Jobson: King Charles is totally fine with William & Kate ‘stealing the limelight’

There’s been a lot of talk this week about how the Princess of Wales is getting too much attention and overshadowing King Charles and Queen Camilla. On Monday, Kate made a “surprise” visit to the Chelsea Flower Show, where she arranged for a dozen photographers to document her keen “picnic” with some local schoolchildren, many of whom were Black and brown. She got on the cover of many of the papers in Britain, even if she was widely mocked online for using those kids as diversity props. The other problem was that on the very same day, Charles and Camilla visited the Chelsea Flower Show and their visit barely got any attention. “Sources” told Richard Eden at the Mail that Charles was furious about Kate’s thunder-stealing. Except now Charles’s biographer Robert Jobson claims that Charles is fine with Kate’s keenery because she and William are the future…? That seriously sounds nothing like Charles.

Queen Camilla has wisely always stayed more in the shadows – stressing her ‘supporting role.’ Now he is King for the first time in decades he is very much the star attraction again – for now at least. Wherever he goes the crowds are 8 to 10 people deep. Perhaps it is due to the novelty of wanting to see the new monarch up close and personal. But Charles is under no illusions that it is the younger royals that have the star quality and are crucial for the future of our monarchy.

We have seen a sign of that at the Chelsea Flower Show, where the Princess of Wales dazzled and, perhaps understandably, drew more attention than his own visit. Catherine and William have the wow factor – as a double act at the Earthshot Prize launches they have pulling power. They make headlines for the right reasons. She has made the role as the new princess her own. Her work with Early Learning for young children has been groundbreaking. She looks great, she is smart and is an inspiration to many women at home and abroad. But she never overplays her hand.

Speculation that Charles is concerned that his son and daughter-in-law are stealing his thunder is wide off the mark. Whatever he might have felt in the past, The King knows his role is different now. His position as Head of State and ‘Father of the nation’ must be a unifying one. His days of going out of a limb, speaking on potentially divisive issues are in the past. His legacy on the environment and sustainability is secure.

The Palace, however, is conscious that with less so-called ‘working royals’ the grid system of engagements must complement each other. There must also be a clear strategy towards the Commonwealth too, of which the King was created head of by consensus.

The Harry/Meghan distraction will over time become less important as the King establishes his new reign – and we move from the transitional period. There is no doubt that Charles’s position as the paterfamilias is established. After William and his family, The Princess Royal and the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh have declared their unreserved support to the Crown. Over time any uncertainty will fade.

But make no mistake, whilst it is Charles’s head that wears the Crown, it is William, Catherine and their children that will steal the limelight. They are bound to. And it is right. This time, it will be with Charles’s blessing – for he knows for monarchy to survive it must be relevant to the younger generation.

[From The Daily Mail]

This reads like a palace adviser giving Charles a pep talk, trying to calm down Charles because he’s enraged about Kate’s thunder-stealing. “It will be okay, sir, you’re still king, you’re still in charge of this family, Kate will naturally get more attention.” All it does is emphasize that there IS “uncertainty” and that for the past five years, the biggest show is the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the royal court of Montecito. “Interest in the Sussexes will fade, Your Majesty!” How many years have they been saying that?

As for Kate’s keenery… “The Palace, however, is conscious that with less so-called ‘working royals’ the grid system of engagements must complement each other.” There it is – Jobson telling Kate and William that they need to clear their sh-t with Charles and Cam so that their events “complement” each other.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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44 Responses to “Jobson: King Charles is totally fine with William & Kate ‘stealing the limelight’”

  1. girl_ninja says:

    Lol…let’s say that it’s true, Charles gives no f!cks about the Wilting Keens stealing the limelight. Camilla cares. She loves the attention and preserved adoration. She didn’t do several decades of scheming to out shinned by Dull and Duller.

    • Chloe says:

      Charles absolutely cares too. He always has. He was upset when diana outshone him. He was upset when harry defending his then girlfriend meghan stole the thunder from his trip to somewhere. He was upset every time meghan stole the limelight as a working royal. And he is upset now.

      • girl_ninja says:

        I know this. That Charles bit was me making a larger point about his mistress/wife.

      • Pinkosaurus says:

        I wonder just when C&C heard about Kate’s picnic stunt with the kids. Maybe after they got there and wondered where all the photographers were, who had already left because they had Kate pictures to run? I bet that was an interesting discussion in the car.

    • Cara says:

      What limelight?? Fewer and fewer people care about any of them, and they know it. You can smell the desperation.

    • Ellie says:

      Hope the children aren’t scared by some of the faces she makes!

