Farrah Fawcett leaves most of her estate to her son, nothing to Ryan O’Neal

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Farrah Fawcett has left longtime boyfriend Ryan O’Neal out of her will. The late actress left a majority of her estate to the couple’s troubled son, Redmond, as well as her father and her ex-lover, Greg Lott. It’s rumored that Farrah and Lott had reconnected near the end of her life, but that Ryan was trying to keep them apart. If you recall, all of Ryan O’Neal’s children- Redmond, Tatum and Griffin- slammed the actor publicly after Farrah’s passing, claiming that the only reason he came back to Farrah in the end was because he was hoping to be included in her will. Perhaps Farrah knew that – and made sure he wasn’t.

Farrah Fawcett left $4.5 million to her son Redmond, $100,000 to an ex-lover and nothing to long-time love Ryan O’Neal and the other cast of characters who fought over her cancer documentary during the star’s final days.

RadarOnline.com has exclusively obtained a copy of Farrah’s will and it reveals that she did not get her final wish – to die at home.

The will was updated for the final time on August 9th, 2007. Farrah died from anal cancer on June 25, 2009 at age 62.

In the will Farrah made clear that she wanted to die at home.

In paragraph 5.2 a the will states: “”Settlor (Farrah) declares that she wishes to remain at home for as long as possible during any period of illness or incapacity and to die at home.”

The former Charlie’s Angel star passed away at St. John’s hospital in Santa Monica, California.

In addition to leaving the bulk of her fortune to son Redmond, the official documents reveal Farrah left $500,000 to her nephew Greg Walls, $500,000 to her father James and $100,000 to ex-lover Greg Lott.

Ryan O’Neal, Craig Nevius and Alana Hamilton all were not named in the will. Alana filmed much of Farrah’s final documentary and wants to release a part two. Ryan claimed he asked Farrah to marry him in her final days and made several tearful TV appearances.

Nevius claimed that O’Neal and Hamilton pushed him out of Farrah’s cancer documentary in her final days.

Lott spent the past few months claiming to various media outlets
that he was Farrah’s secret boyfriend. He told a British newspaper he last spoke to her April 9 and says that Ryan banned him from seeing her.

[From Radar]

In an August 2009 Vanity Fair article, Redmond has this to say about his father: “All those crocodile tears! My dad’s only goal was to make sure he would be in the will. It was so disgustingly transparent as soon as he found out she was terminal. I consider him a vulture presiding over a carcass. Ryan thought he was going to get everything.”

This is also the article where Ryan tries to excuse cheating on Farrah with a girl young enough to be his daughter by blaming it on Farrah having menopause! God, he’s a jackass. I’m happy he didn’t get a dime of Farrah’s money, but I do wonder if giving millions of dollars to a junkie doing jail time was such a good idea. Perhaps a cancer research charity would have been a better way to go. I know Redmond is only 24, but he kind of seems like a lost cause at this point. I predict he’ll burn through that money in a year. But hey, it was Farrah’s final wish, and since she didn’t get to die at home like she wanted, her other requests should be granted. The only hope for this kid is to stay as far away from his father as possible.

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  1. Popcorny says:

    I think Ryan’s a scumbag, but I also think he loved Farrah -as much as a scumbag can love anything.
    Redmond will probably go the way of the O’Neal’s (hope not, but it’s pretty much all he’s known for a lifestyle).
    The detractors already hated Ryan and if Farrah’s so-called “secret boyfriend” was that important (to Farrah) he would have seen her -and not just blame Ryan for not having done so.

  2. Tess says:

    Glad to hear that Farrah saw through those twin parasites, O’Neal and Hamilton, who were perfectly willing to use her illness to promote themselves.

    Suprised by Redmond’s public statements about O”Neal. Poor kid, doesn’t seem like he’s got much of a chance at recovery with O’Neal for a father. Wonder if it would have been useful to appoint someone to oversee his finances, as I can’t see where he’s responsible enough to manage that kind of money.

    Little shocked that she didn’t leave more to her father, an elderly widower, a stable, dependable, and supportive figure in her life, and not very well off.

