Jenna Jameson on Oprah: ‘you can see love’ in my movies

The world’s most famous porn star Jenna Jameson was on Oprah Tuesday as part of a “very special” report on women and erotica. Jameson initially showed off her waterfront mansion and her cute seven month-old twin sons in a pre-taped segment. (Photos are below.) Her face looked very puffy and cat-like and I had a hard time paying attention to what she was saying because she looked so strange. During her introduction segment, she complained about all the waxing, shaving, and maintenance required of her as an adult film actress, which was ripe coming from her puffy lips and tight face.

Jenna said with no sense of irony. “The most important thing [in the industry] was having a boob job. I’ve had my breasts done quite a few times. Don’t do it. The biggest mistake I ever made. So, I got them completely reduced. Constantly having to tan and wax and shave and tattoo your eyebrows. It is a non-stop monsterization of your body.” We can see that, Jenna. You could have stopped when you retired.

In her interview with Oprah, Jenna said that she sometimes wonders if she made the right decisions in her life, but that she doesn’t have regrets. “This was something that I excelled at and I knew that I was going to make a lot of money.” Oprah pressed Jenna to get into her feelings about it, and asked her about a moment in the taped segment where she got teary-eyed saying that she’d have to explain her past to her sons one day. She said “I do deal with a lot of women loving me, but secretly hating me. As a mother, I care about how they treat my children.”

Jenna explained that she hadn’t made a movie in over five years and that she’s been retired for a while. She said that she’s proud of what she’s done and “I feel like I made it happen. I love who I am. I love that I can look back and say I did it my way.” Jenna kind of glossed over her past and made it sound like she primarily did movies with her then-husband, which was true but not until 2000, when she had already been in the business for seven years. She was also doing a lot of films with women up until she retired:

Jenna didn’t grow up dreaming of becoming a porn star. In fact, she says she always imagined having a career like Oprah’s. “I always felt like I needed to be in front of an audience, and I wanted to touch people’s lives,” she says. “You know, I may be touching them in a different way.”

As a young starlet in the adult film industry, Jenna says she set high standards and stuck to them throughout her career. “I wanted to be the number one porn star in the world, and I wanted to do it with dignity,” she says. “I wanted to change things because this industry was run by men.”

While filming explicit sex scenes, Jenna says she called the shots. “I really didn’t understand how women could do something so incredibly personal and not be serious about it and say: ‘Listen, I am not going to have sex with more than one man in a scene. I’m not going to do it in the back,'” she says. “I changed the industry for up-and-coming starlets.”

At first, Jenna says she enjoyed filming sex scenes with different men, but then, she had a change of heart. “In the beginning it was new, it was fresh. I was young. I was crazy,” she says. “Then, I ended up not really liking it, not having that connection [and] feeling kind of weird about it.”

Jenna decided to take some time off. During that time, she says she fell in love, got married and founded her own company, ClubJenna, which she eventually sold to Playboy for millions.

From the time ClubJenna launched in 2000 until she officially retired in 2008, Jenna says her only onscreen male sex partner was Jay Grdina, her ex-husband and fellow porn star.

“That’s a big misconception about me in the industry. They think, ‘Oh, she’s had thousands of partners. She’s a slut. She’s a whore,'” she says. “But in actuality, I had sex with my husband most of the time, and I think that that’s why my movies sell so well. You can see love.”


I’m one of those women who occasionally enjoys an adult film, and I’m familiar with Jenna’s work. I don’t know what she’s talking about when it comes to the “love” in her films. I’ve seen her with several men who aren’t or weren’t her husband and it wasn’t like she was this demure actress at all. Maybe that was her early work though and she tried to change her career afterwards. Her stuff with women later in her career wasn’t all sweetness and light, either. There was some really rough play involved. She was a hardcore porn star, and she’s trying to rewrite her past. At least she’s come to terms with it in her own way.

