelevant to the facts here. We’re not talking about UK laws related to marriage and divorce payouts, we’re talking about the religious ‘rules’ of the Church of England. Her funeral has nothing to do with it, that’s a legal issue.

        The Church of England didn’t recognize religious divorce at the time Charles and Diana divorced legally. After Diana died? The CoE considered him a widower as they weren’t recognizing divorces in the Church *at that time*.

        He was legally allowed to marry Camilla according to UK laws the second the divorce from Diana was final. In CoE in 1996? As a widower he was allowed by Church law to marry anyone *except* a divorced person. A religious marriage to Camilla at that time wouldn’t have ‘counted’ in CoE, but he could have married any non-divorced person in the Church.

        The CHURCH remarriage laws changed for EVERYONE in 2002, C&C married in 2005. Even if Diana had still been alive in 2005? C&C would still have been able to marry in CoE, because after 2002 CoE allows all divorced people to marry in the Church.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Tessa Nota is saying that because Diana was dead, in the eyes of the church he was equivalent to a widower when it came to remarriage. And the rules were not changed just for Charles, they were changed well before he and camilla married.

      • Tessa says:

        Notasugarhere i dont hate anybody. What Charles wants Charles gets. He was openly seeing Camilla. He was not Diana’s widower he was her divorced husband. The obstacle to charles marrying Camilla sooner was said to be his grandmother who did not want to see a c and c wedding in her lifetime. I am expressing my opinion not hating on anyone. I find it puzzling how Charles can be a widower when Diana could not have a royal funeral and lose the h r h. To me it just Charles getting to have his cake and eat it too. Plus Diana and Charles were legally separated in 1992

      • Tessa says:

        Becks leaving out Diana Camilla was still a divorced person with a living ex husband. Camilla and Charles were in effect dating after his divorce from Diana and he received no complaints or flak from the church that he was cheating on alleged wife Diana and the divorce did not count.

      • notasugarhere says:

        It is not difficult to understand.

        UK law vs. Church rules. Two completely different things which you are refusing to recognize. UK law doesn’t care about whether or not a religion recognizes your divorce. UK law, Charles and Diana were divorced. She didn’t get a state funeral because legally she wasn’t a member of the royal family anymore. Simple.

        Diana no longer had the HRH because she sold it in her divorce deal with Charles. She agreed to give it up in exchange for more money, her lawyer admitted it. She lied-and-cried about it to the press once she found out Fergie was getting to keep her HRH. QEII got so pissed off at Diana, she wrote new Letters Patent stating that anyone who divorces out of the family loses their HRH. None of that has to do with Church of England marriage rules or UK divorce laws.

        It is not the Church’s job to police who is dating whom, who is having extra-marital affairs. NONE of that plays into actual Church rules when it comes to remarriage. As of Diana’s death, Charles ‘counted’ as a widower to the Church. Camilla was a divorced person with a living ex-spouse.

        As of 2002, any divorced person with a living ex-spouse can marry in CoE. If she had lived, Diana could have remarried any divorced person of her choice *in the Church* starting in 2002. That’s the church rules. She could have married anyone of her choice according to UK LAW the second her legal (not religious) divorce from Charles was final.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Let me put it another way. Charles and Diana divorced legally in 1996. UK law recognized the divorce but the Church didn’t recognize divorce in 1996. Either of them could have remarried immediately according to UK law. The Church, however, would not have recognized the new marriages or allowed them to take place in the Church. But who cares? UK law is what matters, not religious law.

        IF Charles had died instead of Diana? Church law would have considered Diana his widow even though legally according to UK law she was his ex-wife. She could have married in the Church whenever she wanted – as long as she didn’t marry someone with a living ex-spouse.

        So Diana couldn’t have married many of the men with whom she had affairs, because Diana deliberately targeted married men for most of her affairs. As of the change in Church rules in 2002 however? Diana could have married a divorced man in the Church starting in 2002. Them’s the facts.

    • Emily_C says:

      Also Harry isn’t a Nazi.

  25. equality says:

    Whether they attend or not, H&M will “overshadow” KC’s coronation, even if they sit at home and aren’t seen for months. I like that. Maybe they can drop some big project or charity initiative to celebrate Archie’s BD.

  26. Monlette says:

    But don’t you know? The first five years of a child life are the most important!

    No way is Harry telling Archie he will be back in two days and there will be plenty other birthdays, and Charles knows it.

    If his lies about the zoom calls to Archie tell us anything, it’s that he has no trouble playing the doting grandpa for the press whilst being a salty bitch behind the scenes.

    • Tessa says:

      Children are sensitive. I read a book by Stephen Bogart who was left with Nannies when his parents Bogart and Bacall went to Africa, he was filming the African Queen. decades later Stephen still felt resentment that he was left behind. He was about two at the time as I recall. Archie may feel the same way down the road if he is left on his birthday.