  3. Firestarter says:

    I do not think Hamilton was expecting anything from her. They were friends for decades, but it is no shock she and Ryan were not named.

    Hamilton has plenty of money on her own fron her marriage to Rod Stewart. She’s not hurting.

  4. Westender says:

    I am surprised that Farrah did not set up a trust fund for Redmond. Considering what problems he has had and the way his father Ryan is like. That is alot of money for that young man to have access to.

  5. Beth says:

    Wasn’t this information released months ago? I know I’ve heard Ryan wasn’t in the will before now and thought the Redmond’s money was in a trust so he wouldn’t waste it on drugs. It’s very possible that her father was already taken care before her death so there wasn’t a need to leave him a lot more.

  6. Nicole says:

    Right about now, Ryan O’Neal is spinning and saying, “Oh God, oh man! Oh God, oh man! Oh God, oh man! Oh God!!!”

    Sorry… couldn’t resist. I can’t take this dude seriously after watching his horrific line reading in “Tough Guys Don’t Dance”.

  7. Meimei says:

    “Little shocked that she didn’t leave more to her father, an elderly widower, a stable, dependable, and supportive figure in her life, and not very well off.”

    I have no idea how old he is (presumably quite old), but $500,000 is a lot of money to spend, especially if you’re no longer into partying and such.

  8. arstyfartsy says:

    I saw a comment made about how farrah only left her dad $500,000.
    The man is OLD and he probably isnt in any debt. (House paid for, car paid for, etc).
    $500,000 will last that man until he dies, with $$ left over.

  9. Tess says:


    Misread the fine print…Thought it said that she left her father $100,000.00.

  10. cathy B. says:

    Um, it was Griffin who made those claims against Ryan. Redmond was in jail at the time. She left it conditionally that Redmond get rehab and stay sober. I believe Ryan did come back for the money. Sad VF article-all about what a prick he was and not about her life as an icon. All sad. Ryan will write a book as will Alana. $$

  11. Jane says:

    Alana has already written a book. Look for it in the $0.99 remainder bin. It was out within weeks of Farrah’s passing.
    I read somewhere that Ryan’s older son was not able to attend the funeral because he would not sign a waiver acknowledging a film crew was at the service and he might be filmed for the follow-up documentary. Now that is Ryan and Alana at their vulture-like best.

  12. Goddess711 says:

    Geez what will Ryan do to get his hand on that cash? He’s a bad actor in movies and real life – glad she saw through it.

  13. lastwordlinda says:

    Imagine what it would be like to have a terminal illness and know that the person who keeps showing up everyday is only there to take your money after you die. Farrah had the last laugh. Good for her. I hope she made Ryan change her colostomy bag. All he deserves is shit.

  14. original kate says:


  15. Tia C says:

    Can’t imagine that Redmond’s inheritance is not set up in a trust. It must be. As for Ryan and Farrah’s relationship – obviously there was something there, if she let him be around all the time. It wasn’t like he was holding her hostage. They had an old familiar connection. Ryan sounds like a huge arsehole in every way that you can possibly imagine, but she obviously had some affection for him. Her choice, and nobody’s business but hers. I’m a little surprised that her estate was that (relatively) small. May she RIP, she was a sweet lady.

  16. birdie says:

    Ick – sounds like Farrah’s friends were only looking out for themselves in the worst way. How sad to be surrounded by “vultures” trying to make a profit off your passing. It makes me glad to be an average joe and not a rich Hollywood celebrity. At least my friends & family are around for decent reasons.

  17. lucy2 says:

    I think it’s been sad, watching those she loved try to capitalize on her sad passing. Glad to see they were not in the will.
    Her son will probably blow through his money in no time. It would be nice if all of this convinced him to turn his life around, but I kinda doubt it.

    Actually, I’m surprised she had an estate that big, unless it was mostly real estate. She had a long career and resume, but most of it is a couple of TV episodes a year, nothing huge.

  18. jeannified says:

    She should have never left Lee Majors for this jackass!

