A-list celebrity stylist Law Roach suddenly announced his retirement

Law Roach is one of the best stylists in Hollywood, if not THE best. All of the girls want to work with him, especially after his years of work with Zendaya. He’s styled everyone from Megan Thee Stallion, Kerry Washington, Yara Shahidi, Anya Taylor-Joy, Angelina Jolie, Issa Rae, Bella Hadid, Ariana Grande, Keke Palmer and dozens more. Some of these are one-off jobs, sometimes he’ll get hired for an awards season or promotional tour, but he has a lot of long-term clients too, with Zendaya being one of his longest partnerships. Well, I don’t know what happened and to whom, but Law Roach suddenly announced his retirement and the industry is abuzz. He wrote on Instagram:

My Cup is empty….. thank you to everyone who’ve supported me and my career over the years. Every person that trusted me with their image, I’m so grateful for you all. If this business was just about the clothes I would do it for the rest of my life but unfortunately it’s not! The politics , the lies and false narratives finally got me! You win … I’m out.

[From Law Roach’s IG]

It’s possible that his cup really is empty, but this sounds more like a reaction to some fashion industry or client bullsh-t. The timing is interesting too – right after the Oscars and the awards season, with about six weeks to go before the Met Gala. Was it a massively stressful awards season? Was he simply not looking forward to styling his ladies for the gala?

There are rumors on the Twitter streets that Zendaya’s surprise appearance at the Louis Vuitton show – during the most recent Paris Fashion Week – was a signal that she’s signing up for a brand ambassadorship with LV now that Pharrell Williams is creative director. The rumor is that Law Roach didn’t want Zendaya to settle for one designer when they’re having too much fun wearing all of the designers. It’s an interesting conspiracy theory but I would guess that it’s much more complicated than that. I hope we get to hear what really went down.

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  1. ThatsNotOkay says:

    The rumor is that LV did not save him a seat in the front row of that show where they ushered Zendaya to her front-row seat and he walked out. Because they tried to pull some BS on him and have him sit in the second or third row.

    But the wording of his statement makes me wonder if someone has alleged something about him or something he did and he’s over it. In any case, I hope all is well with him and he finds his place and power in another even more prestigious position and space.

    • Gizmo’sMa says:

      That’s not a rumor. It’s true. I saw the video. There was an empty seat behind Zendaya. She motioned to him to sit there and he left.

      The rumor I heard is that Zendaya signed with LV after that incident and that what broke him.

      • Snoozer says:

        He didn’t leave. He took happy photos and vids with her as they were exiting the show. Everyone at a fashion show knows their seat allocation in advance – it’s never a surprise.

        I would guess it’s more likely to be years of microaggressions from an industry with entrenched systemic racism.

        For instance, big brands like Dior have consistently failed to credit him for his styling work.

      • Gizmo’sMa says:

        Ok. I guess the video I saw of him leaving was edited to show him walking away and not coming back to sit down. My interpretation of the video was he did not expect to sit in the 2nd row. He was stunned to not see a seat there.

        However a stylist of his stature sitting 2nd row IS beyond microaggression. That’s blatant disrespect. And it’s just one time of many he had to endure since the start of his career.

      • MissMarirose says:

        I’m with Snoozer. I doubt it has to do with that clip from the LV show. It’s far more likely that he just go fed up with years of microaggressions. I recall one incident in which Dior posted a photo of Anya Taylor Joy and credited all of her hair and makeup team except Law. They didn’t fix it until he complained in a comment on the IG post. There are probably a ton of other microaggressions that we don’t know about.

    • sunny says:

      I was shocked by the announcement. I hope he is well, hale, and happy. Law is a phenomenal talent.

  2. Snuffles says:

    I’m sure the LV ambassadorship was a long time in the making and shouldn’t have been a shock to Law. And while the fashion show incident must have been humiliating, I hope he isn’t mercurial enough to quit everything because of that.