      • Julia K says:

        Many of us from military families have celebrated a birthday with a parent missing due to serving our country and being stationed away. We survived. Archie will too.

      • Emily_C says:

        That was a really long time being left without his parents. It was not just one birthday. I don’t know if Harry’s going to the Chubbly (I think not though), but it would not hurt Archie if he did.

    • equality says:

      It would be so funny if H&M publicly used that as a reason to not attend. What could any of the royals say then?

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      Charles of all people, who as an adult cried to Dimbleby about how his parents abandoned him for their duties as a child, should know better than to try to order Harry to do the same thing to Archie. Charles really is a textbook case of arrested emotional development. No one’s feelings matter apart from his own.

  27. AmelieOriginal says:

    If the Sussexes do go (big if), I hope they won’t bring the kids and they’ll be in and out like they were at the Jubilee last June. They did bring the kids then and had a private party for Lili as her first birthday fell during the Jubilee at Frogmore Cottage. I wonder if Charles chose Archie’s birthday on purpose, thinking the Sussexes would bring the kids like they did last year since the Jubilee fell during Lili’s birthday. Or he just really wanted to be crowned king before the Trooping of the Color in June? My guess is the Sussexes won’t go at all. I know Harry claims to still care about the monarchy and how he thinks it still has a role in today’s world but I hope that view changes as time goes on. I wonder if some of the more recent and younger European monarchs had coronations? Did Felipe of Spain have one when he ascended the throne? I really don’t remember. It doesn’t seem like the other European royal families do big elaborate coronations anymore.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      It is only in the UK that a new monarch is ceremonially crowned. It was abolished elsewhere for various reasons. In Denmark the coronation was abolished because it was so intimately connected with the previous absolutist monarchical regime and the new democratic government wanted to avoid these connotations. It was also a power move. In an absolutist monarchy, the monarch is seen as chosen by God (and the status is confirmed in a religious sacrament, which a coronation is). Therefore, in the constitutional monarchy the new monarch is always proclaimed by the PM (as a symbolic representation of the balance of power).

  28. Jan says:

    Both need to stay away. Harry can’t say there needs to be an apology and family needs to stop briefing only for them to still go when neither has been done. And I also hope Harry has enough sense that if he goes without Meghan and kids, it would not send the right message. He needs to cut the cord and ppl need to stop giving excuses for why he hasn’t when Meghan is able to cut her dad off. What’s the difference?

    • ABritGuest says:

      I don’t think Meghan has actually said why she stopped talking to her father. She said things were fine until the media got involved & whilst we can assume- without her saying we don’t know why.

      From the cut interview Meghan suggests harry doesn’t have to lose his father. Perhaps it’s because Meghan still has Doria whereas Charles is Harry’s only living parent & with Diana having died tragically young I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s sense of trying more with only living parent.

      And also being on bad terms with Charles/the royal family at large impacts so many issues for Harry eg being able to get security in uk, Harry’s relationships with the rest of the Windsors, possibly some of the Spencers who are historically very close to the royal family, mutual friends like his old nanny & possibly even his relationships with charities etc if they don’t want to be on bad side of the palace or the press. We’ve seen how the palace didn’t support the Invictus uk Team & how military types have come out to condemn Harry after Spare. It’s kind of in Harry’s interests to achieve peace even if the family dynamic is never the same.

      It really isn’t the same as Meghan cutting off Thomas due to Charles position as the head of state & how that could affect Harry’s relationships & arrangements in the Uk.

    • Jegede says:


      These people have made it clear time & again and again how much they detest Meghan.

      In every facet possible – print; court cases, press briefings.
      Their hostility to Meghan is unrelenting and unabated.

      Why must she continue tolerating their abuse all for Harry’s sake?
      What kind of lopsided dysfunction is that?🤨🤨

    • Jazza says:

      Yeah let’s not bring Meghan’s dad into this situation. These are the exact methods people use to attach Meghan to say that she splits families like what she did with her dad. Meghan’s had up and downs with her dad for YEARS if you’ve followed her pre Harry.

      Harry and his family are a completely different situation and he has his own journey to go through with them. Remember all this just started in recent years and he only had his aha moment when they left 3 years ago. That’s a small fraction of his life and a lot to process and unravel.
      Now if it were me I would absolutely not go but again it’s not my life.
      Also if we’ve learned anything from the book is that we don’t know a lot what goes on behind the scenes. Meghan made it clear in the CUT interview that she believes Harry can still have a relationship with his father unlike her father.
      Again I wouldn’t feel the same but Meghan is more gracious than I could ever be.

  29. Eurydice says:

    H&M will go or they won’t, whatever. I’m more stuck on the Chubbly’s “diversity requirements” and the courtiers racing against time to find space for representatives of different faiths. What does this even mean? Are people of different faiths hiding in an undisclosed location or something? And finding space – put out some extra chairs. It’s not like there are billions of different faiths in the UK.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      I really, really, really wish they would hold it in Wembley Stadium … the empty seats would be hilarious.