  19. Judy says:

    My ex-husband went to school with Farrah at the University of Texas. I wouldn’t trust Ryan as far as I could throw him. He’s a horrible excuse for a father, even coming onto his own daughter (because he didn’t recognize her) at Farrah’s service. I felt sorry for him the first time I saw him on t.v. crying and promoting the special he and Alana Hamilton worked on, but it wore thin after five or more repeat performances. I always liked Farrah and am glad she didn’t allow herself to be manipulated by him.

  20. justathought says:

    Farrah was worth more than a measly 4.5 mil. Wealthy people set up trust funds and other sources of income management to avoid estate taxes. You bet, Ryan got some big coins….but the public will never know the true amount. Estate Tax Loopholes 101.

  21. Madelyn Rose says:

    Radar online has the entire trust document, if anyone is interested. And yes, the money is in a trust. It says Redmond gets $4.5 million and I think he doesn’t get the money until he is 25, and then it is given out annually, but no fewer times than every quarter. The trustee has discretion as to how much money is distributed from the trust to the beneficiaries. The beneficiaries are her son Redmond, her nephew, her father, and some man that lives in Texas. I don’t recognize the trustee, perhaps it’s her lawyer.

    I read it today and I found a few things interesting:

    1. Farrah left all of her furniture, jewelry, residence and vehicles to her nephew. I thought that was interesting that it didn’t go to Redmond…maybe I read that wrong!

    2. She also leaves her nephew $500,000. They must have been close; anyone know anything about him?

    3. She gives her trustee the right to decide whether or not to sell certain property, the example given was a firearm, in the event the trustee determines that the immaturity or past criminal background of the beneficiary would cause concern.

    4. She specifically states that she wanted to die at home. Sad, because this didn’t happen.

    5. She left her Dad $500,000.

    6. She left all of her art collection to the University of Texas. I thought this was really neat. I also remember that she painted herself (with her naked body!)

    7. She set up a Farrah Fawcett foundation, who knows how much money was in that aside from the specific bequests mentioned above.

    8. She leaves $100,000 to a man that lives in Texas; another site mentioned he was her on/off lover.

    9. There is a specific “Disinheritance” provision, which states that she purposefully left out the people that were not named in the trust and that nothing was to go to them. All fingers pointing to Ryan!!

    If anybody has read the trust or does so, I would be interested to see your input on these topics!

  22. Who Cares says:

    Good for her!! I always thought she was an extremely intelligent woman, as well as a kind one.

    I think Ryan is scum and I’m glad she wasn’t moved to change her wishes once he started sniffing around again. Interesting that his own son thinks he’s an opportunist.

    Her passing was so sad.

  23. linda says:

    I love Farrah, she was a smart and beautiful woman! I believed Griffen when he said those things about Ryan and Alana. I saw her book and did NOT buy it! It makes me so mad that she pretended to be her best friend and really she and Ryan were sleeping together like Griffen said.. My best friend passed from Cancer and I loved her so much! We had a REAL friendship. I am SO glad Farrah left them Nothing!
    I pray that Redmond gets totally better and never bothers with Ryan…that Pig!
    We miss you Farrah!

  24. linda says:

    Glad that Ryan got zilch! Looks like she wasnt overly rich though (by today’s hollywood standards.) She didnt come from a rich family either (ie: her Dad) so that probably helped her stay the sweet lady that she was! I just hope Redmond does not totally waste all that money, but It looks like he will from the way he acts. I still really miss her, so sad! 🙁

  25. linda says:

    I dont think Alana was after her money. She was her friend for 30 years or something like that. They were almost like sisters. Farrah was rich but nothing compared to Alana who is said to be VERY rich, I doubt if she needs Farrah’s money. I am just glad Farrah got her wishes for her will, but sad that she did not die at home like she wanted. RIP Farrah.

  26. Wobble says:

    I had to read the first part twice because as it’s written it seems like Lott is her father AND her ex-lover…duh to me for a sec there.

    Anyway, I am glad she left Ryan out of the will. He seems like a real jerk, even hitting on people at her funeral, from what I’ve read.

  27. Rosanna says:

    WOW what a grateful lady *rolling eyes* leaving nothing to the man who has been there taking care of her for good when the cancer was taking over. Wow Farrah you sure disappointed me. I thought better things of you.

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