King Charles has adopted a strategy of ‘doing nothing’ about Prince Harry

Richard Kay, the longtime royal columnist for the Mail, was part of a big discussion on the Mail’s Palace Confidential show this week. It’s basically a YouTube/subscriber thing where royal reporters gossip on camera, and it has a niche audience. Kay usually doesn’t participate in it, but I guess this was a special edition. The topic was supposed to be about “how is King Charles’s reign going,” but of course, the conversation quickly turned to Prince Harry.

Richard Kay on Harry and Charles’s relationship: ‘In the last few months Harry has set about his brother William and sister-in-law Kate, but also Camilla and that is a no go for Charles.’ The editor said Charles would have been ‘deeply upset that his beloved son could attack his beloved wife… (Charles) seems to be adopting the Queen’s strategy of doing nothing – and letting time be the healer. I think he is convinced that over time, things will resolve themselves. He will be very reluctant to force an issue, he’ll be reluctant to take their titles away. I fear that what this means, in the short term, they’ll be more bad news for him down the line.’

Kay on the Sussexes’ paparazzi chase: ‘I think a lot of people would have had their hearts in their mouths when that statement emerged from New York and the talk of a near-catastrophic car chase because instantly it switches us back to 1997, and the tragedy of Diana’s death. Nobody, nobody wants that. The paparazzi don’t want it and the Royal certainly don’t – none of us do. And there really has to be some meaningful way where the couple – I’m talking about Harry and Megan – are able to go about their lives without generating the kind of frenzy that at times apparently took hold last week in New York. Quite how accurate the detail is, we’re still not entirely sure. There is definitely one of those ‘recollections may vary’ issues surrounding some of the facts.’

Kay on the Waleses’ focus on family time: ‘Charles was never like that, he always put royal matters first and central, as did the Queen. And there was some cost in all that. There is a great deal of hope and expectation on William and Kate’s shoulders. They are undoubtedly the future, as are their children, and the best and most rounded upbringing they have has to be good for the long term welfare of the monarchy. But that does put pressure on the others because if William and Kate can’t pick up the extra work that’s required, who is?’

[From The Daily Mail]

The thing is, even with Harry’s “attacks” on Camilla, Charles still maintained that Harry absolutely needed to show up at the coronation. Charles “punished” Harry by evicting his family from Frogmore Cottage and by leaking all of that sh-t about the Sussexes for months. But if Charles was so mad, why did he insist that Harry must come to the coronation? What no one can admit is that Harry behaved with respect and love for his father, all while Charles has thrown Harry to the wolves. Speaking of, do you think Kay honestly believes that the royals don’t want any harm to come to the Sussexes? The Windsors didn’t even bother to check in with the Sussexes after the pap chase.

As for the final thing about William and Kate being lazy bums… that was always part of the Sussexit equation which never got fully worked out. The whole reason why William and Charles were so insistent that the Sussexes had to go was because everyone presumed that William and Kate would finally “step up” once their main competition was in exile. That hasn’t been the case. Oh well!

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  1. girl_ninja says:

    The only thing Charles has ever actively done with any urgency is to marry Cammie. Everything else he has just let happen. He’s a bum who expects everything to be handed to him.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yeah, this has pretty much been his strategy for his whole life.

      • Whyforthelovel says:

        Right , and they wonder why Will has the exact same strategy

      • Patricia says:

        Yes, #eurydice, you’re absolutely right about do nothing. It should be his motto and hopefully, it will be what starts the fall of the royal house.

    • Moxylady says:

      I can’t imagine. Say you are Kate. And you know the lineup for what will be your children’s future. You know your own stumbling blocks.
      Would you have them in speech giving classes, several foreign languages, etiquette and culture classes, dance lessons etc etc etc not to mention therapy just to get a solid grip on who they are and how they can best handle and cope with any and all bumps in the road. But also let them really follow their interests and cultivate a sense of empathy and duty
      They can afford the best. They can afford therapy and tutors and….
      It’s hard when you want to be able to give your kids these things and people who are fully able just don’t care enough even knowing that in the lack will handicap them potentially for life. Why would you sabotage your own children?
      Oh right. That’s right out of the narcissist playbook.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ MoxyLady, I fully support your views of Keen and Baldimort. They do not want their children to eclipse them with a well rounded education or even the thought of therapy. All of which would allow them the tools necessary of growing into functioning, well rounded adults. It’s simply not a goal for their best interests which is driven by their egos.