    A lot of people are trying to blame Zendaya but that’s not fair. She didn’t put together the seat placement. That’s on LV. And maybe Law was hurt enough to end his working relationship with Zendaya but not to quit the whole industry.

    Maybe he is just tired and frustrated and needs a break to recalibrate.

  3. HufflepuffLizLemon says:

    So the LV story is interesting, but the wording throws me off. Politics, sure, but lies and false narratives? Unless LV and Zendaya lied to him about the partnership? But Z doesn’t strike me as that kind of person, and they’ve been SO successful.

    So WTF went down?

    • Kate says:

      I agree, that rumor doesn’t explain the “lies and false narratives” part of his caption. It seems more like things done to or said about him that we plebs probably won’t hear about.

  4. Gawdno says:

    I don’t get LV at all. The collections are all nothingburgers to me. There is the occasional nice dress but it’s all over the place usually. Must be a very nice paycheck for zendaya – good for her but bad for interested red carpets.

  5. Woke says:

    He’ll be back it seems like an emotional rant. I hope whatever is troubling him get resolved quickly. I don’t buy that he’s upset with Z over LV ambassadorship. As for the incident with the front seat it’s LV that messed up not Z there was kothong she could have done in the moment.

  6. Dee(2) says:

    While the fashion show incident I’m sure was embarrassing, I would imagine that’s more of a straw the broke the camel’s back moment than the cause. He’s had a rough year in his personal life, and he really has been dressing everyone including people just this past weekend. He’s spoken frequently about the lack of respect that black creatives receive in that industry, just like Andre Leon Talley and many others have in the past. He’s probably just at a breaking point with the behind the scenes nonsense like he said.

  7. JessicA says:

    Agree with all of this. My only thought is if Z signed with LV and Pharrell will personally dress her. I would love to see that collab but can see how it would upset Law.

    He IS fashion so I hope he works everything out and remains on the scene. He has been dressing Lewis Hamilton race weekends so it will be interesting to see if he still does so this weekend for the Saudi race.

    • Noo says:

      Compared to Law Roach I am not excited to see Pharrell dress Zendaya (if that is what is happening).

      Also how did La Chanteuse Celine Dion not get mentioned as a Law Roach client in the article? That is when we saw Law Roach’s image architect powers. Transcending basic stylists.

  8. Glitterachi says:

    The ‘lies and false narratives’ thing really pings my gossip radar (what is it Lainey says – my smutty senses are tingling?). If he’s feeling burnt out or something, he has made enough money and a name for himself that he could take a break, drop down to just one or two favorite clients or events, pivot, etc. This sounds like something major is about to break and he’s trying to get out ahead of it.

    • Blue Nails Betty says:

      @Glitterachi Same. This reads as if he is about to be publicly accused of something.

    • Christina says:

      As sad as it makes me, it rings true. I found “the lies” comment odd. People don’t usually say that when they retire.

  9. Nanea says:

    Fingers crossed it’s just a sabbatical, and he will be back eventually.

    Law singlehandedly transformed Celine after René died, and made her into an icon.

    But the LV altercation looked bad, and I can’t think what Zendaya will get out of collaborating with that brand, other than lots of money.

    Her recent Valentino and Versace were iconic, and LV really can’t compare. Plus their ugly, cheap-looking bags…

  10. Lurker says:

    Lots of rumours amount him behaving rude/entitled, stealing looks from young designers and stylists, and generally being a horrible person. Maybe it’s caught up to him.

    • Kirsten says:

      Ohhh really? Does anyone know anything more about this?

      • Gawdnoagain says:

        There was quite about that on deuxmoi‘s IG stories

      • Sof says:

        I remember one incident only, but very vaguely. Someone posted on instagram a vintage runway look and then Bella Hadid showed up to an event wearing it. The person felt Law had stolen their idea. He ended up admitting he and Bella send eachother instagram posts for inspiration, but said they never steal anyone’s ideas. I choose to believe him, coincidences happen.

  11. Louise177 says:

    I seriously doubt the LV show made Law quit. It sounds like something big happened and he emotionally quit. I think he just needs to step back and will return eventually.

