Tominey: How dare Duchess Meghan go out in public 12 days before the Chubbly

The Duchess of Sussex really sent the British media reeling when she made surprise appearances at Misan Harriman’s Ted Talk (a virtual appearance, at that) and the Lakers game on Monday night. They’re scrambling, because they’ve spent the past four months screaming “where’s Meghan?” and now that everyone can see her, suddenly the line is “she’s trying to pull focus from the coronation!” Camilla Tominey spewed out a four-page diatribe analyzing Meghan’s appearances in a piece this week called “What is really behind the sudden return of the Duchess of Sussex?” Meghan lives rent-free in their heads, absolutely. She’s their money-maker and “Everything Meghan” is a billion-dollar industry. It says so much about the Windsors and their press allies that all of them are still so obsessed with the comings and goings of an American woman living quietly in Montecito. Some highlights from Tominey’s unhinged piece:

The timing!! Royal watchers would be forgiven for questioning the timing of Meghan’s latest appearances, just as the Union Jack bunting is being unfurled for what Harry has described as the “biggest day” of his father’s life.

Meghan sat next to her lawyer at the Lakers game: Much has been made of the fact that the Duchess was sitting next to her long-standing lawyer Rick Genow, an LA attorney who has advised her since her days starring as Rachel Zane on the legal drama Suits. Eyebrows were raised at the palace when she continued to seek his counsel even after she married into the monarchy in 2018 and took on her own team of UK staff.

Meghan in the driving seat: In making a solo appearance ahead of the Ted Talk – and taking Harry to such an all-American sporting event, the Duchess appears very much back in the driving seat, with her husband once again playing a supporting role.

Why did the Sussexes’ spokesperson issue a statement when royal reporters were openly lying about Meghan leaking to the Telegraph? Harry has made no secret of his loathing of the press – who he has accused of colluding with a palace that constantly “leaked” and “briefed” against him and his wife. Yet Ms Hansen’s punchy response to the coverage suggests Meghan still sees the value of active media management.

Meghan might speak at any moment! Royal aides fear that while there may be a Coronation “ceasefire”, it does not stop Meghan deciding at a later date to go into more detail [about the royal racism], not least amid talk of her planning her own autobiography as part of the couple’s four-book deal with Penguin Random House. Finally naming the royal who made the comment would certainly help book sales, if or when the time comes for the Duchess to put pen to paper.

Meghan kept a low profile because of South Park!! Another reason why she may be holding her counsel is as a result of South Park, which implied Meghan was a “sorority girl, actress, influencer, victim”. Denying the couple were “furious” about The Worldwide Privacy Tour episode, a spokesman insisted: “It’s all frankly nonsense.” But people drew their own conclusions from Meghan keeping under the radar after it was aired on Comedy Central in February and widely circulated on social media.

[From The Telegraph]

One, I also can’t believe that Meghan would go to a basketball game twelve days before her father-in-law wears a hat, how dare she steal the king’s thunder, doesn’t she know that every royal reporter is obligated by law to turn Meghan’s every appearance into a month-long cryfest? She should have been more thoughtful! Two, they’re so worried that a private American citizen has a lawyer and could sue their pants off at any moment. Three, how dare Harry enjoy a basketball game, it must be Meghan forcing him to attend the NBA Playoffs! Four, why can’t Meghan allow the British media to lie about her without issuing any corrections, who does she think she is?? Anyway, these people remain unhinged. Camilla Tominey is an utter embarrassment.

Photos courtesy of Ted Talk, social media.

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  1. HeyKay says:

    I like her new hairstyle in these pics.
    12 more days of the pre-Cor BS. Dang I’m fed up with it all weeks ago.

    • Debbie says:

      Well, since C. Tominey and the BM are declaring an embargo on Meghan… doin’ stuff… 12 days before the Great Chubbly happening in another country, then I suspect that the BM will still continue to bray if Meghan lives her life AFTER the Chubbly too. They will write stories about the fact that Meghan went shopping or took a walk 17 days after Charles wore a hat. How dare she live her life in America after refusing to come hither and allowing us to write lies about her, and generally abuse her for dollars and pounds?

      Also, I cannot believe this grown woman wrote that palace eyebrows were raised when Meghan kept her own legal counsel, after giving up her job, her online website, her apartment, her religion, and on and on at their request. How much more did they want from her?

