Pete Davidson: ‘In 12 years I’ve dated 10 people. I don’t think that’s that crazy’

Pete Davidson is a dater. He dates a lot. He manages to “pull” a lot of beautiful, successful women. There are all kinds of memes about his dating life and how quickly he ends up with a newly single woman. When he was with Kim Kardashian, I actually started to understand his appeal, especially for someone like Kim – Pete is a breath of fresh air, he’s “normal” and does normal-boyfriend things, he treats single moms with respect and love and he’s not super-complicated. Yeah, I know he also has a history of love-bombing women, but I also think people rush to pathologize a guy in his 20s who is just DATING and figuring sh-t out in sometimes messy ways. Add to that, Pete has mental health issues and that affects his behavior in relationships and sometimes how and why he leaves relationships. In any case, Pete did a podcast interview with Jon Berthnal for Real Ones, and Pete had a lot to say:

He’s just dating: “I’m in my 20’s and I’ve dated people. And for some reason, that’s very crazy and interesting to people. I don’t think it’s interesting. I’ve been in show business for, like, half my life almost — for 14 or 15 years and on a national TV show. In 12 years I’ve dated 10 people. I don’t think that’s that crazy, but to some people, that’s very interesting. That became all anyone would talk about.”

His relationships with famous women: “I’m not, like, flexing, you know what I mean? And these people that I’ve dated, I met them at work. I wasn’t in anyone’s DMs, no one was in mine. I worked at one of the five Hollywood epicenters of where you meet people and that’s how it happened.”

How he feels about being famous for who he dates: “Suddenly you’re in this zeitgeist and that has nothing to do with the work. And that’s a really s—ty feeling. I became more known before the work was there, but I was always working…. I’m cool with the joke. I get the late-night jokes.”

He didn’t appreciate it when SNL made fun of him: “When your own show [pokes fun at you]. I’d be sitting in the back watching the cold open and — the cold open [is] topical, political humor, whatever’s in the culture. And then, making fun of you. Then you’ve gotta walk out and do a sketch next and hit your mark and the show just made fun of you. So, why are they gonna laugh at you? Like, they just dogged you in front of everyone. … And you’re like, ‘I’m a f—ing loser, man.’ These are the people I’ve been with for almost a decade. I grew up in front of these people. They’ve watched me through the most difficult time in my life, and they’ve been there for me. And nobody ever showed more leeway and grace to me than Lorne Michaels, and I owe my life to that guy, but it was f—ing confusing cause the nature of entertainment is the nature of this business. At the end of the day, that’s what it is. This was a really difficult thing to do. You feel small. You feel super insecure.”

[From People]

I’m not going to tell Pete how he should feel or what have you – if he says he feels like a loser, then okay, that’s how he feels. But from my perspective, as an outsider who consumes gossip media, Pete has rarely been the butt of the joke, at least not in a super-personal way. He’s seen as a normal guy with some kind of special power, perhaps charisma, which attracts beautiful, accomplished women. The jokes are about how he’s always got a new girlfriend and she’s usually pretty famous. And while he sees it as normal to date ten women in a twelve years (it’s been more than that), it does feel unusual? Like, he has to admit that, right? While there are a lot of men out there who have dated a dozen women in a decade, it usually doesn’t happen with a celebrity man, where they’re a serial monogamist out in public in a series of twelve relationships with celebrity women. It actually IS unique in the celebrity/gossip world.

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  1. Kokiri says:

    As long as it’s consensual, & respectful, date whomever you want to.
    Monogamy, after all, is dating one person at one time.

    It gets sticky for me when kids are involved. Then, I think, parents need to be a lot more discerning than some seem to be. Floating people in & out of their lives is never going to be good for them, imo.

  2. Southern Fried says:

    Maybe I’m mistaken but was it KimK that turned him into the butt of jokes?

    • teecee says:

      No, it was before. The Ariana era.

      • Amy says:

        Idk that he was really the butt of jokes with Ari. She declared his “big D energy” which I think did more to propel his name into the mainstream. And then there have been several dramatic stories since, like the Ari breakup due to Mac’s untimely passing and then some sort of drama with was it Kaia Gerber? And her parents whisking her away due to his behavior/instability.

    • OriginalLeigh says:

      I think Ariana Grande turned him into the butt of jokes long before Kim K, but I don’t watch SNL very often so I don’t know which sketches in particular might have hurt his feelings.

