Lindsay Lohan’s budget Ungaro pasties “sold well”

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Back in late September and early October, Lindsay Lohan uprooted herself from her professional obligations in New York and Los Angeles (snicker) and moved to Paris to work as a “creative consultant” to Ungaro. Now, we all kind of figured it was going to bad, but I was thinking it was going to be more “cheap LA middle-class hooker-ware” rather than “budget K-Mart pasties meant for budget strippers”. I was wrong. The heart shaped pasties ruled the Ungaro runway, as did Lindsay Lohan’s glassy eyes and general cracked out ridiculousness.

After that, Lindsay was all “I didn’t design any of the stuff you people hate” and she threw the actual designer under the bus. Then, a few weeks ago, the founder of Ungaro slammed Lindsay publicly. Many thought it was only a matter of time before Lindsay simply got fired, yet again. We were wrong! The guy who currently runs Ungaro, Chief Executive Mounir Moufarrige, says that Lohan’s staying and that all of her cracked out shenanigans worked in the long run, because the line did “sell well”.

Looks like Lindsay Lohan won’t be joining the nation’s ballooning population of unemployed Americans.

After critics called her debut collection an “embarrassment,” the 23 year-old star will keep her position as artistic advisor for fashion house Emanuel Ungaro, the company’s chief executive Mounir Moufarrige said Tuesday.

“Yes (she’s staying on), she has a job to do,” Moufarrige said in Milan, reports Reuters.

Designer Ungaro himself was among Lohan’s critics, calling Lohan’s designs (including sequined, heart-shaped pasties) a “disaster.”

“Mr. Ungaro has his views, he can keep them. I have no comment,” Moufarrige retorted.

As for the professional reviews from the likes of Women’s Wear Daily, he conceded, “I am sure we can do better in the collection to be honest but I think it was harsh … But it did sell well.”

After Lohan’s Paris show Oct. 4, a Women’s Wear Daily critic hissed, “Lindsay, it’s time to get serious about reviving the acting career,” adding that the audience watched the runway with “endless snickers and rolled eyes.”

Moufarrige added there is “more buzz” around Ungaro as a result of Lohan’s involvement.

[From Us Weekly]

Um… who is buying the Ungaro collection? I mean, what stores? Like, Saks Fifth Avenue, or Harrod’s, or who? I want names. Because whatever store carries Ungaro’s heart-shaped pasties should have their buyer fired. Anyway, it looks like Lindsay has been enabled once again into thinking that she’s actually functioning. Damn it!

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16 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan’s budget Ungaro pasties “sold well””

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  1. gracie says:

    So where exactly does one wear “pasties”, heart shaped or otherwise?

    And what do you wear them with? A blazer left open? A see through blouse?

    I was a teenager in the late 70′s and we wore the hell out of some tube tops, but never fancy designer pasties.

  2. ShanWOW says:

    Raise your hand if you bought those pasties… Anyone? Anyone?

    Mr. Moufarrige is saving face by talking out of his behind.

  3. Firestarter says:

    Come on guys, those parties were GENIUS! (according to Dina) Linds is a fashion GENIUS!

    I guess Moufarrige or whatever his name is really wants to bury the once good name of Ungaro!

    Emmanuelle, that is what happens when you become a sell out! Your name is mud now dude and worse, at the hands of Lindsay Lohan!

  4. QB says:

    Cokes,crak ,herroine sells pretty good too.

    So i’m not surprise that some one bought that shit. Proplably some girl that idolize her crackiness and a bunch of drag queens.

    This is not Ungaro’s fault , hey he has to live of something when he gets old(76). I don’t think their is a designer retirement fund and unless you are owned by one of the big luxury and fashion conglomerate or work for one of the fashion houses in those conglomerate you are not earning what you would imagine , since they have to pay for everything out of their earnings.

  5. snowball says:

    LiLo’s collection sucked balls, true. Didn’t I hear though that her leggings sold like crazy?

    She’s all different kinds of mess, but this:

    “Mr. Ungaro has his views, he can keep them. I have no comment,” Moufarrige retorted.”

    made me all kinds of happy. Ungaro is a stupid pig whining about where the Ungaro label is going when he himself sold out to the highest bidder and let someone else have his company. So who’s a bigger sell-out, Mr. Ungaro? The label, for trying (wrongly) to capitalize on the trainwreck tabloid queen LiLo, or you, who took the money and ran when you didn’t want to deal with the company anymore?

    You lost creative control when you cashed that check.

  6. lilred says:

    I think I saw those pasties in the discount bin at my local dollar store.

  7. Firestarter says:

    @lilred- Damn, you have one hella cool Dollar Store!

  8. lilred says:

    @ Firestarter yeah I thought I’d pick up a few pair, with the holidays approaching a girl can never have too many pasties. lol.

  9. TwinkleToes says:

    May the good luck of RDJ and Elizabeth Taylor shower Lindsay in a new light.

  10. TwinkleToes says:

    Go Snowball!!! Yeah!

  11. fizXgirl314 says:

    I don’t see any heart shaped pasties :(

    maybe people are using them to blow snot into?

  12. crash2GO2 says:

    I think those pasties will make dandy stocking stuffers.

  13. oops says:

    the link to d-listed goes back to this post – just letting you know

  14. TaylorB says:

    Why on earth would anyone buy that butt ugly stuff? Wait… I have to go to an ’80′s costume party Sat night and the Ungaro/LiLo Hammer Pants and Huey Lewis and the News style oversized jackets just might fit the bill. I think I will pass on the pasties.

  15. Sumodo says:

    I had to wear pasties once. I was very poor and they were all I had to wear.