      • lanne says:

        Her life. For daring to think she was good enough to marry a prince. They wanted her life.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @lanne, my stomach dropped at your words. They are sad but true. There is no other explanation for their incendiary vitriolic diatribes against Meghan. The BM/BRF have never provided receipts to support their false narratives.

        Uhmm, curious about the ‘much has been made of the fact that the Duchess was sitting next to her long standing lawyer…’. ORLY, by whom? By the BM & derangers? Not much to be made about their opinions. Pretty confident, the majority of the populace, didn’t think about it.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ I co-sign your comments guys. Furthermore, I believe Rick Genow has all along been Meg’s business attorney. Of course, she was retaining him. She also wisely kept her other business reps, including p.r. and tax attorney. She still receives acting royalties, and and even when she moved to the U.K., she still had to pay U.S. taxes! Hello, Salty Isle dummies! 🙄

  2. Pinkosaurus says:

    OMG get help. This is beyond hate for $$$$ cynically playing to an extreme subset of readers. She really is frightening in the intensity of her vitriol.

    • Emme says:

      Maybe she’s back on the “juice”…….

    • ELX says:

      This kind of nasty works for clicks. No one should refer to CT as a ‘reporter’ —that is not her profession. How about ‘Internet Troll and Murdoch Clickbait Shill’ because that is what she does for a living.

      I think a lot about the Murdochs and their various businesses and I wonder what it’s like to work there and know you are giving a chunk of your life to what is essentially a scofflaw and criminal enterprise—phone hacking, harassment and stalking, blackmail, interference in police investigations, abetting insurrection, violence and murder as well as a host of civil abuses, libel, constant flouting of workplace regulations, etc.

    • Airat says:

      I began to appreciate Camilla Tominey’s extreme nastiness when she wrote an email to herself to threaten her own family and accuse the Sussex Squad.: I saw how inherently evil she could be. This lady is in this Meghan business for the long haul. She is in her element in this trolling. And like other career villains before her, she will face some terrible and shocking consequences that will astound everyone…Mark my words.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Pinkosaurus, I’m with you. C@#t Tominey needs some serious mental health. I’m surprised she hasn’t had an episode worthy of institutional therapy.

  3. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Ludicrous. Laughable. Lunacy.

    • HennyO says:

      Unhinched Tominey is doubling down her pointless obsessive pieces about Meghan, after Meghan just released a statement asking the royal correspondences (clowns) to back off – and to stop the ridiculous circus they alone are creating. The woman needs serious help.

  4. How dare Meg take a breath!! That’s all I have this person needs a lobotomy. Do they still do those because she is beyond regular therapy.

    • Moxylady says:

      There are so many things to love about Meghan. I’ll start with my favorite thing. The fact that she is KIND – deeply compassionate and empathetic – not just to people in her circle but to her fellow inhabitants of this world. Kind is not enough without action and frankly – as someone with wicked adhd – I deeply respect and admire the way she is able to make her actions so impactful and she follows through in the most thoughtful ways. She never comes empty handed – she also models the way regular people can give.
      Getting a new washer and dryer? Donate your old ones to a school whose students are in need of such facilities.
      We bought a chest freezer over Covid that we barely used. It was taking up far too much room in our limited space. Page out of Meghan’s book – donated to a food bank.
      She is just so thorough in her thoughtfulness.
      But like so many kind people – kindness is mistake for weakness. It is not. She has a spine of steel.
      Ok I felt I had to say all of that before I just say – gah she is so beautiful! Holy heck.
      She’s so much more than her beauty. But dang her beauty is off the charts.
      Lastly – she has helped me accept my post baby body and also helped me realize that fitness is a process built on consistency. Everything is a process and a journey because perfection is impossible. But my brain never got that message about my body. Very all or nothing mentality. But seeing her post baby, not rushing like so many celebs to be back to pre baby weight in mere weeks …. Just her confidence in her different body sizes was truly enlightening for me.
      I know that might sound extreme but that was not modeled for me in any other area of my life. ESP not as a child. Those thought patterns are entrenched and she helped me switch tracks. I will always be thankful for that.

      • Maxine Branch says:

        Such a very thoughtful post using shared experiences. I agree with your assessment of Meghan. And thank you for sharing your journey post birth, many need to read this, including me.