  2. MaryContrary says:

    Her “groundbreaking work”? “Never overplays her hand”? “An inspiration to women”? How can they legit type this out with a straight face. And no, I don’t believe for a minute that he’s not furious with her. The man threw a hissy fit in front of everyone when a pen didn’t work.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Don’t forget how “dazzling” she is!

    • Harper says:

      CarolE sounds really nervous; she is laying it on thicker than usual.

    • Nic919 says:

      This is Jobson being told by C and C to not make it look like they are freaking out while throwing in a few obvious criticisms of Kate. There is definitely something that will happen because of this but they taking them off the scent.

      There is an article from a photographer at the Chelsea event who basically says Kate hijacked press day knowing there would be cameras and showed up unexpectedly. It also looks like she attacked herself to school groups which might explain why the kids have so many WTF looks.

      • Jais says:

        The fact that it was press day and she did an event with school kids bothers me. Like do an event with kids but just not on press day. Do it with very minimal photographers so they’re not all up in these kids faces. The photographers had to stay at a distance sure but it would’ve still been a circus Obv, the kids were reacting to Kate but equally they were reacting to all the photographers circling once the found out about Kate’s secret visit. Swear she just wanted to show that photographers are excited to see her in the same way they are Harry and Meghan.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      I think Kate *could* be an inspiration to women . . . inspiration to get a job of their own and be self-sufficient, so they are not at the mercy of an emotionally and physically abusive man-child and his den of vipers family.

    • First comment says:

      Is this the same jobson who wrote that awful thing about Meghan? I mean, really? The bigotry is outstanding,!!!

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      He also threw a hissy fit in the gold coach when Cannot and Willnot made him late to his own shiny hat party.

  3. Inge says:

    K is only getting more attention because they succeeded in getting H&M to leave.

  4. Scooby Gang says:

    Yeah, the day KCIII doesn’t care about being overshadowed…

    It’s basically his entire persona.

    And I don’t think he gives a flying fig about the future of the royal family. He cares about his own reign, his own attention … his own turn at the top.

    He’d burn it all to the ground without a care in the world.

  5. VivaLasVirgos says:

    Ah yes, Charles famously not competitive when it comes to attention.

  6. Rapunzel says:

    Harry done told us how UpChuck operates. He fears Kate holding a tennis racket. No way was he fine with Kate’s antics at the flower show.

    • Jais says:

      Outdone by a tennis racket😂. The thing is, like Harry, Robert Jobsen has already told us how Charles operates. He’s talked about how upset he was when Harry released the protect Meghan statement and it took Charles’ trip off the front page. So there’s no way he’s chill and Robert Jobsen knows this.

  7. I believe Diana had to be disposed of because she was stealing Chuckles spotlight. I believe the same thing is being done to Harry. Chuckles doesn’t share period. The knives are out. Can’t and Peg should heed the warning!

  8. Jais says:

    Her work with Early Years is groundbreaking. Okaaaay. Claims like this just make my eyes pop. Really? Where is the evidence that it’s groundbreaking. Jobsen is fronting hard for keen. It’s the whole she never puts a foot wrong storyline. I thought he was Charles’ man? Does seem like there’s a very subtle warning with the whole engagements must complement each other part. I just can’t see Charles not being pretty pissed that she did a secret visit hours before his visit. Maybe Jobsen is just trying to temper Charles’ actual reaction to make him seem more reasonable rather than a petty worrier about his limelight.

    • Nic919 says:

      I think Jobson is saying things in such a grandiose way to also make a few digs at just how basic her work has been. Jobson has always been C and C before the others and this article seems to have a sheen of sarcasm to it.

  9. Emily H says:

    Those two girls in back of Kate look like they’ve spotted her wiglet clips.

  10. Amy Bee says:

    Given that I’ve seen a member of the royal rota talking about Kate possibly overshadowing Charles and Camilla today, it’s clear that they were upset that Kate had a surprise visit to the Chelsea Flower Show on the same day. Let’s hope Kate overshadows Charles and Camilla some more.

  11. Mary Pester says:

    Oh she definitely has the wow factor, as in wow, she’s copying another of Megan’s outfits or wow another solo engagement, or even wow she is treading on Charlie’s toes. Does this idiot really expect us to believe that Charlie and camzilla were not spitting feathers, over this spotlight grab by keen, because if anyone does I have an island for sale?!

  12. Whyforthelovel says:

    Kate you in danger! Seriously though she doesn’t care she and her 12 wiglets will merrily prance along terrorizing children and farm animals without a care in the world…except of course her SWF of every woman she sees

  13. ChillinginDC says:

    This going to be fun. LOL.

