Prince William & Kate ‘shout at each other and say unkind things to each other’

There’s a new royal book out called Gilded Youth: An Intimate History of Growing Up in the Royal Family, by Tom Quinn. Quinn is more of a royalist (obviously) but he isn’t spreading wall-to-wall sugar over Prince William and Kate, the Waleses. He’s been talking about how Kate is desperate to escape her middle-class background and be accepted by the aristocrats and royals, all while William basically screams, punches walls and rages. Which… sounds accurate. Of course, Quinn also says that the British media treats Kate and Meghan exactly the same. LOL, no. Some highlights from Quinn’s interview with Fox News:

The royals throw things at each other: “Someone at the palace told me about the nicknames they have for each other. But it’s not all sweetness. They have terrible rows where they throw things at each other. Kate might seem to be a very calm person, and William also. But it’s not always true. Because the big stress for William and Kate is that they’re constantly surrounded by [palace aides]. It’s like a Jane Austen novel.”

Nicknames: One former member of the palace staff who knew the Princess of Wales claimed to Quinn that Middleton, 41, refers to William, 40, as “babe,” while he calls her “Duchess of Doolittle.” According to reports, William also calls his wife “Babykins” and “DoD,” the shorter version of “Duchess of Doolittle.” Allegedly, William fusses over Middleton’s “endless mane of hair” which prompts her to jokingly call him “baldy,” according to one report. One source claimed in the book that when William “is cross” with his wife, he’ll call her “darling” with “signs of annoyance” that can be detected in his tone.

Kate the Calm: “Kate is very much the calm one,” Quinn explained. “William is the one who’s a bit hotheaded. We see an example of that in Harry’s book… But Kate is very level-headed. She’s the one who will pour oil on troubled waters and go, ‘Let’s not stir things up.’” In the book, the mother of three is described as having a “Buddhist calm.”

William & Kate’s fights: “Of course, privately, William and Kate, like all couples, fall out, row, shout at each other and say unkind things to each other, but Kate is an appeaser by instinct and William always gives way as he had more than enough emotional turmoil, divorce and disruption as a child. He hates confrontation.”

How the press treated Kate: “I remember when the press was so horrible to Kate. They said because her mother was a stewardess, as it used to be called in those days, no one would invite the family to any events where there was anyone of significance present. The press would remark how she was descended from working-class people, which is an absolutely cruel thing to say. But Kate never responded. She didn’t complain. She didn’t write letters to the press or ring in the editors. She said nothing. And that was a good move. She illustrated how calm she was about those things and didn’t make a fuss. And then, it vanished. Kate and Meghan [Markle] got the same nasty press coverage. But in Meghan’s case, she complained that it was unfair, it was unkind, it was horrible. That only keeps the story alive for weeks. In Kate’s case, she ignored it. She’s very wise for it. And I think when she gets into any rows with William, she does the same – she just ignores it.”

[From Fox News]

“The press would remark how she was descended from working-class people, which is an absolutely cruel thing to say…” But… Kate IS descended from working class people on her mother’s side. Carole’s background is very working class. And no, Kate and Meghan’s treatment was not the same and it’s not like Meghan was “complaining” in real time about the racist media coverage, Prince Harry was the one who issued a statement about it. It continues to be bonkers that the same racists attacking Meghan are the ones demanding that she sit there silently and never complain about it. Like, you don’t get to dictate it. Plus, Kate and William DID complain. A lot. And Carole and Kate were working their press contacts and leaking sh-t constantly.

As for all of the stuff about William and Kate fighting… yeah, they do, and William has a horrible temper and he screams at people constantly and he’s violent. It’s less about William “hating confrontation” and more likely that he doesn’t know how to process anything in a healthy way so he just throws tantrums and tries to bully everyone.

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362 Responses to “Prince William & Kate ‘shout at each other and say unkind things to each other’”

  1. ThatsNotOkay says:

    They throw things at each other? Divorce already, you petulant, middle-aged toddlers.

    • PrincessOfWaffles says:

      They don’t anymore because they dont live in the same house. So it is true that she’s lazy: when your own husband calls you duchess of dolittle…

      • Laurie G. says:

        I’m sure she is lazy but Willlam is a fine one to talk about lazy royals. He’s the perfect example of one.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Throwing things is physical abuse, you’re just using an object to hit someone instead of your own hand. This sounds like a very toxic relationship. I am in the “they will never divorce” camp because William has no motivation to divorce when he can currently live his life as he wants and there’s nothing Kate can do. But if their marriage has descended into verbal and physical violence, it’s time to split for their own mental health and their kids’.

      • Is That So? says:

        This reminds me of two things:
        What I’ve heard about Chuck and Diana’s fight. Except he was often portrayed as cold and she volatile.

        Meghan asking Harry when he was out of line, to paraphrase, where did you learn to act like that, who taught you that.

      • Zazzoo says:

        OMG, yes! Meghan having timo address Harry’s volatile temper early on. That’s not speculation. It’s Harry’s own description. Chuck & Wills may never own up to that aspect of their personalities but Harry is a product of their environment.

      • Sam says:

        No one can tell me that kate doesn’t have anger issues too! Harry (who spared kate way too much) described in his book how kate was so full of hate and anger at a meeting that she held the chair so tight her knuckles turned white. Sick.. She was probably about to attack Meghan

      • Tessa says:

        Is that so. Charles was volatile
        The housekeeper saw him pull a sink out in a fit of rage. And lately there was that pen episode

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        Honestly, if this were a working-class or middle class family, their three kids would have been taken into care long since. The amount of abuse that they are forced to witness and no one intervenes, my gods…

    • Jane says:

      CALM? She’s a blimey textbook passive aggressive!!! At this day and age women all over the world need someone with a big social platform to advocate for the welfare of other women — Katey is just a vapid, blah blah, bleh , insipid being.

    • Cara says:

      Would you want to be married to him??

  2. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I have this feeling that baldy has put his hands on Kate.

    • Persephone says:

      Yup, me tooo. Something’s seems to be going on there.

      • Crowned Huntress says:

        Agreed. If I had to clock a time for when things started to go horribly wrong it would be around late 2019. H&M gone, the infamous flinch/shrug for their holiday special and then her weight has been steadily falling off since then. 🙁

      • Cairidh says:

        During the india tour in 2016 the press for weeks had been expecting them to hug at the Taj Mahal to show a happy loving couple to contrast with Diana’s sad lonely famous photo shoot. William refused to even put his arm around her. I think they were already broken up by then.

      • Zazzoo says:

        We know he’s been violent with Harry and Kate lives or has lived in much closer proximity.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        If I had to pick a point in time, I would say 2018. It’s when the Rose rumors went public, and when Elizabeth gave Kate that yellow brooch for “service” to the monarch. “Service” was probably putting up with William’s treatment of her.

    • Christine says:

      “She’s the calm one.” Maybe because she has to be?? And their kids are going to grow up thinking it’s an acceptable way to treat someone/be treated.

      • Ginger says:

        Kate’s not calm. She made Meghan cry and demand the bridesmaids dresses be redone right before the wedding. She also was white knuckling the chair when she got mad over Meghan saying she had baby brain. She is anything but calm.

      • Tessa says:

        That confrontational pose of Kate towards Meghan creeped me out.

    • K8erade says:

      I’ve been wondering if that’s why Kate disappears for months on end. It’s less a matter of “She won’t” and more “she can’t.” She and Carol(e) are racists but no one deserves that if there’s any possibility that he’s been physical with her.

      • Whyforthelove is says:

        Agree, I’m no fan of Kate but this dynamic is not cool for anyone to put up with and it for darn sure isn’t good for the kids to see. Louis’s antics at the parade look more and more like a 4 year old copying a man who acts like a 4 year old.

      • Kingston says:

        Racists deserve everything they get. No “racist, but” around here.

      • Whyforthelove is says:

        Kingston I am not in anyway excusing Kate or her racism. I worry about what this is doing to their kids who are possibly being raised to be racists as well as explosive and temperamental or to tolerate such behavior. In NO way do I excuse skate’s choices and racism EVER. That I promise

      • Meagle says:

        No, there is a but! No one deserves physical abuse, not even racist people. When terrible things happen to people, it just makes them behave more terribly. Excusing violence when the victims are themselves abusers in other contexts will guarantee the hateful cycle never ends.

      • BeanieBean says:

        No one ‘deserves’ to be hit. No one.

      • Jenna says:

        No one should ever be in fear of their spouse striking them in anger.
        It’s awful to even say someone deserved it.

    • s808 says:

      Oh he absolutely has.

      • Whyforthelove is says:

        I’m starting to wonder if there is anyone in the family he hasn’t hit. I pray not the kids. This is such a toxic situation

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      This is a heavily sanitized description of their actual relationship.

    • Layla says:

      I’ve had that concern since little Prince Louis blatantly slapped his hand over his mother’s mouth. He learned that from somewhere, most likely his dad. Kate has her faults but W is the absolute worst

      • B says:

        Exactly @Layla and I would say the hand waving to get her to be quiet and go away is probably something he’s seen his dad do. In the memoir Spare, Will was comfortable putting his finger in Meghan’s face because he felt offended she said hormones when talking to Kate. If that’s offended can you imagine what he does when he’s pissed??

        Also this writer casually mentions they throw things at each other. Thats not normal & it’s worse if the items make contact. That marriage has toxic media, jealous father/mother in laws, infidelity, and violence. No wonder Kate& Will look miserable around each other.

      • Meghan says:

        Am I the only person who thinks Louis and the hand on Kate’s mouth was not that big of a deal? My son has done it to me, and as a single mom, he’s definitely not seeing any kind of violence in our home. He is 6 now and he probably did it when he was 4 or 5.

        Though perhaps the biggest difference is that I was being annoying to him on purpose. He (gently) put his hand on my mouth and said “mom, stop. I need to say something important” and then told me the sky is blue or something. Now if George had done that at the Jubbly, or if Louis had like smacked his mom or something, that’s a different story. All I saw was a kid getting tired of his mom pointing things out in order to get good pics, maybe with a little side of brattiness.

      • Jais says:

        Well, it didn’t really look gentle when Louis did it. I wouldn’t call it not a big deal but it does happen. It seems like a sign that the kid likely needs a different approach. Truth be told, I have seen my niece treat my sister similarly, if not worse. The parents are going through a divorce and my niece clearly internalizes a lot of anger towards her mom about it and it does come out in a physical way. My sister means well but hovers as a parent and it’s hard to watch. However, in the past 6 months, it’s been a little better and they are both in counseling. It’s small steps but it is getting better. Kids can act abhorrently towards their parents, especially when the home life is going through a change like divorce. Idk, it’s hard.

      • Meghan says:

        Thanks @Jais. I couldn’t remember all the pics we saw from that event and I do remember the one with Louis’ hand on Kate’s mouth, but I’m sure there were additional pics with more context. When my son did it, it was definitely more of a “shhhh mom I absolutely must tell you this fascinating news that the sky is blue.”

    • Billy the basher. Isn’t that the name he was given when he was young? Seems he has taken it to heart and behaves as the name indicates.

    • Becks1 says:


    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Yep if Peggy can lay hands on his mother and William then he is def capable of laying hands on his wife. This is what Ma has on him and if he ever dumps her it will come out in the press.

      I think when Peggy’s favourite punch bag walked off he turned all his rages onto his wife – as others have said Louis’s behaviour toward her at the Jubbly was very telling, that child has seen his father do that to his mother and he’s copying. But then there has been stories like this that go all the way back to the waiting years.

    • ncboudicca says:

      Yup. He’s put his hands on his mother and his brother…why not his wife?

      • Feeshalori says:

        Agreed, why would Kate be the exception. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was his prime target. I fear for those children as well.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I don’t think even William is so stupid as to give Kate and Carol(E) that kind of leverage.

      • Polo says:

        When you see red mist or just red you can’t control yourself. The last thing you’re thinking about is oh no they might use this against me. You are just releasing your anger at anything and anyone around.
        That’s why despite staff all round hr hasn’t been able to hide his rage

      • notasugarhere says:

        I’m still not seeing it. The two of them are emotionally abusive to each other, have their screaming matches, throw things, have for 20 years. But I sincerely doubt it comes to physical fighting. William’s slyness and self-protective instincts show that.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        notasugarhere, I agree with you, I’ve always thought that Wails can hold her own with Fails. I have no doubt there are shouting matches and now we know they throw things at each other. I feel for the children. The best thing they could do is divorce, but why would they put their children first.

        I, too, don’t think that Fails would go so far as to actually physically abuse Wails. Oh, he literally could be working up to it. I think that’s what the separate residences are about. The two of them together is beyond toxic. This is what Wails signed on for, because we know that Fails has always been this way. Staying with him is on Wails. She could insist on a divorce, but she doesn’t. What does that say about her motivations? The kids aren’t being put first that’s for sure.

      • Becks1 says:

        Throwing things IS physically fighting.

        And he can by physical towards her without punching her in the face. Pushing her through a doorway, grabbing her arm too hard, etc.

        and in abusive relationships the couple can and often do fight with each other, especially in the beginning as the fighting and violence are starting to escalate.

        Kate yelling at William does not mean that he is not physically abusive towards her.

        And honestly they may be emotionally abusive towards each other but the power dynamic is still going to tip in William’s favor.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        I have no doubt that if anyone saw bruises on Kate, William will say those were from her plastic surgery, or that she pulled a Diana and threw herself down the stairs to get his attention. If Andrew got away with raping an undersaged girl, why would golden boy William be held accountable for anything? That family is garbage.

