Emily Ratajkowski is ‘begging’ for Olivia Wilde’s forgiveness for dating Harry Styles

One of the craziest hookup stories happened over the weekend, when Emily Ratajkowski and Harry Styles were seen & photographed making out on a street in Tokyo. A videographer and paparazzi were there to document the whole thing – this is real, and Emily must have flown to Japan specifically to see Harry. I presume at his invitation. Well, did you know that Emily is somewhat close with Harry’s ex, Olivia Wilde? I didn’t know that before now – Emily and Olivia are sort of Hollywood friends, they’ve been to the same parties and they were seated next to each other at Harry’s Paris concert last summer. Which… wow. In any case, Page Six claims that Emily is “begging” Olivia for forgiveness. Really?

Emily Ratajkowski is “begging” for pal Olivia Wilde’s forgiveness, a source tells Page Six, after video of the model making out with her ex, Harry Styles, went viral. Over the weekend, the Daily Mail published video of the Grammy winner and the model swapping spit on the street in Tokyo. A source tells us that Wilde and Ratajkowski are friends and that the “My Body,” author is now “begging her for forgiveness.”

“This is a betrayal,” says the source.

Just weeks ago, the “Don’t Worry Darling,” director and Ratajkowski were photographed hanging out together at the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscars bash on March 12, along with British model Adwoa Aboah. And last June, Wilde and the the model were seated next to each other in the VIP section at Styles’s Paris concert, where they were spotted palling around and dancing together.

Emrata even came to Wilde’s defense when she faced criticism about her relationship with Styles while she was promoting her movie “Don’t Worry Darling,” saying she felt “protective” of Wilde.

“In the past year with Amber Heard and Olivia Wilde and the craziness of putting them in this box as if they’re monsters or witches. . .There’s nuance to it, but when you see the way that the whole world reacts to women, it’s really hard not to want to go to an extreme side of it,” Ratajkowsk told Elle UK. “I feel very protective.”

When it comes to her pal locking lips with Styles, we hear Wilde wants nothing to do with it.

“She is staying far away from this and taking the high road,” says a source. “She is focused on her kids and her work,” says a source. “She wants nothing to do with this mess.”

[From Page Six]

I love the nuances of these kinds of female friendships – like, I would never date the ex of a very good female friend, but I would date the ex of a female acquaintance, you know? And then the etiquette of informing/asking permission from your friend… it’s tricky and everyone has their own set of rules. I see this as a technical issue – Olivia and Harry have been over for months and Harry has been dating other women before now. It’s not like Emily stole him from Olivia and it’s not like she’s the first person he’s dated post-Olivia. So I would say… there’s nothing to forgive? Emily certainly doesn’t need to “beg” Olivia for anything here. It would hopefully be more of a conversation between casual friends, more like “so I’m dating him now, is that cool with you?” And if it isn’t cool with Olivia, tough sh-t. It also sounds like it’s not cool with Olivia at all – “She wants nothing to do with this mess” – lol.

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  1. Selene says:

    One of these days I’ll understand why HS is thought of to be a prize.

  2. Daisy says:

    Genuinely don’t think Emily wants anyone’s forgiveness lmao nor does she needs it, she did nothing wrong. They didn’t even seem to be actual friends, just friendly. Kinda sounds like something from Olivia’s camp tbh.

    • otaku fairy says:

      Agreed. Regardless of gender, it’s creepy when people- or others on either side of the stan spectrum reacting on someone else’s behalf- feel like any kind of sexual relationship with someone entitles you to some weird kind of hold on that person’s body before or after the relationship. The lows that people will stoop to over that belief are pretty toxic, and it’s something that needs to be nipped in the bud early with both sexes. Nobody gets dibs on a person.

    • VoominVava says:

      You could be right, I was thinking it may be a business thing. Olivia is a director, and Emily needs jobs. It could screw up her prospects if Olivia has any kind of pull in the business, which I’m sure she does.

      • Robert Phillips says:

        I’m sure Olivia doesn’t have any pull in hollywood right now. After how unprofessional she acted on the last movie. Plust the movie bombed so that also works against her.

  3. HeyKay says:

    That photo of the 3 women, Ugly dresses.
    Flower bra, sheer sparkly, and OW with her black bra on display.
    What a group of Attention Seeking self-promoters. PMK is thinking “Hey! That is my job.”