I read her book when it came out and I came away with more respect for her and a good understanding of some of the horrific things she went through, including a gang rape as a teen. She did control her career as well as she could and she wasn’t taken advantage of in the industry like so many other women. She’s had a lot of hardships in her life, though, and it wasn’t like she had a fantastic life and just chose to be an adult film actress and a stripper. She may live in luxury now and talk about her past as if she rode this great wave of porn success, but there’s something that’s still really troubled about her. Maybe I’m being distracted by her cat-like face, though. Hopefully it will settle. Her kids are cute, they really look like their dad, UFC champ Tito Ortiz.

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  1. Bill Hicks is God says:

    “Love?” Is that what she’s calling her bits?

  2. birdie says:

    Awww thats really sad.

  3. Jess says:

    I watched the episode and am still confused as to how I feel about it. I’m not sure if I’m a fan or not.

  4. Praise St. Angie! says:

    wow. she’s really jacked up her face.

    I was never really a “fan” of hers, but I did think she used to be very pretty. now, she just looks like an alien.

    I will give her credit though…in a line of work that is TOTALLY dominated by male management, she DID write her own rules, she DID call the shots, and she built up a hugely successful company.

    most adult film stars wind up in rehab, dead, in jail, etc…but she wound up the head of her own empire.

    but I still think her husband looks like Baby Huey (credit to MichaelK at Dlisted).

  5. Firestarter says:

    @Praise- Yeah, I think she used to be very attractive. I have no idea what she has done to herself, but it is BAD.

    I give her credit, she is the first porn star to actually make real money and turn herself into a brand. She was among the first to give porn a less “taboo” reputation, by crossing over into mainstream media.

    I actually kind of like her. She also has tried to give her movies a storyline, which for years was nonexistent in the porn industry.

  6. wow says:

    WTH happened to her face? This is so sad, and she’s somewhat delusional. I don’t think she’s as proud of her past as she tries to explain. Its evident when she talks about her kids.

    Every action has a reaction. I don’t think that women like her or Pam Anderson fully understand that how their actions can end up doing more damage to their kids than to them. It’s always the kids who have to deal with the backlash in things of this nature. That is what I find sad. Well that, and the fact that her face is so messed up.

    And for the first time, I’m not even that impressed that she is a woman who made it in a male dominated field. It still is what it is. It won’t deminish the odds of her kids still having to pay for it when they reach school age. There are a multitude of dvds out there of their Mom and apparently their Dad as well having sex or their Mom having sex with others who aren’t their Dad. That had disaster written all over it.

    I hope I’m wrong though…

  7. cmolha says:

    My favorite part was when she said she’s only been with 3 or 4 guys in her movies. Cuz “she had standards.” WHAT? She’s a whore and a porn star. Please.

  8. logan says:

    “cat like” is correct. She is really starting to look exactly like the famous cat lady Jocelyn Wildensetin.

  9. AC says:

    I don’t have anything against her. Im not entirely sure what we want her to say… she’s a hardcore porn star. For half her carrer her movies have been with her husband or other women but before that she said she was crazy etc but ended up not liking it much….

    what else should she say?

  10. Stella says:

    Is it just me or did Oprah seem really judgy during that clip… espeically talking about other women’s husbands coming over to drop of kids… I don’t know, that just didn’t sit right with me.

    That being said, I agree with the others- I was never a big fan of Jenna’s and I’m not really sure how to feel about it now. However, I think I have more respect for her now- she was well-spoken, straightforward and I like that she has no regrets.

  11. I’m pretty sure she’s only a year older than me which would make her 34. I can understand her wanting to tighten up her sexy bits but her face couldn’t have been quite that loose.

  12. Jules says:

    WTF has happened to her face!

  13. Cinderella says:

    She definitely ruled her industry at the time, but won’t it suck trying to explain to her kids what she did for a living. She made a lot of money, but I wonder if she has has regrets.

    In her interviews with Jay G., they made their life seem so normal. There is nothing “normal” about the porn industry…lots of drugs and dysfunction. And that fortune she made may have been watered down during her divorce. I think it got really nasty over the division of assets.

    I’m happy she has the family she wanted, but surely she is going to dread the first day her kids come home from school upset. Of course Tito can kick some serious ass, so maybe they won’t be teased after all.