      • Coldbloodedjellydonut says:

        Lovely, Moxylady. I feel the same way about Meghan, people like her make the world better and it makes me so happy. Fellow ADHDer, our enjoyment of these “small things” is one of our greatest traits.

      • Moxyladyi says:

        Thank you guys ❤️
        I was feeling a little emotional about my body this morning. And so I sat with it and was just like – what do you really want? Is this about looks or about health? And while yes- I kept trying to say it’s both- I stopped and said we need to admit to it if it’s looks based. Or if it’s health based. We can’t skirt the issue because I’m not relapsing.
        And I’ve not worked out in the past because I was worried that I would get back into that headspace with the all or nothing. And then Meghan popped into my head. And I was like …. Yeah. That. I want to be healthy. That’s what I want. And I need to know that’s a process and there are lots of different health areas – cardio vascular etc and be prepared to consider it a life long investment in myself. And not as though my body is fast fashion made for the latest trends.
        She really is an inspiration in ways she might not even realize.

      • one of the marys says:

        “But seeing her post baby, not rushing like so many celebs to be back to pre baby weight in mere weeks”

        Thanks for your thoughtful comments. The above is one of the best things she’s done while under the spotlight in my opinion. Theres so many high profile women post partum either hiding or exercising like crazy. But showing a normal healthy post partum body that changes over many months is no longer the norm

  5. equality says:

    Then it will be “how dare she be out after the con”. Or it will be someone’s BD or some tour or something else. The same tiresome rants will go on and on. But, of course, never the other way. Like “how dare KC schedule his con on Archie’s BD”.

    • Constance says:

      Is there a coronation or something coming up? All I read about is M&H, so there must not be anything going on in the UK to write about I guess. No cost of living issues, no anti-monarchy rallies…just all M&H all the time lol.

    • Barb Mill says:

      Just wait till she shows up for her Gracie award and then the MS Gala to accept that award in May. More meltdowns coming.

      • Jais says:

        Yep, if they’re already losing it this much, I cannot imagine the levels that will be reached when she looks stunning and surrounded by notable people at those awards.

      • Christine says:

        Agreed! This is how Salty Isle freaks out when she goes to a sporting event in her hometown. All the wheels are going to fly off when Meghan is receiving awards.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Great points @equality. Maybe a bad analogy. The BM (lol because it involves BMs) reminds me of this scene from Outlander. (fyi-I would not find it to be an honor watching anyone doing their business-our cat has a different pov)
      The RRs/BM need to eat more porridge. It would help with their constipated brains.

      I don’t know much about CT’s personal life. Hope she doesn’t have a daughter that she’s teaching to be less of herself and to not do anything that might take the spotlight away from someone else. Like, if she has has a daughter that’s really smart, is CT encouraging her daughter to dumb herself down for the sake of someone else? I’ve noticed that since going on GB news, CT has worn more makeup and a more revealing neckline. Lots of conversations to be held about that and hypocrisy.

  6. Abby says:

    Man the comments on those instagram posts make me sad. People are really unhinged about the Sussexes.

    • equality says:

      Really. I don’t bother to go under a celeb post just to say I don’t care about the person. If I’m not interested, I don’t bother and leave alone the people who are interested in that celeb.

    • Christine says:

      Seriously, Harry has to be the first man in history who has been berated by his overbearing wife into attending a sporting event. These people are deeply disturbed. Meghan is allowed to leave her house that is on an entirely different continent whenever she wants, you rabid assholes.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        LOL, right @Christine! CT grows more willfully ignorant by day. I’m cackling at the idea that going to an NBA playoff game with the Archewell team means Meghan is in the driver’s seat to Camilla Traducing. Does she really believe Harry has never ever in his whole life watched/enjoyed an NBA game? Or, a Euroleague basketball game? Ever?

        Did Camilla Traducing forget, in her hideous glee to paint Meghan negatively, that Harry founded the Invictus Games? Wheelchair basketball is a big part of that. Without the ‘All American Basketball’, there wouldn’t be…..
        The inaugural Invictus Games in London(the US team lost to the British team 19-9, British team won the gold, US silver). I’m sure the wounded vets that participated/participate still are appreciating her comments. /s

        In my area, I know of 3 people that have basketball courts on their property. Not tennis courts. (lots of those) I’m guessing, there are more in the SB area. Now, I want to see a video of Harry hustling around a basketball court. He was an Apache Helicpter fighter. Hand-eye coordination. Plus, the ever enjoyable Earth, Wind & Fire September obstacle course video.