      • Jenna says:

        Why wouldn’t he? He’s been protected his entire life and have never faced any consequences.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Becks1, from the beginning of this relationsh!t it has been the two of them screaming at each other, belittling each other, throwing things at each other. So that’s the two of them engaging in physical abuse against each other.

        Jenna, again, that would give Kate and Carol(E) leverage. Not happening.

      • Nic919 says:

        Again we can argue about whether not there is physical abuse or if the throwing and screaming is abuse on its own, but if this is true and the kids are exposed to this, it is irresponsible.

        Pretending to play happy marriage for the public is pretty despicable if this is going on.

    • PrincessOfWaffles says:

      It’s terrible terrible but with what we know he did to Harry, it would not surprise me that he’s a physical abuser to Kate. And just how she doesnt say anything real publicly about any subject, doesnt have an opinion ever, is just a very a red flag to me that she doesnt want to take any space and that she needs to erase herself to avoid something. It’s incredibly astonishing that for such a long time a person of her potential influence would not speak up for anything A.NY.THING.

      • Cecile730 says:

        They’re maybe another explanation for that…I may be wrong but her facial expression sometimes are too exagerated, really bizarre. I think she might be doing drugs or alcohol to numb herself to everything.

      • Jenna says:

        That’s why she is so painfully thin. She is trying to make herself small and unnoticeable.

      • Fifty-50 says:

        Please do not try to excuse Kate’s incompetence by attributing it to domestic violence. She was that way before marrying William. Her life’s ambition was to be a Stepford wife on steroids.

        In the absence of evidence, I think the only thing we can safely conclude is that William and Kate are miserable, have a toxic marriage, and should never have gotten married to each other. Toxicity and misery create circumstances ripe for abuse, but they do not constitute abuse in and of themselves.

        You know what people who are being abused are good at doing? Hiding. No one had a f-ckin clue what Meghan went through until the Oprah interview. No one knew anything was wrong in the Jolie-Pitt marriage until she just left in the middle of the night. The media likes to play up the “visible signs of abuse” trope, but the fact of the matter is that more often than not, people being abused hide it really well.

        My friends told me that they had no idea sh-t was going down in my life because I hid it perfectly, while I thought it was obvious for everyone to see.

    • Anna says:

      I really hope not, but W is a violent rage monster and suddenly can control himself with Kate? The way Kate shrugged when he touched her on that TV program – I had a feeling that sth bad happened between them, not just his affair. And the separate houses? They have mansions where you can avoid each for weeks, yet still need separate houses? I feel for the kids, Kate really can leave and not play the game anymore.

    • Guesty83 says:

      I mean, SOME of these “nicknames” (most of which I don’t consider nicknames unless he’s really calling her DoD or Doolittle in *person) are kind of harmless jokes you might use with your spouse. But, in the larger context of knowing that people around them describe it as cruel, that Willy is violent, and that Kate sounds like she’s the “great appeaser” (which is what many survivors of DV are because appeasement is a survival mechanism), this article has *so many* red flags for anyone with the barest of understandings of the dynamics of an abusive relationship. (Which would, honestly, be another perfectly good explanation for why Harry fell out with William so completely over Kate even before the wedding…he likely disapproved.)

      BUT, as for Kate, you can do two things at once; you can worry about her as a potential victim while still finding the things she’s done to other women, particularly Meghan, to be deplorable. I know they say “hurt people hurt people” but that is a saying I hate. If Kate truly suffered as much as she claimed from the British press, then standing by as her husband (to cover up an AFFAIR) and, frankly, her team (to cover up her laziness AND her marriage crumbling) ripped Meghan to shreds is even crueler. Plus, the fact that all these people want desperately to ignore the issue of race in the coverage Meghan got tells you all you need to know about William’s claim that his family “is very much not racist” or what have you.

      Vacationing in a few different countries in Africa doesn’t make you immune from racism especially since (a) many of those countries used to be *colonies* run by your family and (b) he seems to have hung out with a surprising number of white people in Africa (like Jecca Craig).

      At this point, honestly, I’m surprised that headline “Straight out of Compton” that Harry mentioned as one of the worst examples earlier in their marriage should have just been “Straight out of Africa, but not the white part”.

  3. Missy says:

    I find it disturbing how they praise what sounds like co-dependent people-pleasing peacemaker behavior when that is so emotionally unhealthy and often a sign of an unstable household (currently or growing up). Like, that’s not the goal you guys, it’s extremely damaging and unhealthy.

    • Cessily says:

      That definitely comes across as an abusive husband and a wife left walking on eggshells in order to not “rock the boat”.

      • Purley Pot says:

        One of these days, Kate is going to pull a Popeye the Sailorman. “I’ve taken all I can stands, I can’t stands no more.” and explode.

      • Polo says:

        Yeah and the fact they are trying to minimize this toxicity is mind boggling.
        Oh the almost kill each other but it’s okay because they are such great princes and princess unlike Harry and Meghan. Smh
        I did notice on the yahoo article people were like yeah I would never do this with my spouse.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yeah, that’s how it sounded to me too.

    • square_bologna says:

      Yeah, total rug-sweeping, it sounds like. Bottle it up till you explode. 💥

    • Interested Gawker says:

      I think that’s why they are so resentful about H&M. M told Harry he deserved better in his life and showed by example that she would not accept being disrespected in their relationship. He’s trying to mend generational trauma and the culture around the BRF are still clinging to it like a life raft.

      • Becks1 says:

        It also makes you wonder what it was that Harry said to Meghan in that argument, the one where she walked out and then asked him where he had heard a man speak like that to a woman. Its easy to assume he meant Charles speaking to Diana a certain way (I’m sure he and William heard many ugly things there) but it also could have been something he heard William say to Kate.

      • Nic919 says:

        I was thinking of that episode as well and clearly both sons had absorbed really toxic behaviour. But the difference is that Meghan said she wouldn’t tolerate it and Harry made an effort to change. William clearly has not been challenged in the same way.

      • Cairidhe says:

        I took it to mean, not what Harry said, but the way he said it.
        Both Charles and Diana had big rages and would scream and shout and kick furniture. William imitates the behaviour he witnessed from both. Maybe Harry did too.

      • Tessa says:

        Diana would shout things to Charles according to the Housekeepers Diary. He would throw things.

      • notasugarhere says:

        And Diana gloated about shoving her stepmother down the stairs.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Yeah, that’s…just not good, not at all, and more revealing than I bet they wanted. And as an American, I just have to say, noting that someone has a working class background is not a bad thing! That is not an insult!! And it sure as heck doesn’t come close to the racist vitriol aimed at Meghan every day!!!

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ BeanieBean, the treatment of CopyKeen v Meghan can not be compared in any meaningful way. CopyKeen was criticized by a few for her family background as well as being a doormat whereas Meghan was criticized by not only most of Britain, but the entire RR’s and most of the BaRF!! To add insult to injury, CopyKeen had the protection of her in-laws as well as many within the palace and the RR’s. Meghan had NO protection, no rights and no one to shield her from the ruthless attacks!! It’s like comparing an apple to orange groves….. It was simply brutal, cruel, racist and down right disgusting. Add dashes of death threats and you can not even compare them in the same time zone yet. Add KKKHater still has her mother CarolE calling every one that will listen and seeking it as the truth.

      • Tessa says:

        And the nasty comments in the media about Meghan have not stopped. Page 6 is a huge offender, most of the comments are vile.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        @BeanieBean — yes, as an American, I have to agree that we don’t see “working class background” in the same way. I would say just the opposite — that we value people working their way up the ladder through hard work and determination so much, that people who come from easy, wealthy backgrounds will lie and try to pretend they worked their way up!

      • Lucky Charm says:

        @ Bothsidesnow, it’s not even comparing apples to oranges, it’s apples to asparagus!

      • I agrée with you. Britain is still very class conscious. This country was built on the backs of working class. So was theirs. They all have a superiority about them. Egan and Harry are best away from them all. Meghan has been treated deplorably as has Harry. God Bless them. Oh just a P.S being American is considered a disease by many Brits. They have short memories. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Athyrmose says:

      Yup. Also, the gaslighting of Meghan regarding the racist harassment of her by the press is gross and a huge red flag.

      These people are something else.

      • Whyforthelove is says:

        Agree this is a giant red flag. Honestly this article and this family is so full of red flags. Being around them must be like being stuck in a mental bouncy house of red flags

      • Yvette says:

        @Athyrmose … That’s what got me with the “Kate and Meghan were treated the same by the press, and Kate never complained” part of the excerpt, the notion that the bigoted/racist harassment Meghan endured from the British media could in any way be compared to the truthful comments written about Kate (Waity-Katey must have just destroyed her! Oh the vapors!). They printed lies about Meghan and printed the truth about Kate.

        There was nothing for Kate to ‘complain’ about! Everything they said was true, from her middle-class background to her mother’s former career as an airline stewardess, and even the classist/social snobbery her family endured from the upper crust is ‘real’–nothing to manufacture or embellish.

        And the gaslighting over Kate “never” complaining when Kate’s hissy-fit over the “Tatler” ‘Catherine the Great’ cover edition with a less then flattering article about Kate feeling like a “tired CEO, trapped and exhausted” after the Sussexes left. The “Tatler” was forced to edit that article by Kate, William, and the Palace (they never quite made clear if it was Buckingham or Kensington Palace).

        It was reported on for at least a week in every British news outlet about how livid Kate was over the article. Now this royal expert is giving us a “move along, there’s nothing to see here … there’s no one behind that curtain” gaslighting moment trying to convince us that ‘Calm Cate’ has never complained about things written about her being hurtful and unfair like whinny Meghan.

      • Jais says:

        Yes, Yvette, she did it. Kate hated her soooo much. It it flames 🔥 flames 🔥 flames on the side of her face….
        Sorry, had to go there😂.
        But yeah, that article is telling in that they had parts removed but oh no not the crying story. I can’t get over how William and Kate threw Camilla under the bus for that one. When confronted, they stare dumbfounded at Harry until Willy snaps his fingers. Oh wait we did mention it to Camilla when we all had our super strategic dinner on how to bring you down a peg while y’all were on your super successful oceana tour. Like Camilla hasn’t clocked how they threw her under the bus for that one and isn’t planning her revenge.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Kate isn’t a people pleaser with Buddhist calm. She’s as temperamental, violent, and scream-addicted as he is. This is the way their relationsh!t has always been. Both of them screaming at each other, throwing things, long periods of living apart, Carol(E) patching them back together with cheese on toast.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Notasugarhere, Again, I agree with you. I have no doubt that the two of them have been like this from the beginning. If the shouting and throwing things is getting worse, it’s because they are staying together for reasons that I don’t understand. They need to get away from each other and take care of their (traumatized) kids.

      • TurquoiseGem says:

        @Notasugarhere, you’ve summed things up well.

        I shudder to think what their poor children might have seen and/or heard.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Also have you noticed that this whole ‘he must be physically abusive’ idea has come straight from Kate stans, AKA Meghan haters, in the last six months? That’s one of the reasons I side-eye it heavily.

      • Becks1 says:

        No, it hasn’t. It’s something we’ve discussed on here for a while now off and on and I know that I for one am not a Kate stan/Meghan hater.

        Several things can be true at once – Kate can be a horrible person who wanted this marriage more than anything (and still wants it), she can have a husband who is physically abusive towards her, and who fights back against him frequently. Maybe she accepts the abuse because to her, its just the price she’s paying for the tiaras and titles and all that.

        None of that makes me or anyone else here discussing this a Kate stan/Meghan hater.

      • Jenna says:

        I agree with @Becks1.
        I adore Meghan but the thinner Kate has gotten, the more it screams “domestic violence” to me.

      • notasugarhere says:

        iirc those conversations began with posters who were new in the last 6-9 months. All being strongly pro-Kate and anti-Meghan. It is too obvious to me that once Kate was revealed as the true abusive bitch that she is? Suddenly there’s a whole camp of people (PP bots anyone?), who are insisting this is happening. It is highly suspicious to me.

      • Nic919 says:

        If there is physical abuse and kate is still pretending it’s a happy marriage for a public face and exposing the kids to this, it doesn’t say much about her, or about Carole and Mike, who should be removing everyone from this situation.

        Diana was able to get a divorce and kate could get one too if the situation is that bad. She has chosen to remain and not only that but play the game for the public.

        Meanwhile we have video evidence of her own intimidating behaviour toward meghan on more than one occasion.

    • Acha says:

      This is so true. Praising a woman for taking abuse silently seems like the worst possible message to both K and the rest of the world.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        Kate’s public relations has always been about making her a stepford wife. Be as thin as possible, because that’s what a good wife does. Focus solely on your hair and clothing and being attractive, because that’s what a “real” woman does. Don’t bother to work, because work is a man’s world. Be praised for focusing on children, which is what all women should focus on. Be silent and turn a blind eye to what your husband does, because you need to know your place as a woman. I have said for YEARS that the way the press holds Kate up as an example of perfect womanhood is deeply misogynistic, and reflects very badly on Britain.

    • Sugarhere says:

      This extolling portrayal of Kate as the pacifier in the midst of conjugal tempests, is reminiscent of the Tatler article: since Bullyiam’s philandering and fits of rage are public knowledge, I’m wondering about a Palace-media consensus to salvage the future queen from the sinking ship.