  14. kelbear says:

    I just have a very hard time believing that she has only had sex with less than 5 different guys. All those movies shes made used all the same guys?

  15. Jules says:

    Boy Oprah is really scraping the barrel now. Palin and now this skank!

  16. Firestarter says:

    @jeri- What the hell! Wishing death on someone and death by AIDS is wrong on so many levels.

    Maybe she doesn’t live HER life to YOUR standards, but she has done harm to no one, other than perhaps herself, and if she can live with that, I don’t see where you should have a problem with it.

    It isn’t like she made kiddie pRon or Snuff films, she made mainstream porn and made a lucrative career of it for herself. She worked for her money at teh job she was qualified to do. Sorry if it isn’t within your moral constraints but at least she isn’t birthing babies right and left sucking off of the Government to pay her bils.

    My words. Such hatred!

  17. Just a Poster says:

    Jeri, what an evil little butt troll you are!

  18. Celebitchy says:

    People who wish death on anyone get banned.

  19. lilred says:

    Hear,hear Firestarter !

  20. manda says:

    I’ve always thought she seemed like a nice person, and that’s all that really matters to me. It’s not my business how other people live their lives.

  21. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Thank you, Celebitchy, for deleting that comment.

  22. Bodhi says:

    Ditto Firestarter, I don’t know why, but I like her too. Zombie Strippers was hilariously awful.

    Her poor face! What did she do to it?! Yeesh!

    Those little boys are adorable!

  23. nAynAy says:

    It’s great that she’s trying to change her life for her child. However, in the few movies of hers that I saw, I didn’t see any ‘love’. I saw some hardcore BJ’S, and some pretty amazing f*&^ing, but certainly, not love.

  24. raejillian says:

    ok – let me say this. that girl can fuck! she is amazing and her girl on girl are the hotest i have ever seen. LOVE her. now that that’s out of the way – WHAT WAS SHE THINKING with all that work on her face? it’s like she is trying to become a different person… it’s bad!

  25. ~M says:

    Now, with ALL the $ she ever made and wanted, she can’t erase the past! Something that she really, really wants now when she’s a mother.

    What a sad woman.

  26. MeMyself says:

    Ok, I’m 43 today.
    I have laugh lines and I am proud of them. I think they are beautiful.
    Anyone with a history on their face is facinating to me.
    Don’t understand the need to “fix” anything…damn…I MUST be I the only one who feels this way?

  27. hatsumomo says:

    Oh my gosh! what did she do to her face!?!

    I know she’s been dabbling in P.S. for ahwile, anyone remember her Donald Duck look? but this is awful. I wonder how her babies look at that face and not cry, or at least be startled when she peers at them. And I can see why it might take so long for her to get pergnant. She was pin thin not to long ago. Scary Skinny.

    I think being in the industry did damage something in her beyond repair. A majority of people who disfigure themselves that way are trying to compensate for something. Generally, therapy is a always better option. And at the very least she made it out. And with something. she could have just as easily been another Colleen Applegate. I guess good for her, but I still cant believe what she did to her face. And if tanning was such a pain in the ass, why is she still doing it? Old habits die hard or what?

  28. Firestarter says:

    ~M- She said quite the opposite if you would have listened to the interview. she WORRIES about what her children may one day think and about how she will tell them, but she never said she wanted to erase her past.

    Methinks you sound like a watered down version of someone who was just recently sent to banned camp.

    It hardly makes her a sad woman because she was extremely successful in a career that perhaps you do not approve of.

    She made her own money. She made her own successes and she seems like she is very happy with her life and how she got to where she is.

    Am I defending her? Heck yeah. She doesn’t deserve to be put down because she did adult films.

    Her children will be no less shocked by her career than Hugh Hefner’s children are shocked and ashamed by his.

  29. Neelyo says:

    I’ve never seen someone get plastic surgery to make themselves look OLDER before.

