King Charles’ coronation will feature bleachers, so the crowds won’t look sparse

Here are more photos of King Charles and Queen (Consort) Camilla in Germany last week. I’ll be fair: their state visit to Germany seemed like a success, in that they got a good-to-great reception wherever they went and Germans seem to like them. I read one piece which was trying to Britsplain why the Windsors are popular in Germany and it boiled down to “they’re fancy but Germans don’t have to pay for them.” In any case, there were no major gaffes from Charles or Camilla, but on the other side… it didn’t seem like the domestic British media was obsessed with covering their entire trip. Charles’s speeches got some attention, as did Camilla’s jewelry, but beyond that… the reaction seemed to be a big yawn. Speaking of, coronation planners are so worried about the thin crowds for Charles’s coronation, they’re already planning on some visual trickery to make it seem like the streets are full of well-wishers and supporters:

Football-style terraces will be deployed at King Charles’s Coronation next month to make crowds appear more packed in photographs amid fears of low attendance. Coronation organisers plan to put the public in tiered seating by the side of the road during the King’s procession, rather than allowing onlookers to stand on the pavement. The initiative is expected to improve the view for well-wishers standing further back in the crowd, but is also designed to make it look better in photographs.

A source close to proceedings said pictures will show a “wall of heads” behind the monarch as he proceeds through central London, in a similar way to spectators behind speakers at political rallies. The plans come amid fears that King Charles’s Coronation will look less popular when compared with photographs of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953, when an estimated three million people packed the streets of London to watch her pass.

“They are massively terrified about comparisons with 1953 and his mother’s coronation,” said a source. “There will be tiered seating so the crowd looks bigger. They’re worried about it looking a bit s—.”

New polling by More in Common shows that more people say they do not intend to celebrate or watch the Coronation than will. In a survey conducted earlier this month and shared with The Telegraph, 36 per cent say they will watch or celebrate the event; while 46 per cent say they will not. A similar number – 39 per cent – say the event will be worth the estimated £100 million cost, while 46 per cent say it will not.

Luke Tryl, More in Common’s UK director, said: “What with the psychodrama of Harry and Meghan, the disgrace of Prince Andrew, and the cost of living dominating the public’s mind, the Palace is going to have to work hard to convince people to tune into a Coronation that many don’t think is worth the cost. If the prospect of an extra Bank Holiday isn’t enough to get people excited, the Palace really has its work cut out.”

[From The Telegraph]

“The psychodrama of Harry and Meghan,” truly, two people who left that salty isle over three years ago are at the top of the grievance list?? Anyway, congrats to the commenters who called this months ago: it’s giving Trump Inauguration. It’s giving sparse crowds and septuagenarian temper tantrums. It’s giving panic at the disco Chubbly. What’s also amazing is that the palace keeps leaking sh-t about how “the king is sanguine” and “everything is fine, of course Charles isn’t worried.” How many Republic protesters will be on those bleachers? How many egg-tossers?

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Nivz says:

    Whatcha gonna do when the bleachers sit empty as well? Although, maybe the bleachers will hide the empty sidewalks, so that’s something.

    • Chaine says:

      Maybe he will spend taxpayer dollars to hire seat fillers

    • Tacky says:

      Maybe they are needed because Charles’ fans are too old to stand for long periods of time.

    • Oh Chuckles another trump tactic to make small crowds look bigger you just can’t help yourself can you.

    • ELX says:

      I don’t understand the “play dress-up like a small child” aspect of this. Donate the money to food banks, go to the Abbey in a car you have, wearing a plain suit, participate in a small, relatively brief, televised service and then go home. All this fuss when many, many people are hungry, cold and losing their homes is repulsive.

    • Lizzie says:

      I think lots of closeups of people on the bleachers and few, if any, shots pulled back to see the entire area.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      This will be the largest audience ever to witness a coronation — period —both in person and around the globe. Yuge crowds, yuuuuuge.

