“Keira Knightley fell victim to the dreaded puffy-sleeve trend” links

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Keira Knightley fell victim to the dreaded puffy-sleeve trend at the New York premiere of Boston Strangler. [GFY]
I feel bad for Pedro Pescal, he’s getting pap’d all the time now. Everyone wants to see him, everyone wants to take his picture! [JustJared]
Law Roach’s best looks as a stylist to the stars. [Jezebel]
I agree, it’s more likely Tom Cruise wanted to avoid the “jokes” at his expense, and that’s why he didn’t go to the Oscars. [LaineyGossip]
Eric Andre has some thoughts on Chet Hanks. [Dlisted]
I haven’t watched Ted Lasso yet, no spoilers or recaps for me! [Pajiba]
That hot editor who won an Oscar? He’s aware of his privilege. [Buzzfeed]
Elton John is planning a massive holiday now that his tour is done. [Towleroad]
Gisele Bundchen has had some cosmetic work recently, right? [Egotastic]
I love that everyone is calling out Gwyneth Paltrow. [Starcasm]

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20 Responses to ““Keira Knightley fell victim to the dreaded puffy-sleeve trend” links”

  1. jgerber says:

    She looks beautiful, puffy sleeves be damned.

  2. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    The funny thing about Gwyn’s ‘diet’ is I drink bone broth everyday and also eat a ton of veggies. But to live on just that? I’d faint several times a day lol.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      It sounds to me like Paltrow’s eating disorder is so bad, she’s having to get nutrients through an IV. It’s disgusting that a celebrity can get rich by pushing this type of unhealthy (physically and mentally) lifestyle.

    • Jaded says:

      I make my own poultry and seafood bone broths and use them for everything — cooking rice, pasta, soups, sometimes just on its own. It was a godsend when I had a recent colonoscopy and of course had to drink clear liquids. BUT I also eat a healthy diet, take supplements (OMG pillz!!!!) and exercise. Goop is a terrible influence on those struggling with EDs and her workout guru Tracy Anderson is downright dangerous…promoting 800 calorie a day diets? Here’s some shocking info from Catherine Collins, principal dietician at St George’s Hospital, London:

      ‘I see patients suffering with anorexia nervosa and now I’m reading Tracy’s diet in pamphlet form,’ she says. ‘It’s immunosuppressant due to its lack of calcium, iron, carbohydrates, proteins and salt.’

      ‘If you followed the regimen you would risk developing hyponatremia (low sodium levels in the blood). The diet is also very low in iron, which could lead to anemia and problems with balance, muscle strength and exhaustion.’

      ‘The lack of absorbable calcium (less than 300mg – the body needs 800mg a day) means you risk early-onset osteoporosis and osteopenia too – something that Gwyneth has been diagnosed with. What’s more, the protein levels are low – less than 1.7oz per day, which can be dangerous if prolonged.’

      ‘Even the vitamins that are available cannot be absorbed since there is no fat present in the diet to act as an absorption vehicle, so they will just be excreted from the body.’

      • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

        I would love to know how you make your bone broth because it’s so much tastier. I never use water to boil or cook anything, I’d love a refrigerated/frozen supply on hand.

        As for the diet stuff, I completely agree. I cut out everything at one point in order to add things singly in order to ‘listen’ to my body and really feel which foods did what. I did it for as long as I could lol. I know what happens if I don’t get enough salt and where I end up with too much. I don’t count calories, but I keep a mental note of what’s going down my throat lol.

  3. Shells_Bells says:

    Oh my. The sleeves aren’t even the worst thing about this dress.

    I really like her hair though.

  4. Whyforthelove is says:

    Kiera is lucky that she is so naturally attractive lol. Those sleaves are not it

  5. Kkat says:

    What is going on with Tom’s face.
    He’s so hollowed out between his nose and eyes.

    Has he had bad work done? Unless he is gurning he’s all jowly. But he also looks gaunt and pulled tight at the same time he’s wrinkly and saggy.

    I love this for him, but it’s weird he had such excellent quality work over the years, then in the space of about two years he looks totally different and aged about 20 years and looked botched.

    It’s possible it’s the $cientology leaking out into his face

  6. Coco says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Gisele did get some recent cosmetic work done. It happens all the time with models/actresses go to work after a long hiatus.

    As for Goop I expect her to do what she always does when she gets called out for basically promoting an eating disorder and trying to make money off of it. Which is to give some BS story about how she’ not doing it to be thin, but she has a “medical” reason to do these extreme diets to stay thin.

    • HeyKay says:

      I like Keira in pretty much everything she is in.
      I still think she was just so pretty in Love Actually, she was only 19 I think and she was fine in her part as the young, pretty, happy Bride. Love Actually had good parts and truly lousy parts.
      Richard Curtis owes an apology to the late Alan Rickman, why cast AR as the cheating hubby? AR is the romantic lead, dammit.
      I even liked her in the Pirates movies, which she got dragged for a Lot.
      Hey, she can act as well as Johnny Depp and she isn’t an awful human.
      Not every movie needs to be Dramatic! I enjoy light entertainment more these dark days.
      The black dress does nothing for her, it’s just an ugly dress on anybody.

  7. sparrow says:

    I forgive Keira anything, even that awful dress, because of Last Night. It’s a pretty small film and not much happens, but I really like her in it and have watched it twice over the years. I know people say she can’t act, and sadly she basically imploded for a while and suffered panic attacks because of the negative press after Love Actually, but I think she’s great in that film.

  8. TIFFANY says:

    Elton’s show is now the greatest concert I have ever attended.

    He did just right by his extensive catalog.

    I spoke to someone who went on a different leg of the tour and said the list changed but the energy was still there.

  9. HeyKay says:

    Tom Cruise.
    He knew Maverick wasn’t going to win, why would he show up?
    He’s not trying to avoid Kidman either.
    Tom had Speilberg declaring that he “saved Hollywoods a**” and tons of people fawning all over him at the other awards luncheon.
    JMO, but I still say Tom Cruise keeps doing his own stunts, cranking out MI, and producing movies to keep himself convinced that he is happy.
    He is a 3X divorced, 60 y/o man, who has an enormous ego and if he realizes it or not, I think he has a death wish that if he’s injured/killed on set he can do out “doing what he loved” I honestly think, he’s an empty shell who drives himself so he doesn’t need to face he is ALONE or admit that CoS has ruined any chance he has of personal connection.
    If someone wrote a book cracking open Tom Cruise and could explain to me what’s going on in his head, I’d buy it pre-ordered.

    • Normades says:

      Exactly. He knew TG would win nada and he wasn’t going to sit there for 3 hours clapping for other people.

  10. Emily_C says:

    I think Tom Cruise avoided the Oscars to avoid Nicole Kidman. She’s a “suppressive person” according to Scientology, and therefore he is not supposed to have any contact with her whatsoever. Even saying hello is verboten. People don’t want to accept that everything Tom Cruise does, he does for and because of his cult.

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