  30. Tessa says:

    No apology from Camilla and Charles (silence is deafening) about Camilla being buddy buddy with Clarkson. why would Harry and Meghan go after that super disgusting article about Meghan.

    • Renae says:

      I agree Tessa. If Harry does go, I know my respect for him will shrink. Should he go alone, I think Meghan will be hurt and it will always be a sore spot in an otherwise beautiful marriage.

      • Athena says:

        They should release a statement that there’s been no acknowledgement of wrongdoing, no apology to Meghan for the way they treated her, the continued leaks to the press, he loves his father, wish him well but for the reasons stated he won’t be attending the clowning. Don’t give them the RF and the RR the out of Archie’s birthday as an excuse.

        Let their absence and the reason hang over this coronation. Let the commonwealth take note.

      • Surly Gale says:

        @Athena, you may not have been the first to say such, but your take resonates with me 100%. They could release such a statement, and honestly, I think that would be best. Put responsibility not on the shoulders of the child, but on the lack of acknowledgement of wrongdoing and no apology.
        Let their absence and the REAL reasons for them not attending be spoken loudly, clearly and only once. Then they sit back whilst the RotaRats will do whatever; his words, spoken w/his whole chest will not be diminished by the mud flung. It’ll just get their hands even dirtier.

    • Jaded says:

      And this only proves that it’s Camzilla who is pulling a lot of tabloid strings behind the scenes to smear and foment hatred of Meghan. That woman is a vile lizard of a human being.

  31. Nicky says:

    Harry has his own beautiful wife and cute kids and they don’t need to be anywhere near a group of criminals, accepting money in bags.
    I don’t care how many apologies they could make, I’ve been there and they can’t help themselves with their vitriol and back stabbing . It would be a crime to expose not just Harry but Meghan and their gorgeous children the baby that the date was set on Archie’s birthday should’ve been enough.
    I’m so sorry Harry but like me you are going to have uk face up to the realization that they never loved you and they never will. I grew up watching Diana and in I’m 55 they won’t change

  32. Ace says:

    I obviously don’t know if they’ll go or not (and all those people who confindently declare what they’re doing either way must have a very close relationship with H&M I guess), but I bet that inviting only Harry is not they way to go if they want him there.

    I can see them going in a similar way to the Jubbly, except that in that case it seems they went because the Queen asked them and I’m don’t think that Chuck is at that same level of goodwill. If it was me I wouldn’t go, but it’s been clear for a while that I’m much less forgiving than either of them and after all that has happened they would have been dead to me for a while.

  33. Lurker25 says:

    That last pic with Meghan and cowmilla…
    Playing photo assumption:
    M is amazing at keeping a calm unruffled expression at all times, but you can see she’s suddenly under huge strain because a neck muscle(tendon?) jumped out. And Cowmilla has that canary-eating cat expression she gets when she’s pleased.

    This bitch hissed something to Meghan. Something incredibly mean and nasty. I would bet real money on it.

    And I’d guess Meghan didn’t tell Harry to not worry him, or we’d have heard about it in the ginger avengers memoir. I think there’s probably a LOT of racist, mean micro/macro aggressions from his family that Meghan dealt with that she didn’t tell Harry about bc he was already so shocked and upset by what he did see.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      I noticed the strain in her neck, too. Camilla is a loathsome person. No throne, no crown is going to shine up that gargoyle.

  34. Flower says:

    Unpopular opinion but this is a historic (likely once in a lifetime) event and this is Harry’s papa, so I think he will attend for those reasons.

    I also think that Meghan would want Harry to attend on that basis also. Meghan understood the assignment when she married Harry, it was just the toxic family she was not 100% prepared for.

    • Jazza says:

      I agree. I think some people are reading too much into this or are in their feelings.
      I pretty sure they’ve both been invited and most likely like this plan.
      Just like the statue unveiling Harry and funeral comes and does what he needs to and peace’s out.
      Meghan gets to chill with her babies in peace.
      Anything can happen but I do believe he’ll be there because he’s communicated with his father.

    • C says:

      Whatever they do is their decision. But I think people are making a *great* mistake to equate this to the Diana statue unveiling or the Queen’s funeral. He was obviously going to honor his mother. He and Meghan made it clear the Queen was always someone they loved and valued.
      Charles has no such place with them because he is one of the biggest parts of the problem. Their information and lives aren’t safe with him and he is the one who told Harry Meghan wasn’t welcome at the site of the Queen’s passing. That is not something Harry will brush aside and he has said before his conditions have not been met yet. I do believe if Meghan had been excluded from everything about the funeral he would have skipped it.

      • Jegede says:



        In Spare Harry makes it clear Charles was NO friend to Meghan.

        Right down to having ‘no money for her’.