      (Sorry, you may have to be American to recognize the paraphrasing)

    • Feeshalori says:

      The bleacher creatures! That’s what they’re known as in New York and maybe other regions of the country. They have to bring homemade signs for the cameras professing their love for their girlfriends/boyfriends, Hi Mum signs, along with Not My King. That’s if the cameras will do closeups that day.

  2. ML says:

    Far be it for me to point out that installing bleachers will drive up the costs of this Chubbly even more.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      That was my thought as well. Another needless expense for the taxpayers who don’t want to attend or are too busy trying to scrape up enough money to eat and sufficiently afford their homes. How disgraceful!!

  3. Amy Bee says:

    This is a bad idea, empty bleachers are going to make it look worse. It’s stupid to have a coronation in the first place.

    • Fabiola says:

      They should’ve said themselves that they do not want a big crowd due to Covid and leave it at that.

  4. equality says:

    I’d really like to know where they found this 39% who think this will be worth 100 mil. Are these the same people who would whine about everything spent on Meghan? And what do H&M, or even Andrew, have to do with all this excess while people are struggling?

    • Lucky Charm says:

      Right? Especially when only 36% said they’ll even watch the damn thing. So who are these 3% who think it’s worth the money but they’re still not going to watch?!

    • tamra says:

      I know! How long would this of kept her clothed and how long would it of paid for their security? LOL Chuckie is such a liar!

  5. Jais says:

    So what exactly are the people in the bleachers going to see? Soldiers marching? The carriages? Do all the guests attending have to walk by the bleachers? Is it like a red carpet? What exactly is enticing people to possibly sit in the bleachers?

    • Blithe says:

      The chance to sing Happy Birthday to dear Archie in multi-part harmony? Just as the gold coach rattles by. lol In my wilder thoughts, I’m imagining the Wales kids enthusiastically joining in!

  6. Eurydice says:

    They should have cheerleaders, too – scantily clad females wearing giant bearskin hats, all chanting – “Go, Charles go. Go, go, go! He’s not the best, but he’s all we’ve got!!”

  7. Steph says:

    And how much will these bleachers cost the taxpayers? They should have kept this but to themselves. Why they keep making public additional expenses is beyond me.

  8. lanne says:

    How much more chic does the German first lady (sorry if the title’s wrong) look next to Camilla, who could be a stand-in for a Christmas tree in her get-up. The masses of jewels look ridiculous. Camilla looks like she’s attending a fancy-dress party, not like a Queen consort. She looks like she got the wrong memo on the dress standards. Jewels like thatb only look good, in my opinion, when in conjunction with other people wearing similar jewels. Then, you know the be-jeweled is dressed for the occasion. Camilla looks vulgar.

    • Typical Virgo says:

      @Lanne- I couldn’t possibly agree more! Madame Büdenbender is the absolute definition of chic and sophisticated! I love EVERYTHING about her look! The dress and the color is stunning, her hair is modern and sophisticated, her subtle jewelry is perfect! Standing next to her, you really realize how dated and ugly Camilla’s feathered hairstyle is! And someone PLEASE give this woman a proper bra! Whoever is styling her is doing her dirty!

    • booboocita says:

      The more I see that schemata, the more I dislike it. I don’t care if it’s embroidered in real silver thread, it looks cheap and dowdy — much like Camilla herself. That A-line silhouette does her no favors.

    • tamra says:

      The monarchy needs to rework some pieces to look more modern .Princess Diana and Queen Mary did it! Those awful, garish pieces look like they belong around Henry the VIII
      ‘s neck! LOl

  9. BrainFog 💉💉💉😷 says:

    Well hello there, let me tell you real quick that no, they are NOT popular in germany, at least not in my part of the country.
    Abolish the monarchy.
    Thanks and bye.

    • Lizzie says:

      I thought I read one article where they said the employees from the British embassy and their families were asked to attend to fill out the crowd.

