Heidi Montag looks like a donkey on her new album cover


Oh, yes. It’s a good day. It’s a great day, because someone Photoshopped the hell out of Heidi Montag’s “Superficial” album cover, and because they made her look worse. Oh, this is so rich. Look at her! I mean, she’s not what I would consider pretty or anything, but she doesn’t look that horrible. It’s like they put in some extra stuff to her eyes to make her look like the love child of Paris Hilton and a donkey. This makes my day, honestly.

Reality star, check. Author, check. Up next: pop star?

Following a performance at this summer’s Miss Universe pageant, Heidi Montag will take the leap into the recording world – and she’s perfectly aware of what the business is about. (Hint: her debut album is titled SUPERFICIAL).

With the album due out Jan. 12, Montag is ready for whatever whirlwind comes her way.

“This cover is a shout out to the ’80s,” Montag tells PEOPLE. “It makes you remember when you just had to run out to the record store and get your favorite album. You dreamt of those tapes.”

Liz Ciganovich, the album’s production and art director, said she got the idea for an ’80s tribute after seeing Montag’s Overdosin’ video.

“It reminded me of Olivia Newton John’s Let’s Get Physical in the ’80s,” said Ciganovich. “I thought, ‘Let’s do a shot that says ’80s – lets pay homage to the mix tape!’ The hunt was on. I believe I purchased every mixed tape in Los Angeles!”

[From People]

Heidi and Spencer also have a new book out. It’s called How to be Famous, and I’m sure it’s full of wit and wisdom like “be blonde” and “be an a-hole” and “look like a donkey”. Right? Anyway, back to the album. Heidi just released the “Superficial” single, and it’s just as bad as you would expect. Actually… it didn’t make my ears bleed, so maybe it wasn’t as bad as you think. It sounds like really tragic, budget Britney Spears.

Heidi’s album cover courtesy of People & The Frisky. Additional photos of Heidi and Spencer at the launch of their new book ‘How to be Famous’ on November 16, 2009. Credit: WENN

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  1. audrey says:

    i think she looks like Joan Rivers.. or is that saying the same thing?

  2. LolaBella says:

    Wow, uber harsh headline there Kaiser!

    At first glance she actually looks like Hillary Duff who herself is no raving beauty…but a donkey??

  3. Squirtle says:

    WOW…just WOW, where do I start.

    That was pretty much the worst song I think I’ve ever heard. It was sooo over produced and it was painful to listen to
    They digitalized the heck out of her voice because she can’t sing worth sh*t!

    Is that really ALL it takes to make an album? Cause if so I think I’m going to start recording..

  4. snowball says:

    rotfl at that title. Her left eye is a little wonky too.

    She’s a KMart version of Paris Hilton.

  5. Kerri says:

    A donkey in polka dots – couldn’t imagine it before this – LMAO

    “A shout out to the 80’s” – does she even know anythng about the 80’s? Isn’t she in her early 20’s – but then again the way she looks…..

    This album cover makes me want to rush out and get a bucket to puke in.

  6. Jazz says:

    An album? God save us all!!

  7. westender says:

    How can some of these celebrities think being so Photoshopped that they look like another species, is actually attractive? I thought they could approve which shots were used?

  8. Frenchie says:


  9. Guest says:

    not a fan howev ditto @lolabella.

  10. wow says:

    “WOW…just WOW, where do I start.”

    Someone called? (hand to ear). 🙂

    You guys, as much as I like to rag on these two, I have to give them credit for becoming rich by being hated. I mean in this recession, they’ve managed to make their spiel work for them. It’s just amazing to me that everyone knows their “Hills” shenanigans are fake, but yet they are still booked for appearances and talk shows.

    I like to think Speidi doesn’t have any brains, but low and behold they keep pulling out more from their bag of tricks. Ugh. I don’t love to them, I just hate them. And by doing so I’m making those jerks rich.

    Can someone hate me, please? ANd I’m talking full blown, Perez Hilton/Khate Gosselin type “hate”. I’ll give you a kick back from my reality show and special appearance fees. 🙂

  11. hatsumomo says:

    Say something nice:

    She has a cute swimsuit on?

  12. Firestarter says:

    Sorry, but what is this post about? I was thankfully distracted by the Featured Links box and JON HAMM’S NAME!


  13. JDizzle says:

    I know everyone thinks this is a Photoshop disaster, but looking at her random pics at the album release (or whatever is going on), she looks like a DONKEY regardless. I don’t think the disaster occurred b/c of the editing; I think that’s just her crazy, plastic, melted face. I’m sure she’ll look like Ashley Simpson in 2 months. Keep hackin’ away Heidi! ;D

  14. bros says:

    she DOES look like joan rivers. good call.

  15. anna says:

    I thought we were banning these twerps?

  16. Beth says:

    I thought she already released her album. It seemed like she released a single every week.

  17. fizXgirl314 says:

    wow, they may quite possibly be the worst song I’ve ever heard topped by the worst lyrics ever known to man… those lyrics sounded like a 12 year old bitching on the phone with a girlfriend while chewing gum and snapping bubbles… it didn’t sound like something someone had actually taken the time to sit down, put some thought into and write up… I wish I could see the look on my face as it progressively morphed into utter disbelief that somebody would release this as an indication of their talent…

    given the fact that no donkey has ever assaulted my ears in the same way this ho has, i’m not even going to go there.. WORD..

  18. nickynoneck says:

    why would I want to listen to music where the lyrics are about how much money they have it was terrible .

  19. girl says:

    I made it about 14 seconds into her song. I think I deserve a medal or a cookie or something.