      The main issue with the King-maker Kate PR strategy is that it is ironically backfiring into a Catherine condones husband abuse. Yet again, here’s another example of a royal sycophant with his half-baked scheme to uplift Kate, tripping over the Victorian carpet, clobbering his imbecilic head on the 2023 frame of reality that verbal abuse is no longer accepted as a sign of masculine power, and causing even more damage to the Royals’ reputation. Because it’s not 1955!

      These interactions between Will and Karen fail to make them relatable. They simply underscore a power dynamics we wish we wouldn’t have to witness: a woman trading her dignity for financial security and honors.

  4. Cessily says:

    Another book that I won’t bother to read or purchase..🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. OriginalMich says:

    Wait. His nickname for her is Duchess of Dolittle? Wow. What a POS.

    • TeamMeg says:

      Legitimizing this nickname as something Wills himself uses to describe the “Princess” may be a case of the press priming the pump. In other words, they are preparing the public to turn on Kate for being a lazy, low-class, do-nothing who diminishes the power and potential glory of the heir. Prince William can do better! Off with her head!

      • LBB says:

        Very interesting comment, I had not really thought about that but this rings true!

      • Molly says:

        Yeah, the idea that it’s cruel to be called working class says so much.

      • Cairidh says:

        I think the quote is from Carole Middleton. She’s a textbook case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. They fall in love with a false fantasy image of themselves. Sadam Husseins was he wanted to be a great Arab leader. Rolf Harris’s was to become a famous artist. My mothers was to be canonised as a Catholic saint – she didn’t get her wish. Carole’s was to marry Charles and become the princess of wales. She didn’t get to do that, it would have been impossible for a working class girl of her generation. So she projected it onto her daughter.

        Narcissists fly into an extreme narcissistic rage if you say anything which remotely Ever so slightly goes against their false image of themselves. My mothers is triggered by the slightest suggestion – however faint – that she’s not a saint.

        Carol will be triggered by anything that ever so slightly suggests she’s not a grand lady. To her, calling her working class, is a wicked cruel insult.

        So that’s why I think the quote is from Carole. No normal person would think it cruel to call someone working class.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Kinda thinking the same thing; he’s a POS, but I can’t see William calling Kate this.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        That could be a good theory, but I kind of feel the opposite might be in play. These stories make William look very bad, and if they ever split, Kate will try to paint herself as the sympathetic one. The public (including myself) would say it’s no wonder she left, because no woman should have to put up with that kind of treatment. Which is true. This is leverage to use against William.

    • Lux says:

      Yes. So many negative implications there, the least of which is that she does do very little. If Kate felt insecure in their aristo circles, her husband, however jokingly, basically cemented the fact that she doesn’t belong/conned her way in.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        With your last sentence I think you hit the nail on the head – I think Peggy realises that he was used by Waity and her family and yeah given the discussions yesterday there is a shift towards Kate and am more than convinced now that a divorce announcement is coming after the Chubbly.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Digital Unicorn, maybe that is why Bullyiam is shooting for RL and leaves CopyKeen at AC?? It wouldn’t surprise me as we were all speculating this exact scenario when they moved in???

        That’s possibly why we are reading and seeing these behind the scenes reports. Divorce was probably in the works by Bullyiam while QEII was still alive and his father told him he had to wait. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bullyiam already has wife #2 chosen and waiting in the wings.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Good theory, that he’s finally waking up after 20 years of being used by the Middletons. IMO he was ready to divorce her when Harry and Meghan got serious, but too late, had to hold off.

        That’s part of his fury at the Sussex departure, because it saddled him with Kate a bit longer. Just as Margrethe forced Joachim and Alexandra to stay ‘together’ in name only until after Fred finally proposed and got married.

      • Harper says:

        Queen Elizabeth’s decree to Willy that he could marry Kate but he couldn’t divorce her has probably kept Kate in the royal family this long and was probably a big contributor to Willy’s anger issues once the regret set in. (Actually, according to Spare it sounds like Willy had major cold feet pre-wedding).

        Now that Betty’s gone, that trap door is going to open and Kate is going straight down it. My guess is that Willy was told no divorce before the coronation and afterwards he can do whatever he needs to do to be happy.

        Now this current article about their fighting is an excerpt from a book, so I do not think the palace is using it to pave the way. I do think Kate not going to the Diana statue unveiling or Balmoral with Will when the Queen died or the Commonwealth reception, is paving the way. Willy notably leaving her out of events will be why the first rota begins to report on the visible strains in the marriage. And the wording will be strains, stress, and coping problems when the official storyline starts being rolled out.

      • Tessa says:

        Elizabeth II was alive when three of her children divorced. And Charles divorced his first wife and married divorcee Camilla Parker Bowles. Diana famously said there could be “no divorce” when she married Charles. Kate was and is vulnerable to divorce since it has been done. If William really wanted out before his grandmother passed on, he would be given permission to divorce. IMO. Peter Phillips the Queen’s firstborn grandchild has gotten a divorce

      • Harper says:

        But Peter Phillips is not the heir to the throne, nor was his wedding a multi-million pound expense broadcast internationally. Willy is the son of Princess Diana, and there was, at the time of his decision to wed, immense pressure for him to have that happy life that eluded his mother. Kate was supposed to be down-to-earth, normal, and her in-tact family was the SELLING point, as if it would rub off on Willy and be a magic balm for all the deep-seated wounds within him.

        But, in the end, it looks as if history is repeating itself. Willy folded under the pressure to marry when he should have waited. I don’t think Betty thought Kate was the right choice, and it’s looking like Betty was right. This current farce of a relationship is going to crumble under the pressure very very soon.

    • Tessa says:

      Harper Charles was heir to the throne and was able to divorce Diana and later marry divorcee Camilla. If will wants out he will get out. There is a precedent for this. William probably would have broken up with Kate if an aristo had responded to will wanting to marry her. Will settled.

    • Pabena6 says:

      This story came up before, quite a while back. The explanation was that he calls her that as a joke, because it points out how stupid the press and public are for thinking of her that way, that she’s anything BUT a “do little.” Like taking the sting out of it by turning it into something funny and a sly little “bonding” thing.
      That may be how it started — they may even believe that’s true! — but of course we know that she IS a “do-little.” I don’t know that either of them has enough introspection or EQ to recognize how feckless and insubstantial they are — that would be a hard truth to face, so they have to joke it away instead of doing the work to grow. But if on some level, even deep down, you recognize it as true, that also explains the rage that’s always just below the surface w/ these two.

  6. molly says:

    All couples fight and yell mean things at each other? And make up hurtful nicknames? And throw things??

    Um, no they don’t!

    I have no doubt that the gilded cage of the monarchy will crush your soul and turn everyone lonely at best and a monster at worse, but stop acting like it’s normal to living among anger and rage like this.

    • lamejudi says:

      Were these anecdotes supposed to charm the reader?

      They’re horrifying. A habit of cruel put-downs in the guise of a nickname or endearment is a horrible relationship dynamic.

      • okayyy says:

        @lamehudi exactly this is why I think it was meant to be those things. This is not a puff piece. Its reviving Kate’s past and knocking her back down a peg. Its to personal to not be on purpose. I think they threw Meg in for no other reason that to “but Kate’s is better then Meg”.

    • Becks1 says:

      I’ve been married 16 years (almost) and I have a temper. I have never ever thrown anything at my husband, used a derogatory name for him, nothing. the day he throws something at me is the day I’m out the door.

      • Cessily says:

        I was in an abusive marriage for decades I have had many things thrown at me small and large. Everything about how this is phrased is triggering. The change of tone when he says “darling” especially.. the abuser always gives “tells” and the abused become hyper aware of these “tells”. There was not one time my ex walked into a room that I didn’t look at his hands first before I spoke, clenched fists are a huge “tell” also. The passive aggressive insulting names used as nicknames to be laughed off is also a very common thing for abusive men. It’s dehumanizing to be called that but to then have others join in laughing like it’s just a joke and you are overreacting it is hard to explain just how awful it is to live like this, your reality is always in question. The fact that they seem to brush this off as “normal marital issues” is very disturbing. No one should ever think this is normal!

      • Lorelei says:

        @Becks, same. And it’s not like I’ve ever even *wanted* to do any of these things and had to restrain myself! I would never throw anything at *anyone*, and I would certainly not get off on calling my husband nasty nicknames that I know would hurt his feelings— even if we’re arguing. And if I ever did feel the urge to, I’d know that was the day our marriage was over. These people, SMH.

      • BeanieBean says:

        @Cessily: I’m glad to see you got out of that marriage and am sorry you went through that. I grew up with a father abusing my mother, that’s why I also found this excerpt so chilling. Like you, that change of tone for ‘darling’ sent a frisson up my spine. I know what that means.

    • Seraphina says:

      married for close to 20 years and we have NEVER called each other names or even thrown anything. Do they have no self control. I can only imagine what the kids have seen or heard.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Seriously. Between these latest comments and the “blistering rows” remarks from Jobson last year, it seems like W&K fight pretty frequently, to the point where these royal reporters are trying to normalize and downplay it.

    • Ang says:

      20 years, my partner and i have never said anything cruel or thrown anything at each other.
      Who normalizes abuse???

    • SIde Eye says:

      Thank you @Molly. The BM normalize abuse because they themselves are abusers. The gaslighting regarding the racist treatment of Meghan is abhorrent.

    • Sue says:

      All couples fight at some points but having mean nicknames for each other is repulsive. Reminds me of what Antony Armstrong-Jones did to Princess Margaret.

    • Jen says:

      yep. gonna add myself to this chorus. almost 16 years married. Not gonna say we’ve never shouted at each other, but we’ve never thrown things, or used mean names. And the “appeasement” and “hating conflict” parts do not sound any healthier.

      • QuiteContrary says:

        I’ve been married for three decades and my husband and I have never thrown anything at each other. We have fought, but never belittled each other.

        One of us will call the other Mr. or Mrs. Bickerson and that usually defuses the fight. We end up laughing.

    • Abby says:

      Exactly. I’ve been married for 15 years and name-calling and throwing things are not part of our dynamic, ever. This seems like a whitewashed version of their marriage, and it still seems incredibly unhealthy. This doesn’t make them look good at all.

      I would cry my eyes out if my husband called me duchess of Dolittle. My husband would feel so hurt and disrespected if I called him baldy. Maybe we don’t have that kind of sense of humor (we love to laugh, but not by putting each other or others down). This makes me sad for their kids watching this dynamic as a model for marriage.

  7. aquarius64 says:

    I feel like they are prepping the public for a separation/divorce announcement.

    • KP says:

      No I don’t think they are..I just think there’s someone actually willing to say what many other aren’t.
      They all know William has an explosive temper. They write about it constantly but they don’t go beyond that because the rest of them need access. Quinn isn’t a regular royal reporter.
      If some of the actual royal reporters start writing articles like this then I’ll believe it. For now they are still briefing how great will and Kate are and how she stabilizes him…

      • Jais says:

        Technically, Robert Jobson also wrote about this in one of his books or an article.? I can’t remember where exactly. . He’s a part of the rota but he wasn’t anywhere near as detailed as this.

    • solidgold says:

      They are normalizing Williams rage and abusive behavior.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        solidgold, not just his. It sounds like both of them give as good as they get–with the shouting and throwing things at each other.

      • Jenna says:

        They are normalizing William’s behavior by saying Kate does it as well.
        I don’t believe Kate is abusive to William at all. Now, how she treats everyone else is another story….

      • notasugarhere says:

        The stories about their screaming fights and throwing board game parts at each other started in Uni. None of this is new behavior nor is it limited only to William. Never has been.

  8. Crowned Huntress says:

    If William has already put hands on his brother, is rumored to have shoved his late mother in a rage when he was a teenager and is on video has a child continually bashing his father in the head with his elbow, I’m almost certain Kate and this kids have been on the receiving end of his abuse.

    In the years to come it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that Kate was a battered wife and her vanishing hair and body weight were the red flags of her distress.

    • Seraphina says:

      It saddens to me to read what you wrote because I too think you are spot on. How sad to have the world at your feet and be filled with hate and violence.

  9. Nina says:

    Why is it cruel to say someone has working class roots?? Like.. there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Wtf.

    Let’s put the racism aside for the moment and pretend, for the sake of argument, that the media did treat Kate and Meghan exactly the same (even though they definitely did not). It’s messed up to take the viewpoint of ‘well, Kate endured the vitriol in silence so Meghan should too’. Just because a person is abused doesn’t mean that should be accepted and expected behavior for all time. How is anything going to change if nothing is done differently? Jeez, these people.

    Lastly: ‘Babykins’ is a really, really creepy nickname.

    • TEamMeg says:

      Looks like classism might give racism a run for its money in this crowd.

    • Mcmmom says:

      These comments remind me of just how American I am – having working class roots is something to be proud of in my circles because it reinforces the idea of “The American Dream.” I forget that the belief that someone can move economic classes within a generation was a revolutionary idea.

      • TurquoiseGem says:

        I’m British, and spent part of my childhood on a council estate. It taught me some beautiful lessons about how some people may not have loads of money, but they can look out for one another, be loving and supportive of their neighbours and build a rock solid sense of community. It was a fantastic place to grow up in as a child. I’m proud of my working class roots, and find it odd that anyone might find being called working class, cruel….!