        Shared this bullticky “news” with my husband. He laughed and then said, “If you taking me to an NBA game means you’re in the driver’s seat-step on it so we’re not late.”.

  7. Brit says:

    They see that Meghan coronation money going down the drain. It’s giving, “If we can’t have Meghan, no one else can”. She’s not allowed to live her life and be happy because she didn’t give us what we wanted. They also know that Meghan probably won’t be on UK soil for years unless it’s a funeral. They thought she would go to the coronation and they see she doesn’t care and she’s done entertaining them or that family anymore. They know she’s done but they’re not done with her.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      It’s true! They tell us every damn day that it’s her fault they can’t quit her.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      They’ve got alllllll their knickers in a twist. Like a gargantuan ball of yarn. The funny thing is, they know they have to tread lightly because the Sussexes will sue the pants off them if they cross a legal line. So all it is, is, she probably has a book deal! She showed up in public after she didn’t! She’s not going but I bet she wants to but I also bet she doesn’t want to but I bet she probably does doesn’t.

    • The Old Chick says:

      As things stand, when chuckles dies, I guarantee Willy will ban H and M from the funeral. That would totally be his big play.

      • Lady D says:

        LOL I have no doubt whatsoever that he will do exactly that. To lose the support of the entire country your first day as king would be one for the history books.

    • Maxine Branch says:

      Hopeful Meghan will show up to support Harry re his Wellchild patronage. Also hopeful she will continue to live her best life and dreams fear away from those deceitful dangerous folks.

    • Whyforthelove says:

      Mail on the head Brit. It’s your fault we can’t stop abusing you! These people are insane.

    • JB says:

      The whole “if we can’t have her, no one can” is not only correct, but scary. Gives me Princess Diana vibes. Stay safe Sussexes!

  8. ML says:

    Peggington sent out a bat signal to the RR asking for help. CamelToe responded.

    For clarity, Meghan left the UK with her husband more than 3 years ago and has rarely been back. She is rarely actually seen in public. Just in case the deranged coverage of H&M doesn’t make that clear…

  9. Brassy Rebel says:

    My reaction to Tominey was, is this even real? Then I read Kaiser’s hilarious reaction and decided I can’t possibly top that.

  10. Jais says:

    Tominey is a tragic troll. Always twisting the truth. Meghan has never said she would have zero media engagement. They clearly stated they won’t engage with the rota and they will speak for themselves rather than through sources. Her putting out a statement to correct lies being said about her is completely in-line with their media strategy. It’s consistent but you wouldn’t know it by reading Tominey’s twisted toxic and trollish prose. Her words drip with bitter jealous energy. She is the definition of bad vibes.

  11. Concern Fae says:

    Meghan doing an intro to a Ted talk. Meghan going to a basketball game. Nobody on that godforsaken island would have a clue that this had happened if y’all hadn’t splashed it all over the front page!

  12. C-Shell says:

    Cameltoe is beyond bonkers. I read those excerpts and my internal response to each one was WTF?! I mean, she can’t even hold onto her point to finish a coherent sentence, no matter how mendacious it might be. It’s like mental whiplash to read her crap. Once again, thanks Kaiser for finding, clicking through, reading and finding the best dreck for us so we don’t have to.

  13. Eurydice says:

    CT isn’t outraged; she’s thrilled to bits to have some new Meghan content.

    • Well Wisher says:

      She has an opportunity to use the talking points drafted just for Meghan as the target.

  14. Swack says:

    Funny they mentioned sitting next to her lawyer but didn’t say anything about her and Harry being on the kiss cam.

  15. Noor says:

    No hope for Camilla Tominey and The Telegraph. Both have gone completely bonkers over Meghan.

  16. Amy Bee says:

    Camilla Tominey is obsessed with and increasingly becoming unhinged about Meghan.

  17. tamra says:

    OH NO, she has seduced them and is manipulating them too! They can’t stop thinking and talking about her! LMAO

    • Well Wisher says:

      They can go to her paternal family…
      Oh!! They just did…..
      Coronation Eve… on the local Channel 7 in England…

  18. M says:

    All the headlines should say “Why is she still alive?” because that’s what they really mean. They are sick.