      • booboocita says:

        The anti-monarchist group Republic showed a photo on Twitter in which an overhead shot of the “crowd” at the Brandenburg Gate was featured. A very large portion of the spaced-out crowd was journalists. Another portion was school groups, and yet another was British Embassy personnel and their families. And a giant group was security/soldiers. And for all that, they didn’t fill the plaza in front of the gate — far from it. So no, the Germany visit wasn’t a success, unless you count the fact that no eggs or flaming baguettes were thrown.

  10. Maeve says:

    They’ve had tiered seating along the parade route for pretty much every coronation, including at the 1953 coronation in the areas where there was room for it (eg at Admiralty Arch etc – so it’s not a new thing. It’s presumably going to be a shorter parade than HMs coronation, which did a big loop round enthral Lo don,in the same way that HMs funeral procession route was shorter than her father’s. Times change, the ceremonial adapts.

    • Lorelei says:

      WOW. I scrolled down and the crowds that day were absolutely enormous. If Chuck is looking at those photos and hoping that London will look even a little bit like that for him, he’s in for a rude awakening.

      I do love how the British can make anything sound better: “football-style terraces” instead of “bleachers.”

  11. Whyforthelove says:

    Maybe they could dust off the cardboard people that the sports teams used during Covid to make the stadiums look less bleak? Seriously though, this petty control freak of a king must be going nuts knowing he can’t control the crowds or lack of them at his big shin dig. You can’t control people’s hearts Chuck. Love is earned and freely given and it can move mountains. You are a terrible person Chuck and you threw away the love you were offered from your first wife and both of your children. I doing so you threw away the respect of your country. Enjoy those empty bleachers my Dude

    • Jaded says:

      Plastic blow-up dolls would work. Unless there’s a strong wind that day and they all blow away…I agree Burger King and The Rotweiller are horrible, HORRIBLE people, and this useless Con-a-Nation only shows how self-absorbed and uncaring they and his truly awful son and DIL really are.

  12. CC says:

    At this point, the organizers are all just praying for record-breaking thunderstorms on the day. “That’s why no one came, Your Majesty!”

  13. aquarius64 says:

    I think BP is afraid of tv coverage showing sparse crowds, especially in the US. US media so far is not advertising live coverage of the Con-a-Nation.

  14. EasternViolet says:

    Back in the 50s, there was 15 months between the funeral of the King and QEII’s coronation. This time around, there was a Jubbly, about 3 months later was her weeks long Funeral… and 9 months later a coronation. It sounds like there is far too much pomp in the British calendar.

    We don’t even know who the big names are that will perform at the concert. Maybe Smashmouth will be available?

  15. QuiteContrary says:

    Tiered seating should improve the angle of thrown eggs. Good plan!

    • TheFarmer'sWife says:

      I always seem to be drinking my morning tea when I come across comments like yours @QuiteContrary! Of course, I laughed out loud! The image of a group of 60-something women, having sat quietly for hours, suddenly standing and throwing eggs at Chuckle’s new golden coach while yelling, “Diana forever! Diana forever!” immediately came to mind. Once you hit 60, getting arrested at least once for a good reason must be crossed off the “to-do” list.

  16. Mary Pester says:

    YEY let’s hear it for the bleachers! I’m all for them. It’s a perfect seating arrangement, just think of all the “WE LOVE HARRY AND MEGAN” banners that will be on show, or the “NOT MY KING”,, ones, and what perfect spots they offer for the egg chuckers “get it? Chuckers lol. Even when they are trying to make it look good they are fking up lol. Talk about shooting themselves in the foot. Honest to god, this farce is the gift that keeps on giving, so please don’t stop with the rabid headlines and the million and one gaffs every day. It’s the best comedy production since, well I can’t think of a better comedy at the moment 😂😂😵

  17. GDubslady says:

    Coronation date is bad and the fact that it’s on Charles’ grandchilds’ birthday is just more reason not to engage. The Firm is pushing the UK and the rest of the world to gaslight and blot out a child’s existence. No one wants to be a party to that kind of abuse. It’s ugly.