  30. fizXgirl314 says:

    agh, I would hate to have such easy access to a relative of mine having hardcore sex… ok, I can’t even mutter the word “parent” in that sentence… even the mere mention of it makes me want to go into a deep coma… YUCK…

    I think it’s a little selfish to be bringing kids into that world… it’s inevitable trauma… You can just see them having to collide with her past head on at some point…

    kinda gross :X

  31. Shannon says:

    I think it’s a well-known fact that women do not get involved in the pr0n industry unless they’ve suffered sexual trauma and exploitation beforehand. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a woman waking up one day and saying “hey, I want to be a pr0n star!”
    They have already been desensitized due to abuse, and have equated their self-worth with how they please men sexually. Unfortunately this means they often have serious trust problems with men and daddy issues, along with sex addictions (again, because this is all they know and equate it with their own self-worth and self-esteem). I think that Jenna’s assertion that her “love” was apparent in her videos is a symptom of this. For her, she feels loved and gives love with her body. It’s the only way she knows to get the confirmation that she needs.
    It’s really nice to see that Jenna has found a guy she really loves and trusts. I think her decision to leave the industry shows that she has grown enough as a person that she no longer needs pr0n to fill that void in her, and Tito is enough for her. I’m betting she still needs therapy based on her comments though.

    The tanning and waxing are also part of the self-worth equation, guys. She does it so that the world cannot see who she really is; that would be a level of vulnerability she is just not ready for. All of her movies, she’s acting in. She’s playing a character that isn’t really her. The real her is buried under the makeup and tanning, and only comes out in private when she feels safe. She was told for YEARS that she needed to do these things to make money and please others, and she was naked on camera with people scrutinizing her. It’s no wonder she has a complex about it. As much as she probably hates all of this, she will cling to it because it’s her safety blanket.

  32. MsTriste says:

    That industry is so hard on women in so many ways, some of which she discussed. The maintenance required is because our society has come to desire a sexy woman to look a certain way. I don’t agree that women only look sexy if they’re blond and shaved with big boobs, and it’s too bad that society and the industry have made it that way. I too enjoy watching adult movies, but I sometimes get sad thinking about how women think they have to look a certain way, and the pressures both these actresses and we normal women are under to look the way we think we should.

    That being said, look at Pam Anderson whose kids are now pre-teens and it’s being reported that they are “monsters” and part of it is from having to defend their mom from the comments of their peers. Maybe having children after a career like this is not the best idea?

  33. original kate says:

    she’s only 34?! i guess that’s what years of hard livin’ will do to a gal.

  34. Jenna says:

    I’m not able to watch the video but I see the screencaps. Was her face puffy in the entire thing or is it just bad sides?

    She was so pretty, to me, before she started having all these surgeries. :/

  35. fizXgirl314 says:

    does anybody know if she lives in newport? I swear that house is like right down the street from me…

  36. MeowMeow says:

    Yeah, I thought I was the only one distracted by her face. She could barely move it.

    Bless her heart. She can say what she wants — and she has indeed been successful — but she fu*ked for money. Period. There’s nothing noble about that.

  37. Carly says:

    I challenge all of the people who judge her so hard, to read her book: How to Make Love Like a Porn Star. She is honest and candid about her life.

    You don’t have to live her life, but you might try to understand how she lived the life she chose for herself.

  38. Jeri says:

    Firestarter & just a poster
    – Not sure what you’re reading but this is my only post on this article. Didn’t see any posts from another “Jeri” either.

  39. andshespins says:

    the love shes talking about is the scenes with her husband, not other men. did you even watch the show?!

  40. mollination says:

    OH MY GOD! What happened to her face? She was so fricken gorgeous before…ay-yay-yay.

  41. BitterBetty says:

    Damn. if thats how busted her face is after years of doing porn imagine what her vagina loo…ew, wait…..don’t.

  42. Firestarter says:

    @Jeri- There was another poster earlier who wished death and AIDS on Jenna. She was banned by Celebitchy and the poster in question went my jeri, with a small j. Her post was deleted due to it’s nasty and offensive content.