  19. lanne says:

    There is something deeply, dramatically wrong with the royal institution. Who reads stuff like this and goes, “yes, a person living in another country has no right to live her own life!” It would be different if she were on TV talking about the royals all the time, but Meghan is just in public, going about her business. Are there people in the UK who think she has no right to exist at all? I’m trying to understand the anti-Meghan position. Why should anyone care what she does? I’m trying to think of an equivalent. If, say, Amber Heard showed up in Canada and went to the park with her daughter, I’m sure there would be a lot of nasty posts on social media, but would the New York Times or the Washington Post write a column about how Amber Heard has no right to exist? (I’m not comparing Meghan to Amber in terms of their specific situations–but Amber is the only person I can think of who has had a targeted media campaign against her–even even that isn’t equivalent. The anti-Amber campaign was a social media phenomenon that was winked and nodded at by mainstream media–mainstream media didn’t lead the anti Amber witchhunt).

    Why aren’t British media figures speaking out about this? This lady needs to be on a watch list. I’ll bet 100 bucks she is corresponding with haters online. Why do people like this get a pass in British mainstream media?

    • Eurydice says:

      It’s hard to know what these people actually believe because Royal Reporting is a business and Hating Meghan is its most profitable product. I’m sure she’s communicating with haters online – they’re her most loyal customers.

    • Christine says:

      In my opinion, which is worth nothing, since I’m an American, the British media has been given a blank check on everything Meghan and Harry, by the “royal family”. There is absolutely no way any of this happens if the current monarch says, “Enough.”

      Even the current heir could stop this with one statement, but none of them do. They are all so worked up that Harry and Meghan have built a happy life, far, far away from them. None of them have even tried to face a life where they don’t have Harry and Meghan to blame for everything, and, for some reason, the readers of the British publications believe them.

      Meanwhile, their actual royal family does fuck all for anyone, three times, every other month.

  20. TheWigletOfWails says:

    Isn’t cameltoe tired of harping on about that little South Park skit? We all moved on from it about 84 years ago. She and the other derangers still bringing it up should be extremely embarrassed at this point.

    • Mary Pester says:

      @thewigletofwales yep and isn’t it funny that she doesn’t appear to want to acknowledge the prince PEG and Catherine episode

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      @TheWigletofWails, nope, she’s not tired of harping on that SP episode, she’s also hoping how the BM was slammed during the lunchroom scene might be forgotten. Americans don’t care. Brits don’t care either. The BM/derangers care. Much like how they cared that Orlando Bloom voiced PH’s character in Gary Janetti’s, The Prince. Derangers & the BM were looking forward to Janetti’s ‘The Prince’. Then..

      ..they didn’t like it. How dare they make _______________________________look bad. Are the derangers outcrying Katy Perry singing at the Chubbly when her husband participated in The Prince? I believe Wootton wrote some nonsense about all of this back then.

  21. TIFFANY says:

    She is embarrassing.

    It was Miram’s Ted Talk Meghan did the intro for, not her own.

    And this Camel knew exactly what she was writing when she said that.

    But it’s gonna backfire because everyone is gonna give Miram’s episode a ton of traffic and this will please the right people.

  22. Miranda says:

    Ladies, lock up your boyfriends and husbands! If they find out that Meghan’s brainwashing technique involves luxury seats at a Lakers game, they’ll be volunteering themselves as hostages. Don’t let that hussy steal our men like she stole Harry from Kate! 🤣🤣🤣

    • kirk says:

      🤣🤣🤣 – great comment.
      Wouldn’t work for some of our non-sporting husbands though. When game topics come up, my husband asks “Is that a ’round’ ball game?”

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      I’m with you @Miranda. I’ve purchased good seat tickets to great events for my husband for sporting events. Not luxury box seats. For years my husband was a season ticket holder for Packer & Bucks games. He dropped them when we were buying our house and the ticket prices went up. I’m keeping him away from Meghan! That sly vixen is besting all of us with her kindness. WTF She must be taken down!

      lol @kirk. Would your husband be interested in going to a book event with me?

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @kirk, not making fun. It’s just not my husband’s thing. Sometimes I feel sad about that. Then I remember how that one time he went with me and menopause was a point of discussion. It was/still is a bit funny.