  3. teecee says:

    They’re all famous, that’s a little crazy. (And points to famewh*re tendencies.)

    Also – reminding everyone about Gerber’s BARELY legal status when they publicly debuted, which made it seem like they were together before but were waiting until she hit 18 to announce.

    • Rae says:

      I don’t think there’s cause here to side eye Kaia’s age and suggest something creepy. He’s in his 20s, it’s not that big an age gap and given that, he probably would have met her through mutual friends. Pretty different scenario than, say, Leo and Camilla where I have read he met her through her father when she was 10. I’m no Pete fan but it felt wrong for him to be criticised for that one.

  4. Emily says:

    Pete is getting the Taylor Swift treatment with jokes about dating like a normal 20-something. If he says its affecting him, I believe him.

    • Arizona says:

      this was my exact thought.

    • Kirsten says:

      Yeah, I agree with this. Can you imagine if any non-celebrity went into their office and their boss and co-workers publicly made fun of them for dating? Yikes.

      I also think the number of women he’s dated isn’t that unusual — and he’s around A LOT of other famous folks, so that kinda would be your dating pool.

    • otaku fairy says:

      True, but It’s still pretty gentle compared to the creepy women are pathologized, harassed, and bullied for just dating and figuring shit out in sometimes messy ways in their 20’s and teens. Yes, straight men have feelings and the right to talk about them too, but the reasonableness we show men needs to be extended to women. He still gets to walk away from it all without being scarlet lettered for those sexual relationships, and can talk about any struggle he’s faced or pain he’s experienced without being accused of rewriting history, with it being safe for either sex to express concern about the impact the public’s treatment could have on his mental health, without being called slurs that incite violence against any group, without being blamed for hate crimes, without Q theories being made up about sexual trauma, and without any of his teen or mentally ill family member’s struggles being blamed on his sexuality. If he ever gets assaulted or discloses that he’s been abused at any point, his sexual history won’t be dragged up in any kind of trial as a reason why people have no sympathy for him or why he must be lying.

  5. Lucy says:

    I think it’s more unusual in that he’s not hiding who he’s dating. Other than when he was with Kim, there’s not a public girlfriend roll out, he just gets papped with women multiple times and it’s a thing.

    I think most celebrities who have been in it a while work harder to be private until they’re ready to do the public thing. He assumes no one’s interested and gets surprised (every time 😂). He hasn’t had a relationship last a year yet that we know of, so I don’t think the count he gave is super sketchy.

  6. shanaynay says:

    Sorry still don’t see his appeal.

  7. candy says:

    I didn’t meet my husband until my late 30s, which meant my family met a fair amount of serious boyfriends (4 in adulthood and 1 in high school) before they met my husband. I was the bud of a lot of jokes and it stung!!! Even though I was mainly in longer-term relationships, it felt like quick succession to them because they weren’t tracking the months and years I was with them, or the time that passed in between.

  8. Arizona says:

    from my memory, he dated Cazzie David, Ariana, Kate Beckinsale, Kaia Gerber, Emily Ratajkowski, Kim Kardashian, Phoebe Dynevor, and Margaret Qualley. so that’s 8? I don’t think he’s making up the number of 10. I think it’s just when relationships don’t last terribly long, people think they dated more than they did. Taylor Swift really didn’t date very many people either, but they mostly didn’t last longer than a few months, so it seemed like a lot.

    • Normades says:

      I’ll add Carley Aquillo (spelling) and Chase Sui Wonders to your 8 for 10.

    • otaku fairy says:

      He’s been with each of those famous women within the past 5 or 6 years too, not 12 years. I think it’s their fame that makes the relationships stand out.

      • lucy2 says:

        Yes most of them were condensed into the past couple of years, and were famous themselves, so it does seem like a lot. I don’t think it’s a big deal that he dates a lot, but some of them were a bit too public.

  9. Cait C says:

    Is he still calling the paparazzi to photograph his dates ? Pete is such a clout chaser and comes across and disingenuous.

    • huckle says:

      Why? The women he dates are attractive and have money plus he’s got his own “clout.” I wouldn’t date a broke unattractive person either.

  10. Orla says:

    So he felt bad at being the punchline right before going to work – where it’s his job to occasionally make other people the punchline?

    Kinda neutral / don’t really care much about him, but the lack of self awareness in that complaint got a laugh out of me. Like yeah, I’m sure that didn’t feel great… and how did all the other people he made fun of feel?

