Joshua Jackson: ‘Jodie is not fussed about my sex scenes… she kind of enjoys them’

Joshua Jackson is currently promoting the Fatal Attraction limited series, where he plays Dan, the character originally played by Michael Douglas, and Lizzy Caplan plays Alex (originally played by Glenn Close). The series is on Paramount+, which basically means that they can do an explicit, R-rated show with graphic sex scenes. Don’t tell the Puriteens, who cry on Beyonce’s internet every day that sex, nudity and intimacy should not be shown in films or television shows. This is not Joshua’s first “sexy” show, and he seems to be fine with showing his body and working out the mechanics of sex scenes with a partner. Variety also spoke to Lizzy Caplan, who sings Jackson’s praises and you can tell they had a good rapport and they worked well together and with the intimacy coordinator. From this Variety interview with Jackson:

The importance of sex scenes: “The sex scenes are of great importance because they’re furthering the narrative. You have to believe that these people want to f–k each other.” He adds that the show works hard to create “something in the beginning that’s transgressive and animalistic, then moving into something sweeter as the sex scenes progress — which is in its way more transgressive, because he’s married.”

The series shows Alex’s point of view as well: “I went back and watched the original and was like, ‘Holy sh-t, we’ve come a long way.’ The movie is incredible, but the gender dynamics are impossible to wrap your head around.”

Jackson thinks Dan is a sh-thead: “The second his principles bump up against his convenience, he chooses his convenience.”

His pet peeves: “One of my pet peeves is two characters have sex, and it’s the most amazing sex she’s ever had. She wakes up in the morning, and she pulls the sheet up over her breasts. I’ve never in my life had great sex with somebody and then have them be like, ‘But I don’t want you to see my nipples in the morning.’”

He feels like the show is about the female gaze: “God bless Silver for being amazing and coming at this from the female gaze. There are so many ways to tell the story of a sex scene that don’t need to be about certain pieces of a woman’s body. There are so many different ways that this can give you all of that stuff without it having to be exploitive of the women’s body.”

Lizzy Caplan couldn’t have been more comfortable with Jackson: She’d just welcomed her first child as filming began, so wasn’t feeling so secure shooting close-ups. “As I’m trying to figure out how this new postpartum body works, Joshua was right there to help me out. Want to know what true feminism is? That, in a man.”

Having a daughter with Jodie Turner Smith: “There are things I would have been interested in doing before having the baby, like playing a real racist motherf–ker. Now, it’s just not something that I want to put on camera and have my daughter see.”

Jodie isn’t bothered by his sex scenes: “Jodie is not fussed about my sex scenes,” Jackson says. And, anyway, he finds more intimacy in scenes between characters falling in love, since sex scenes are more technical. After a pause, he laughs and adds, “The sex scenes themselves, Jodie kind of enjoys them, actually. It’s a weird thing where she’s like a voyeur. So that works! If that’s your thing — excellent.”

How he views Dawson’s Creek: “‘Dawson’s Creek’ never ever thought that young people are stupid. It never spoke down to anyone. We weren’t trying to be too cool. ‘Gossip Girl’ was trying to be in the zeitgeist and be cool to kids. We were all nerdy kids. It doesn’t have to be ‘Euphoria’ to have an impact.”

[From Variety]

I would actually find it icky if Joshua was the only one from the show talking about how great it is to shoot sex scenes, but it’s clear that Lizzy Caplan felt respected and protected by Joshua, the director and the crew. Plus, this is Fatal Attraction – of course there are going to be sex scenes, that’s the whole point, a married man has a torrid affair and everything goes sideways. It would be a total bait-and-switch if they didn’t have tons of sex scenes. As for Joshua calling Jodie a voyeur… well, okay then! No comment, I guess.

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  1. Zoochy says:

    Jodie’s like “yeah that’s MY guy!”

    • Bee says:

      Exactly! They have a secure relationship and it’s part of his job. Plus she gets to ogle him. Sounds good to me!