    • Thisandthat says:

      Maybe that´s why she`s avoiding any kind of work 😀 So nobody calls her working class.

      Jokes aside, your comment was what came to my mind as well. Calling it cruel when someone`s working class roots/background is mentioned is so elitist ans revolting. She sounds like a total asshole but I think it´s better to be a racist and a rapist than working class in their minds.

    • Jay says:

      There is zero chance he’s ever called her Babykins in front of anyone. I doubt he says that at all. Could you even imagine someone on their staff overhearing him yell, “Babykins, where’s the paper?”

      • Lorelei says:

        I could be wrong, but I think that the press learned about “Babykins” via the phone hacking? I’m not positive, but that’s how I remember it. (Which makes sense, because as you said, Jay, I cannot see William ever calling her that in public.)

      • Kingston says:

        These parasites in palaces are NEVAH! alone. Particularly the ones closest to the throne. Theres no privacy, even in their bedrooms. Theyve learned to ignore the presence of the helpers/maids/etc. when theyre dining, dressing, bathing and therefore, their intimate moments are revealed. So the royal(s) have to depend on the discretion of the helpers/maids/etc., that they would never disclose what they hear of the royals’ intimate/private moments.

        But as we know from the RotaRats, the helpers/maids/etc. are for sale.

      • Cairidh says:

        Yes Babykins was in a phone message, revealed in the phone hacking scandal “oh my little babykins! Are you alright? Are you alright?”

        Someone on here said he also called her babykins when they were leaving the hospital with George.

      • Dee says:

        I remember “poppet” being used around the time of George’s birth, because I found it annoying.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Kate didn’t endure anything in silence. She was rarely followed or photographed, had illegal police protection the entire time they were dating, and her mummy hired two former Fail on Sunday editors as their PR machine.

      They also had known close ties to Katie N and Niraj Tanna, using them freely to leak info about Harry AND to make sure W&K were papped together. They’d even ask the paps for copies of the photos for their private albums. Kate and the Midds have been working the tabloids – and working with the tabloids – from the start 20 years ago.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        notasugarhere, I don’t know why people are trying to make this all one sided. Personally, no one has changed. They’ve gotten worse. BOTH Fails and Wails are just more toxic with each other. I think Ma Mids is working overtime to make it look like Fails is the total problem. Nope, not buying it. It clearly says–as has been reported in the past–that they shout at each other and throw things at each other. Wails had a very good idea of what she was saying yes to. I just think the pressure is making them both a whole lot worse. The fact that Wails couldn’t bother to go to the reception after the church event for Commonwealth Day is a power play of some kind. I don’t think she was uninvited, I think she’s showing them they can’t control her and she can do what she wants. Things could get very interesting. Don’t expect her to suddenly start working more, though.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yes to most of this. I do think William is choosing to sideline her for certain events, because he doesn’t want her there for all of history to see.

  10. wildwaffles says:

    The way this article attempts to normalize levels of relational violence is concerning. I’ve been married for close to 25 years and we have never thrown things at each other, shouted at each other or engaged in belittling, passive aggressive name calling. Their behavior reflects dysfunction. This is not normal.

    • MrsCope says:

      Married 17 years over here. Leave me out of that “all couples” nonsense. None of that is cute or OK. Why are they throwing things at each other? Ugh. Brits, is this your King??

      • Carrot says:

        Hey, I’m single and if this is the offer, I’m staying single. Violence is a deal-breaker. If you strike out in a rage NEAR me but not at me, I’m gone. If you scream hateful things at me, I’m gone. No looking back

      • BeanieBean says:

        @Carrot: same, same. Violence is the deal-breaker.

    • Lorelei says:

      Seriously…obviously all married couples will argue/fight at points over the years, but I have absolutely never thrown anything (!) at my husband or called him demeaning nicknames (and vice versa). That’s not normal.

      I also questioned why this author considers telling the truth about Kate’s background “cruel.” It’s the truth because it’s who she is, ffs, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. (Up until CarolE started the Bag the Prince campaign, at least.) The nasty jokes that William’s “friends” made about Kate’s background behind her back were cruel, but stating it as a fact wasn’t. She was actually lauded around the time of their wedding because of her background.

      Anyway, I can’t take seriously anyone who starts off by saying that Kate and Meghan were treated the same by the British press. It’s so egregiously untrue and disingenuous that I don’t even want to know anything else they have to say.

      The one thing that gave me the *tiniest* amount of sympathy for W&K was the line, if it’s true, about constantly having palace aides around. I would absolutely lose it if I had so little privacy in my own home.

      • notasugarhere says:

        His friends didn’t make those comments. Did his friends refer to her as ‘The Limpet’? Yes. A tabloid reporter and RPOs were the ones who called her The Mattress. The doors-to-manual thing? That came straight from Carol(E)’s hired PR hacks during one of the many breakups. They were trying the poor little middle class girl bullied by aristos angle, except it wasn’t true. Just like the ‘bullied at school’ thing was all lies too.

      • Cairidh says:

        William wouldn’t tolerate that lack of privacy.
        When he lived with Charles as a teenager, he had his own apartment which he kept locked, only letting staff in to clean it. They couldn’t go in freely as they did the rest of the house.

        When living in Anglesey he had the bodyguards live in separate buildings and daily cleaners come in and clean and do his laundry (as opposed to live in staff) because he wanted privacy. As opposed to his fathers residences where there are constantly staff around.

        As for there being palace aides around all the time, why would there be? They barely work. 2 hrs a week from the royals doesn’t require 40hrs a week from multiple staff.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      wildwaffles, I totally agree that this is abuse and I keep wondering who they think will believe this is normal behavior. Too many married couples out there who will dispel this thought. I can’t believe the royalists would buy into that as normal behavior.

      Too many people have a healthy self-respect and wouldn’t be part of that type of dynamic. I can’t help but feel this was going on in the dating years, too. It’s too bad that Wails believed the goal was worth it, but I believe she gives just as much as she gets because she learned to.

  11. Elaine says:

    The whole thing reads as an extremely dysfunctional marriage. They’re setting us up for those two to divorce. Throwing things at each other? Absolutely domestic violence. Duchess of Doolittle? Hoo boy – that’s some mighty aggressive passive aggression.

    More red flags than the Olympics in Beijing.

    • Elizabeth Kerri Mahon says:

      This article reminds me of Princess Margaret’s marriage to Earl Snowden. They also used to fight and throw things at each other. He used to leave notes for her with demeaning nicknames all the time. This is also the way that Diana and Charles used to fight as well, so it is learned behavior on Prince William’s part. I have no idea why the media or Tom Quinn or pretending that this is normal behavior.

      • Elaine says:

        Thanks, I couldn’t put my finger on who’s marriage it reminded me of.

      • Another Anna says:

        I have recently started to think that Philip was emotionally abusive towards Elizabeth, in part because of his anger at feeling emasculated by Elizabeth being the monarch. He probably couldn’t put his hands on her, but he could damn sure be cruel. And there’s no way the royal family gets the concept of emotional abuse now, never mind 75 years ago.

        Honestly I think the reason the monarchy doesn’t modernize is because it can’t. It’s an inherently archaic institution and if they start modernizing one thing, the rest of the problems become unavoidable.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      I do wonder if we’ll hear more stories like this now that Harry revealed William’s violent nature in Spare. Jobson did a bio on Will last year and talked about the fights he and Kate had, but he didn’t go into detail beyond ‘blistering rows’ like this Quinn guy is.

  12. equality says:

    So the “calm one” screams and throws things when she’s angry? Yet another royal “expert” contradicting himself.

    • MrsCope says:

      Right? Calm like a Buddha… that throws things. Also, I do not understand that oil in water metaphor.

      • Eurydice says:

        It’s from an ancient fishing practice of calming rough waters by pouring bit of oil into it. I think Ben Franklin did an experiment to confirm it.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Eurydice, thank you— I didn’t understand it in this context, either. I read it as Kate was sort of passive-aggressively making things worse, knowing William dislikes confrontation, or something.

    • Jais says:

      Yeah how is she the calm one while simultaneously they get into screaming and throwing things fights? Is it calm in comparison to her husband? Which doesn’t mean actually calm. It just means less incandescent than William which prob isn’t hard to do.

    • Becks1 says:

      My interpretation of that was that Kate is the one to calm William when his anger is not directed at her. Like if he’s raging about a headline about him she can calm him down, maybe? But if they are fighting with each other its very ugly on both sides.

      • Laura D says:

        I honestly think they’re as bad as one another. If they’re both throwing things it doesn’t matter who started it. A “peacemaker” would just leave the room and leave the other to get on with it and try to talk some sense when they’ve calmed down. I’ve not forgotten that clip where William was having a go at the “reporter” and he seemed to have calmed down and then Kate said something and set William off again. They have been together long enough to know what buttons to press and how to wind each other up. They’re toxic and were probably only really close when they were both picking on Meghan.

    • equality says:

      I also have to wonder about calling her the “calm” one when she is the one who seemed nasty on their walkabout with H&M. Will was actually being pleasant.

      • Whyforthelove is says:

        Yeah she was checking and aggressive on that walk about. William at least had the sense to act normal in front of a crowd, Kate could not control her nastiness even for the cameras. She is NOT the calm one they are both teaching horrible behaviors to their kids.

      • BeanieBean says:

        That was quite something to see. Even after that notorious Commonwealth Service snitfit over the procession, watching Kate zoom out of the passenger side of that car to go over to William’s side to greet the official, leaving Meghan behind with not so much of a glance was appalling enough, but at the end? When she advanced on Kate with such an evil look in her eye? That was just breathtakingly scary. She’s no calm Buddha.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      That made no sense to me either, especially since we’ve also heard about Kate giving as good as she gets in these fights. I can see her being more level-headed than Will in general (a pretty low bar, given everything we’ve heard over the years), but to claim she’s the calm one when she’s also participating in these fights…eh.

    • notasugarhere says:

      As I wrote above, that’s why I don’t buy into the ‘William is physically abusing her’ theory. That idea has cropped up too quickly, last six months, and put forward by Kate stans (AKA Meghan haters). It is like they’re trying to find excuses why this marriage is falling apart, that anyone but Kate is responsible for Kate’s behavior (esp against Meghan).

      • Tessa says:

        I agree n o t a. When I mention the horrible way Kate treated Meghan i do not condone what will does. But harry had to intervene when Kate glared at Meghan in a confrontational pose. Kate does not deserve abuse from will if that is the case but Meghan does not deserve being abused by Kate. Kate and will should be in therapy. Kate imo is angry at Meghan for telling the truth about that crying story.

      • Jenna says:

        “Hurt people hurt people.”
        And Kate looks like the type to take her hurt out on anyone she deems “beneath” her. Which kind of makes her a C U Next Tuesday.

  13. Eurydice says:

    Criticism of Kate didn’t vanish because she ignored it – it vanished because Meghan arrived and became the new target.

    • Nic919 says:


    • Roan Inish says:

      I think the criticism of Kate in the media diminished significantly after she gave birth to George. IIRC it happened long before Meghan arrived.

      • Tessa says:

        I noticed a pattern. The comments about Kate got a lot more fawning after Meghan arrives. The cliche posts like Kate would look good in a bin bag and William chose well started appearing in the comments sections.

      • Nic919 says:

        In early 2016 there were many complaints about her laziness. It stopped when Meghan was confirmed as Harry’s girlfriend.

  14. s808 says:

    Throwing things at each other??? Get those kids outta there.

    • Tia says:

      I agree. WIsh they can go and visit their Aunt and Uncle in California for two weeks. (I bet IF that happened, they’d come back with tans but with happy memories of being in a house where there’s no fights.)

  15. QuiteContrary says:

    To be fair, I’d probably shout at William and Kate and throw things at them if I had the chance.

    On a more serious note, William is an abusive POS.

  16. Brassy Rebel says:

    Yet another book for the half price bin.

  17. HeyKay says:

    All the money in the world. Can afford therapy.
    William saw what a sh*t marriage Diana had. He witnessed how unhappy Diana was for years.
    Why would he inflict his trauma onto his kids?

    Not unusual to have a shouting match between marrieds but fgs, get yourself straightened out.

    • K8erade says:

      This is also the kid who was known as Billy Basher. He’s been allowed to abuse people since he was a child.

    • Sue says:

      Because abuse unfortunately recycles itself many times. I have a cousin whose father was abusive and thank God he didn’t follow suit – he’s very kind and gentle to his wife. But that’s unfortunately not the case for many. I also have an Aunt whose ex husband’s father was abusive and whoa Nelly did it recycle.

  18. K8erade says:

    This relationship just sounds toxic no matter how much the press tries to sugarcoat it and anyone worth their grain of salt should see this for what it is. I’ve long suspected that William abuses Kate. No matter what any of us think of Kate, no one deserves to be abused. The circumstances of this and the way she was raised/trained by her mother to go after William make me feel it would ever be difficult for her to get out of this relationship. I can’t help but wonder if that’s why she lives at Adelaide and this is the palace trying to contain and protect her. We all know William isn’t spending much time there.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      K8erade, they both shout and throw things at each other. It sounds like she has learned the same behavior that he has. I suspect that this has been going on from the dating years. It just gets more toxic with each year.

      • Tessa says:

        It sounds like they are going at it like George and Martha in w h o s afraid of Virginia woolf

  19. HeatherC says:

    The stans on Twitter are ridiculous because they’re saying “normal marriage.”