        Given how CarolE, as well Charles, we’re both raised, we are seeing the travesty of their parenting. Baldimort and Keens upbringing, we are seeing the damage done by both parents, as well as other patriarchs of the families. Baldimort has NO excuse as he knew from birth as to what was expected of him. Whereas Keen simply propped her feet up after having won the ultimate prize and refuses to immerse herself with the duties that she married into.

        Fully agree that parents always want better for their children but neither Keen nor Baldimort want them to be better. They are unwilling puppets to trot them out and pretend to show how perfect they are as parents. The added selfishness of using them to quash the machinations of their horrific marriage to boot.

      • Isabella says:

        Not sure the kids aren’t getting good education with plenty of advantages (except maybe therapy). They go to the best schools, which means acquiring at least one foreign language, probably French. Speech training is also part of a good education (I even had it at my second-rate public schools in U.S.). Prince Harry excels at public speaking. Must’ve learned it somewhere. The family has many beautiful estates, lots of household help etc., grandparents nearby (I know, I know, but still). God knows they travel a lot on vacations. I don’t know, that little Charlotte seems like a very cool kid.

      • Carey says:

        This is how I felt about William. How can you know that you are one day to be King, and not spend your life learning languages, of people, of history? How do you not study great speeches or leaders? How do you not dream of all the ways you uniquely could make the world a better place? All that possibility and honor lost in selfishness…..

    • HannahB says:

      The abbreviated version also works: The only thing Charles has ever actively done with any urgency is Cammie.

    • Jenna says:

      I was going to say, I’m pretty sure that “doing nothing” about Harry has been Charles’ life long plan. Nothing has changed.

    • Scout says:

      His loyalty to Camilla stems from her constant loyalty to HIM. Because Charles is all about Charles.

      Look at the damage Charles is doing to the monarchy by crowning a woman who does not have the credentials or popularity to be crowned? It’s ridiculous. Charles is a selfish man who does what HE wants no matter the consequences to every other person.

    • Cara says:

      He also likes to count his money.

  2. ThatsNotOkay says:

    “Work first!” has never worked out for a family. Ever. Case in point: the Royal Family. But that doesn’t mean William’s way of “Me first!” is any better.

  3. MsIam says:

    “(Charles) seems to be adopting the Queen’s strategy of doing nothing” except allowing his son and daughter in law to be harassed and threatened into oblivion. Lest they upset his apple cart relationship with the tabloids. Charles is despicable and selfish as always. My dad was never overly involved in my life but at least he didn’t actively come after me for shit. Poor Harry, but at least he has set his boundaries. I know that is probably driving Chuck crazy.

    • Dee(2) says:

      I don’t understand why they always refer to the Queen’s strategies as if they are the benchmark for good managerial expertise. From a professional standpoint the way that their ” firm”has employees that leak like sieves, is clearly not a great run organization. And then the familial sense, well the less said the better. Absolutely nothing about the last 50 years with that family personally or professionally is evidence of anything that someone should want to emulate.

    • Lizzie says:

      Evicting them was not nothing.

  4. Nubia says:

    I think that Charles and Co. Have put themselves in such a dangerous alignment with the press that even if Charles at his big age (and he is an Old 70+,he clearly does not have the energy and stamina his folks had at that same age)had a come to Jesus he is screwed.

  5. s808 says:

    “The whole reason why William and Charles were so insistent that the Sussexes had to go was because everyone presumed that William and Kate would finally “step up” once their main competition was in exile. That hasn’t been the case.”

    Going along with W’s plan to get right of them was so mind boggling stupid when they were the 2 that were WORKING. Charles should’ve realized H&M making W&K finally get off their asses even if in jealousy was reason enough to keep them close and protect them. As long as H&M was in the picture W&K would’ve been tripping over themselves to compete.

    Charles is such an idiot and I hope he goes to sleep knowing his reign will go down in history was a mess almost entirely of his own making.

    • Eurydice says:

      I think he goes to bed knowing he’s finally gotten what he always wanted. What happens to the monarchy later is William’s problem.

    • Couch Potato says:

      They were sure H&M would fail and come crawling back to the RF, just like Sofie and Ed. They drew a hard line because they wanted H&M to learn “their place in life”, below Chuck and Will, forever dependent on them for everything. Forever begging them for scraps. Quietly working their asses off, while Will and Kate got the credit for it. Forever being their scapegoats and never complain about the horrible treatement by the rota, the men in grey and the “family”.