      • Flower says:

        @C I hear what you’re saying but again I think as everyday peeps we project our thoughts, feelings and opinions on M+H.

        For sure Harry has made it clear that he feels his family have treated M shabbily, however it’s the fact that he’s intent on an apology that the rest of us have twigged he will never get that leads me to believe that he will go.

        Harry is still at the ‘we can still be friends’ phase of speaking his truth. As much as we think he has burned it down, I don’t think Chuckles is that surprised because he knows his failures as a husband to Di and father to W&H.

        The real question is when the penny will drop for Harry that he will NEVER change, that he will always value the crown more than him.

        It’s an ironic twist of fate because the Queen over-coddled Andrew and look at the result, whereas Charles has zero fux to give about Harry when it comes to glittery shiny hats.

      • C says:

        Other people often project, yes. But I am taking his words as he said them.
        He is not intent on an apology, he has said before he knows that isn’t coming.

        There was never any question of him not going to the funeral. There is over the coronation, which, again, he has said he has conditions about and they have not been met.

        I think assuming that he is at the “we can still be friends” phase is just that, an assumption. I think he would be fine being friends, but not without accountability, which, again, he has said.

        If Charles is offering Harry an olive branch and welcoming Meghan too, I’m sure Harry would be happy to go. But being willing to accept an olive branch does not mean he is waiting for a phone call (and he has expressed he is not doing that), nor does it automatically mean that he would leave Meghan on the birthday of their son who was racially abused in the UK and his grandfather didn’t say a word.

        All I’m doing is taking the words that came out of his mouth (or ones that he wrote).

    • TheWigletOfWails says:

      @flower it is a historic occasion but who in 2023 really cares about the coronation of an unelected head of state, especially during a cost of living crisis? Leave that in the past where it belongs. Harry and Meghan aren’t working royals anymore so it has nothing to do with them. Give Archie the best birthday he’s ever had with his friends and plan a lovely 5 year anniversary party instead.

    • brighidg says:

      Chuck is 74. He will not be king for more than a decade. If that. He is not his mother or his father. Seriously, go look back at Diana’s funeral and his parents looked clearly in better health at his age than he is.

      William, is terminally lazy and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the first British king (assuming both the UK and the monarchy exists by then) to make retiring a thing. He’ll do his a couple decades and retire, probably at some politically inconvenient time for his son.

      And if the monarchy exists through all that and everything else, Harry could still be young enough and in good enough health to see George crowned.

    • Emily_C says:

      It is not once in a lifetime. And it’s not particularly historic either, in the sense of being important to history. It will only become important historically in retrospect if it’s the last one.

      But also, there are a lot of once in a lifetime events that are dull as dirt and who cares. Pretty much all these puffed up expensive events around the Royals are that. The local high school puts on more interesting events.

  35. Ariel says:

    I will defend Charles in one regard- he was born being told he was announced by “god” to be KING. And the guy has spent more than 70 years- waiting. He has a right to get on with it.

    But it should have been drastically pared down – give everyone a bank holiday, do the parade, invite the grandkids for a post ceremony pick in a crown with ALL his grandkids.
    This would have been so easy to NOT screw up.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Roughly 70 percent of people in the UK do not believe in the CoE (or any Judeo-Christian) version of ‘God’. Charles included, frankly. Charles was king the moment QEII passed, the Coronation is only a PR show.

      If he wanted to get on with it? He could have gone to Westminster Abbey the day after QEII’s funeral, had the crown thrown on his head, and been done.

      There is absolutely no call for this disgusting waste of hundreds of millions of pounds in this day and age. I hope Republic-leaning nations decline to participate.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Charles does NOT need a coronation and all all the problems it will cause. Only the Daily Fail needs a coronation and all the problems it will cause to generate click$ and revenue$.

        Belgium does NOT have a coronation. King Albert II announced on 3 July 2013 that he would abdicate in favor of Philippe on 21 July 2013. Approximately one hour after King Albert II’s abdication, Prince Philippe was sworn in as King of the Belgians. Done. Finished. Full stop.

        The Netherlands does not have a coronation. Queen Beatrix signed the instrument of abdication at the Moseszaal (Moses Hall) at the Royal Palace of Amsterdam. Later that afternoon, Willem-Alexander was inaugurated as king in front of the joint assembly of the States General in a ceremony held at the Nieuwe Kerk. Done. Finished. Full stop.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Too true. All the main players were already in town for the funeral, all the logistics were already in place, just keep them there one more day to stick the crown on his head.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @BeanieBean – EXACTLY! KCIII could have been “crowned” two days later at the Ascension Council. Done. Finished. Full stop.

        Charles III acceded to the throne of the United Kingdom and the thrones of the other Commonwealth realms upon the death of his mother, Elizabeth II, on the afternoon of 8 September 2022. Royal succession in the realms occurs immediately upon the death of the reigning monarch. The formal proclamation in Britain occurred on 10 September 2022, at 10:00 BST, the same day on which the Accession Council gathered at St James’s Palace in London.