  2. Ameerah M says:

    Joshua looks really good in that suit. And I love Lizzy Caplan. I’m still on the fence abut watching this though. Fatal Attraction has never been a fave of mine story-wise

    • kirk says:

      If you love Lizzy Caplan you should watch her talking about how filming sex scenes has changed now with intimacy coordinators on Tonight Show 4/28/23.

    • Bee says:

      I saw the original in the theater, because people were telling me it was “soooo good!” Sitting through it was a horrible, misogynist ordeal. I’m surprised anyone wanted to remake it. It’s encouraging that he says he watched it and was like whoa. But it’s still probably not for me.

  3. Jo says:

    I get it. As long as there is no ambiguity and you KNOW your man / woman / x person is acting then that’s not a problem at all and can even be a little titillating to see what you get to do with your person from the outside. No biggie for me here.
    I also appreciate the fact that he would never want to play a racist nazi or whatever because he would never want his daughter to see him like that. What a terrible world we live in for an actor to limit himself to protect his progeny. But I get it.

    • Kitten says:

      I don’t think it’s some great personal sacrifice for him to give up on the idea of playing a nazi.

      • Jo says:

        Mmm. I never said it was a sacrifice. More of a terrible form of awareness of the potential suffering of his people and a whole community through the pondering of a professional choice.

  4. KAYE says:

    Love Lizzy Caplan – she is so underrated and excellent in all she does. But her styling during this PR swing Oh my — this dress is nipped & tucked up close and is awful.

    • Normades says:

      The chest darts are misplaced and awfully executed. It’s a pattern making fail all around.

    • Bee says:

      It’s also way, way too long. Why do they not hem red carpet gowns?

      Those shoes are also not doing that suit a favor. Great suit tho.

  5. Kitten says:

    Phew, I would NOT personally enjoy seeing that but good on her if she’s into it. Very convenient for Josh I guess and I hope it’s reciprocated.

  6. Birdie says:

    I don’t have much to add besides I feel old seeing Pacey as a grown ass man, but I also think he and James VDB are sexy AF.

  7. Sugarhere says:

    Perhaps Joshua Jackson would be well-inspired to stop once and for all bragging so flippantly about how much sexual freedom he is being granted within his marriage, and start pondering over the notion of acceptable limits.

    Mind him, even Jody Smith must have her limits, meaning he’d better stop the swagger about the fidelity credit line he’s currently enjoying, because it might explode in his conceited ass face. I remember him being deeply depressed, whinging, and licking his wounds when Diane Kruger once gave him a taste of his own medicine.

    Since he is in a really good place family-wise and career-wise, he’d be wise to thank the Lord, appreciate his wife and shut the fig up!

    • Lala11_7 says:

      @Sugar….THANK YOU!!!!

    • Dottie says:

      What has Pacey done to you?

    • OFFS says:

      You’re missing the context here.

      He’s starting in a remake of one of the most influential cinematic cautionary tales about infidelity ever put on screen. So he’s being asked about fidelity. And he’s discussing fidelity *because he’s being asked about it*. He’s not just walking in to an interview and saying, “So let’s talk about how cheating isn’t a deal breaker for me.”

      He’s getting so much criticism and being treated worse than people who ACTUALLY cheated on their significant others, because he answered questions about his opinions. On a subject he’s starring in a movie about.

      I mean, next thing you know we’re going to be harassing him because he mentions he doesn’t really like bunny rabbits.

      • Sugarhere says:

        And you’re missing the content here.

        “The sex scenes themselves, Jodie kind of enjoys them, actually. It’s a weird thing where she’s like a voyeur.” : He publicly shares his personal opinion, connects it to his private life, which gives anybody the possibility and the right to comment on the brashness of the content. You don’t have a say in other people’s ability to express a viewpoint on something that was clearly meant – guess what – for people to express a viewpoint.

        I’ll be fine the day I read about Jodie Smith in person claiming her husband’s sex scenes are a turn on for her. I am objecting to the fact that he uses his wife’s alleged approval to justify his recurrent role choices and personal conduct. Now conflating opinion and a witch hunt is totally on you.