      • Kingston says:

        @Couch Potato you said it all.

        This is definitely the reason that royalists brits are so pissed at M. They hate her with a passion for escaping their clutches. Even calling her “evil.” LMAO

        I meeeeeeeaaaaaannnnnnnn!

        But yeah, they were soooooooo looking forward to frequently putting the black woman “in her place.”

        Such a pity [NOT! lol] that so many people of no color are unfamiliar with the concept: know your worth.

  6. Brassy Rebel says:

    Lol at the suggestion that the kids will be more “rounded” because of W&K’s laziness.

    • Tessa says:

      The children can’t be well rounded with all the media attention and their being trotted out a lot. George is treated more special.

      • Moxylady says:

        I want to know that these poor kids are being given the education that their parents lack. Language classes. Speech writing and giving classes. Therapy for basic life maintenance. Education about different cultures, and etiquette expectations as a results. Who gets called what titles.
        Like not their entire life. I want them to follow their interests and I hope that WK are decent enough to allow that to happen. But dear god. Knowing how both of them are deficient in these areas – and so many others – I hope to god their narcissism doesn’t let them sabotage their children.
        Because while maybe their children will lack “charisma” nor be comfortable in the spotlight – lord knows j would hate it – being well educated in all of the areas of social
        Interaction and to have years of solid tutoring under their belt will at least give them self confidence in these situations that isn’t born simply by being a U.K. Royal. But will actually be earned by hard work and a wide knowledge base.
        These poor kids.
        The whole plan is always to do nothing and then blame the children for their lack of knowledge.
        Sorry this one hits super close to home

      • Dutch says:

        You keep mentioning “therapy” in relation to the BRF. That institution is about as anti-therapy as it gets. Diana was weak because she sought therapy. Harry is said by courtiers to have been indoctrinated by the cult of psychotherapy. That family sees needing therapy as a sign of weakness or a character flaw. While I understand your desire to see W&K’s children break from the cycle that has damaged generations of family before, nevertheless the BRF is an institution first and a family second. The cycle is all about creating future figureheads for the institution, not well-rounded people. And the as long as the institution exists, each generation will be grist for that mill.

      • Snuffles says:

        They say therapy is a sign of weakness because it’s the enemy of cults. Remember Tom Cruise and his Scientology war against psychiatrists? It’s essentially the same thing.

        Once a person gets therapy, they realize how fucked up the Institution is and they either want to leave it or change it. I have no doubt alarms went off the moment Harry started dating an independent, fully formed American woman who wasn’t enamored with the myth of royalty and chose to see them as normal people who were her equal. And no doubt they heard she was urging Harry to get therapy early on in the relationship.

        I’m sure the Institution was terrified of Harry getting de-programmed.

      • Eurydice says:

        @Moxylady – the children aren’t being kept in a cellar somewhere. They’re attending a top school and getting as good an education as all the other children of very rich people. Later on, they’ll go to some other top school and then to university. Whether they turn out to be good students or intellectual duds like their parents is up to them

    • Nic919 says:

      The bad parenting didn’t stem from too much royal work on the part of Charles and Diana but the fact that they were in a toxic marriage and constantly sniping at each other.

      The exact same thing is happening with William and Kate because there is no way that the public toxicity we see isn’t happening even more in private with the kids.

      • Tessa says:

        Charles did not really commit to the marriage. He wanted children to succeed him and chose Diana for her youth, fertility and her being an aristo. If he wanted a good family life , he should have started with a clean slate and not kept the other woman around (there were other women around during his marriage to Diana, including Janet Jenkins). Charles proposed to Diana she accepted in good faith. After she did her duty and had the children, he was more or less done with her. Kate, unlike Diana, supposedly had “time” to adjust to a royal marriage and the spin was she gave him the “family life” he wanted by introducing him to Carole and Mike. William though “settled” for Kate after waiting many years. But the marriage is still not exactly ideal

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Tessa, please, Baldimort chose Keen as she stalked him for a decade and he knew marrying her he would not be eclipsed by her, but also due to the fact that no one else was willing to marry him. CarolE used his upbringing to manipulate him as brought him into the family as a way of “bait and switch”. CarolE had invested so much time with a sole motive of forcing him an ultimatum, to propose to Keen.