  36. Vanessa says:

    I don’t think Harry or Meghan will attend at all I just think that door is closed the Sussex’s show up for the Funeral for the Queen. Harry wants a apologize for the way Meghan was treated William and Charles will never apologize or get there attack dogs in the media to stop harassing Meghan .

    • Jegede says:

      Their attack dogs were going after her just last month, claiming Harry was trapped in the cult of “psychotherapy & Meghan”.

      I don’t think even Fergie drew such vitriol from ‘Palace sources’.

  37. Solidgold says:

    Harry moved away because his wider family, their minions and the media ran his wife and child out of England! Prior to Meghan, Harry had no intention of leaving the monarchy or England.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Harry always wanted to leave the UK. He admits that he didn’t know that it was possible as he puts it he felt trapped and that’s why he stayed.

      • MADONNA says:

        But he still wants to have a role for the Commonwealth.

      • Athena says:

        @Madonna. Their willingness to be part of the commonwealth is problematic to me. If as stated in their documentary that the commonwealth is an extension of colonization why would they want to be a part of it. I can under working with some commonwealth countries in some capacity but not representing the royal family in the commonwealth

      • MADONNA says:

        @Athena – Only Harry still has Imaginary dreams and hopes of being part of the Commonwealth, Meghan did not say anything.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Madonna: Harry knows deep down that’s not going to be possible anymore.

  38. Louise177 says:

    @Noki: The difference is that those events had nothing to do with Charles and William in a sense. Harry wanted to pay his respects to his Grandparents at the funeral and Jubilee. And to his mother at the unveiling. He barely spoke to Charles and William. The Coronation isn’t that important especially when nothing has changed. It’s basically just a party for someone Harry is not close to. Plus if they specifically say Meghan and the children aren’t welcome, no way would Harry go.

  39. JCallas says:

    I think placing the coronation on Archie’s birthday was meant to give Meghan an excuse to not show up.

    • Amy Bee says:

      The festivities for the Jubilee were put around Lili’s birthday and Meghan still went to the UK.

      • Okay says:

        @Amy Bee true but that was the Queen and I do think H wanted to see her as much as he could before the inevitable. QE3 officially invited them both and gave him the same place as Will but was not allowed on the balcony and was clearly in the room right behind the balcony with his entire family. H&M were invited to all the events except the balcony and presentation of the working royals. Charles can do whatever he wants to do. Charles was taught that its his divine right and I feel he is truly doing what he wants to do and its a mess.

      • kirk says:

        To be fair to Betty, she pulled out all the stops so Harry and his family could participate in the Jubbly. She provided needed security and arranged for their processional at church. Sounded like they were happy to take the kids to meet with Betty privately. Betty enjoyed Archie bowing and Lili hugging her legs.

      • jwoolman says:

        Lili was a 1-year-old, not a 4-year-old. Babies that age don’t need birthday parties, those are just for the adults. But a 4-year-old is a different case entirely. Doesn’t mean it couldn’t be worked around if needed, but if the invites for the whole family haven’t arrived yet – I don’t know why this is even under discussion.

        We could put a positive spin on it and consider that Charles might have chosen Archie’s birthday to give Harry a reasonable out for not coming if he didn’t really want to do so.

        I personally think England is not a safe place for Harry and his family. For some reason, I keep getting stuff in my mailbox periodically from forums by the anti-Spare contingent and they remind me of Trumpers. They are scary and vicious and absolute. I do not think Meghan herself would be safe and quite possibly her husband and children likewise.

        Once the violent crazies think they have community support and are just doing what others want them to do — very bad things can happen. The British media and the Royal Family itself by their silence have normalized bad behavior, in the same way that Trump normalized bad behavior. Bad things have happened here as a result, and England is not some magical place where nothing bad happens.

        Harry would be wiser to avoid a trip to England right now and certainly should not even think about risking his family. I don’t know about other areas still in the UK (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), but there is something really wrong going on in England itself. Harry needs to think of himself as a refugee from a war zone.

  40. tamsin says:

    Courtiers are complaining about weaving “diversity” into the coronation? It refers to the different faiths; however, I don’t think you can talk about diversity at all and not welcome your bi-racial daughter-in-law. I personally don’t think the Coronation and Archie’s birthday falling on the same day is a thing to smash Charles over the head with. Coronation day anniversaries are not celebrated, so Charles’s coronation happened on Archie’s fourth birthday. The disgusting thing is that RR will be making up stories about the Coronation non-stop and for ages afterward.

  41. Amy Bee says:

    Charles doesn’t have to have a coronation. He’s already been declared King. As for the plan for Harry, this is what the Palace wants but it doesn’t say if Harry would agree to it. My hope is that the Sussexes don’t go. I don’t understand why they would want to be further abused by the family and the press like they were when the Queen died. We already know that Charles doesn’t consider Meghan family and doesn’t want her around so why bother showing up for this nonsense?