        See Penn Badgley as tge antithesus

      • Rachel says:

        Sorry, I put breaks in between each point I was making, but it is not showing up.

      • Rachel says:

        Jodie mentioned in an interview about a year ago, that she enjoys seeing his sex scenes. Said she couldn’t wait to see Fatal Attraction. She mentioned it first.

        This is what comes before that quote in the interview. The last section is talking about things in his personal life. Looks like the interviewer is paraphrasing the conversation they are having:

        Nearly three years ago, Jackson welcomed his first child, a daughter, with his wife, Jodie Turner-Smith. It changed everything — including what types of roles he takes. For the most part, Jackson and Turner-Smith don’t involve the baby in their work lives. And Jackson’s hopeful that he and Turner-Smith can work together on-screen eventually. The couple do watch each other’s work though. “Jodie is not fussed about my sex scenes,” Jackson says. And, anyway, he finds more intimacy in scenes between characters falling in love, since sex scenes are more technical.

    • rachel says:

      Josh is promoting his new tv series Fatal Attraction, hence the interviews and the questions. That’s why he is discussing this stuff. He is being asked about it because his character on the show, that he is ACTING out, cheats on his wife and then suffers the consequences of those actions. In this article Josh and LIzzy are talking about how they went about filming those sex scenes and how they feel about doing them for the show. You get better context if you read the whole article.

    • BB says:

      Thank you Sugarhere!
      I just can’t with all of this.

  8. Roo says:

    I’m not particularly interested in this, but I hope it goes well for them. I would love to see Josh and Jodie do a movie or show together.

  9. Elle says:

    I think the comment about having a pet peeve with a woman wanting to be covered up in the morning after being intimate is odd. I definitely prefer to have my covers over me even if I’m wearing a long sleeved shirt when I am lounging in bed or sleeping.

  10. Plums says:

    Well I guess I’ve been under a rock because I could have sworn before this story that the last I heard about Josh and Jodie was that they had broken up. Like I’m so sure I remember reading a story about that months or even years ago that. I guess I Mandela effected myself!

  11. eliza says:

    Love him. Love them. But I did laugh at his line about how no woman has ever pulled a sheet up over themselves the next morning. I’ve had times in my life where I’m so self conscious about my body the second the lights come on I dive for the covers. I’m not saying that his ladies haven’t had body image issues, as that is an equal opportunity employer, but they probably have landed on the modelesque end of the spectrum.

    • Turtledove says:

      Eliza, I had the EXACT same thoughts. “well, Joshua, you have been involved with some of the most beautiful women in the world, maybe they have less insecurities than other mere mortals.” LOL If I looked like Jodie, I would wear a bikini 24/7,grocery store, jogging, to the office.,

  12. Kirsten says:

    I love Lizzy Caplan, but her dress is so bad. JJ’s suit is great all around and he looks fantastic. I kind of side-eye the way that he talks about Jodie though – it’s like they’re pals who happen to share a kid and not husband and wife somehow?

  13. Serena says:

    Well, that’s hot.

  14. Mee says:

    Something about him throws me off in a bad way. I must be the only one who remembers the paparazzi picture of him DEEP THROAT kissing a young woman at the airport parking garage….DAYS before his wedding to Jodie. And I mean deep throat. There was video. It quickly disappeared soon after it was posted on tmz. Maybe that’s why he keeps bragging about infidelity. Not my type of man. Clearly what Jodie wants.

    • rachel says:

      They got married months after in December of that year. It wasn’t days before his wedding. They weren’t even together at the time. Jodie had said on her social media weeks before that she was single. They had been casual dating up until then, Jodie was seen with someone else months before. They got back together and when they did it became more serious.

      He has been giving interviews lately because he is promoting his tv series Fatal Attraction, where his character cheats on his wife and then pays the consequences. He is getting asked questions about this stuff because that’s what his character on the show does. In the film his character has no consequences for his actions. In the tv series, he does and that is one of the reasons why Josh took the role, because they changed it.

  15. Doris says:

    I’m gringing whenever he speaks, but i’m glad to see i’m not the only one groaning with annoyance at this.