        While I do agree that Charles married Diana for producing heirs, she was fully devoted to him and understood her duties. Diana fully embraced what was expected of her and went to great lengths to educate herself. It’s chilling now as we look back when she stated that she did not expect to be the future Queen.

        Keen on the other hand has not done one iota of doing the work that is expected of her as she sees her half-assed work and projects are perfectly acceptable. And why should she become what is expected of her as her duty as PoW, and possibly Queen one day when Baldimort isn’t stepping up to his responsibilities either?

      • Tessa says:

        I agree with you. Diana had a work ethic and at age 19 held down two part time jobs and liked to work. Kate just idled away the time and she would have had time to get another degree (in Early Childhood) and hold down a job for more than a year at least. Kate “had to be” available for William and her parents supported her during the waiting years. No aristos that Will tried to court wanted him and he settled for Kate. Probably Carole was putting a “guilt trip” on William about her daughter was so devoted to him etc etc. The trouble is that the media made constant excuses for Kate not working. And the rewriting of history of Kate’s “work” is still attempted.

  7. I believe that Cowmilla and Chuckles are actively trying to find a way to get rid of the Sussexes one way or another with the final outcome being gone like Diana.

    • Mary Pester says:

      @susanCollins, me too Susan. It’s funny how everything has gone quiet about the car chase, no agencies screaming it wasn’t them, no UK papers printing 100,000,000 words about it,, just Charlie disappearing into trandilvania,, out of touch with modern civilisation, (the tabloids) but I expect his photographer will take a few snaps, William and Kate grifting at a royal wedding, and silence from camzilla. I don’t know why, but I have a very bad feeling about all this silence. Please, please Harry be very careful in the UK and on your travel

      • @Mary Pester. I’m in complete agreement with you. It has been too quiet. I’m sure the scheming continues.

      • Lexistential says:

        @MaryPester I have the same creepy feeling. Charles is purposely in Transylvania to avoid Harry’s testimony and to “have no ability to help” Harry if something happens while he’s in the UK. Horrible father, horrible press, horrible matter entirely. (And praying for Harry’s safety.)

    • Interested Gawker says:

      It is a choice to make your first foreign trip as King and Queen (Consort) the city where the King’s first wife died. That it was scuppered by strikes doesn’t change the ‘FU’ energy of that decision. It did sort of telegraph a nasty dig over that situation, gloating over taking Diana’s place. It might have been a message to both sons, the one that escaped, the one who’s still trapped.

  8. Tessa says:

    Terrible that Richard k blames harry and Meghan for the media frenzy. He also dies not mention the ugly article by Clarkson and Camilla is apparently Clarkson friend.

  9. Jais says:

    Evicting Harry from frogmore is the opposite of doing nothing. And if the future of the monarchy rests on the Wales, well, fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

  10. Flower says:

    This sounds 100% like Charles.

    Stand back, be passive and let everyone else sort out the problem and then when it goes wrong paper over the cracks with yet more disastrous effect and paint yourself as the victim.

    This was his exact modus operandi with finding a wife, being forced to marry Diana and then the resulting fall out.

    Men like Charles do not want to look like the ‘bad guy’, but often that is very close to the truth and more. They’re the weak and bad guy.

    • Tessa says:

      Charles was.never forced to marry Diana he was 32. Philip did not force him but suggested he stop seeing Diana if he did not want to marry her. Charles wanted heirs he got to have his cake and eat it too
      Getting heirs leaving the wife and marrying the mistress. Charles proposed to other women besides Diana and was turned down.

      • Jenna says:

        I would not be surprised if Phillip told Charles to marry Diana and have mistresses for when he got bored.

      • Tessa says:

        There was a story around in some books that philip told Charles he could move on after 5 years if not happy with Diana. Although there were foxhunts very early in his marriage to Diana where c and c were seen together.

  11. Tessa says:

    The coronation outfits look bad. Charles looks like he is in pajamas and fancy bathrobe.

    • Jenna says:

      Every time I see that picture I think he’s carrying a bottle of Chambord.

    • Princessk says:

      The Coronation outfit was an awful disappointment. Charles is usually so well dressed but looked like he was part of a pantomime…..dreadful.

