Jennifer Lopez on her AMA fall: “I meant to do that”

Here’s the video from Jennifer Lopez’s fall during the American music Awards last night. This is only a 14 second clip of the fall, so you don‘t have to listen to the whole damn song again. You can just watch it over and over and chuckle. You can barely even hear the backing track’s incessant repetition of “Louboutin” thank God. Jennifer says the name like she’s got a speech impediment. Or like she has a friend named Lou Baton, and she wants to sing a song about him. With a speech impediment. It’s pretty rough, but Jennifer did recover with grace. She didn’t even fall that hard – her feet did break her fall, so it was more like she lost her balance than she actually “fell”.

Anyway, Ryan Seacrest just did an interview with Jennifer a few hours ago, and she was trying to be coy or funny, and she’s all “did something happen?” and “I meant to do that.” Haha, Lola. So funny:

Did Jennifer Lopez suffer a concussion after falling during her “Louboutins” number at the American Music Awards Sunday?

The singer-actress jokingly played the amnesiac during a Monday interview on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS FM radio show. “Did I trip a little bit?” she says coyly when Seacrest mentions the tumble. “I don’t even remember.”

Lopez’s mishap occurred after the star mounted a human pyramid of bare-chested male dancers and jumped off a dancer’s back — landing on her famous bottom and quickly bouncing back up.

After Seacrest commends her for executing the “greatest recovery ever,” Lopez kids: “I meant to do that. What are you talking about? Don’t you know me better than that? It was part of the choreography!”

Suddenly philosophical, she adds: “the measure of things is, it’s not what happens when you fall, it’s how you handle it when you fall.”

Her biggest — but most jittery — fan? Husband Marc Anthony. “When I perform, this man is a nervous wreck. It is very cute,” she coos. “Last night, he was very proud. He couldn’t stop — he was beaming.”

“Louboutins” will appear on Lopez’s next album, Love?, due in “late February, early March,” she says. “Love with a question mark behind it, because I think, it’s the eternal question, it’s something that after many experiences myself and even watching what everyone goes through around me . . . it’s the one thing that is still the most confusing.”

[From Us Weekly]

My favorite part is where she gets all philosophical and says “the measure of things is, it’s not what happens when you fall, it’s how you handle it when you fall.” Thank you, Mahatma Lola. Lola speaketh: “Sometimes you bust your ass, y’all.”

As CB pointed out in her earlier post, and others have noted as well, the whole performance was weird and Lola would have been criticized regardless. I mean, boxing? Seriously? The song sucks (but not as badly as “Fresh Out the Oven” which makes me twitch) and Lola was lip-synching. Just terrible.

2009 American Music Awards - Show

2009 American Music Awards - Show

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36 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez on her AMA fall: “I meant to do that””

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  1. Maja says:

    Diva! Loves it!

  2. seven says:

    Sorta Off topic but she looks REALLY constipated in those 2 photos… On Topic… Song still sucks.

  3. bo says:

    Do. Not. Get.

    I don’t mean for her to be literal and walking around in Louboutins… but the caveman interpretation makes zero sense over here.

  4. Karin says:

    Fantastic! Again!

    It is really weird how she can’t even pronounce the word and instead repeats ‘loo – bee – tan’ about a million times. I seriously hope she is not being paid by the shoe makers for wearing them in the other video and going on about them in this song – what a colossal waste of an investment that would be… like saying ‘here are some shoes that you can only wear comfortably when rolling around on a white-sheet covered sofa and can’t be worn on stage – the ‘singer’ would rather wear flats!

    Right. Back to that video… one, two, three, jump and whooops! 😀

  5. Eileen Yover says:

    Oh yeah-she sure is Jenny From Tha Block singing about $1K shoes!
    You can tell by that last picture that she’s like “Oh Crap I’m about to fall flat on my ass!”

  6. Gistine says:

    HAHAHAHA! She is crap!

  7. Lem says:

    but did she mean to wear that outfit and lipsinc off beat?

  8. fizXgirl314 says:

    she looks all thick but without the benefit of big boobs… that’s pretty unappealing…

  9. moo says:

    At least she’s got A LOT of padding down there that helped cushion the fall…

  10. CadieBelle says:

    Her performance & appearance were an embarassment even without the fall.

  11. pixiegirl says:

    I actually thought that ‘Fresh out the oven song’ and this song were the same! They are both that bad. Can’t she pay someone to write a decent pop song for her? Dang!

    Oh, and I couldn’t careless about that fall. So what? I hate to admit it but I much preferred GaGa’s ‘performance’ – if that’s what you wanna call it. That woman is fearless and so, so strange.

  12. QB says:

    She did not sing , dancing sucked , her outfit was bad and she falled on her ass.

  13. TwinkleToes says:

    Love her but her legs looked stumpy with those shorts and booties. She needs heels. This performance showed that her video of same song is all smoke and mirrors. She needs hair to look feminine, not pulled back like that. She is so disappointing. I wanted to see her come back with something sophisticated without using autotone. Those Louboutins were over 2 yrs. ago when they were featured on Oprah. The hot thing is custom made shoes now made in Italy.

