Courtney Love talks trash about Edward Norton & Britney Spears


You know what just occurred to me? We don’t show enough love to Courtney Love’s insane rants. She’s even more crazy and cracked out than Lindsay Lohan, and she will literally say and write anything. Well, apparently Courtney left Twitter a while back, but she’s still posting on her Facebook page.

First up, Courtney goes off on Edward Norton, of all people. You see, Courtney and Edward used to be friends, back when they worked together in The People versus Larry Flint. Edward also became friends with some family members of Courtney’s late husband, Kurt Cobain. Now… Movieline suggests that Courtney is claiming Edward Norton mishandled the finances of Kim Cobain (Kurt’s sister).

IF something happens to me, NO my will is NOT at Greenberg Glusker, that will is FORGERY…i created a new one per lISA FERGUSONs attorney who cannot be FOUND but that needs altering as it has Edward in it and Norton doesn’t have a CLUE how evil his own BM is he wont f-ck a future Senator/Film Actor but hell purposfully refinance Kim Cobains Property i bought her cash outright, for the 12th time using a phony address due to some f-ck up on some Bogus “ART FORM OF THE CH 13” R TODD used, leavng KIM COBAINS PROPERTY REPOS…SESED< “you have an hour to get your things” wtf did Kim Cobain do to YOU… so its best to never tell let alone kiss and trell i m shcoked at myself i never kiss and tell unless im really mad at an ex for like LOSING 300,000$ of my kid hes supposed to be paternal abouts money, oh yeah Norton just LOST 300k

[From Courtney’s Facebook courtesy of Movieline]

Next up – Britney Spears. Courtney claims Britney’s father molested her and now enslaves her. But then Courtney brings it back around to herself, of course. She says she relates to Britney in that way, because Britney didn’t “pull that card” (the molestation card, I imagine). This is all my interpretation, honestly. This could be her grocery list, for all I know:

britneys dad molested her , imagine the father that molested you owning you for slavery while your forced to sing songs picked for thier sexual content every night, insane right? i have it on First had authority, and fight as hard as she is and does she still didnt pull that card, its a pride thing i can relate to, However they want to play dirty, lets go, Im SO not affraid of the little trolls who hit this when i was f-cked up who are called lawyers. lets GO.

[From Courtney’s Facebook courtesy of Movieline]

Just reading a few lines of Courtney’s rants makes me feel like I’ve spent the whole day strung out on something hard, and I’m coming down on wine in a box. Granted, Courtney is probably downing box wine too – it’s her chaser after shooting heroin into her lady parts. Gah! What else is there to say? Do I have to defend Britney from this stuff? I don’t think Britney’s dad molested her. I think he uses her for money, but I don’t think he was ever physically abusive or anything. There. Courtney got me to defend Britney. Is that what she wanted?

Courtney Love at Gramercy Park Hotel for the afterparty for “Me and Orson Welles” in New York on November 23, 2009. Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. JDizzle says:

    WOW, her rants are beyond tragic. I feel sorry for her daughter.

  2. Liz says:

    Omg she looks like hatchet face from cry baby in that header photo.

  3. sickofit says:

    on drugs again…

  4. Meimei says:

    I think Love and Norton were actually engaged for a while.

  5. Firestarter says:

    Actually Norton and Courtney were more than friends, they were gf/bf for a few years as well as engaged.

  6. hatsumomo says:

    Hatchetface had character! It makes all the difference!

    Is there really any lows she wont go to? Geez, this dingbat will say anything!

  7. LolaBella says:

    I can just imagine Ed Norton reading these insane lunatic rants thinking, ‘I can’t believe she was ALMOST my wife! Glad I dodged that bullet’

    Courtney needs to get off the bad shit,get her finances in order and get back to making music and stop trading off of Kurt’s legacy.

  8. l says:

    She makes Lindsey look like a literary GENIUS!

  9. Gloaming says:

    Edward Norton did her the world of good. I think they were together for about 3/4 years.
    He got her sh*t together and she certainly looked her best when she was with him.

    I’m still holding out for Courtney, granted, it’s only by a thread.

  10. katfly says:

    Not to be picky but the movie is called “The People versus Larry Flynt,” Flynt with a Y…

  11. Pont Neuf says:

    I have just discovered Courtney Love’s purpose in life: make the rest of humanity feel sane, balanced, mature and intelligent by comparison. Have you had a crappy day, everybody was mean to you and you feel like your problems are going to crush you down? Don’t worry: read one of Courtney’s rants and you shall feel that things are normal… At least, you live in this dimension.

    This woman is beyond pathetic and I find it outrageous that she has wasted Kurt Cobain’s fortune in drugs and God knows what crazy experiments. As for Edward Norton, I have to wonder how he must have felt being with Salma Hayek, after having actually slept with this sleazy, slimy, greasy, creepy creature.

