Bebe Rexha on the suggested TikTok search for her weight: I’m not mad it just sucks

Bebe Rexha is a pop singer and songwriter with a lot of good songs. When her names comes up and I picture her, I think of her hair color — she’s been platinum blonde for a while, but I remember her with dark hair from when she was in a band with Pete Wentz 10+ years ago. I don’t think about her weight at all, but apparently a lot of people do. Bebe posted about the fact that when you type her name into a TikTok search bar, one of the suggested searches is “Bebe Rexha weight.” Ugh.

Bebe Rexha is opening up about feeling “discouraged” after seeing comments about her weight on social media.

On Sunday, the 33-year-old singer posted a screenshot from a TikTok video of her where the search bar — which automatically appears based on searched content that’s trending — read “Bebe Rexha weight.”

“Seeing that search bar is so upsetting,” she tweeted. “I’m not mad cause it’s true. I did gain weight. But it just sucks. Thank you to all the people who love me no matter what.”

“I’ve always struggled with my weight. A bitch likes to eat,” she added.

One of Rexha’s followers then revealed to the singer that her photos have recently been used for weight loss ads, which she said was “just messed up.”

“As long as YOU are happy then it doesn’t matter!!!!” one fan assured. “Don’t starve yourself and lose your happiness!!!!!!!”

Rexha responded, “I’m working on myself every day. Just discouraged a bit right now.”

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She’s so talented and yet her appearance — specifically her weight — is what people are thinking about. Of course Bebe feels discouraged and upset; it does totally suck. She says she’s not mad because it’s true, but whether or not it is true is besides the point, people just should stop focusing on the weights of others. Whether people are typing it in to search weight gain or to search weight loss, it needs to stop. I imagine this stuff gets to Bebe — it would get to anyone — because she’s also talked about her body image struggles before. She posted encouraging body positivity and promoting a lingerie collection for all sizes back in summer 2021. And she also posted an emotional message about her body image struggles and feeling unconfident later that year. It sucks all around that people are focusing on Bebe’s weight and still doing so despite her honesty about her struggles. As a bitch who also likes to eat, I hope she doesn’t let this get to her.

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  1. SophieJara says:

    Le sigh. Life is short, enjoy good food. She looks fantastic!

    • Josephine says:

      I agree – she has an enviable figure. She’s really well-proportioned and has a beautiful hourglass figure. She also dresses well. That electric blue jumpsuit is awesome.

  2. Digital Unicorn says:

    Love her and yeah this one also likes to eat and struggles with my weight/body image but some days are better than others. I’m at the age when I’m peri menopausal and losing weight is hard due to hormones – any advice would be appreciated on whats best to eat etc..

    • SophieJara says:

      Ooh this is a topic I spent a lot of my life on – endocrine system crashed, gained 100 pounds in a year, was VERY hard to get it back off once hormones were stabilized (20 pounds left to go). Do you talk to your doctor about hormone options? I take a testosterone supplement and it helped with a lot of things.

      Every body is different, but here’s what worked for me – exercise was key. Frequency >> Intensity. I try to move every two hours during the day. Doesn’t have to be intense. I do either 5 min or 15 min. 45 min once a day for a longer strength training workout.

      With food, consistency is key. My health is not great so I need to be really specific (count calories). I do 1 or 2 low calorie days a week, the other days are higher, but also consistent. That schedule was better for me for long term results.

      Food quality… It depends on how strict you want to be. If cutting out foods is hard for you, start small. Work on *adding* water and vegetables over cutting. You will naturally cut when you’re full. Switch out white flour / rice / pasta for whole grains. Try to avoid super calorie dense foods like cheese. Look for good enough substitutes for favorite foods (yogurt instead of ice cream?) For me, sugar is way worse than fat. So if I want to indulge, I pick fat over carbs. My biggest recommendation is that consistency with food is better than perfection, it’s so easy to wipe out two weeks of gains in a day. But if you do, start over, don’t despair. Longer message than I planned! Sorry lol, I spent a lot of the last 8 years on this.

      • SarahCS says:

        Thank you so much for taking the time to share all this! I think I’m about a year into peri menopause and weight gain is one of the most noticeable changes. It sucks because so many of my clothes don’t fit and a few months back I finally cracked and bought bigger bras. It hasn’t been helped by a busy work schedule and planning then executing quite a large building project at home but that’s almost done now and I really want to focus more on my health as much bandwidth increases again.

    • Josephine says:

      I can’t emphasize mindset enough. Two things that were particularly useful for me. First, treat exercise like the right (and treat!) that it is. Remind yourself that you *deserve* to exercise and that you *get* to exercise. Remind yourself that you and everyone around you will be better off when you take that time to treat your mind and body right by exercising.