  12. Onemoretime says:

    Maybe LV promised him creative director and instead gave it to Pharrell. Or maybe fashion show was the final straw of disrespect he’s talked about receiving in the past.
    We all have our limits for people saying it was just a seat, it was a smack in the face of a great talent.
    Either way good for Law for stepping away and taking care of himself!

  13. Ameerah M says:

    I have a feeling he will “un-retire” in the coming weeks. I think that whole fashion show seat thing got to him and also he may just be burnt out and tired. Which I get. The LV thing I don’t buy because Zendaya had a contract with Valentino just last year that was exclusive. So she does in fact do contracts with specific design houses. Hopefully all he needs is some time off and he will feel rejuvenated again. But this felt like an emotional response to burn out to me.

    • Seaflower says:

      “The LV thing I don’t buy because Zendaya had a contract with Valentino just last year that was exclusive.”

      i don’t see this as a client issue, I se this as promise made by fashion houses/industry insiders that were broken, and bitchy gossip about him. He really hits it out of the park consistently.

  14. Lens says:

    I know nothing really but my sense is he’s getting ahead of something. Like I quit I’m not fired kind of thing. Rumors (and that’s all they are rumors) are he’s an entitled diva like many A list stylists and like other stylists he wants to be the star not second to the actress/model they dress. But whole thing makes you wonder if he is just fed up for a day or is there something more coming.

  15. TwinFalls says:

    Announcements like this seem like such a cry for a hug. I mean they really aren’t necessary otherwise. Hopefully he’s had calmer, more professional discussions with his clients over his decision.

  16. Evvie says:

    Pharrell is creative director for LV menswear. He wouldn’t be dressing Zendaya.

    Law bills himself as an image architect. He and Zendaya are extremely close, not just client/stylist. He has known about LV for a while and was probably involved in brokering the creative terms and restrictions. Zendaya did a photoshoot for LV in the south of France around Valentine’s Day and Law was there.

  17. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    God he’s gorgeous. Hawt. Sexy. Yummy. Too kewl for school. I’m sure he could make a short 56yo woman fine again… she’s told she’s cute as a button. He could make a button sexy yeah?

  18. Emmi says:

    So I would assume it was already decided whom he would style for the Met Gala, right? Six weeks out I’m guessing all other sytlists worth their buck are booked. Does he still go through with that or what? There must be contracts? Did he just drop everyone? I have questions regarding the logistics rather than the gossip, frankly. I understand how sometimes you lose your shit but this seems rash. Like me on a Monday wanting to quit RIGHT NOW.

    • Kirsten says:

      MET Gala looks are either all custom or vintage and tailored, so I imagine those have to already be in the works. I suspect anyone he was working with would at least have had concepts + some fittings done by the point.

  19. Mel says:

    I can see him as being demanding and all kinds of extra and I can also see that constant micro aggressive behavior and outright racist crap driving him to be that way. I think he’s taking a break, he’s probably burnt out and needs that rest. Good Luck to him.

  20. HeyKay says:

    I read his statement as a polite way of saying Burned Out.
    I don’t know much about the fashion world but, I bet he needs a good break to rest.
    Then he will likely come back and start in a new project with more under his personal control.
    Nothing burns you out in any job faster than the behind the scenes in fighting, politicking and back stabbing that goes on.

    Creative people must be under so much constant pressure.

    If he can afford to walk, then good for him!
    Sometimes a situation just eats at you, if you have options, use them!

  21. Nic919 says:

    He just tweeted that he’s not breaking up with Zendaya. He is “real” friends with her and not fake industry friends.

  22. tealily says:

    I don’t know anything about him, but this reads like hurt feelings/ personal drama.

  23. jgerber says:

    He’s also had personal tragedy. In late 2021, his 3 year old nephew died falling out of a window. That could surely be a contributing factor in his feeling burned out. I hope he’s okay and will heal and do exactly what he wants to do. I can imagine that all the bullshit in the industry, including racism, is very difficult on a day to day basis.