OK!: Britney Spears asked for her sons’ blessings to marry Jason Trawick


This is OK! Magazine’s rather boring cover story for this week. Britney Spears is getting married… again. This time we hope the guy’s not a douche bag. The crux of the story seems to be that Britney told her sons, Sean and Jayden, that she wants to marry Jason Trawick, and she asked for their blessing. Now… I totally don’t mean to be cruel or mean or anything, but what the hell? Those boys are four and three years old. She asked for their “blessing”? These boys still suck on pacifiers and have night terrors about Mommy’s pink wig of doom. Speaking of, I wonder if Britney asked the pink wig for its blessing as well:

Oops… She’s going to do it again!

OK! has learned that Britney Spears is telling friends she’s ready to marry her boyfriend Jason Trawick. And all it took was her boys’ blessing to convince her to move ahead with plans for her third wedding in five years.

“Britney said she does not have a doubt in her mind that she wants to spend the rest of her life with Jason,” a source close to the couple tells OK!. “She has already discussed marriage with him, and they are both excited about a romantic wedding.”

[From OK! Magazine]

Britney’s first wedding (in Vegas) was in early 2004, right? So that means this wedding would be her third in less than six years, but over five years. Very tricky, counting up the months, OK! Magazine.

So I’m really just using this whole thing as an excuse to put up these gorgeous pictures of Britney, Jason and her sons in Australia two weeks ago. Britney looks so happy and so “not crazy”, I’m getting a little misty. Plus, it looks like Jason has really bonded with her sons, and he looks incredibly sweet with them. I’m saying a prayer that mean ol’ pink wig never comes back.

OK! Magazine cover courtesy of CoverAwards. Additional photos of Britney Spears, Jason Trawick and Brit’s two sons playing in Sydney, Australia on November 16, 2009. Credit: Pacific Coast News.


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  1. Alyson says:

    Anyone ever read Valley of the Dolls? Neely, the drugged out, legendary singer, has an agent/manager who plays ‘wet nurse.’ His job is to keep her in line so she does not completely alienate her fan base because of her mental and emotional problems. He plays her lover, escort, father … whatever role is needed to keep their star happy and the money rolling in.

    So has Brit Brit found true love or is this just another way to keep her in line?

  2. lucy2 says:

    If the guy is a good, stable influence on her and genuinely cares about and takes care of her kids, then great. But Brit has a track record of picking huge losers, so who knows. I’d also have to really question if a good guy would want to get involved with her.
    At least she seems to be doing better, for a while there she was really on a bad path.

    Not to be too mean, but…doesn’t he sort of look like an After photo for one of those hair replacement infomercials?

  3. Kevin says:

    He’s gotta be better than K-fug doesn’t he? Hope she is making a sound decision. Don’t know why but I’m pulling for the lil knucklehead.

  4. faith says:

    thank God britney’s doing good…the guy even looks like he’s the kids dad and not k-fed…

  5. Firestarter says:

    Is he rockin a Toupee or something? His hair is just not right.

  6. QB says:

    So this is the second Jason she is going to marry?

    Maybe she should have a long very long extended engagement.

    I hope the “new daddy” quote is out of contest, because that is disrespectful and I don’t think is good for the kids emotions , to their moms newest boyfriend to be referred as their new daddy . When most of the time they spend it with their real father.

  7. cara says:

    he’s got a great belly

  8. Sigh. says:

    Yeah. He seems “normal” enough, an she has quieted down, but Brit needs to stop transferring herself from one man to the next. Just enjoy being a young, rich, infamous single mom with a good boyfriend who’s good with your kids. If it ain’ broke, don’t fix it. Sheesh.

    I’ve said this before — Brit standing up on her own for a minute, WITHOUT court orders, executors, managers etc hovering around and directing her most important decisions will be the true test of her healing.

  9. snowball says:

    Not that I necessarily believe OK! magazine, but if it’s true that she’s all hot and bothered by this guy, what the heck is the rush to get married?

    Whenever I see Brit look all normal and happy, it’s a good thing. But cripes, why rock the boat by going all gaga over a guy when you should be taking care of yourself and your kids first? If Jason’s The One, then he’ll still be there in a year’s time.

  10. Babs says:

    I wish this chick would go lesbian and come and marry me. Its true that I am only interested in her for her money, but I would still treat her better then K-Fed ever did, and I would never leave. I would just be happy to start my rapping career and spend my wife’s money.

  11. C-DUB says:

    I’d marry her too Babs! Give me the money Brit Brit! LOL!!!

    This guy seems like a good dude. I hope it works out for her. He’s been there through the crazy, so maybe these kids might make it.

  12. sickofit says:

    not a good idea. she seems to hang her selfesteem on the fact of being married.
    if this story is true anyway.

  13. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Minors can’t give consent which is essentially what is meant by “their blessing” in this sense. Just a self-serving little exercise on Ms. Spears’ part.

  14. Sumodo says:

    Hey! He’s betting on becoming Britney’s husband/conservator and having power of attorney over her millions. This ain’t love, it’s love of her money. The kids can always stay at K-fed’s pigsty–that’s what this Jason guy this thinking. Why, I believe I just saw him whispering to Scrooge McDuck. Gold coins!

  15. crash2GO2 says:

    I’ve never seen one single pic of these two kanoodling. Why is that?

  16. lucy2 says:

    She’s also way too young to be on her THIRD marriage. I tend to think that for everyone, after 2 marriages you should probably just be happy with someone and not get all legally tied up with someone again. But she’s got SOOOO much money and you know those first two marriages cost her a good chunk, so her best bet would be to stay legally single.

  17. Kelbees says:

    No problem with this story! Hope it’s true and she’s maybe finding a little bit of happiness within the crazy. But the kids with the freakin’ pacifiers! That bothers me for some odd reason…