    My ex put his hands on me once. Once. And I fled with my son. Before he put his hands on me, he had broken me down verbally and emotionally but I had a last straw. I don’t know that she has a last straw, knows she has a last straw or is allowed to have a last straw. She’s been groomed since she was young that queen is everything.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Heather, ITA so much with this:

      “I don’t know that she has a last straw, knows she has a last straw or is allowed to have a last straw.”

      Obviously we don’t know her IRL, but from what we do know (about both Kate and her awful mother), it fits.

      I cannot believe that people on Twitter — even stans! — are calling this normal behavior for a marriage. Maybe for many of them, it is, and that’s why they like and idolize Kate so much, because it makes them feel better about their own crappy relationships? IDK.

    • Nic919 says:

      If these stories are true she needs to take the kids and leave this situation.

      • K8erade says:

        As much as I agree with you @Nic919, do you honestly think the courtiers would allow her to do that?

      • Jais says:

        Sadly, they’d prob let her leave with Louis. But I’d imagine they’d want to keep the heir and spare close. She’d get visitation. This sounds heartless AF but that’s how they operate.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      I don’t think she has a last straw. I think she’s too obsessed with status to ever leave, even if she hates him.

  20. CC says:

    They need a fifth house because they’ve already thrown everything they can at each other in their first four houses.

  21. EasternViolet says:

    If Kate is fundamentally a people pleaser, it would explain some things for me. In my experience, people pleasers have a very poorly developed sense of self, and can be really superficial, because their identity only comes through their ability to please others (which is toxic, and beyond generosity).

    The flags of abuse are also concerning — both emotional and physical.

    I’d love to see her pull a Diana and tell all… but then William would just publicly gaslight her anyway.

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      Do people pleasers treat one sex that way but not the other? Serious question. Because we know how Kate mean girls other women and that she was cold to Meghan.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      EasternViolet, you aren’t a mean girl and a people pleaser–that doesn’t go together. I think Wails spends part of her time getting Fails all worked and angry about something and sends him on his merry way. These two are incredibly toxic together and I’m concerned about the kids. that’s who everyone in the brf need to focusing their energy on. Those kids should not be living like that.

    • Cairidh says:

      Kate had a narcissistic mother. That means she grew up walking on eggshells, navigating a daily mine field, trying not to trigger the next rage. She was trained to appease and please her mother.
      Daughters of narcissistic mothers tend to act the same way with their romantic partner.

      Kates not a people pleaser. She’s a Carol and William Appeaser. She doesn’t care about anybody else.

      • Jaded says:

        People pleasers don’t blatantly express their anger, spite and jealousy to everyone they consider competition. Kate’s a narcissistic mean-girl, and she and her mother worked hand-in-hand to land the big one, that’s all they cared about.

      • notasugarhere says:

        This Jaded. Kate is a willing abuser and enabler not a victim.

    • Lily says:

      I remember Kate making Beatrice cry because no one told her the roller skating charity party was 80’s themed and Beatrice was the only attendee not in costume.

  22. JT says:

    Isn’t Duchess Doolittle a nickname the press also used for Kate? Did William give the ok for the press to call her that or did he pick it up from the press? Either way their relationship seems very passive aggressive and just straight up abusive. All of the constant little digs thrown at each other, massive screaming fights, and throwing sh*t. Something’s gotta give at some point. None of this is sustainable.

    • Ameerah M says:

      Just like he leaked hs nickname for Harry to the press. It’s why they called him Henry. That’s what Will calls him.

      • Jan says:

        Harold is the nickname, Henry is his legal name, not Harry.

      • Jais says:

        I can also see them taking the tabloid nicknames and using them against each other. My dad was shocked during the Anderson Cooper interview that this family sits down to breakfast while reading the tabloids. I think they prob sit down with all the papers but that fact that they include the tabloids is telling. And terrifying. They really live their lives in reaction to the press. It also gives those papers legitimacy. If even the RF reads them…well then they must be okay! Ugh. Vomit.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Historic note, the tabloids used this name for Fergie too, in the late 80s. She was being outworked by the Queen Mum FFS.

  23. Mary Pester says:

    😂😂😂The press “treated them the same” what complete and utter bull sht. I saw the way the press went after meghan from the day of the engagement!! Kate WAS working class? So bloody what, she isn’t “work” anything at the moment, and the “Duchess dolittle” title was near enough given to her by our late Queen. SHE was the one that told BULLYAM that Kate appeared lazy and must do more.! And complain to the press, YES THEY BLOODY WELL DID, a full Palace statement was put out telling the press to back of!! Then we had the court order stopping topless pictures being printed, then we had the court action threatened against ANYONE who printed the rose and William story, but Alex Tiffin ignored them and said bring it on, but his editor wouldn’t publish THE FULL story, didn’t do any good because its there under his name on Google. Then we had the time last year where BULLYAM screamed at someone who videod William and Kate, and security made him delete it NOW, take those examples again the “Harry’s girl straight out of Compton”, or Harry’s gangster girlfriend “, or Megan will destroy the Royal bloodline because it will be mixed” or Megan’s jail bird mother “or the press offering a man £70,000 to say he had slept with her. Or the press paying a private detective to access medical and education records. AND THE PALACE DID AND SAID FK ALL. The list of the abuse by British press goes on and on. So while we KNOW Khate is a lazy mean girl and is More like an oil slick than pouring oil on troubled waters, and BULLYAM is a complete and utter psychopath in the making. This article is so far of base its not even in the ball park

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Mary Pester, I hope there are a lot of other people in the UK who can see things as clearly as you do. This is just another attempt to whitewash everything that went down. The problem these idiots evidently don realize is that their articles are on the internet, which means they never disappear. History will be able to tell the true story. Harry made sure of that about him with his book, H&M Oprah interviews and H’s book interviews. The rest of the brf are going to end up looking pretty pathetic in the history books. You gotta luv that for them.

      • Mary Pester says:

        @saucyandsassy, I would love to think that there are a lot more people who can see through the bullsht in the British rags. I know there are some, and a lot of my retired and serving military friends feel the same. Plus we have the “not my king” movement growing. The problem is it’s been like mainstream brainwashing “Kate and William good”, Harry and Megan bad “when all that’s really happened is that they have towed the party line that Harry is dim (yeah right, he’s got more brain in his A**s than BULLYAM and Charlie put together) and Megan is a money grabbing biracial American divorcee. In other words they have taken everything good about harry and meghan and tried to twist it, but, Megan and Harry said sod the lot of you, we don’t need or particularly want you, so bye, bye. THAT’S what Charlie, BULLYAM and the press can’t stand. They can’t control what they do and say anymore, not with money or headlines, the horrible thing is that what princess Margaret said is coming true, “when they can’t control you, they control how others see you, along with princess Diana’s words”, that which they can’t control they seek to destroy, that’s why I’m determined to to try and let my American friends on here see. Because there are some horrible things appearing in the press over there. So Carry on calling bullsht on it people, and thank you for your support, of me and them x

  24. K.W. says:

    “Dolittle” is a double insult – insulting her working class roots while also implying she is lazy. What an ass.

  25. CJ says:

    Baldy and Dolittle?

    These aren’t… these aren’t how normal married people define “affectionate nicknames” – yes my adorable nickname is the thing he’s been insecure about for decades. It’s hilarious! I love her so much I point out how pompous she is and how little value she adds to anything!

    I wonder when they stopped liking each other.

    • Becks1 says:

      The Baldy is funny to me because that’s so often how he’s referred to on social media in less sycophantic circles (even some people here call him that.)

      And some here obviously call Kate dolittle but that was a press nickname pre-Meghan (don’t know if it came from William like some speculated above or if he got it from the press.)

    • notasugarhere says:

      Have they ever liked each other? William like the secret sex-on-demand cheating on his girlfriend with Kate, the freebie 10 holidays a year, the ‘sex waiting’ as he called he when he was out hitting on other women. Kate wanted The Prince and would put up with manchild William to get the titles and status. But like each other?

      • Dee says:

        I’ve never seen what I thought was a sincere, loving interaction between Kate and William. EVER. They even looked like two teens play-acting at the wedding.
        It was probably enough for William until Meghan came along and he saw Harry and Meghan in love. Then he wanted what Harry had.

  26. Cel2495 says:

    Damn not all couples do that. People in a healthy relationship that are able to regulate their emotions and communicate effectively are not violent with each other. Throwing things and verbal abuse is terrible. I am pretty sure he has our hands on his wife. Is true, she is a truly terrible person, racist , stalker and all we know but does she deserves to be abused ? No.

    But it is true that victims when not treated usually become perpetrators.

    This is a 💩 relationship and they need to end it for their kids sake.

  27. Scout says:

    Let’s not forget that the media had endless live interviews with Meghan’s disgruntled family members day after day after day….

  28. NMB says:

    William is suuuuuch a jerk. He is so arrested. The royal family is so dysfunctional. A billion kudos to Harry for getting therapy to get himself out of the toxic cycle of coping/relationships he learned from growing up. Harry and Meghan will have arguably the only successful relationship in that family. Phillip and Liz may have been married for a million years, but were they faithful to each other? Were they truly happy and functional to have produced such dysfunctional children? People who have good/healthy relationship role models generally don’t grow up to have unhealthy relationships. Harry is breaking the cycle. That is so admirable considering what he’s up against with that awful institution.

    • K says:

      That’s what I wonder too. Was the late Queen’s marriage truly a good one or was it as dysfunctional as her children’s? I semi doubt there was much in terms of Phillip being physical with Elizabeth but I bit there was verbal abuse. I would truly wager a guess the dysfunctional aspect likely extend further past Elizabeth and Phillip’s marriage on either side.

      • Mary Pester says:

        @k, no it was far from perfect, Phillip spent most of his time away from the Queen, apart from photo calls and public occasions. He had a VERY CLOSE lady friend called Penny who he left quite well off (one of the reasons his will will never be published) Philip spent most of his time in his cottage on one of the estates, I can’t remember which one it was, but it’s where he knocked a lady over. Another thing that gets me mad as hell is they moan that Harry didn’t go and visit his grandfather in hospital, well NEITHER DID THE Q HIS WIFE!, covid was about then so Harry was restricted on travel from the US but Charlie went to see him so why not his wife. Can I just point out something that has always bothered me, the Queen was 13 YEARS OLD, when Philip first met her and then courted her by letter as he had to go to see. How the hell is that OK???

    • Jaded says:

      Philip was a notorious womanizer, Liz was the faithful one. That being said, she always put the Institution first, not the children, and each one of them has suffered as a result. I’m old and remember when rumours first started circulating that Charles and Diana’s marriage was going sideways. Some RR said [I’m paraphrasing] “They have a rumbumptious marriage but truly love each other”. Code words for “they yell and scream and throw things at each other”. Generational trauma and its consequences is real, and is being played out by the younger generation of Windsors. Thank god Harry broke the cycle and got out.

      • Mary Pester says:

        @JADED can you remember the name of the estate where Philip had his cottage and penny used to be “, ahem”, “, company for him there? I know it was where he knocked over that lady and broke her arm

      • Becks1 says:

        @MaryPester that was on Sandringham, Philip stayed at Wood Farm pre-pandemic and then I think moved back at some point during the pandemic and then went back to Windsor, it all runs together now.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        With QEII it was: Monarchy-Country-Horses-Dogs-Husband-Children

      • Finny says:

        @ Mary Pester IRC that was Wood Farm on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk where Phillip spent a lot of time. Especially after he retired, and his companion was Penny Knatchbull.

      • a says:

        I think it was Wood Farm on the Sandringham Estate, where Phil “retired” to, when he finally decided he wanted some peace and quiet from this mad and dysfunctional “family”. Penny was his “longtime Friend”. These people seek refuge in their codes!

      • notasugarhere says:

        It was Wood Farm. He was physically removed from Wood Farm the third week of March 2020 and moved to Windsor to COVID bubble with QEII. Freed up Wood Farm for William and Rose.

  29. C says:

    This is all the same stuff we knew, but they really need to stop with the idea she “never complained” during the dating years. Because she did, she and the Palace issued warnings and even sued and she had every right to, so why is it not okay with Harry and Meghan? (we know, but yeah). And she never got any white powder mailed to her or death threats on the level of Meghan.

    • Lorelei says:

      And even since Kate’s been married, she’s had the palace issue complaints such as the statement that she does not, in fact, wear hair extensions. I mean, FFS. At least Meghan picks her battles (god knows there are enough legitimate ones for her to choose from) and goes after the ones which are truly harmful, and that she can legally win.

  30. Amy Bee says:

    As Meghan said being rude and racist are not the same. No one should remain quiet when they’re being attacked for their race.

  31. Kel says:

    The fact that an article like this came out is significant. Besides the colonial cosplay tour these two have skated since Meghan came along.
    Even if the British media don’t pick up these stories..Fox News picking them up is a big deal. The MAGA are now a huge part of their base so I hope the cracks begin.

    And yes he did try his best to minimize the fights and diminish Meghan but the headline is still Kate and William fight after them being absolutely perfect the last few years according to the press.

  32. Lizzie says:

    Lazy Will calling Lazy Kate duchess of dolittle is pretty rich.
    Do they think they should be admired for staying in an unhappy and dysfunctional marriage and silently tolerating abuse? If this story is accurate then Kate is anything but wise, rather dull-witted.