  43. Madelyn Rose says:

    Shannon, I like your comment and I think you’re right on. I have never watched an “adult film,” so perhaps I shouldn’t even comment, but I think it is clear that an emotionally healthy woman would not embark upon such a life.

  44. Lem says:

    WTF Why The Face? bless her heart.

    Jenna is certainly not my favorite porn star but I do applaud the no bs way she went about it. I didn’t watch this clip, because I can’t take Oprah, but Jenna usually gives great interview.

    I just don’t see her as a slut or a whore. it is what it is. she’s a porn star.

  45. Alison E says:

    I don’t see where her kids are going to have a harder time than any other famous person’s kids. She’s got a ton of money, those kids will be attending school with the kids of other famous and rich people. I really don’t think they’ll suffer any serious peer judgement from Sean Preston Federline or the Kardashian kids, or the next generation of Hiltons.

  46. MaiGirl says:

    I like her, and don’t think she should be judged harshly, but homegirl is a bit delusional. She was raped twice, and in her book, which I did read, she is loathe to equate her chosen career with those traumas. She has been very successful, but we can’t forget that these are male fantasies she is portraying, marketed mostly to men. Since it is sex, and we all like sex, some women, including myself on occasion, can enjoy watching pr0n, but the majority of it isn’t sensual or believable, since it is basically wank material. That’s why I laugh every time pr0n stars talk about being just naturally very sexual, empowered and having changing the business (as Jenna repeatedly insists). Please! Jenna did make more money than most, and she hasn’t wound up dead, but she clearly isn’t “empowered” or she wouldn’t have done that to her face.

    Also, I worry about the next generation essentially raised on pr0n, since they can get it anywhere and everywhere. They start watching too young to know that it portrays fantasies, not real sex.

  47. sassy says:

    I thought it was interesting how Jenna seemed a bit “ashamed” to be with Oprah and even though she said she was proud of what she did, she did also have the body posture and seemed a bit like she was beneath Oprah. I don’t think she should be ashamed of her porno past, this was her career choice. I don’t think how much money she made should make any difference too if she should be proud or not.
    She is just a year younger than I am, and she should stay far far away from the botox! she is beautiful, and has no need for something like that. That was a mistake.

  48. Miriam says:

    I wonder what you guys think of Sasha Grey? she claims to have had a very “normal” upbringing…

  49. josepe says:

    she is a whore but she is the most known woman even outside the porn industry, she looks like she cleaned better than tracy lords (who i adore)
    but hey, she seems like she has a great life, i just cannot stand Oprah and her big attitude of God like, Oprah dude, you are just a big lesbo

  50. BEEBEEC says:

    Hum.. you know O was all frazzled and envious.. ready to out herself and weep too..

  51. aw! says:

    Nobody forced her to be a porn star. A slut is a slut is a slut….

  52. katyusha says:

    @ dread pirate

    That’s what baffles me…she was so pretty before she had this work done, and she didn’t need anything done.
    She completely defeated the purpose, in this case.

  53. Attagirl says:

    You can put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig. Whitewashing her x-rated past won’t work, anyone who works in that industry has a heart of stone and no soul – it’s good that she’s gotten out of it but really, stop trying to make out like it was Disneyporn.

    And stop f*cking with your face!!!!

  54. Shannon says:

    Miriam, I think there’s always an exception to a rule. It’s like the woman who worked as a call girl while pursuing her education that Celebitchy reported on the other day. She managed to avoid being raped in a career where rape is considered one of the hazards of the job. Her story doesn’t make prostitution as a whole any less sad to me, because millions of women in that line of work ARE raped, beaten, killed, etc.

  55. shandi says:

    Before 2000, she’d already been making porn for 7 years. So seven years with god knows how many men, and then 8 years of making porn with her husband. I wouldn’t say that most of the time it was her husband. I would say for HALF of her career, she was screwing total strangers. And of course, for the full 15 years she was screwing women. I think it’s funny she said she was good at this. It’s sex. Most people are good at it, Jenna. You are not really talented. You just have a really low self esteem to do what you did for so long.

