Cher Has Tummy Trouble

For once speculation about a celebrity’s abdomen isn’t about a pregnancy rumour, but a stomach bug. Which isn’t as much fun, but definitely more gross. Cher has been struck down with a sore tummy.

Cher is being attended by a specialist based in Europe. Last week she was an announced headliner for a major gala in LA. However, she’d been experiencing discomfort. This discomfiture was sufficient for her to, at a late moment, cancel the scheduled appearance.

NY Post

So, according to this report Cher missed a performance in Los Angeles, and now she’s seeing a specialist in Europe. You don’t think it was more a simple case of the runs that stopped her from performing? It sounds much nicer to say that she has a mystery bug, rather than a serious case of diarrhea.

Then, perhaps the specialist that Cher is seeing for her stomach in Europe is not actually helping her with a mystery virus, but instead helping her with the aging process? I hope so, I never want to see Cher old. Well, I want to see her old, but I don’t want to see her look her age.

Cher recently proved she’s a good celebrity, giving me yet another reason to like he. I’ve thought she was great ever since ‘Turn Back Time’ was a hit, although I didn’t exactly understand why mum didn’t like me watching the video clip. Cher was involved in a little fender bender with a parked car.

An eyewitness tells In Touch Weekly magazine, “Cher stopped a girl walking by and asked her what she should do… She felt really bad when she saw scratches and damage to the (other) car’s front bumper.” The witness tells the publication the Oscar winner left a note on the windshield that read, “Sorry, front left bumper,” and signed it with the name Deb Paul, and a phone number.

PR Inside

Nice pseudonym. I wonder if the car owner will dial and then realize they’re talking to Cher, or if Deb Paul is an assistant to Cher and she’ll organize for repairs?

Picture note by Celebitchy: Cher is shown in April, 2006 in NY, thanks to Splash News.

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