  12. Scout says:

    1. Harry and Meghan are public figures who showed up to a public event. They have the right to expect to attend and leave safely and privately, regarding the paparazzi. Celebrities publicly attend and publicly leave movie openings, charity events, etc… all the time. There are photos of celebrities entering a limo from a red carpet. This does not mean they are fair game for the media from that point also. Nobody follows George Clooney home from the Oscars. He isn’t expected to sneak through the kitchen and through the back door at charity events OR ELSE it’s his fault and all bets are off regarding his privacy.

    2. If the Wales want to work less fine. But also take less money/funds from the public taxpayers. Do they deserve to have their security then fully funded? And healthcare? Etc…

    • Chantal says:

      1. No paps are following a celebrity couple for 2 hours after an event just for photos. There are too many other celebrities that generate news and clicks – not to the same extent as the Sussexes but still. And after 2 hours all they got were photos of the chase that they can’t even use. Esp with the narrative they put out. A terrified looking Harry, Meghan and Doria would destroy that narrative and more uncomfortable questions will be asked.

      2. This is yet another article pointing out the lack of work done by the Wails and the ever growing dissatisfaction with it. The BM are getting restless. The underlying threat is that C-Rex had better do something about it or the BM will start printing Non-Sussex related articles that will get clicks…

  13. Maxine Branch says:

    The greatest gift Charles could give Harry and Meghan would be to call the dogs off. By not doing so he is enabling the harassment from the gutter UK press. And we all know why this will not happen. Being an observer from afar, I hope for Harry’s sake it is sinking in that his father has no regards for him or his family. Charles from Harry’s book does not like confrontation and fears the very press that is harassing his family. Always annoys me to see the very gutter gossipers who are part of this harassment sitting around discussing the Sussexes as if they bring any fundamentally sound unbiased insight to any conversation regarding them. When they are creating the falsehoods .

    • QuiteContrary says:

      This, this, this, Maxine Branch.
      Problem is that Charles is too chickensh*t to call off Camilla’s pals in the BM (the most apt initials ever).
      He’s not “doing nothing.” His passiveness is aggressive and dangerous for H&M.

  14. Scout says:

    This sounds like the best thing Charles can do. The media have been forced to stop covering H/M bec there is no more reason for them to visit England (no funerals, weddings, babies, coronations) and Charles doing nothing will settle the waters.

    It IS interesting that just when the Brit press have no more reason to bemoan the hated Harry being forced on them – they start rumors about a fractured marriage and Harry may HAVE to return to England and so they once again…!….have justification to discuss how awful and damaging he is and monetize those sweet sweet page views.

  15. Amy Bee says:

    As Kaiser said, Charles has done a lot to Harry (and Meghan) so to pretend that he’s an innocent bystander and there’s nothing he could do is gaslighting. The frenzy around Harry and Meghan would die down if the DM and others would just leave them alone but they can’t. The thing is the William and Kate’s objective was to get Meghan to leave not Harry. They never believed that Harry would give up his role for his family and they believed that he would always be there to pick up the slack.

  16. HamsterJam says:

    I take issue with “extra work that’s required” – nothing they do is actual work or required for ANYTHING except their own aggrandizement.

    If Wank don’t want to “work” good on them, ain’t nobody going to be impacted by that except the RR.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Agree, nothing Harry & Meghan did was in place if something William & Kate would have done. Together cookbook in support of Hub, capsule collection for to support women in their job interviews? Kate wouldn’t have done that. Invictus? William would never. And so on.

  17. HeyKay says:

    Doing nothing.
    So, head in the sand, denial, denial.
    How easily Charles ruins childhoods and marriages.

  18. Scout says:

    A lot of things change with QE2’s death.

    1. The press has less leverage on the RF bec many of the secrets they were keeping are no longer as big of a deal.
    1. QE2’s condition and/or illness no longer matters.
    2. Philips philandering with Penny etc…is old news.
    3. Prince Andrew is being outcast and not as protected anymore – so any bombshells won’t affect the RF as much.

    4. And Kate and William are in a higher royal position than before – so they will be much higher profile. So media gossip regarding them vs K and C should pick up. As it has begun…’Kate upsets Charles at flower show’

    5. And of course…Williams thing with Rose takes on more significance and any secret photos the press has WILL give them more leverage in that case.

    • Tessa says:

      I think Andrew is still protected and not outcast. I am convinced of that and a big sign of it was Charles letting Andrew show up at the Coronation wearing Garter robes (he was formerly forbidden from wearing them in public.)