  56. lexxy says:

    i don’t hate her .. she wanted the high life and she felt by doing what she did she would get it , and half u pigs watch her porn why are u bad mouthing her now?

  57. Frenchie says:

    She is as powerfull when doing sex (I have appreciated her act) as defensless outside of it. All I can say is that I wouln’t like to be in her position for all the money in the world.
    Shannon : i liked your analysis

  58. la chica says:

    she’s laying down tracks for her children. this is what she will show them in the future — her revised reality story.

  59. lin234 says:

    lol at the video. “I wanted to be the number one porn star in the world and I wanted to do it with dignity.”

    The words dignity and porn star definitely go hand in hand. (sarcasm)

    A person is what they choose to do. She’s just a whore.

  60. DR.FUNK says:

    She is doing her best to become a twin to
    Jocelyn Wildenstein:


  61. MB says:

    MaiGirl – Great post and I completely agree.

  62. A3vwyk says:

    Yes, she had sex for money, but what about all the young women that just has sex for the sake of it. Or an actress that has sex with a director the get a certain part?

    So I do have respect for her because she did it on her own terms.

  63. Tracey says:

    I am surprised Oprah had her on her show. She doesn’t need an “actress” on her show to talk about porn. I doubt Oprah knows much about her, but why let someone come on your show and lie? The fact that she made a lot of money doing porn doesn’t make her successful or accomplished, it just means she made alot of money. It is one thing to talk about regretting a choice you made, but making that choice simply because the money was good means you don’t really regret the choice. If you did it for the money, the choice was never about the porn, it was about the money.

  64. fizXgirl314 says:

    The more women realize they can make money by using sex and their bodies, the less empowered we will be… mark my words!!! If this continues, in the future, we will no longer have women who make a REAL difference as scientists, school teachers and etc etc… we’ll just have models and porn stars… who have faces that look like they’ve been repeatedly beaten… but they’ve somehow actually done it to themselves as a form of beauty?!?!?!? that’s gonna be so super awesome… can’t wait :/

  65. thepickle says:

    She’s the poster girl for selling her soul Vegas- style. (and doggie style etc.) She found a niche and had it filled. I wish America would get over its Porn addiction. So empty. Apparently keeping up the porn star’s version of beauty is about keeping her grip on her empire of smut. All the work on her face is about trying to cover the signs of aging. As Samatha Jones said, “no body wants Grandma’s p*ssy.”

  66. thepickle says:

    @fizxgirl..i think it is Huntington harbor.

  67. Then Again.... says:

    I still feel bad for her experience with gang rape when she was a teen. I can’t only imaging that horror.

  68. Michelle says:

    Man, Jenna used to be so gorgeous, and now she’s slowly heading down Jocelyn Wildenstein Boulevard. Scary.

    Her book is a great read, and at least she made something of herself.

  69. Babs says:

    I’ve always thought Jenna Jameson was fantastic. She is a great business woman who is very successful. Who cares how many people she has had sex with? It was her JOB to have sex with people; at least she has a good work ethic. There are people sitting on their sofas all day long doing nothing but collecting a welfare check, at least Jameson had a real job and worked for a living.
    Furthermore, Jenna is a celebrity and she wants to look good and to stay young for as long as she can. If you don’t like her plastic surgery, don’t blame her, blame her PLASTIC SURGEN for f****ing up.

  70. taya says:

    Jenna admits she was a happy porn star, but I wish she could put a more negative light on it and not make it seem like a walk in the park. Many young women will see this, go into porn and end up hates themselves etc. I give her a lot of props. She knows what she did and is not apologizing for it.
    On another note, how many girls I knew growing up, bashed porn stars all the time, yet they would easily go into a bar and screw some guy who bought them a drink. So who is the bigger whore?
    It is not just the weirdos that watch porn, it is the Middle American so-called Christians.

  71. Bambi says:

    I’ve never seen any of Jenna Jameson’s videos and don’t have any opinion about her career in porn– I will say that it strikes me as good to hear about a woman making big money in this industry for once, rather than simply being exploited.