  23. Booboocita says:

    Gotta admit, I like her hair better when she wears it in soft waves. The ramrod straight hair is a little severe for me. But she’s beautiful no matter what her ‘do looks like, and it’s her hair and her life and none of my business and she’s not beholden to me or anyone else for anything. Now if only Camel Toe could grasp that …

  24. Brit says:

    Does anyone else think someday some of these reporters will have a breakdown? I mean, truly a mental breakdown because they seem to be losing touch with reality and are driving themselves nuts trying to break the unbreakable, which is Meghan and Harry. Some already lost jobs and respect but it’s getting more and more extreme. It’s damn near pathological and desperate.

    • Dutch says:

      Nah. After getting our suspicions confirmed about Tucker Carlson and Fox News via the Dominion lawsuit, I doubt many of these rota rats actually believe what they are writing. Being negative about H&M lines their pockets while giving them access to the RF. It’s probably a competition among the reporters to see how unhinged they can appear to be (and clicks they can generate) without getting dragged into court.

      • lanne says:

        A scene at a nursing home in X years—

        Question: Hey, how did you spend your career?

        regular person: I worked at X doing X

        rota ratchet: I wrote hundreds of articles demonizing a woman I don’t know and never spoke to because she married a member of the royal family. I hoped all my negativity would lead her to miscarry her child, or leave the country alone. But she left with her Prince husband, can you believe it? So I continued to write articles talking about what a horrible person she was, hoping that some crazy person might kill her or do her and her children harm.

        regular person: and this was your…career?

        Ratchet: Yes. And because I wrote nasty articles for a living, I got invited to Buckingham Palace once a year, where I got to eat some cookies and gawk at members of the True White Royal Family. Yay me!

        regular person: Interesting. Well, my children and grandchildren are visiting today, have to go get ready!

        Ratchet: Hey, why doesn’t anyone come to visit me? Why didn’t the Royal Highnesses send me a card?

      • TheWigletOfWails says:

        @Dutch, they do (because they’re racist). They’re also mad because they have relationships with various members of the family and Harry completely blocked them from having access to Meghan and this is their way of punishing them for not playing ball.

  25. Lady digby says:

    Query here prior to Meghan was there more balanced coverage of the RF from the RR/tabs as Given there excessive coverage of her what did they used to write about before her arrival? I am 58 and can vividly remember Dianamania and then the war of the Wales. There was then a huge outpouring of grief and much justified anger against the press who reverse ferreted and pointed finger back at RF with Show Us you care headlines directed at Queenie in 1997. Leave her boys alone was supposedly brokered in the immediate aftermath but it is clear that phone hacking etc was deployed. Fail and co actively believe that they OWN the RF but their coverage of Meghan has always been unhinged. They carry on like a divorced exspouse who can’t let go and can’t accept that she has a new life that suits her in the US. She left 3 years ago and how she lives her life is her own business. Okay TOB and TOW are lazy dullards but they are on the TAX PAYER so why aren’t they being properly scrutinised?

    • notasugarhere says:

      Newspapers and tabloids have been losing money hand over fist for years. Things like Majesty and Hello! couldn’t earn their keep being nice in hardcopy print anymore.

      The arrival of Meghan and the advancement of Meghan Hate has been a huge money-maker for them in the digital arena. That’s why they do it, for the money and because of their intrinsic racism.

  26. girl_ninja says:

    Camilla Tominey’s hatred, jealousy and resentment of Meghan grows with each day. She is ruled by her arrogance and belief that a bi-racial woman cannot be the one that swept Harry off his feet.

    • Well Wisher says:

      Remember she is being paid to present a version of Meghan, not based in reality. It is hard to understand the role of the media in England. It cannot speak for the people, but it tries with some success to shape the narrative instead of reporting.

      The audience response maybe responsible for the harried form of reporting, since it is not enough to great gigantic profits for the ‘pamphleteers’, imitating journalists.
      Meghan cannot full the void left from improper reporting due to prejudices and class biases.

  27. molly says:

    I love that she’s still trying to make that South Park episode happen. American television watchers could absolutely not care less about South Park in 2023.