  18. Klaw says:

    Imagine the luxury to be “massively terrified” about how it will look when you don’t have as many spectators at your coronation as your mom did 53 years ago.

    So out of touch and a complete joke.

  19. Blue Nails Betty says:

    Forget the eggs. I want the crowd to throw glitter at Chuck and Co. That stuff never fully washes off. Can you imagine Charles freaking out over having glitter on him during his coronation? I can. It would make his freak outs over fountain pens look quaint.

  20. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    The royals truly are the British Trumps. Anyone willing to bet that Charles will follow Trump’s inauguration and have the photos doctored to make the crowds appear larger?

  21. Gabby says:

    If they are renting the bleachers, why don’t they just rent a crowd to fill them? I know, that’s a real dent in Tampon’s ego, since the crowds should WANT to come see his widdle pa-wade, a gift in itself.

    After the event, they can have a televised press conference with Sean Spicer spitting out the sides of his mouth declaring that the con a nation crowds were HUGE, the biggest ever for a 21st Century coronation.

  22. Rackel says:

    He could fill all those seats with hanger ons in 15 minutes. The problem is he wants better people. Just like his mother wanted better people. His mother believed in large crowds but she still tried to be seen with a variety of people. Chuck wants captains of industry but there aren’t any. His crew got rid of the people with good ideas. Look at the Tories. They won’t let a smart person from humble roots get through.

  23. Jen says:

    Musical acts turning him down has all along made me think of the Trump inauguration. Who’s the UK equivalent of Jackie Evancho who will sing for them?

  24. Flower says:

    Looking at these pictures of Chuckles and Cam Cam (and Billy & Kate) it’s so clear how far removed Meghan was from their worlds.

    Frumpy Brits usually fall into two camps – the ones who know they’re frumpy, accept it and even revel it and love people who would traditionally be seen as outside their world coming in and adding some variety, glam and sparkle.

    Then there is the other camp that views anyone with a perfect smile, good grooming, a sunny disposition and smiles too much as being suspicious. The Royal Family fell squarely into the latter camp.

    Along with being biracial with a very loud dysfunctional family the Royal Family showed just how poor their breeding is was in not accepting and welcoming Meghan and ironically that is what will hasten their demise.

    The picture above of Camilla speaks a thousand words. She is almost the twin of Anne Widdecombe (for the non-Brits I dare you to google or search twitter for that name).

    Charles, Camilla, William and Kate are all charisma-less duds with zero, wit, wisdom, strategy or sparkle and they’re about to find out how that manifests on the world stage with no Queen to hide behind…. and it will be delicious to watch….

    Anyway what Princess Di picture is everyone posting to twitter for Chuckle’s Clowning day ?

  25. Andrea says:

    “We gave the starving peasants an extra bank holiday, what more can they want?!”

  26. Noor says:

    New polling by More in Common shows “36 per cent say they will watch or celebrate the event; while 46 per cent say they will not. A similar number – 39 per cent – say the event will be worth the estimated £100 million cost, while 46 per cent say it will not.”

    The above numbers should worry the royalists. No wonder they are preaching that Prince Harry should attend or else.

  27. jferber says:

    Aren’t bleachers classless when the two royals will be seated in gold thrones? At least get Lazy-Boy couches for the commoners.

  28. JB says:

    “Wall of heads”!!!

    Lol, am I the only one for whom this phrase conjures up the heads on spikes that were displayed at the Tower of London, following the executions of people deemed to be traitors by the king?

  29. Goldenkatz says:

    I hope lots of people wear Diana tshirts, carry Diana signs, etc. She ought to haunt these two creeps for the rest of their lives.

  30. Rae says:

    I wonder how much of this may be them thinking the logistics of bleachers may be harder for protestors? Usually protestors say gather in a group up the front, they may be hoping the seating arrangements will put them off?