No, Khloe Kardashian does NOT ‘miss her old face,’ nor does she miss filters

I like avoiding Khloe Kardashian for a few months and then dipping my toe back into covering her when she gets a new face or when she’s gone back to Tristan Thompson. At the moment, I think it’s both? Like, I’ve barely paid attention to Khloe recently but I’m pretty sure she’s been trying to “hint” at the idea that she’s back with Tristan. She’s an idiot, no surprise. As for the new face… Khloe posted the Instagram, above, and she’s definitely using a filter. Some of Khloe’s most “wtf, you got a new face” moments are just highly edited and filtered social media photos. All of that to say… yeah… she’s unrecognizable, but I don’t actually think she’s gotten a new face… in 2023. Yet.

Khloe Kardashian began the clip — captioned, “We’re Back Baby!” — by filming a close-up of herself talking to the camera. “Trying to get up the energy to workout,” she said. “I’m just not in the mood, but let’s get to it.”

At this point, one user asked “Do you miss your old face?” in the comments section, to which Kardashian was quick to respond “No.”

Kardashian then replied to a second user’s comment that read, “Try without a filter 😂 .”

“What does a filter have to do with the workout queen?” responded the Good American founder, whose 4-year-old daughter True — whom she shares with her ex Tristan Thompson — also made a cute appearance in the video.

[From People]

Yeah, if she doesn’t miss her old face, so be it. She was cute, but she always got a lot of negativity about her face and body. What I always think about Khloe, Kim and Kylie’s cosmetic work is… are they doing it to make themselves happy, or are they doing it because they’re bored and vapid and self-obsessed? I don’t have an answer, but I do think Khloe just seems so desperately unhappy in the past decade, as she’s gotten more and more cosmetic work to her face and body.

Photos & video courtesy of Khloe’s Instagram.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Girl do what pleases you. I will say her lips are distracting to me. When I was a kid, I say this as a black woman, she would have been teased for it. It’s really amazing how beauty standards change.

  2. girl_ninja says:

    Her face did not move in that video. She looks bad. Period.

  3. Lady Luna says:

    Those lips look awful.

    • kelleybelle says:

      Thanks for saying what I came to say. She looks ridiculous. Even Kylie’s face doesn’t move when she talks. It looks painful.

  4. Ok if you choose to look like some kind of plastic character then so be it you have accomplished your goal.

  5. HeyKay says:

    I just wish they’d all stop with the endless plastic surgery, make up, procedures.
    Be yourself.
    You are money to meet your financial needs, your kids are healthy.
    Enjoy that.

  6. Coco says:

    My thing is what’s the point of getting all this work done to only use filters and photoshop their photos into oblivion .

  7. AJ says:

    Her chin is completely different now. It’s pointy. She has had her whole face carved up. It’s undeniable.

  8. jferber says:

    True is adorable and I like that she featured her trainer. I hope she’s paying him A LOT!