    I know the royal family makes their butthurt hurt feelings well known by Streisand Effecting shows like The Crown, but H&M, or at least their people, know better. I promise you Cam, Meghan has not given a single thought to freaking South Park in a very long time.

    • TheWigletOfWails says:

      They’re incapable of letting things go. After all, they’re still crying about the couple who told them to fuck off over 3 years ago. That whole isle needs to invest in therapy.

  28. jferber says:

    Stunning. I love her hair. We should see Kate at the Clowning with the same hairdo. She’ll have her hair and wiglets ironed and probably lightened to duplicate it exactly. And about Kate’s princess shuffle? It’s nothing more than getting closer to the real attraction, the Queen of Denmark, so she’d be sure to get her photo op. Surprised she didn’t hop on the Queen’s back instead.

  29. Mary Pester says:

    Christ almighty can someone alert Americans customs officials that camel toe is on her way to put Megan under house arrest until a month after the clowning. What is it with this old harridan. Is she secretly in love with Harry OR MEGAN. She can’t go a day without her Megan fix. Look love, Megan is an American citizen, she can go where and when she wants. I know it pains your desperate little self that she is far more successful than you will ever be, and you can’t possibly imagine that a husband might actually ENJOY a date night with his wife, and so what if her friend and solicitor was there. Don’t you have any friends, or is it the ones that you might have are just old hacks like yourself. Crawl back out of the daylight before you turn to ash like all vampires do.

    • Patricia says:

      @Mary, you are a true warrior, just like Harry! Something just struck me. Is it possible that Cameltoe is William in drag? You never see them together, their anger is completely off the charts,they make little or no sense, the both obsess on Meghan (its almost a physical thing…hmm? Kinda scary) and their language is strangely alike. My husband is bed bound also and this came to me as I was scrambling his eggs for breakfast.
      Thank you for all your comments, you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

      • Mary Pester says:

        @Patricia, it would be so funny if that were true, but William has the writing ability of a 4 year old 🤣and about the same mental prowess

  30. Calamityschild says:

    “Making a solo appearance ahead of the Ted Talk – and taking Harry to such an all-American sporting event, the Duchess appears very much back in the driving seat, with her husband once again playing a supporting role.”

    In what way is this true? Also, for a country that is quick to point out that they gave women the vote years before America, they seem to really be stuck in gender roles.

    • Feeshalori says:

      Taking Harry to a sporting event, I’m sure he had to be unwillingly dragged there kicking and screaming!

    • HennyO says:

      In what way is it Tominey or anyone’s business, what a married couple, living 5 thousand mils away in another countries, do on any days?

    • Eurydice says:

      And how was this event more all-American that the Super Bowl, which Harry attended with Eugenie? Besides, wasn’t this a team-building event for Archewell?

      • equality says:

        It’s no more All-American than a Celtics game either. If American=bad, W&K need to stay away.

  31. jferber says:

    Calamity, Basketball is not really “all-American,” because Europeans play it, too (but not Brits, I don’t think). In the U.S., she’d take him to see basketball, football, baseball or maybe soccer. I’d bet he couldn’t see cricket, European “football” or rugby so easily in the U.S., but he’d surely take her to those games in England. I think that’s why he looks a little bored sometimes at the game, not because Meghan destroyed his life, but because he has little feel so far for non-British games. I’d be bored at cricket or rugby, for sure. They overreach ALWAYS.

    • equality says:

      The LA Giltinis are a pro rugby team. There are also cricket leagues in California.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      @Jferber, there really is nothing to suggest that he looked bored. What’s the baseline we’re using for Harry looking bored? I/we watch a lot of sports. Sometimes too much,imo. My H gets a serious look on his face and sometimes looks like he wants to take a nap while watching a game.nn Then I suggest turning the channel. I”M WATCHING. He says. We could have a full on camera of anyone during this game and it will be a different story. How is the NBA game considered something Harry doesn’t understand or feel, when, essentially it’s what the IG games wheelchair basketball games is part of? Harry is universal. Not UK egocentric. smh

  32. QuiteContrary says:

    LOL at Tominey thinking the world revolves around the Chubbly.

    Does she really think Misan Harriman scheduled his Ted Talk — and Meghan’s intro — to steal thunder from the Struggly? Or that Archewell rented a suite at the Lakers game to pull focus from Charles??