      • Vi says:

        @tessa I think Charles people leaked him being tough on Andrew in order to stop people asking. He wanted people to support his coronation so he hinted at banishing Andrew. Andrew life is the same as it was when his mom was alive less a few pounds in aid money.

  19. Tessa says:

    I am wondering why it is allowed that the false stories of Harry and Meghan “staging” the incident in NY is allowed. There should be some legal action about it. It is very disgraceful to have that happen. ANd the media almost instantly refuting the story. Charles could have done something about Harry and Meghan’s treatment by the media . But chose not to. It was a conscious choice not inaction of Charles.

    • Scout says:

      I don’t think we have heard the end of that situation. I think H and M are just waiting for one tiny photo to get published so they can file another huge lawsuit.

  20. j.ferber says:

    He’s a crap dad and a crap king.

  21. L4Frimaire says:

    Charles is a dithering fool who runs and hides from the mess he helped create. Now that he’s king, he’s being either ruled by committee or just directionless. The more he continually evades Harry, the weaker he looks.

  22. Saucy&Sassy says:

    I find it amusing that he had to throw in the line “recollections may vary” concerning the paparazzi chase. There is CCTV video footage as it was happening. Harry and one of his bodyguards also recorded it. I would really like to know if there is a PI out there looking for people who were on the sidewalks that night and have recordings.

    I would imagine that the bm have to VERY careful what they do here. They think they’ve covered their tracks, but I think we all know that there is a trail to follow if someone wants to follow it. It’ll be interesting to see if NYPD is investigating this, since Harry and the Bodyguards recording were turned over to them. Even if the NYPD don’t care what happen to H&M (quite hard to believe), I would assume these paparazzi endangering their citizens would lead them to do something.

    KFC thinks that if he buries his head in the sand that he can’t be blamed for anything. You know what that does? It shows his ass.

    • Christine says:

      The silence is very telling. The British media were scornful in the initial aftermath of the pap chase, but it has clearly occurred to them that there is proof, and it WILL come out, because it’s Harry and Meghan. They aren’t afraid of the truth, and that makes them the only two involved who aren’t currently covering their own asses.

  23. Well Wisher says:

    Their relationship is forever altered, Prince Harry has learnt to manage his expectations.
    Good on him….

    It would be nice if the King would not mention Harry as a ‘problem’ whenever he is confronted with something problematic with William.

    He should find another strategy to deal with William’s outbursts.

  24. Bubblegum Dreams says:

    Charles is not photogenic. He looks like an old woman playing dress up in the nursing home’s annual Christmas pageant. Those purple pajamas might be a nod to tradition but it just looks odd. He should’ve worn a nice tailored suit to hide his odd old lady shape.

  25. Mel says:

    What, exactly is Charles supposed to do about Harry? He’s a full grown married man with all his faculties, the only thing he should be doing is keeping Harry’s name out of his mouth. Every day they come up with a Harry and Meghan story which is pathetic and hilarious at the same time. They can’t stop talking about people who “quit” them years ago.

  26. Monlette says:

    Kate seems to be going full Lindsey Lohan Means Girls on him and Camilla and I am living for it. Not only were there more Middletons at the Jordan royal wedding than at the coronation, but she also wore her tiara. I am not sure if she meant to shade the British royals as a bitch move, but I doubt they chatted over who she would bring and what she would wear, so damn it, let me think that was savage.

  27. AC says:

    No one can deny the BRF has really bad PR lately from the Caribbean and Boston trips, to WK being late to the coronation, Kate’s obvious awkwardness with school kids and failed PR on diversity, Sophie’s police escort killing an elderly woman, and now the wedding in Jordan putting the spotlight on WK’s strained relationship instead of the couple who are actually getting married. (Just saw photos of William rather talking to Ivanka than walk alongside with his own wife ). Even people like my sister and mom who don’t follow the BRF think they’re embarrassing themselves. No matter their nonsense smear campaign crap that their fans (inc the BP and the MAGAs) put out there against HM, it just shows how incredibly desperate they are to keep deflecting from the Truth. Although the Truth is just there playing right before our eyes for the world to see .
    And agree above. There just seems something going on behind the scenes with the NY incident which has been very quiet. We’ve seen HM’s advisors being excellent with their strategy with no leaks before, and I wouldn’t be surprised if something will come up unexpectedly.