  33. Okay says:

    Who in the palaces authorized this mess? I think its Cam. Ever since Princess Lilibet was announce W+K leaks have been lower. I think Will had a meltdown about her grandchildren and children and the coronation and then again with Princess and Princes announcement and acceptance by Charles that Cam wanted to flex her crown. This isn’t even shade it’s straight up exposing them. The DoD is a give away warning shot to W+K sounds like ” I want them to know it was me” Cam moment.

    • K8erade says:

      Not sure Camilla would do that. I think Camilla is just as afraid of William. She always looks very stiff and fearful when she’s in close proximity to William and sge seems to go out her way to avoid him when she can. I don’t think she would poke the bear like this.

      Honestly, I think Tom Quinn just has the balls to say what everyone in the press circles already knows but is afraid to say or too much of a bootlicker to admit. Also, I think he’s American so he doesn’t have the same criteria to follow as English reporters.

      • okayyy says:

        Then why is he putting Meghan and to be honest Kate down in such a royal rota way? What dose Meg have to do with their relationship fights, nick names ect? If Cam was afraid of Will why would she be so bold to invite her kids and grand kids before announcing what part W+K kids are doing in the coronation first? I do think she was afraid of him but she is Queen now and the royal rota protects C+C before anyone else. I’m just speculating of course. Not really asking. But you could be right. I don’t get why someone would talks bout them throwing things at each other. Maybe they are out of H&M stories and they want to just say the truth about Mr. Incandescent.

      • K8erade says:

        @Okayyy I think to answer your question, probably to still have access to his sources and to protect himself. I mean this whole thing is still sugarcoated to all hell.

        It’s not out of the realm of possibility Camilla is leaking this. I do strongly suspect that she’s behind the leaks regarding Peggy’s rose trimming activities. She may be better protected than William at this point and has less to fear from his rages. So the more I think on it, the more I tend to agree with you. That said, I do think she does have a fear of William.

      • Tessa says:

        Camilla has no fear. Charles ignored his sons wishes that he.not marry Camilla

    • Lorelei says:

      @Okay, it absolutely makes sense that Camilla would be the source for something like this. It will be interesting to see if it was a one-off warning shot, or if she keeps it up.

  34. Seraphina says:

    To actually state that it’s cruel to say one is from working class roots is all one needs to understand this establishment – along with those who feed it need to be dismantled. I know it would require a herculean effort but the toxicity of the aristocracy and royal family will never be eradicated if they don’t.

    • okayyy says:

      They also call her Kate Middleclass. I agree with you that its so interesting that this is suppose to be a putdown or an insult. Yet they go on and on about getting on with the “job”. I really do hope she calls him the heir with no hair or Pegasus.

    • solidgold says:

      The fans of the royals are majority working class. They are completely subjugated in their belief that this family is superior to them.

  35. MipMip says:

    Who was using the term stewardess in the 2000’s? I thought that term went out in the seventies. These people.

    • Cairidh says:

      The quote came from Carole and it was stewardess when she was doing the job hence she still calls it that.

  36. Suzy says:

    If Kate is being abused, that is is a sad and serious issue. It sounds like a strong possibility. And that her own parents have possibly enabled his abuse of her for years, putting appearances above the safety and mental health of their daughter is really unfortunate. If this situation is as is strongly implied, I hope Kate is seeing a mental health professional, and sends her kids to one as well, to help her navigate this situation. I’ve never been a big Kate fan, but this item just makes me quite sad for her.

    • Tessa says:

      Kate is a mean girl. She behaved horrible to Meghan. Meghan was suicidal and Kate fanned the flames
      I think Kate should have gotten counseling about her abusive behavior to meghan.

    • Tessa says:

      Kate imo is abusive herself
      She had that confrontational look at Meghan at that walkabout. Both Kate and will should have counseling

    • Jais says:

      Listen, I have no love for Kate and the way she has treated Meghan. I find it truly disgusting. But I can also hope she gets help if abuse is happening. And with that help, she can begin treating others better than she has. Bc she has treated her SIL, and likely others, abominably.

      • Tessa says:

        The media who go after Meghan give positive reinforcement to Kate for her behavior to Meghan and then some praise William for physically abusing harry. That is just horrifying to me.

      • Jais says:

        It’s 💯 horrifying.

    • Suzy says:

      I LOVE Meghan– she is literally THE BEST and possibly the main reason I visit this site. She’s incredible! The H + M love story is awesome, and M’s grace and strength, in particular, is what I’m here for.

      If William is abusive to Kate, as the items coming out in the papers seem to imply he is, that’s a mostly (at this point, anyway) separate issue. Saying a woman deserves abuse because she is a difficult person, or not a perfect victim, is problematic for me. If she is being abused, its pretty hard to say how she might act if she wasn’t living with that. And what she would be put through if it came out that he was, would likely be horrific.

      I hope she has a qualified therapist to help her navigate, bc who is she getting support from? Her hairdresser? Who genuinely loves Kate, for Kate? Her kids, possibly, but hard to say.

      • Tessa says:

        I myself never said Kate “deserves abuse.” Nobody does. Meghan sure doesn’t. Harry also was abused by William, physically and emotionally (he told his brother to pretend he did not know him at Eton where they attended school and he hit his brother Harry). I pointed out how horrifically Kate treated Meghan and could not even control herself with cameras there, glaring at her sister in law. My not liking her behavior towards Meghan does not say Kate deserves abuse. It is wrong for Kate to use any alleged abuse from William to take it out on Meghan. Meghan was suicidal and Kate could not lift a finger to deny the crying story. She does need therapy, and marriage counseling. A good way to heal imo would to apologize to how she treated Meghan and admit she was wrong. But that will not happen IMO. Meghan did not condemn Kate in the Oprah interview she said Kate was a “good person.” Would that Kate could have done the same saying Meghan was a good person and she was sorry at how she behaved at the wedding, Kate gave Meghan flowers but could not deny the crying story publicly. Of course she could have. Meghan gets abused by the media on a daily basis and has been name called. The royals could also heal if they objected to one of the family getting abused that way.

      • Jais says:

        Interesting idea that the royals could heal if they objected to one of the family getting abused that way in the press. That’s kind of all Harry wanted. Was for them to support and protect him and Meghan. But that’s kind of hard when his family is planting the stories and supporting the BM over him in this “war”. Harry will literally be physically present for that court case which can’t make his family happy.

      • Becks1 says:

        I also think there is a big misunderstanding in many of these comments about what we mean when we say “abuse”. An abusive relationship is about hurting the other one, and its also about power and control. and like I said above, often there is some back and forth in abusive relationships even if one party is the clear abuser. Its often how the abuser gets away with it – “well yeah I may have punched her in the face and pushed her down the stairs and locked her out of the house in freezing weather but she threw the plate at me.”

        I am pretty sure that William is at least verbally abusive to Kate and likely physically abusive. The amount of people in these comments brushing aside that notion because “Kate yells back” or “its always been that way” or “diana could leave, so can Kate” (it wasn’t like Diana just packed her bags and left quietly, come on now people.)

        And yes, it does ring like people are saying “she deserves it” when the comment is about potential abuse and the response is “well Kate is a mean girl.”

        IF William is abusive towards Kate, thats just one more big thing that makes him a horrible person. It does not excuse Kate’s own actions towards anyone else and I don’t know why a surprising amount of posters on here are acting like people who are talking about the former are also saying the latter.

  37. Merv says:

    Y’all this article was on Foxnews and yahoo. This is a big deal!! Like is no one seeing that? These 2 have been untouchable yet FOX let this go to print. Interesting

  38. Hyacinth Bucket says:

    “Kate is desperate to escape her middle-class background and be accepted by the aristocrats and royals”

    Fat chance. They’re talking about Anne Boleyn’s background to this day.

    • solidgold says:

      The moment the Middleton’s entered the scene they have been acting like their background is shameful.

      Kate is not going anywhere. The social elevation is what she wants more than her own dignity and self respect.

      • Lily says:

        There are plenty of empty houses for Kate and William to separate without getting divorced. Kate would lose her standing even more than Diana did. Diana was from old aristocratic stock and was beloved by most of the public. Kate is neither of those two things. Bots and PR prop her up on sites like the Daily Mail. The aristocracy has not time for her without William. The only false move Diana made with the aristocracy was the Morton book and the interview but Lady C says Diana was mending bridges right before she died.

  39. C.A. says:

    Its what that creepy droopy face racist bitch deserves.

  40. Tessa says:

    Kate is no peacemaker she proved this with the way she treated Meghan

  41. Beach Dreams says:

    “Because the big stress for William and Kate is that they’re constantly surrounded by [palace aides]. It’s like a Jane Austen novel.”

    Interesting to see this repeatedly cited as a such a huge issue for them. Like yes, I’m sure *all* of the royals get irritated by being surrounded by aides/courtiers in their homes, but it’s apparently so bad for W&K that they felt they had to move from KP after years of proclaiming that it would be their main/forever home. Those stories about them being “overlooked” were a big part of the early Windsor-move saga.

    Looking at these new details of them throwing things at each other + that one story last year about an employee hearing them argue (the one where Kate supposedly said ‘maybe I shouldn’t have married you’ or something like that), it’s clear that the aides see and hear a LOT of W&K’s dysfunction on a regular basis.

    I also have to imagine that things between W&K are and have been a LOT worse than we think, just going off of how we never knew just how bad things were for Harry and Meghan until the Oprah interview. There’s a tendency by RRs to skew and slant at will, so them downplaying and normalizing blistering rows where W&K throw things at each other is kind of a big red flag.

    • Mum says:

      Yes I now 100% believe that story was true. Isn’t that when Kate started spending more time in Windsor and they started arriving in separate cars? They also mentioned in articles they William would be spending more time in the offices in buckingham palace while Kate was in Windsor?
      I also agree with everyone that their problem with Adelaide is that it’s too small for them to have their own space apart from each other. At royal lodge they can “live” together and probably not see each other since it’s a massive property.
      They will for sure move in after the coronation, live separate lives but they’ll never separate unless someone exposes them and they are forced to.

    • Jais says:

      Yeah, I can imagine they haaaate having people witness certain things. Such a conundrum. On the one hand, they could have fewer staff but then I doubt they really want fewer staff. Imagine that would be hard to do in KP where there’s a wider pace staff than just their own. Is is that diff on the Windsor estate though? It’s like they’re bouncing from house to house but they can’t really get away from themselves.

  42. Greeneyedgirl says:

    If Kate is being abused I’m quite sad for her. What’s even sadder is her mother enabled it for years. I wonder what Pa Middleton thinks of all this? No wonder why Kate is mean and bitter. She sees her sister and Meghan with husbands who genuinely love and respect them. The kids are absorbing all this and sadly are likely to become victims or perpetrators in the future…of course there are exceptions. I don’t think Kate has a rock bottom though. She never developed into her own person to know what she is wants aside from the crown and the status

    • Nic919 says:

      The problem is if these allegations of abuse are true, the kids are being exposed to it as well.

      • Suzy says:

        A woman’s life is worth something on it it’s own, without kids. But yes, if its true, it’s a very sad and difficult problem if those kids are being exposed to it as well.

    • Tessa says:

      If Kate is abused and if she is taking it out on Meghan that is wrong. She could have broken this pattern by getting therapy and talking to someone about why she treats Meghan that way. Meghan got therapy and so did Harry. They are criticized for it by some in the media. But it would be healthy for Kate to talk to a counselor. And maybe start feeling guilt and remorse for how she treated Meghan and apologize. This is a healing process. And no Kate does not “deserve” abuse just like Meghan does not “deserve” the nasty treatment and abuse from the Windsors and the media.

      • Suzy says:

        I do agree, Tessa. What H + M went through was absolutely inexcusable, and some of that did come from K. M has shown a level of integrity and courage in how she dealt with this situation that she should NOT have had to.

        It would be better if K could see a counselor and at some point understand and apologize for the part she played in the shocking treatment that M received. She probably won’t, and if any of this is true, it would likely be awhile before K was close to that point. We can hope.

  43. Jaded says:

    William does not “hate confrontation”, he revels in it. He uses confrontation to control people, like his weak-kneed father for example. If he doesn’t get his own way he throws a wobbly and shouts people into capitulation. And his wife is just as bad. What a crock…

  44. Mary says:

    Oh, great comments here but I will add a couple. In response to this part of the article: “But Kate never responded (to poor press treatment) She didn’t complain….She said nothing. And that was a good move. She illustrated how calm she was about those things and didn’t make a fuss.”. Kate did respond, Ma Middleton was running to the press on her behalf ALL the time. Meghan didn’t speak up until she had had enough and they had already left the country.

    Kate also made it very clear what she thought of the press by flipping them off frequently. You would see photos of her sticking out one or both of her middle fingers when she knew she was being photographed. And not in a way that it would have been natural for her to do so.

    I remember one shot of her at, I believe, a train station and she is pushing what looks like a luggage rack holding on to it with both hands with one of her middle fingers sticking straight out. Most people don’t push luggage racks that way!

    Also, Kate is the calm one? When her hand was gripping the arm of a chair so tightly that her knuckles were turning white just because Meghan mentioned her baby brain?!

    She has also, in public, taken William to task, hissing at him if not yelling. The two I recall offhand were on their trip to Poland and on their walk on the way to Charlotte’s christening. Most people have seen the photos from the Poland trip (and if you haven’t, go look – they are hilarious!) but my gosh if anyone can find the video on their walk to the church where she is yelling at him, if it hasn’t been scrubbed from the internet, it is really something!