  42. Kate McCallister says:

    Wait, why are they calling it a Chubbly? A jubilee and a coronation are totally different things and aren’t we past weird, casual fat jokes? Ugh the British media is awful…

    I hope Meghan just skips this whole mess….

    • Okay says:

      I think we tried to think of something and this is funny.

      “Charles+Jubilee=Chubbly” not fat joke just trying find a better way to name this sh*tshow

      • Kate McCallister says:

        Ahhh… I didn’t get that. But it ISN’T a jubilee, right? It’s a coronation?

      • Okay says:

        @Kate McCallister

        Yes but he reason its been compared is because of its expense, unnecessary stupidity during a economic crisis in the UK. Charles is even making it 3 days long. The fool couldn’t just get anointed and put on his fancy hat and move this foolery along. Now he is having a new golden carriage made with 2 new thrones for him and Cam when people can’t eat or heat their homes. My take is that it will be over the top or equally as fancy as the Queen’s coronation and that will blow up in his face big time. I can’t wait. It just hit me that this might be why he wants Harry there to use is clout as a confirmation to Gen Z that this is just normal sooo effing normal and if H likes it it cant be bad.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Kate McCallister

        It is a Clowning!

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Kate McCallister, well, it’s going on for days, right? So, in essence, it is a Jubbly. I rather like the Clowning at the Chubbly. It pretty much explains what’s going on.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “The Clowning at the Chubbly”!!!!!!

        @Saucy&Sassy – Killer, just Killer! You get my vote for comment of the week!

    • Emily_C says:

      “Chubbly” does not sound like a fat joke to me. Take out the “L”. That is what it looks like to me, and I find it amusing, as I have the sense of humor of a 12-year old.

  43. Okay says:

    If KC3 leaked this, WOW! How is any of these suppose to make him look like a strong, unifying, and decisive leader?
    1. Bring in Harry like a hostage just for the Chubbly (tells me that the RR & BM don’t want him here but public does and KC3 doesn’t know how to NOT have his two son’s there and say he is uniting the UK

    2. Leaking this via DM like Harry is waiting to read what his instructions and options are from the Firm for the Chubbly

    3. That making Harry ditch his wife and not invite his mixed race grandchildren “fixes” not being over shadowed by Meghan just existing.
    4. That Harry and Meghan are idiots that forgot how they were treated at the funerals in full display and they were for KC3 parents so yea the Chubbly is he going to behead Harry or something ?

    5. That Will is leaking the feud with Charles to the RR to punish and embarrassed KC3 if he invites or invites and does not humiliate Harry. The last story I saw is that a rift with the King and the heir could bring down the Monarchy *Will & is stooges are doing this and pushing this narrative

    I think Charles can move on almost like maybe if he sees what his reign will be without Harry is making him chose Harry over Will and Camilla. H talked sh*t/truth on her and reminder the world that she is the effing homewrecker that tormented is mother for years, yet Charles still is pushing for him to come. Charles is either peddling stories to keep interest in his Chubbly or Cam, the courtiers and Will have gotten into “bed” together to confused the hell out Charles when he tries to be a bit decent and fatherly to H. The stories that he wants him to come and give him a place of prominent and would be open to hear what else he would want to come have been leaking right before Will had a mental breakdown about showing any kindness to H. Its weird how its all right there just playing out just as H said. My take is that H&M are done, and this is now the BRF drama to play out. Even after the Chubbly more pain to come with countries ditching the king left and right and Will watching as his own time is being destroyed before he ever rules. Harry truly is Diana’s revenge. They deserve every second of it.

  44. 2cents says:

    “To go or not to go” to the coronation is not the question! That’s a British media distraction.

    The real question and condition is will KC3 and Willy end their PR war with the Sussexes. As Harry’s book and the Netflix docuseries make clear: the collusion between the royal family and the British press to relentlessly smear H&M must stop!

    The ball is in KC3’s corner. It’s his dilemma to find a truce and eventually make peace with the Sussexes. Sofar he is losing the battle with much damage to his kingship.

  45. Well Wisher says:

    Having read the book, I am now familiar with Harry’s nuanced approach to his place in the institution.
    While he narrated his experiences, he has been austere about his present day feelings of said institution, unlike his disgust of the tabloid media in England.

    Pride, interference, ongoing jealousies from an older sibling and a lack of constructive communication could be detrimental to the type of long-term relationship that he seeks to have with his extended family.
    All the while the oligarch-led media continue to dictate how he should be treated within that family.

    For said tabloid media it is a zero-sum scenario, where they are the only winners.
    Harry’s sense of duty and love of country is pitted against his love and devotion to his wife and children.

    In this case, he will be well within his right to put them first, a front row seat at a coronation cannot be equated with the intangibles of being fully accepted as part of a unified family unit of four humans and three dogs.