      As for food, what really helped me was the mantra “I’m the type of person who . . . ” I started with “I’m the type of person who drinks 3 glasses of water before 10 a.m. because it will get my system moving and start the day off right.” Then follow-up by doing that everyday until it becomes a no-brainer. Then move on to the next one. Align your mantra with how you want to live your life and with what’s important to you. The “because” is super important (link the because to how you want to feel, like energized, lighter on your feet, more comfortable, etc) as is being specific (replace “eating healthy” with more specific goals like eating at least 15g of protein per meal and/or eating whole foods). Make the mantras positive, not negative (e.g., I’m the type of person who eats at least 15g of protein per meal because it will help me feel energized and full).

      I was super skeptical that this would make a difference and it’s been huge for me. Good luck!!

  3. SAS says:

    I honestly think people who comment about this stuff must all be very very young or just entirely disconnected between their online and offline selves.

    Surely any human being who has existed in a human body for anything over two decades would have their own experience of weight fluctuations? As with the Ariana (and Selena, and Lady Gaga, and Camila Cabello) conversation, it seems bizarre and harsh to note weight changes of barely 5-10kg (20 pounds?)- let alone any body change of course but those numbers can honestly be the difference of a period cycle FFS. Let alone meds, stress, lifestyle, injury. Silly.

    Hope Bebe keeps killing it, she’s talented af.

  4. Brassy Rebel says:

    Some people have way too much time on their hands apparently. Bebe is talented and beautiful. Leave her the hell alone and get a hobby that doesn’t involve weight policing others.

  5. Frippery says:

    I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen a picture of her. I know her from the radio. She’s absolutely beautiful. Hips to die for. I *wish* I looked that fit.

    • SarahCS says:

      I know right??

      We need more people out there in the public eye who look like regular human beings, not just the super slender look that is considered appropriate.

    • Megs283 says:

      Frippery, same. My curves are in all the wrong places. I’m wondering if women are seeing Bebe as a role model? For example, “Bebe is hot and weighs X, and I also weigh X, therefore I am also hot!”

      I love to see women who are not the “industry standard.” Gorgeous is more than a size 0-2.

  6. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Wow, she’s beautiful. Never heard of her, but she sounds amazing. Weight policing is part of our culture, the only way to stop it is a ubiquitous societal maturity, and……….we’re not there yet unfortunately.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Her music is fabulous too. For some reason she can’t seem to really break through to super stardom. I hope it’s not her weight holding her back.

  7. Myeh says:

    Talk about internalized misogyny and capitalism using feminism to further it’s own corporate interests. First comment of the day with a new client in class “I want to weigh 120 lbs and have abs like you!” Uhhh lady I weigh 170 lbs and have been lifting for 2 decades….. You’ll get there. Sheer look of internal conflict and disbelief on her face. What you’ve been led to believe is this perfect number on the scale is nothing but a shameless money grab with added mental torture and lifelong grief. Break the cycle with truth.

    • brianne says:

      THIS….and it took me 37 years to learn. I started lifting….I weigh about 30 pounds more than what would have made my head explode in my 20’s….and yet I look slimmer. If women collectively learn that strong = slim then the diet industry goes down the tubes though.

  8. brianne says:

    While it DOES suck….it’s worth noting that the context behind those searches is missing. There are probably alot of female fans of hers that are shaped similar to her going “she looks kinda like me and looks GOOD, I wonder what she weighs/size she wears as compared to me?” it’s not THE healthiest outlet….but let’s be real since when do women and girls get to have healthy media outlets? I’m just saying that I doubt ALL of those searches are rooted in “EW she’s so fat!” you know?

    • wordnerd says:

      Was coming here to say this same thing! I can’t speak for everyone participating, however it seems to me that people might want to know what she weighs because they LIKE her figure or perhaps they’re excited to see a celeb with a body like theirs and they are curious to know if they weigh the same?

    • nb says:

      I hope this is the reason too! Looking at these photos of her is refreshing to me because I’m built similar to her and while the exaggerated ‘Kardashian’ version of the hourglass shape is what we see in the media, her body is like the more real life version of it. My thighs and hips are big, my legs are thick, and I am so self conscious about it sometimes. To see her rocking these fun outfits is giving me life.

  9. b says:

    Just wanted to say I’m doing my part to make sure that ‘Hot’ reaches the top of her auto suggest completions cuz … damn.

  10. Bianca says:

    She looks amazing. She is a fit healthy woman and people are comparing her to the super thin Hollywood standards.