    Emily R., wins the Liz Hurley prize for keeping her 15 minutes of fame going.
    OW, I can not stand this woman. She got lucky on House, that’s it. Her and Jason airing their dirty laundry, no thanks.
    Harry Styles you low rent, Mick Jagger wannabe! Oof! Harry and his “fashions” and romances.
    I’d guess he might have 1 more record and big tour and then? Next!
    He will end up like David Cassidy, touring Casinos in 20 years.

  4. Emmi says:

    Oof, I don’t know. I think if it’s a friend and not just someone I hang out with twice a year, I would have to really be super attracted to the person with no chance of just ignoring it. Because it’s just so complicated and you may not get an honest response from your friend. Pride, anger … it’s not worth it unless it’s really worth it.

  5. K8erade says:

    Only for media appearances do I think Emily should have talked to Olivia. She should have known the media would go after Olivia if Harry hooked up with someone new. As far as etiquette it only depends on how close the two of them are. Emily and Olivia sound like a version of “work friends” who don’t interact outside of work (“work” in this case being media events). So I think Emily is fine, etiquette-wise. It also sounds like Olivia honestly doesn’t care who Harry is with, nor does she care if it’s Emily. It sounds like to me she’s accepted Harry is a slutty mess and he’ll hook up with who he hooks up with. I don’t get the impression she was expecting permission in this case but a heads up due to the media comparing the two would have been nice.

  6. ThatsNotOkay says:

    This is the goss I’ve been waiting for. First of all, lol! Second of all, Wmily probably got a sample of those kisses and was like, ain’t no friendship worth this guppy-mouthed, no-lipped mess. Olivia must be losses because the custody and kid issue might have been a named factor in their breakup, but Emily has a kid too and Harry is fine with it. Plus Olivia has been trying lately to show how hot she is and what a catch, and eat-your-heart-out Harry, then this happens. A younger, supposedly “hotter” version of her catches his crossed-eye. A “friend” to boot. Her calling it a “mess” is a dead giveaway that she’s pissed. Sorry, Olivia, your Dijon salad dressing couldn’t cut the mustard.

  7. girl_ninja says:

    Emily is probably better off without Olivia as a “Hollywood” friend? Just a thought. And all this over Harry Styles? Come now ladies.

  8. Jessic says:

    The only one begging for anything here is OW begging for coverage in papers and relevance. I mean…”a source”…

  9. Fineskylark says:

    I’ve seen it rumoured elsewhere that they had a threesome, which does change the parameters a little.

  10. HeyKay says:

    Is Emily doing something to her face already? Or just a LOT of lipstick overdrawn?
    Meh. I don’t care about any of these 3.

  11. Anna says:

    I feel Olivia “leaked” this story…

  12. Lens says:

    I don’t know I wouldn’t date even the ex of a “work friend”. There’s a lot of fish in the sea and is not worth it. In high school I dated a guy who had previously dated someone at my high school. As I was new to the school I didn’t know her from Adam but I still got a lot of shit for it! From her and her posse. Looking back if I had known of her in the first place I wouldn’t have dated him because it’s just not worth it if someone will be hurt. Emily is the female Pete Davison -known for her hookups over anything else.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      Who is actually saying they are dating? They were photographed kissing. So what. That doesn’t mean dating or a relationship. Emily is always trying to keep her name and face in the public. Maybe she asked Harry to kiss her for the publicity. If their still seen together in a few weeks then it might be dating.

  13. AC says:

    I think as women were being a little unfair to Emily and Olivia. I mean they’re both beautiful and successful women and the media itself Always likes to pit women against each other. I actually watched an interview with Emily and she’s actually very articulate and bright. But because she’s gorgeous everyone equates her to be stupid . And she didn’t date 1/2 of Hollywood, she was married for 4 years until her husband cheated on her . She dated maybe 4 guys after her divorce from her husband and because of that she’s made out to be a slut. How many women did Harry Styles go out with (rolling eyes) . The Ny Post owned by Murdoch can also be misogynist and sexist and this article proves it .

    • otaku fairy says:

      +1. It’s not even just looks, it’s the way we’re groomed to see women as stupid entitled bitches for not accepting abuse, erasure, and disrespect as the natural trade-off for saying no to a certain set of values. There’s still an obsession with punishing women for not accepting that, and we’re probably going to once again see some examples of that very, very soon, unfortunately.

  14. jferber says:

    To me this is a nothing burger. Maybe Harry’s people made it a thing to prove whatever he wants to prove.