    By the way, someone should introduce her to Collin Farrell. They look like they are soul mates.

  12. yadira says:

    wow, I just got a headache from trying to decipher this stuff

  13. rundee says:

    Has anyone ever realized her hands?

    Especially in older pictures they look swollen and pinkish, even when the rest of her body is so frail you think she´s starving herself.

    Is that a sign for drug-abuse?

  14. Corina says:

    hahaha “could be her grocery list, for all I know”

    Classic 🙂

  15. Sumodo says:

    Um, who is in charge of Frances Bean Cobain? Making sure she has clean clothes, bathes, goes to school, eats, sleeps enough, and does her homework? Certainly not her mother. The woman needs to be institutionalized. Put away. Locked up.

  16. Lita says:

    On the flip side her band Hole was great. Not ooh-err let’s see what Kurt leftovers did but really genuinly very good. Live Through This is fantastic.

  17. LolaBella says:

    @Sumodo: For some strange reason I’ve always gotten the impression (or maybe read it somewhere?)that Frances Bean may have been the one taking care of Courtney a few years ago when she appeared to be strung out on something.

    I hope that the way both her parents lived/live their lives acts as a big deterrent for Frances Bean to stay away from drugs; Kurt and Courtney are like the ultimate ‘Drugs Are Bad, Mmkay’ PSA.

  18. original kate says:

    i love edward norton, but i admit he lost some of his luster for me after he got busy with courtney. eeewwww.

  19. Asea says:

    OH GOD. What if Brit’s dad really did molest her?? How scandalous would THAT be. Seriously 🙁

  20. kelly138 says:

    “Courtney is claiming Edward Norton mishandled the finances of Kim Cobain”

    How can anyone tell what she’s claiming?

  21. Sumodo says:

    @LolaBella, I think you are correct. Poor, poor kid.

  22. Linda says:

    Norton was just having a little adventure with some boobs.

  23. Tia C says:

    @ rundee – I never noticed that before, but you are right. Her hands do appear swollen and pink. I wonder what that is from?

    @ sumodo – I’ve often wondered the same thing. Frances Bean has probably been raised by an assortment of nannies. At least I freakin hope so…anything would be better than her certifiable mama.

  24. Sumodo says:

    Swollen and pink hands? Hypertension, maybe. She’s no spring chicken, and I bet crack, crystal meth and assorted other sh*t raises the blood pressure in addicts.

  25. lilred says:

    That chick is crazier than a s*it house rat.
    she isn’t lookin’ so hot either.

  26. Erin says:

    OMG this post was priceless! Please, please cover her rants more. It is no wonder she had her own Twitter translator (CLtranslated). Sadly, I am sooo entertained by this sheet 🙂

  27. Sigh. says:

    She lost me (it) right after “IF something happens to me…”


  28. GatsbyGal says:

    Jesus, she rants like a fucking conspiracy theorist. Always putting WORDS IN CAPS and stuff. Did she write the Time Cube website?

  29. gg says:

    Why does her makeup always look like she’s been crying into her beer all night?

  30. Lita says:

    I am pretty sure that Frances Bean was in the care of her Grandmother for a long while; she was in the care of someone in the family and it was court appointed – Courtney had to get her custody back in court; remember reading that like 2 years ago or thereabouts.

  31. You Go Girl says:

    Drugs or no drugs, I believe that she is speaking the truth about Brittney. Her father, is merely her handler. Her family expoilts her, not giving a damn about her, or her health. Her mother is more concerned about keeping hair and nail appointements, than her daughter, Britt is the cash cow, her family are putrid!

  32. Statler says:

    Live Through This was good because Kurt wrote it- just like Billy Corrigan wrote a lot of songs for her.

    Were she & Ed Norton really engaged? I remember it more like they were dating for a while, she showed up at some event with a huge diamond, said he proposed, next thing you know, he dumped her. Always thought she was just pushing for more publicity/Hollywood clout and he got sick of it. But maybe my memory’s faulty.

  33. Jamie says:

    Seriously Courtney Love is batshit crazy and if you go read some of Frances Bean’s rants on Lohans (?) I think, she is just as batshit crazy but what can you expect when the only sane parent offs himself to escape mommy dearest? Frances would have been better off… hell the world would be better off had Courtney offed herself instead of Kurt…but then again she probably murdered him for his money anyway.

  34. fan says:

    so true jamie

    and yes cl and edward were enganged

  35. Annabelle says:

    Hmm its hard 2 know what 2 believe… But if that Britney thing is true, I would hate to think that its getting ignored simply because no1 can look past courtney’s craziness. Like, put courtney aside for a sec… Do you really think the Britney thing could be true? I mean, it might be?

  36. DiMi says:

    1. She wasn’t just friends with Norton. They were in a serious relationship.

    2. She’s really lost it. Sounds like a combo of both drugs and mental illness.