    • Bee says:

      He doesn’t really do mean humor where other people are the butt of the joke tho. Which I think is also part of his appeal. He’s not a mean guy. So I can see it bothering him.

      I agree with the commenter who said he is getting the Taylor Swift treatment. Hopefully it will eventually blow over like it has for her.

      I wish it would have lasted with Ari. They were really cute together.

  11. Mrs. Knight says:

    Kind of feel like he misses the point of the intrigue. Pete is a super average looking guy scoring some of Hollywood’s most celebrated women. Average guy gets the babe is why people notice. And if he really wanted to be undercover, he’d date a normie or just go out of his way to keep it private. Look at Keanu. There are so many other people he meets at work besides actors, singers, and models. But first world problems.

  12. Veronica S. says:

    Probably less that he serial dates like most young people and more that every single one of them is a high-profile EVENT. He’s out in public. They’re getting photographed regularly. Everybody knows who he’s dating. It’s dramatic Instagram photos followed by equally intense breakups.

    THAT is what makes people side-eye it. It’s not just normal, getting to know each other casual dating and sex. It’s constant high-energy with BIG names, women of the moment. Fine, if that’s his thing, but he should stop pretending that we don’t know what’s going on lol. He’s not in acting and comedy because he dislikes attention.

    • Lux says:

      Agreed. He’s clearly oversimplifying and misrepresenting his public narrative. It’s not a numbers game—who cares about 10 in 12 years? If Leo or any other celebrity did the same thing they would get roasted too (obviously Leo gets proper roasts for his own “numbers game”). I think he loves the fact that every guy is super envious of his pull. It’s like the guys who peak in college or later in life—they can date a whole different league of women and make up for lost time/date big until their luck runs out.

  13. zazzoo says:

    I thought the jokes were specific to him dating people who’ve just left high profile relationships. The meme about him dating Jason Momoa when his divorce from Lisa Bonet was announced solidified this. It hadn’t occurred to me it was hurtful to him, but I can see that now. He really isn’t doing anything wrong.

  14. ama1977 says:

    I have a soft spot for him that I can’t really explain; he seems like an earnest, nice, kind of normal young man (yes, I know I sound ancient, please hand me my walker) who was thrust into fame because his way of handling the trauma of his father’s tragic death was comedy. I agree with Emily, if he says it’s affecting him, then I believe him.

    I did some dumb stuff in my 20’s, dated some bad choices (SO BAD), made a messy exit or two, and (retroactively in my 40’s) wish I’d stayed home A LOT. I can’t imagine doing that in the public eye! By and large, he treats the women he dates with respect (excepting the Kaia Gerber situation, and I still think that was involuntary and not by design/choice.) He’s open about his mental health struggles, which is brave. There are a lot of other people out there who aren’t doing life nearly as well as Pete and I hope he is/stays happy and healthy.

    • jo says:

      Ama1977, this has always been my feeling about Pete (also I live in NYC and was here for 9/11) — there’s something about him that makes me feel very tender toward/protective of him. Can’t have been easy to publicly watch the event that killed your dad. (And to relive it every year.) And not that I know a single one of his gfs, but almost all the reports are that he’s a sweetheart and treats them well. So it is of zero surprise to me that funny + vulnerable + nice looking —> “getting” a lot of women. Plus, he doesn’t seem bothered by age, so his pool is pretty big.

      Rootin’ for that kid.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Yes, I too have a soft spot for him. PD seems to be respectful to the women he dates. Plus I love that he is dedicated to his hometown and is willing to speak up and out regarding his mental health. It’s rare to see someone as willing to speak out about their mental health and PD should be proud of bring the curtain back and showing everyone that mental health is a serious issue that affects millions of people everyday. It’s too bad that he was the butt of the joke on SNL as that must have hurt, rightly so.

    • Gelya says:

      Add me to the walker group. I have a soft spot for him. I always want to tell his Mom she raised a good and sweet boy.
      I remember SNL poking fun at him. I would think I know it is what they do but I felt like they could dial it back because he was family and he has a fragile mind.
      I can see in his interview he understood why but it still hurt the same. It is like going to Thanksgiving with family and they make fun of you all through dinner. You are trying to be a good sport but it hurts the same.

  15. jferber says:

    For me, the main thing is he treated the women well and no one came out saying he was abusive/creepy or anything else like that. So that makes him a good dude and I don’t ever make fun of that. Neither does Martha Stewart, by the way.