    Maybe, Camilla, people around the world JUST DON’T CARE about the coronation. If it was so compelling, Meghan couldn’t distract from it even if she wanted to — and she clearly doesn’t play that sort of game (even when Sussex supporters like me wish she would, because I’m far more spiteful than she is).

    • LadyO says:

      TBH hardly anyone in the UK cares about the Chubbly either.

    • Feeshalori says:

      These hysterical nut cases really believe it’s a worldwide event that everyday living around the globe must stop for.

    • OriginalCee says:

      It’s that Empire mindset they have – NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU.
      You know what, we would care had Diana been about to be annointed Queen.

  33. Lizzie says:

    Isn’t polo season in Santa Barbara starting soon? Hoping to see the Sussexes a lot in the coming weeks.

    • Debbie says:

      From your mouth to the god-of-snug-fitting-uniforms’ ear, yes, I hope we get new polo playing photos.

  34. MsIam says:

    So I guess they’ve all stopped crying about not seeing Meghan, right? Now we are back to “Why is she being seen?” Rinse and repeat, on and on.

  35. Yesgirl says:

    I love how obsessed they are with the glamorous, chic, intelligent, international news catching, prince marrying, mommy of 2 * I will say this loudly for those in the back* Duchess of Sussex !!

  36. OriginalCee says:

    I can’t wait for the day when they sue Tominey. The day is coming and she’s too stupid to realise it.

  37. lleepar says:

    The basketball outing looked like a treat for the Archewell staff. It wasn’t about Meghan taking Harry to a game.

  38. Izzy says:

    Yes, because Meghan controls… *checks notes* the NBA Playoff schedule and deliberately scheduled them SO CLOSE TO THE CHUBBLY, YOU GUYS.

    On another note, is Cameltoe Tominey actually high? I’m being serious here. Has anyone drug tested her?

  39. Bubblegum Dreams says:

    The Horror! How dare she live and breath.

    • Well Wisher says:

      They are going to lose it. Meghan is signed with William Morris Endeavor, announced by Variety.
      Their consolation prize is her paternal relatives are in a documentary due to be aired on May 5th, 2023.

  40. CTominey has gone crazy. She’s so incoherent in her articles. This woman is nuts.

  41. Oswin says:

    Not only did she dare show her face, but BM is convinced it’s a face she’s had plastic surgery on to “look more like Kate.” Seriously. They think a stunner like Meg went under the knife to look manic-mouthed and wonky-browed.

    The delusions never ends.

  42. Well Wisher says:

    “Camilla Tominey’s hatred, jealousy and resentment of Meghan grows with each day. She is ruled by her arrogance and belief that a bi-racial woman cannot be the one that swept Harry off his feet.”
    Remember she is being paid to present a version of Meghan, not based in reality. It is hard to understand the role of the media in England. It cannot speak for the people, but it tries with some success to shape the narrative instead of reporting.

    The audience response maybe responsible for the harried form of reporting, since it is not enough to great gigantic profits for the ‘pamphleteers’, imitating journalists.
    Meghan cannot full the void left from improper reporting due to prejudices and class biases.

  43. Cassie says:

    Oh my ,wonder what the reaction will be now she has signed with WME.

    Her timing is impeccable ,well done Meg .

    No wonder they were partying at the game the other night .

    • tamra says:

      And MIRACULOUSLY NOBODY knew, because NOTHING had been leaked! This just again illustrates where the leaks are coming from!

  44. AC says:

    And the British tabloids and their trolls make up stupid stuff that Meghan wants to look like Kate. Have they even seen Kate lately. She looks haggard , all these years of being stressed for having no voice and throwing cushions at William. Not aging well at all.
    For all the crap that the BM are saying about HM , that they aren’t cut out to hang out with Hollywood A-listers. But Meghan just signed with Endeavor to increase their ventures and branding . Endeavor is literally a powerhouse agency in Hollywood. That will Drive the BP even more psycho crazy as that’s another big surprise for them.. lol..HM advisers are literally geniuses. And the delivery of when to make things public is on the spot. Genius like how Taylor Swift controls her own narratives.
    It makes the BRF advisers look like amateurs(Still surprised those people are still employed as they’ve made a lot of bad decisions) . Just shows they haven’t adapted to this modern and ever changing world.
    But then again they also have Kate who doesn’t like anything that spells “work” .(haha).