    • Tessa says:

      And Uncle Gary is deployed by Mom Middleton to put down Harry and Meghan and praise Kate.

    • Lily says:

      There also is a photograph from W & K Australia trip. Next to a helicopter with Kate in a blue and white dress William is having a stern faced conversation with Kate.

      • Jaded says:

        Oh I remember that! It was when she wore a very flimsy dress with no weights in the hem. They were on an airport runway and her dress blew up exposing her bare bottom. William was furious and was yelling at her while she held her hands over her thighs to keep the skirt from flying up again. Here’s the photo…

      • notasugarhere says:

        She’s flashed dozens of times and he hasn’t said word one. It could be they’re simply getting out of a helo and he’s yelling to be heard over the blades. I’ve seen that series of pictures manipulated in order to make things *appear* a certain way.

  45. jgerber says:

    How to say this? She looks like a demonic nightmare in that header picture. No wonder Meghan was terrified of her at the queen’s funeral.

  46. Mar says:

    Oh the horror is being exposed as a child from working class parents.
    What a terribly stupid article

  47. HeyKay says:

    Books, selling stories true or false about anyone involved in anyway with the BRF, if there is a dollar to be made, somebody is working on it.
    What a crap life.

    Awful people being awful. For generations. And the awful people making money by associations.
    This will go on for decades.
    William, need therapy before he ruins his kids childhood and it all continues.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Kate needs therapy too, as she’s participating fully in these screaming and throwing things battles.

  48. solidgold says:

    The normalizing of abuse and violence by royal reporters and fans is extremely disturbing. These people are so deep in their royal fantasy, I think they would have a mental breakdown if they faced reality.

    Royalty/Classism is not something that should be celebrated or admired.

  49. notasugarhere says:

    This feels like a very late PR comeback to the info that Meghan told Harry she wouldn’t co-parent with someone who couldn’t control his outbursts. Like somehow these royal stans think that idea is ‘too woke’ and that ‘normal people’ scream and throw things at each other all the time.

  50. WhatKateHerselfSaidOnPageSix says:

    I doubt they’re sleeping in the same room, or even the same house. I think they argue when they’re in the same space and I bet she has a mouth on her (Kate’s only ‘traditional wife’ when it suits her) but I definitely don’t think William hits women, some men get into scraps with other men but wouldn’t hit a woman, not saying that’s acceptable either. Anyway I’m not a card reader but I always pictured Kate divorced, alone and bitter.

    • kelleybelle says:

      I think it was Kate that upset Charlotte over the dresses for Meghan’s wedding, not Meghan. She probably became visibly angry and frustrated, upsetting her daughter. Probably Ma Middleton’s idea to blame in on Meghan.

    • tamsin says:

      If the story of William pushing his mother against a wall is true, it’s not a stretch that he is capable of physical abuse.

  51. sparrow says:

    Their arguments and his temper have been circulating in the press since the disaster tour. What we can assume is that, however bad this article makes their fights out to be, in reality they are likely much worse. (Calling her dod – talk about passive agressive.)

    I’ve always thought articles about their arguments have been greenlighted to get ahead of their staff divulging stuff. Going public about throwing things is a whole new level of disfunction and it makes me wonder this, and I don’t want to – has one of them sustained an injury, perhaps sought medical treatment, and is the palace terrified this will get out?

    • Suzy says:

      I think this is unfortunately likely. I also think that during covid at Anmer things probably got pretty bad and there was some incident or incidents that was serious and that was a likely reason the whole Adelaide Cottage was negotiated.

      • sparrow says:

        That’s a good angle. Yes, like many families with tension going on, lockdown could have made things worse for them. I suspect if something awful is going on, and perhaps one of them has been physically as well as mentally hurt, it could account for her no show at events, such as yesterday. Or even the number of events she’s been doing on her own. I’m not saying she is the victim just because she’s the woman; it could equally be that W is suffering and he just doesn’t want to be around her.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      And this is only what is getting out. Imagine what really happens behind the doors of their four homes.

      No wonder Willy was so incensed that Harry told the truth.

    • Suzy says:

      TBH, I was wondering when Kate didn’t go to the Commonwealth party, but only the service- and I spent 15 minutes of my life I’ll never get back looking at some of the pics of her on fashion and jewelry sites where they do close ups… to me in some pics one cheek doesn’t look great, and looks different from the close ups in her recent military cosplay shots, for ex. And the hat not quite matching in color, but it does dip down to kind of shadow/cover that side of her face, and her not going to the party…. I really hope I’m wrong, you can’t tell for sure or anything– hope I’m wrong and overseeing.

      So happy Meghan is out of there, with Harry- it seems like an insane overall situation. All those people are so incredibly terrible.

  52. kelleybelle says:

    All I’m getting is the number of botox dimples in her forehead when the palace hotly denied she ever got it. Losers. I wonder if she was trying to copy Michelle Obama’s inaugaration monochrome look? Michelle wore it better. It was stunning on her.

  53. Jay says:

    Oh man. This just makes me sad. I think I first saw the “Duchess of Dolittle” nickname was given in the press, both as a dig about Kate’s laziness and because of how hard she tries to cover her lower class accent. Whatever we think of her, that’s cruel, not loving. If this were your friend, your coworker, or even an acquaintance, I think we’d all be like “Get the heck out of that dysfunctional relationship”.

    I can’t decide which is worse, the idea that William adopted this nickname for his own wife from the press or that he and perhaps his aristo friends gave her this nickname and leaked it to the press. At best, it’s passive aggressive hostility and putdowns. At worst, something much more destructive. Either way, this is not love.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Jay, I don’t think it was ever love. This always seemed more a contract marriage. He gets his heir and spare and she gets the position and wealth. Wails has never been touted as a nice peacemaking girl before she married into the Firm. She hunted and bagged her prince with singlemindedness. I’ve a feeling that she’s been giving as good as she got all along, and this was probably why they broke up so many times. I also think that their toxicity continues to get worse as time goes on. Whatever liking they had for each other didn’t last long. Now we’re starting to see dislike going toward hate. They really need to divorce.

    • sparrow says:

      It made me sad, too. “DoD” It’s so passive aggressive; I’m surprised he didn’t go all the way and call her Waity. And, Baldy? Seriously. These are the names of enemies not spouses. You just have to know that this stuff is being put out there because it’s been overheard or witnessed by other people. I actually think her mother would tell her to put up with it, if she’s seen it; whereas someone like Edward or Sophie would be astonished. I think W&K’s main concern is the staff.

  54. Xylo says:

    It sounds like Quinn is an abuser himself, or at least an enabler of abuse. Kate coped with press abuse by ignoring it, saying nothing, and then it magically “vanished”?? That’s classic wishful thinking/terrible advice when it comes to abuse. And he’s happy to point out that she has a “Buddhist calm” around her hotheaded, abusive husband? That’s a classic domestic violence coping strategy, every single women’s shelter worker has heard this story: “No matter how calm and accepting I was, he still screamed at me and hit me”. Kate is an a***ole, but unfortunately, she’s also surrounded by them.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Xylo, I don’t think she has ever been ‘Buddhist calm’ around him. It doesn’t fit with stories that have come out about her. I think it was her cousin(?) who said she was only about herself and that’s it. Stories about her abuse of a dressmaker came out at one point some time ago. She can get Fails angry and send him off in the direction she wants. I think their is abuse on both sides. Fails has more power because of his position, but I think that’s why she spent so much time at her mothers. She may still do so, who would know? She’s known the media game since the dating year and she and Ma Mids have taken great advantage of that. I think she’s in a position to get the money she wants in a divorce if she signs an NDA.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I don’t think she’ll get a big payout. All she can go after is William’s inheritance from Diana, not any Duchy funds. If William did buy her parents their new house, a judge might see that as a post-nup. They want her on a short leash and an NDA, that means no big payout.

  55. AC says:

    Agree with the other commenters. My husband has never thrown anything at me and I’ve never thrown anything at him even though we can be mad at each other. The moment he would do that, I’d walk away for good(my mom would always tell me if my husband or boyfriend would ever hit me or throw things at me, it’s time to leave ). Twitter the past few days have rehashed negative fake stories about Meghan saying she wasn’t invited to Oprah’s bday or to Oscar parties . I’m like , yeah you all are just using Meghan to Hide from the fact that WK are not a fairytale it doesn’t take a genius to see that Kate has been looking stressed all these years – being way too thin/Skeleton like and literally aging rather swiftly . But that’s the price for her and her mom’s ambition for her to become Queen. I mean it’s obvious that’s what she did during her single days to be a party girl and attach herself to wealthy men. She thought she hit the jackpot with W. Never had a real job in her entire life .

    • K says:

      Those stories from specially the Uk media were Harry and Meghan could go to the Oscar’s, met gala etc.
      When they don’t go it’s Harry and meghan were
      They have done this every year since they left.
      They’ll he “snubbed” again at the met gala just like they were “snubbed” for the Beckham wedding when court documents says they were actually invited.
      It’s the same cycle that their haters buy into. Won’t stop anytime soon as long people click on the stories.

  56. Penelope Pittstop says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if social services hadn’t paid them a visit after Harry’s punching allegations and Louis’ shocking behavior at the Jubbly. Diana called William a little thug and he was nicknamed Billy the Basher as a child. Can see where Louis gets it from. I don’t think William would hit Kate though, but the threat is enough to keep her in line. I don’t like her, but I don’t like thinking she might be some kind of victim either.

    • Pumpkin (Was Sofia) says:

      I don’t think social services are visiting the Prince and Princess of Wales even if they got legitimate evidence of abuse.

      • Penelope Pittstop says:

        The kids are at school and who knows what Louis or any of them might say or do that reveals an issue. George looks exhausted a lot of the time. Why isn’t he sleeping well? There was widespread criticism after he sat sweltering in a suit at Wimbledon. I’m not so sure a local agency would ignore a concern.

    • alexis says:

      Kate the saint… Have seen a close relative being attacked by one of her children in public, the child was copying exacly how his mother treats him. It sickens me that women are never considered to be the abusers when their never in public abuse is mind boggling vicious behind closed doors. My relative has two children and a husband who must obey her every command or suffer the consequences. Perfectly groomed in public, perfect children, her very quietly whispered threats to her children are horrifying when her children do not comply. All done with a smile or a very neutral calm expression sometimes whilst publicly hugging the child. These women are not rare I have experienced and noticed a number of them over the years, they are very well protected and enabled by society because it is only a man who abuses. Female narcissists absolutely love intentionally making their victims lose their temper especially in front of others, their deceitful playing the victim story is enforced. William has a temper but is he really that bad and out of control or is he constantly being goaded and taunted with his insecurities by a very manipulative woman.

  57. Pumpkin (Was Sofia) says:

    Jeez. How dysfunctional. No wonder they want *another* grand house, one that’s what? 10 minutes away from the house they got last summer – it gets *bad* between them.

    And I don’t think Kate calms him down in a way that is actually constructive and helpful. I feel like she just stands there, nodding her head and going “yes dear” every 5 minutes until he calms down himself.

  58. Lilycat says:

    What yahoo article? I can’t find anything online. Any links someone could share?

  59. sherry says:

    What lazy thinking – what’s wrong with working class people??

  60. RoyalBlue says:

    What a terrible environment to raise kids in. I hope they both get help.

  61. Rnot says:

    The victim-blaming/shaming comments are a disappointing surprise on this site and mirror some of the toxic hatred directed Meghan’s way. Saying that an abused woman “knew exactly what she was getting into” and that she’s only out for personal gain and therefore undeserving of any sympathy?!? Do you even hear yourselves? People who should know better revel in the idea of Kate’s suffering and lose sight of their own values. No one deserves to be abused. Not even Kate. Not even if she were a child-molesting cannibal. Be better than the people who call themselves her fans.

    • Tele says:

      The whole royal watching and especially royal reporting landscape is completely toxic. The whole machine is currently aimed at Meghan so Kate won’t find any sympathy from Meghan fans…especially when Meghan almost lost her life because of it and is still receiving death threats from it.
      Kate and William are completely protected even if we are to believe she’s suffering behind the scenes.
      Her side and Williams has the power to stop it but instead they egg it on and sanction it again all aimed at Meghan

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        Actually, I think Kate is getting a LOT of sympathy here, maybe more so than any other woman would have gotten in her place (i.e., a woman who participated in bullying a WOC, showed no sympathy for the WOC’s suicidal ideations, etc.). I have tried to do both – sympathize with Kate as a victim of William, AND call Kate out for her own behavior toward Meghan and other women. The two things can co-exist.

      • Tessa says:

        Will and Kate have Jason Knauf as their employee, the one who spearheaded the “Investigation” of Meghan being “abusive to staff.” Kate is complicit in this. Kate could have had a friend in Meghan, but from the get go treated Meghan badly and was out to discredit her. It does not mean that Kate “deserves” abuse from William but she could have been nice to Meghan instead of treating Meghan so badly. She could have denied the crying story and put a stop to it. And she and William should never have sanctioned that “investigation” against Meghan.

    • Kyle O says:

      RNot. But we don’t know she is being physically abused. We do know they are in a toxic relationship.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      I don’t think people are saying Kate deserves this. I think they are saying (or at least, this is what I am saying) is that she made a bad choice in marrying William because she was blinded by her and/or her family’s desire for wealth and status. When it becomes obvious that your husband is an abuser, it’s time to walk away, especially if you have children, and especially if you have promoted yourself in public as a caring mother and an advocate for mental health. I wonder whether her craving for wealth and status is clouding her views on what is best in the long run for herself and her children. That is not “blaming” her for William’s behavior, it’s saying the time has come for Kate to up and leave that loser.