  20. kristen says:

    i was born in 82 and i really dont remember much more than Genisis and Richard Marx(sp?) from back then..How could she possibly know whats its like to count down the days until her favorite record hit the stores and rush to get it??? She is paying homage to her years of breastfeeding, bottles, onesies, and potty training. Really stupid.

  21. Sumodo says:

    Give girl a cookie. Great comment, girl. @ audrey and bros: I was thinking Melissa Rivers, actually, and I may be the only one on this thread who has never seen Heidi and Spencer on TV or listened to her sing. I have standards, you know?

  22. LolaBella says:

    @Sumodo: What? You missed her amazing *cough shiteous cough* performance on the Miss Universe Pageant earlier this year? Lucky you!!

    I do think that you need to suffer * cough enjoy it cough* like the rest of us.


  23. Livia says:

    Please stop insulting innocent donkeys by comparing them to that…thing. Yes, donkeys look better, but more important: they SOUND better.

  24. No Sensi says:

    I thought Britney was the budget Britney, but you’re right; Britney lite (damn THAT’s lite!!)

    On another note, the lyrics are goddamn depressing, diary of an empty soul…

  25. original kate says:

    that is an insult to donkeys, mules and burros the world over.

  26. TaylorB says:

    Heidi is the full package, she looks like one end of the Donkey and behaves like the other end.

  27. Sumodo says:

    LolaBelle, I suffer enough being a Real Ho-wife’s of New Jersey/Atlanta/NY/OC fan. Those *cough* ladies *glurg* are *cough* an ego-booster for me.

  28. Shay says:

    Doesn’t she always look like a Donkey?

  29. seven says:

    Kaiser… what have donkeys done to you… lets not insult the poor animals by compairing them with this POS… You wouldnt want PETA on you now would you? 😀

    EDIT: I bit the bullet and listened to the song and it DOES sound like a 15 year old girl whining on the phone to her OMG BFF! It also reminded me that shes delusional if she thinks she ” sets the latest trends”…

  30. juiceinla says:

    She looks like the Crazy Cat Lady- Jocelyn Whatzerfokk!

  31. birdie says:

    Women who have had too much plastic surgery all start to look alike… Heidi Montag… Joan Rivers… Melissa Rivers… Jocelyn Wildenstein

  32. Gia says:

    Shay–you said it–ALWAYS looks like a donkey, old news…

  33. CB Rawks says:

    “….At first glance she actually looks like Hillary Duff who herself is no raving beauty…but a donkey??”

    Actually Hillary looks like a donkey also, so good call, Lolabella.

  34. Emily says:

    This post is insulting to donkeys, I think they’re really cute! This bitch, not so much. She looks like a fugified version of Mercedes McNab (Harmony from BTVS), but somehow, even dumber than Harmony.

  35. orion70 says:

    she is totally ruining the deep and everlasting love that I have for the mixtape. 🙁

    c30 c60 c90 NO !!!

  36. ViktoryGin says:

    Wow. That’s 3 minutes of my life I can’t get back. And to think I could have spent it staring it at the wall.

    And really? The bottle blonde slut image is so played out.

  37. Madchen says:

    Didn’t make your ears bleed, Kaiser? Rats, my ears must be more sensitive.

    Before they started gushing (and then burst into flames), I was thinking she sounded like a chipmunk.

    You’ll hear it — listen again and picture Alvin’s [ho’d out, bleached blonde, surgically enhanced] sister singing. It works!

  38. NicoleAM says:

    I love her music! Seriously, this sh*t is hold your belly hysterical! I saw her Miss Universe “performance” on youtube and I was rolling on the floor like a dog. She tries to be all sexy and seems to think she has real fans….does she not realize that everyone is just tuning in to laugh at her, or does she just not care?

  39. Jenna says:

    Gonna pull a Kanye and do all caps here. You’ve been warned.

    YES! CAN WE REPORT ON HER AND HER GIT OF A HUSBAND INSTEAD OF THE LOHANS? I’m left with a much better taste in my mouth. Please. Please. Please. I will beg. Don’t think I’m above it.

  40. furry balls says:

    This is a bitch that clearly eats shit and barks at the moon…..its like a schnauser, and a ugly horse had sex…….I want to shove a knitting needle into my eye……I bet she smells bad too….has skid marks in her pretty pink panties…..and spencer is the liquid that leeches of feces

  41. Kevin says:

    Furry Balls,,,WOW! Tell us how you really feel!

  42. Bambi says:

    Less like a donkey than a Frank N. Furter version of Heidi Montag. Which is pretty heinous– no offense to Rocky Horror Picture Show or Tim Curry.

  43. Francesca says:

    She looks like a 40yr old housewife from the OC. I can’t wait for the end of her 15mins….

  44. beb says:

    Oh Lord !! you have to LUV those lyrics ….

  45. gg says:

    She has got the longest torso with short legs I’ve seen in a long while. You wouldn’t even notice if she didn’t flaunt her body with sleazy outfits.

  46. MooMooMooMooMoo. says:

    NicoleAM: She tries to be all sexy and seems to think she has real fans….does she not realize that everyone is just tuning in to laugh at her, or does she just not care?

    That’s what I wonder about her and Paris! Do they have no pride?? Don’t they get it? They can’t have ever googled themselves because if I read half the shit about myself that people say about them, I’d wanna crawl into a hole and die not release a shitty pop album.

  47. Donkeys says:

    Nah. Ross Perot had a lot of his own money to put into it, but Ross Perot’s support was wide and shallow.