    What I want to comment about is her plastic surgery. Some people have commented that she’s had surgery in order to keep her youthful looks. She’s ONLY 34!!!!!

    I had to check wikipedia just to confirm that she is indeed in her mid thirties. I expect that most of the “aging” Jameson experienced was caused by her meth addiction, and I still wonder if such extensive surgery was warranted. I wish I could find a link to an old photo of her I saw once. She was very pretty and looked COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than she does today. She must have been in her late teens or early twenties then.

  72. filthy cute says:

    She’s an intelligent woman, no matter what we may think of her choices.

  73. babysteps says:

    i’m a woman. and like Jenna’s work. her real work, her porn. and i know i’m not the only woman on the planet who does. she’s a force of nature and totally in her element in her work. i also read her book and enjoyed it. i’m not saying i don’t have problems with the porn industry. though it does seem somewhat more well-rounded these days in choices for the consumer. and more women are involved. but i can understand not being able to take all that negative reaction for choosing such a career. and she has dealt with that well too. when will the day come when sex workers and sex industry workers aren’t crucified for satisfying a market that will always exist.

    • lindsay says:

      AMEN! why does nobody criticize the men who are always looking for a piece of a** and the reason the porn industry, playboy, strip clubs and even places like hooters are thriving million and billion dollar businesses? it’s always the women that are branded sluts, whores ect i’m sick of the double standard! with that being said, i am also a woman and a HUGE jenna fan-actually, i’m a huge porn fan in general and have a bigger collection than most guys but i have quite a few jenna movies (about 15) and besides being an absolute doll in her 90’s and early 2000’s films (blue movie, conquest, flashpoint, dreamquest, satyr, wicked weapon, silver screen confidential and i dream of jenna, just to name a few) she always had complete and total control of her career. she called the shots and never had to do anything she didn’t want to do. she built an empire and singlehandedly made the porn industry more mainstream than it had ever been before. other porn stars are inspired by jenna and look at what she’s doing and copy it-she’s a trendsetter. after “how to make love like a pornstar” came out, so did books by tera patrick, monica mayhem and a ton of other porn stars. after jenna created her company club jenna, a bunch of other porn stars started their own companies too. jenna is a smart, savvy businesswoman that has had a HUGE impact on the porn industry and i applaud her for doing what she wanted to do in life with no regrets! (and made a ton of money too-how many people can say theyv’e done the same?)

  74. mimi says:

    she looked worse in the tmz pictures of her with short blond hair and a white bikini now she looks way better,looks like she’s getting back to the the briana loves jenna days her best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Abi says:

    Yes, it may be difficult to tell her kids one day but you know what? There are worse things your parents could have been. personally, if my mother told me now that she was a pr0n star I wouldn’t have cared. You may say, kids will get teased at school. As far as I remember from my school days, kids will get teased for ANYTHING! I was teased for being fat. Oh well, makes you a stronger person in the end!

    And all the people who call her a wh*re for having to many sex partners, how many have you had? there’s loads of people who lead promiscuous lives, just not in front of the cameras. There are worse and more immoral things than sex. Things that harm other people, which as Firestarter said, she has not done.

  76. annie says:

    i am a christian and ive heard of priests in my religion who were caught and arrested for abusing and molesting little children in churches.i am not saying that what jenna did was right but think 4 a minute. whom do u think god would forgive faster…those who are hypocrites and secretly abuse helpless children in churches…..or those who have no secrets to hide, make an honest living and has never caused harm to anyone? one who chose to give her children life instead of having abortions and killing them for the sake of her career?

  77. Jelly says:

    Yikes! I’m surprised at some of Oprah’s shows this past year. Jenna’s face looks a little odd, I guess she’s had plastic surgery. What’s sad is what’s going to happen when her kids are like 6 years old and others are saying mean things about their Mom. I think she is a nice person that probably does have regrets about her past career but she can’t really admit it. But if they are raised with a lot of love and she and her husband protect them they should be OK. Her babies are cute, her husband, well, not so much.