      • Tessa says:

        Kate if she leaves William should get counseling and work out why she treated Meghan so horribly. She could heal by apologizing to Meghan and make amends. But I doubt this will happen. William if he wants out will be the one to leave the marriage not Kate. IMO.

    • C says:

      Well, I disagree that a child-molesting cannibal would not deserve abuse, but other than that I understand.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Do folks realize every time she posts, this poster reveals themselves as a pro-Kate, anti-Meghan t r o l l ? Always criticizing this site or the posters. Obvious.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Frankly, I think a lot of people are assuming the physical abuse has gone past throwing things at each other. We have no evidence of that. We certainly can see that Wails is determined to be the thinnest woman in the room. Could she have an ED? Certainly possible and living in that environment, more likely than not. Do I personally think she self medicates? Well, that’s crossed my mind on more than one occasion.

      Do I think WandK are abusive to each other? Well, it’s appearing that this is the case. I think people forget that Fails was led around by the nose by Ma Mid and Wails for some years. I think Wails was not expecting the affairs to become public consumption. I think she knew he had side pieces, but wasn’t prepared for the humiliation of a public outing. I bet she was p!ssed, too. The dynamic between the two of them have been playing out for years and years. I think the pressure because of their positions has been ramping up. What comes of that? Well, I doubt it will be pretty for either one of them.

      Is that victim shaming? I don’t think so. I’m firmly of the opinion that the abuse goes both ways. People bring up the Mary Berry shoulder shrug to dislodge Fails hand. I think she was still p!ssed because of the affair publicity. Who knows the dynamic with those two. The only thing that I believe we’ve seen when they’ve been in public is that they don’t respect each other and, apparently, they don’t like each other. Fails has never really paid her much attention when they were out together for engagements. Heck, he couldn’t be bothered to help her into the carriage immediately after marrying her. It hasn’t changed except that it’s worse and both of them are to blame.

    • Tan says:

      Yus yus calling Kate on her own racist and abusive bull Shit is being mean and unempathetic to her situation. Weren’t u crowing how perfect Kate was and how amaaaaaaazinglt well behaved she was?

    • The Old Chick says:

      You can be as obtuse as you want. Kate knew exactly what she was in for : a UK royal-chasing upbringing and 10 years of waitying. She knew. He was a bully from childhood.

      Meghan, American, never spent a lot of time in the UK. The media treated no one previously ever (in history if you need it spelt out) like her. The lies, the vitriol, the abuse, the racism, the gaslighting, the made up just for Meghan ‘rules’. Never ever ever ever. Yes, Kate knew exactly who she was marrying. Meghan absolutely did not know what she was in for.. Anything else is a lie. I have no sympathy for Kate. She’s totally able to walk away. But then she doesn’t get the crown. Meghan and Harry DID walk away.. That’s the difference.

  62. Feebee says:

    It’s one of those stories you can’t believe a word of yet you know there’s truth to it. I know it doesn’t make sense but that’s just the feeling I got reading it.

    William doesn’t really have a leg to stand on calling his wife lazy. This would have been a learned behaviour from him and also “The Firm”. They let them hide out in Wales after their marriage for a start.

    William doesn’t like confrontation? His finger in people’s faces says otherwise. And I can believe Kate doesn’t just take it. The walkabout with the Sussexes and Meghan’s face when Kate took a step towards her tells a story and not a nice one for Middleton.

    As I heard recently (referring to someone else though) if these two were regular class people, we’d be talking about a DV situation but because they’re royalty/celebrity/Uber rich it’s just called “toxic”

    • Tessa says:

      William and Kate IMO are lazy. William is lazy arguably more so than Kate. Kate enabled his workshy behavior when they dated. She waited for the phone to ring and did not have any full time work in all those years she waited.

  63. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    William and Kate’s abusive relationship shows me two things, (1) they desperately need therapy, and (2) they should not be the “face” of mental health awareness unless their are willing to acknowledge their own (very obvious) issues. Denying you need help is the OPPOSITE of what a mental health advocate should be doing.

  64. AC says:

    I was also thinking yesterday the fact that this was reported by Fox News that’s such a very big deal. They have always been pro WK and anti HM. This is literally a negative sorry on WK that has reached more people than before. Something had to trigger them to air and report this story not to mention had a live interview with this author. Hmm, I wonder if it had to do with the Hugh Grant/Ashley Graham thing.. lol.. Washington Post also had an article that went viral this week about whether he’s just being British or rude …I mean Kate being disgusted by her middle class upbringing would definitely be a cringe to a majority of Americans who always believed in working hard to get the better opportunities.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      We know if Rupert Mudoch wants something aired on Fox News, it will be aired. The Dominion (and Smartmatic) lawsuit is bringing a lot to light that is not going well for them. I think Murdoch is worried about hanging on to his viewers. This just might be a strategy to keep them interested. Who knows?

  65. MsIam says:

    This family is totally fkced up. And it’s like they are all trapped together trying to uphold this illusion of royalty. I hope for their kids sake both Will and Kate get counseling, not necessarily so that they stay together but so they can parent without toxicity. And I hope Ma Meddleton is truly wishing for her daughter’s best outcome because unless William changes I don’t see how they can survive this. This is the second article referring to the toxic atmosphere, with that Guardian article calling William’s temper “volcanic”. I know UK media likes the dramatic flare but I’m sensing a cry for help.

  66. Mary Pester says:

    @beccs and Finny, thanks all, I’m going a bit gaga with the morphine lol

  67. Lee says:

    For the life of me I can never understand anyone wanting to marry into the BRF! Spend a whole lifetime trying to keep up appearances? Never

  68. Cottage Cat says:

    As a Brit, watching the lunchtime news on the 16th March: an item about schoolchildren whose choirmaster has penned a song for them to perform in honour of the Coronation. A tape was sent to Kate, owing to the fact that she “plays the piano”, for approval. Apparently, no response has been received as yet, BUT “her sister, Pippa, liked the song and its jubilancy” (or something like that). So Pippa is now Kate’s official spokeswoman…..???

    • notasugarhere says:

      IMO Pippa’s ‘certificate’ will be used as an excuse to hand her a huge salary to run the flop Waity ‘Arly Years.

  69. Lily says:

    Something in the excerpts that stood out to me is Kate and William throw objects at one another. Then, one excerpt later, Kate is the calm one. Throwing objects is not what a calm woman does.

    • ArtFossil says:

      Throwing something at another human is just as aggressive as hitting them. Both William and Kate need a professional intervention. Someone is going to get hurt and the home atmosphere is toxic for everyone.

      No wonder George has circles under his eyes and Charlotte clenches her fists.

  70. Lily says:

    I wonder if this situation explains why George looks stressed most of the time.

  71. JCallas says:

    I think that W&K’s marriage is over but she’ll never leave him, not when she’s a heartbeat away from being Queen.

    I’m surprised that a Rupert Murdoch owned outlet is running this. Usually negativity about the Wales is scrubbed from the internet.

  72. HeyKay says:

    I know married people IRL who financially can not afford to divorce or move out.
    They manage to keep their tempers under control, no violence.
    Move to separate bedrooms or one moved to the basement, to keep the peace.
    Kids, money, damn few options, doing their best to make a bad situation bearable until they can move forward with the divorce. Huge stress.

    If W & K hate each other so much one of you move out.
    They have more money, houses, options vs. 98% of the rest of the planets population.

  73. Haylie says:

    Did the author mean to say Kate’s wigs and hairpieces? She does not have an endless mane of hair growing out of her scalp.

  74. Well Wisher says:

    They have to learn how to disagree, agreeably.

  75. alexis says:

    Kate the stalker, the mean girl, the opportunist, the narcisist, the spendthrift, the mattress, none of these behaviors efer to a demure, quiet victim. Being quiet in public does not mean that a person is a saint. Many assume that William is the perpetrator, there are many abusive and physically violent women, the difference is that it is rarely publicised. Not defending William but the assumption is that Kate is always innocent. The few photos not deleted immediately showing her angry, in tears or sullen are never thought to be from Kate being a bully and not getting her own way. Personally being a victim of severe abuse carried out by 4 separate females, all 4 constantly presented themselves as quiet, demure victims not the monster predators that they were and are. Publicly Kate shows no empathy whatsoever for anyone she is around or visiting, her only goals appear to be wearing 6 inch heels to tower over the majority of people, making sure she wears new very expensive clothes and scanning for cameras, so she can pose for all photo opportunities. Totally tone deaf with no awareness of the people of the UK struggling is either total stupidity or sheer arrogance. There appears to be no warmth, and no humillity, just pure narcissistic ego.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Alexis, I’ve said something similar, but not so well. I think Ma Mid and Wails manipulate Fails for years. He finally figured it out, but my guess is that there’s been a lot of stuff we’ll never know about. Does that mean he isn’t an abusive person? No, it means I’m not convinced that he has always been the aggressor. I do think they both are in need of some huge mental health therapy. I doubt they’ll ever get it.

  76. Nerd says:

    I don’t think that their abusive relationship is one sided. Kate has shown too many times that she is not a kind person and has given just as much as she has received. During Harry and Meghan’s wedding there was a point where she forced William to go and get George and Charlotte before they walked out of the church. The look on her face then wasn’t of a woman willing to be pushed around or dictated to. She’s the one who instigated William’s verbal attack on the man last year on the bike trail. Throughout that video she was in the background egging William on to continue attacking the man who was vehemently denying he was their stalking them. She was the one who was grasping a chair so tight that her knuckles were white when talking about something as petty as baby brain from months earlier. She is the one caught on tape changing her demeanor in an instant from smiling Kate to demonic looking Kate telling William to “come here” at the last Royal Ascot. I think their is obvious emotional, verbal and physical abuse, but I think it goes both ways. She is the one with an uncle who has a history of domestic violence and a mother who is heavy on the alcohol. It has always seemed strange how her father always seems so controlled by Carole. Both William and Kate have had unhealthy relationships as examples growing up and I hope their children won’t be affected by that.

    • Penelope Pittstop says:

      Agree. There are plenty of pics and videos of Kate looking and acting mean as hell. Saw one on Twitter of her chewing someone up at Ascot.

    • Nic919 says:

      I think the fact that Meghan physically moved away from kate during the walkabout after that look but did not veer away from William at all confirms that kate can be aggressive and intimidating when she wants to. It’s easier to simply blame William, but there is plenty out there of kate being mean. She certainly had no issue showing a public mean face toward Meghan.

      • notasugarhere says:

        We’ve also seen Kate yank the kids around, shove her fingers in their faces when she wants them to behave like good PR props , and the sheer fury in her expression towards them at times.

  77. SourcesclosetoKate says:

    So now that we know it was Camilla pulling the media strings all along, I wonder why all those glowing articles about Kate, that’s just creepy and weird for a step mother inlaw to stan for you that hard.

    • Kyle O says:

      No one believes Camilla is the only one running to the media. As Notasugar said earlier, the Middletons have been using the media to their advantage since the dating days.

  78. Ash says:

    The way these people justify abuse is absolutely crazy to me. Talk about Kate’s background ONLY went away once Meghan married into the family and they had a new woman to target. Google it. Up until 2017 the same reporters that would disrespect Kate and say all types of things about her are the ones who are now praising her… so it didn’t just “go away,” they finally had someone new to focus their sights on and that’s exactly what they wanted Meghan to do, ignore it until George starts dating and marries 20 years from now, then they’ll attack whomever he marries.

    • Nic919 says:

      They were critical about kate and William being lazy by 2017. The talk of her background dropped significantly once the marriage happened.

      Besides it doesn’t come close to the racism Meghan faced. And still faces.

      • SourcesclosetoKate says:

        It was pretty bad, but not as low as Meghan’s. I remember some article years before Meghan, where Kate asked william ‘Why does everyone hate me so much?’. It was pretty bad, I would say she was the most disliked person in England for a short while before Meghan, that’s why they had to be downright vulgar to Meghan, to make no mistakes about it.

      • notasugarhere says:

        It was nowhere near what Meghan has faced. Ever. Kate was treated with kid gloves all through the dating decade because of Diana. At the time of the engagements, massive whitewashing of past articles took place and most critical articles of her were removed from public record. The very few times she was criticized for her overt laziness? The people who critiqued her were attacked.

  79. Linney says:

    I’m sorry, but one of his terms of endearment for his wife is “Duchess of Dolittle” or “DOD”? Who doesn’t know that the DOD words used to describe Kate are insulting, if true? Yet, this is what William chooses to call his darling wife when he is in a “good” mood. Also, that bit about him ‘fussing with her endless hair’, he obviously knows she uses a ton of wigs and extensions, so I suspect that “fussing” is him saying “take off that stupid wig. You look like an idiot.”

  80. Maria A says:

    The whole royal family is dysfunctional in the way they treat each other.

  81. Lee says:

    Hmmm I really don’t see any divorce or even separation on the horizon for Will and Kate, they’ve been together for too long and both know the score, they will stay together and keep doing whatever they need to do to cope, their roles are more important than any real relationship.

    • notasugarhere says:

      They’ll divorce when William wants a new wife at his side, which will be sooner rather than later.

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