  14. ML says:

    This jumps out at me, “The Harry/Meghan distraction will over time become less important as the King establishes his new reign – …”
    For heaven’s sake, WHAT Harry and Meghan “distraction” is Jobson talking about when he’s presumably writing about Keen NOT having stolen KC’s limelight?! H&M left years ago and cannot be accused of stealing anyone’s spotlight because they no longer work for/ at/ in the firm!

    • lleepar says:

      This reminds me of the 2019 Shipman article about relocating H&M to Africa or someplace else. There was a comment about how Palace staff was having to assure William that he was the important brother and that Harry’s influence would fade.

      So in 2023, the royal sycophants are still having to assure insecure royals that Harry’s influence will fade — even after he’s been gone three years already.

  15. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Charles is jealous when the sun outshines him. Of course he is furious when do-nothings do nothing and steal the limelight.

  16. MsIam says:

    I wonder if this piece is more of a warning to Charles to get his ish together? How can he be the “unifying father of the nation” when his own family is in shambles? And why should he be upset when a younger family member steals his thunder? He’s the freaking king! I think this is a long winded way of saying “ Grow up Charles! Stop tantruming and throwing away what’s left of your reputation!” I wonder if Charles will listen or only care about what Crocmilla is whispering in his ear?

  17. HeyKay says:

    Stealing the limelight?
    I think he means “Do some work!”
    C&C, and Anne are in their 70’s, I bet they’d enjoy pushing W&K out front.

  18. Becks1 says:

    Riiiiiiiiiight…….of course charles didn’t care. LOL for days.

    He gives it all away with that comment about the palace being aware that the engagements need to complement each other. In other words, there was no reason for Kate to go to the flower show that day before Charles made his first visit as monarch. It was not “complementary.”

    The reason Charles was fine with the smear campaign against Meghan was in large part due to her popularity and the success of the Oceania tour. but now, a few years later, he’s fine with Kate stealing his thunder?

    No, no he is not lol.

  19. kelleybelle says:

    Ha ha, they always, ALWAYS deny what’s true.

  20. Athena says:

    “Father of the nation”, Charles? Who knew Jobson had a sense of humor.

  21. QuiteContrary says:

    Kate is an inspiration to women home and abroad?

    LOL. Sure, dude.

  22. Saucy&Sassy says:

    I wonder what would happen if the Sussex Squad no longer talked about Wails? What if people posted the article with the headline and closed comments? Wails get more attention than she deserves because people on sm are the ones making it go all around.

    The problem that the brf have is that no one was the WOW factors. None of them. The issue at this point is that H&M have to be mentioned in every article to get people interested. At what point do people catch on that the articles aren’t about H&M, but instead is about sn unnoticed royal? I hope social media catches on. Yes, the Meghan haters would carry on, but if there wasn’t any push back at all?

  23. J. Ferber says:

    No, he’s not totally fine about that. Just a hint: he once killed someone for that, so no, he’s not fine with it.

  24. Teagirl says:

    I am intrigued by this paragraph :
    “The Harry/Meghan distraction will over time become less important as the King establishes his new reign – and we move from the transitional period. There is no doubt that Charles’s position as the paterfamilias is established. After William and his family, The Princess Royal and the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh have declared their unreserved support to the Crown. Over time any uncertainty will fade.”

    And especially by the last line about uncertainty. Uncertainty about what? The preceding sentence about Anne and the Edinburghs declaring their support … is this some kind of contest or battle where people have to declare which side they are for? It sounds as though there is some doubt that Charles has everybody on side.

    This whole thing is sounding more and more like some kind of mediaeval or Tudor court with opposing factions.

  25. tamsin says:

    “Paterfamilias” just made me lol! Seriously, if Charles were capable, his reign would be in better shape. Isn’t Jobson Charles’s mouthpiece? He’s out doing damage control. Can’t have people thinking that the king is always being overshadowed after yesterday’s article about it.

  26. ales says:

    Khate’s commoner social climbing background is showing. After the stalking and eradicating all competition for William until she was the last woman standing is she now targetting C & C. It is extraordinary that someone so devoid of empathy, severely lacking in public relations skills and works less than any other royal, believes she should be queen. Wonder who will win.

  27. AC says:

    They’re talking about being relevant to a younger generation. What exactly does the younger generation find in the BRF to be inspiring. Considering gen A will be the Most Diverse and Most college educated out of all the generations. You look at the current BRF now , they’re NOT diverse no matter how they think they are. Do they even know themselves what they offer. The BRF lives in a fantasy bubble that IMO isn’t really relatable to a lot of people inc the younger generation.
    There are many women out there who are so much more inspiring than Kate Middleton.

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