    Can one consider the ongoing condescension from certain people especially the media is the result of envy of the Sussexes’ success? or jealousy of their devotion? or both?

    Most of the choice words written in recent articles indicate the envy and jealousy in biblical proportions.

    Who would blame him if he decided to avoid getting himself entangled in such an avoidably situation???

    In the meanwhile, the wheels of the ???
    goes round and round……

  46. Saschafrom76 says:

    I have watched every major royal event for the last 4 decades. Will not watch one minute of this. I hope everyone who cannot stand the royal family joins me and he gets in embarrassingly small viewing number. Please please everybody don’t watch please.

    • Well Wisher says:

      It is not the same.
      The invisible contract has cheapened the institution, even if civilly they are the best alternative until that society can imagine a scenario that does not presently exist to replace it.

    • The Old Chick says:

      I won’t watch a minute of it. I didn’t watch Phil or Betty’s funerals either.

  47. Athena says:

    I think the date was deliberately chosen to erase Archie’s birth day. Instead of that day being the day a person with African ancestors was born into the British royal family it will become the day of KCIII’s coronation.

    Petty me would not attend the clownery and release a picture of Archie on his birthday (hint, hint Harry and Meghan)

    • Nicky says:

      ChattyCath same as you I’m putting the tin foil hat on and saying all those world leaders and those in line to the throne would be there and wouldn’t it make sense for Harry who is also in line to not be there in case of any terrorist attack?
      I know I’m catastrophizing but why all together under one roof when they don’t let them fly together?
      Send Chuck a card with Archie wearing a crown for his birthday!

  48. SueBarbri33 says:

    This posturing is all so short-sided. The problem with the RF is…there are no more *Big Events* on the horizon. The next big time, internationally televised RF event will be either George’s wedding or Charles funeral, and those won’t occur for some time. The world’s attention is going to turn elsewhere in the meanwhile, and what’s left of the RF will be so small and plain (Ed and Sophie, Will and Kate) that there won’t be any worldwide engagement. Charles should lean into playing Good Papa England and stop letting his courtiers leak these spiteful stories. Because if H&M don’t come to the coronation and lend a little glamour to the events, nobody will care. Does he really think people are going to tune in to watch Camilla be crowned on her new throne? He has the worst advisors in the world.

  49. Merv says:

    Whoo boy this feels like deja vu all over again. Some people were so adamant that H&M wouldn’t be at the jubby and then the big announcement came. Those same people declared “how dare they…” called them stupid, said they wouldn’t support H&M anymore.
    I feel like a couple of you are headed in that direction and the target is now squarely on Harry based on some comments here.

    None of us have enough information to 100% declare that we know what H&M will do. He’s made public boundaries in regards to their appearance but we might not ever know if they were met or what H&M will accept.

    What we do know as they’ve done before is that they’ll decide what’s best together despite the noise from others. Whatever they do I wish them clarity and peace.

  50. TangerineTree says:

    It believe it is: Chuck+coronation+jubilee (as in C3 wants it all – a coronation and the added pomp of a jubilee all in one as he may never reach the years required for a jubilee). CBers also refer to it as the clowning ; ) But it is a coronation!

  51. HeyKay says:

    What a complete load of garbage The Firm is shoveling again.
    Will they never understand that they are losing ground and popularity
    Cancel KingTampon and his stupid, useless Coronation.
    I’m not watching one second of it.

  52. Tessa says:

    Charles just invite harry Megan and children. Enough already

  53. Saucy&Sassy says:

    What a mess the brf and bm have made of this. Will both H&M get invited? Probably. Will both attend? I don’t know, but probably. IF they decide to attend at all. There are a couple of items that need serious consideration.

    Harry ended up with a bigger target (if possible) on his back because the bm put out disinformation regarding what Harry said in Spare. They doubled down by CALLING THE TALIBAN and sympathizing with the dead TALIBAN. I can’t begin to tell you how angry this makes me. What about the UK service members who died or were injured? Does anyone there care about them? What about the American service members who died or were injured? Does anyone care about them? I care, and I am ANGRY.

    Does this make it even riskier to go to The Clowning? In my opinion, yes. That in itself is one hell of a good reason to stay away.

    Okay, who among you would want to travel for HOURS with a 4 and 2 year old for a two day trip? Add in an 8 hour time difference. I hope if H&M go, they leave the children at home. They should just go for the actual Clowning and beat feet.

    Who knows whether they will go. We’ll see. I’ll support them either way. They’re much nicer people than I am. Perhaps I should work on that.

  54. lleepar says:

    There are so many royal power bases and leakers who have different objectives regarding the Sussexes attendance at the Chubbly, that it’s hard to tell who planted which stories.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I am almost to the point where I believe each British tabloid has made up their own version of this story in a tabloid media competition to see which tabloid can garner the greater number of click$ and generate the most revenue$.