  14. Enonymous says:

    I have to admit that I liked J.Lo’s music until now, these two songs that she recently released are complete and utter crap, I can’t tolerate listening to them for more then 30 seconds. She should have known better and released music with more substance and maturity but it seems the problem with her is that she is still acting like she did back in 1999.

  15. viper says:

    She makes Britney Spears’ routine look professional.

  16. Annabelle says:

    If she didn’t fall (as she claims) then why dud she later make a point about how falling doesn’t matter?

  17. fizXgirl314 says:

    I think it should be stated that falling isn’t a big deal… people fall all the time… it happens… wouldn’t have been a big deal if she and the song didn’t suck so much :/

  18. Lindsay says:

    I think she was trying to be cute and funny when she said “Did I trip a little bit?” Maybe joking about all the media attention and down play it like it was a little event. It wasn’t actually cute or clever and reads horribly.

    Is she trying to score some free shoes and maybe endorsement deal? In the “Straight Out the Oven” video she repeatedly show their trademark red soles, even close ups of them and now she has a song with their name in the title. Didn’t the designer say recently, other than a very few exceptions, he hates celebrities? The theme of this song is a lot like “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” except this time she takes the luxury goods she name drops.

  19. Gigohead says:

    Ha! I think JLo hurt her vulva on that fall!!

  20. Sakota says:

    What is wrong with wearing a full length evening gown and simply singing? LIke Beyonce, she doesn’t have the figure for this stuff anymore.

  21. logan says:

    And the clown parade just keeps on marching on.
    Go Jon G.
    Go Lindsay L.
    Go Perez H.
    Go Jennifer L.
    Go Amy W. the list goes on and on. Clowns all of em.

  22. You Go Girl says:

    Give it up Jenny From the Block!
    Stay home and look after your kids, and at least try and make your 3rd marriage work.
    Your voice makes our ears bleed.
    Stop the silliness Chola!

  23. Neelyo says:

    I think she’s pronouncing it that way to sound more ‘street’.

    J Lo has always only been as good as whoever’s styling, directing, producing her, etc. Left to her own devices she’s very tacky and a little stupid.

    Now that she’s pretty much a has-been, I’m sure the best aren’t knocking down the door like they used to and she’s lucky to end up with these sad tracks.

    I’m sure the staging and costume last night were her idea and that was lame of her not to cop to the fall. C’mon, she’s not graceful enough to make it look choreographed.

  24. snowball says:

    I hope that outfit wasn’t part of her fashion line.

  25. Trillion says:

    Logan, I hear ya except for Amy. She’s not in that category. She’s a talented musician. Even if you don’t like her music or don’t like her antics, you gotta give her credit for writing songs, playing at least two instruments, and having a real singing voice and unique sense of style. Plus she’s kinda dangerous and I like that in my rock n roll.

  26. Brandy M says:

    ok i’ve gotta say that I watched the video and does kind of look like that the fall was done on purpose.

  27. Truthful says:

    She’ll NEVER tell the truth anyway..

  28. loldongs says:

    I give her props for consistency at least.

    Everything about that performance was complete and utter shite.

  29. Ana says:

    Question….how do you actually pronounce it?
    I never can pronounce the luxury brands….mainly because I will never own them.
    Anyway, I think she did well recovering.
    But that performance is horrible. Why boxing? Why?
    When I saw the clip I was excited because I thought that she would fall and quit lip-syncing and the tape would continue rolling. I was so disappointed.

  30. filthy cute says:

    Please stop calling her Lola.

  31. Gistine says:

    Just goes to show what I have been saying all along. Sham!

  32. charlieblanko says:

    Look how high in the air she is? SMH

    She knew she was going to eat it! BTW, who had a mother of two launched in the air that high? SMH

  33. For Sooth? says:

    That performance shows me that she is officially over. It was awful and embarrassing to watch. She has no vocals and the lyrics were pure drivel, worse than a tween song.

    I give props to Whitney for standing there and singing, no matter that her once stellar range is pared down. She stood there, naked to the world as a performer, and told a story with her song, and it seemed that she was telling it to me only, that’s how good she is at song interpretation. My heart was full for her.

  34. BEENA says:

    Is it just me, or is JLo’s finger a leeetle bit off today’s pulse? I mean, who sings about designer shoes in a recession? the “boast about our women and our lifestyle” rappers aren’t doing so well anymore either. The whole “ah got a swimming pool, a case full of cash, a stupid track pant with a designer label” thing has got old fast. It’s so late nineties! boring! and embarrassingly show-offy when most folks don’t have much. Jeez

  35. JN says:

    That’s my JLo! Nothing’s sexier than a booty bounce.

  36. RaraAvis says:

    Honestly, what would be wrong with growing up? She’s not a young fox anymore. It’s an embarassment. She’s Britney plus ten years. Act your age, girl.