      The Dim: I generated 12,000 clicks in 5 minutes

      The Fail: True. However, I generated 120,000 BPS in 5 minutes.

  55. Janice Hill says:

    This plan is in the careful-what-you-wish-for category. Harry has made his ultimatum. If they want him, Pa and Willy must be willing to discuss their relationship. So they set about making a set of ultimatums for Harry to be permitted to come–alone and not for long–and pretend they and the rest of the world never heard about Harry’s ultimatum. They assume that Harry will allow his wife to be disrespected, and assume that he wants to keep the title. The king and his court know that not inviting Harry and family or taking the title away will make him look petty. Charles can afford to look petty.

  56. Pope Archibald says:

    Don’t worry, everything is going to be all white. I mean all right. I mean all white. Just the way the Daily Fail likes it.

  57. Tessa says:

    If Charles and William had not been so awful. It would have been a no brainer for Harry and Meghan to go. William’s rage issues (even confronting Harry at Philip’s funeral) are part of the problem. Charles being a bad father is another. I think Harry really tried with William but his weird and mean behavior caused much of the trouble IMO. Charles and William can’t fathom their contribution to this. they think they are right all the time.

  58. Mel says:

    Harry loved and respected his Grandparents. The Queen was sending Archie gifts and Harry was communicating with both of his Grandparents regularly, when he wasn’t speaking to his Dad or brother. When he did James Corden he talked about how Philip thought ending a zoom was like a phone and he’d just close the lap top. Going to their funerals was something he was always going to do. Watching his Father throw money into the air is a different story. If his wife isn’t invited, he won’t go. If she is invited, I can see them going because however crappy he is, Charles is STILL the only parent he’s got left.

  59. HeyKay says:

    Is the British Govt actually using tax payer money for this new gold carriage and 2 new thrones?
    Plus all the other costs of the Coronation?

    Are the major world leaders coming?
    Biden, Trudeau?
    Or is it just a crowd of other European royals and every titled tool in UK?

    What an absolute waste of money.

  60. Pat Hadfess says:

    Archie is young enough to be excited about 2 parties. He could have a Montecito birthday party for his school
    And neighborhood friends with bounce house and all the bells and whistles When they are in the U K he can have have party at Frogmore with cousins and friends What a lucky little boy He doesn’t have to get all tied up in family politics
    He is too young

  61. J.Ferber says:

    Stupidest bullshit ever. They are so obsessed with the Duchess, they’d have to create her if she didn’t exist. They have found a target for all their rage and hatred and it is, unfortunately, her. They are truly deranged. Of course Prince Harry will not attend if his wife is not invited. He very probably won’t attend even if she is invited. If it were me, in either of their positions, I would definitely not go. But it seems that the Chubbly is, of course, not about King Charles at all, but his son and daughter-in-law. Charles is a shit show in himself and does not deserve either of these two wonderful people to attend. May his reign be a short misery for him.

  62. Likeyoucare says:

    What perplex me the most. Why are the British people are fine with Charles spending extremely large of money using their money?
    Aren’t they struggling with cost of living right now?

  63. Nicky says:

    So a day or so ago in the uk ITV’s breakfast show had the Rev Al Sharpton on and the host asked did the uk press treat Meghan unfairly. Of course he knew the answer was yes. I was amazed the question was asked because they didn’t care before. I’m wondering if there a feeling that the uk have realized that they chased out the two royals who would have been the future of the monarchy and therefore keeping it secure.
    This show is the same one creepy P@@@@ M@@@@@ presented that he walked off and left over how horribly he treated Meghan.
    Somehow, somewhere I’m wondering is there a push beginning with the tv media to put right the wrongs against M&H and gauge the public mood?
    Again I’m not going to lie, I don’t believe we need a monarchy in this day and age and all the assets they own that come with it, but I thought this was sooo interesting and something that wouldn’t have happened a while back, but how to control the gutter print press I don’t know. Maybe Kaiser’s right it’s about chucks not looking bad.
    I hope H&M don’t go and given my reasons but it may be starting to look like there’s an acceptance that they treated Meghan abominably and are realizing how bad it looks I wouldn’t go as far as to say they are functioning human beings and that they care that they hurt her as I’m not that optimistic but somehow they know there’s enough of us in the uk that are sick and tired of attacking this lady who did nothing wrong. V v interesting, no?

  64. RoyalBlue says:

    Their whole intention is to be nasty to someone. What little men.

    The Royal family will never change unless they have diversity within the courtier ranks. What if all the permanent secretaries were people of colour? How different the monarchy would behave.

  65. mageboomsun says:

    I was reading at 4y/o. Archie is very smart and might start to read. The point is this is a very important birthday and to suggest they fool him (lie to him) is acceptable to do for people who act as if he doesn’t exist to at worse wish him harm is wrong and not a good start for his self esteem or trust in his parents.