Adele asks Vegas concert goers to explain Vanderpump Rules and Tom Sandoval

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For all the people that dismiss reality show stars and gossip, there are just as many that follow it. Scandoval has been lingering in the public consciousness for months now. Three Vanderpump stars, including Ariana Madix, were invited to the White House Correspondents dinner this year and the topic even made it into the remarks. And a number of other, “legit” celebrities have weighed in on the topic, including A-listers like JLo, Chris Pratt, and of course, Jennifer Lawrence. Even Liev Schreiber had to comment on Instagram that he didn’t care, which is in itself a form of caring. It’s unclear which camp Adele falls into yet, but at a recent night of her Vegas residency she asked the audience to explain it to her.

Like much of America — at least that part that loves hot goss and delicate mess — Adele is intrigued, if confused, by Scandoval, the storyline that all but consumed the latest season of Vanderpump Rules.

During one of the nights of her Vegas residency, the Grammy and Oscar winner did her classic bantering bit with the audience when talk turned to the Pump and TV’s current worst man Tom Sandoval.

“The other day my friend was like, ‘No, they really do restaurants or something.’ So is it related to the TV show, and what does the guy do that cheated?” Adele asked an audience member who was as clueless about the show’s premise as she was.

Said man who cheated would be Sandoval, owner of the worst ‘stache in the biz and frontman for some band I don’t feel like looking up. After cheating on his longtime girlfriend Ariana Madix with her best friend Raquel Leviss, Sandoval became persona non grata basically anywhere with a sturdy WiFi connection.

Even if Adele doesn’t know who Tom Sandoval is (and she definitely doesn’t know his name), she’s still well aware that he cheated. And that is the power of the Pump.

So, looking around at the crowd, Adele asked, “Does anyone know anything about that Vanderpump stuff?”

You need only toss a rock into a diva’s Vegas residency and you’ll strike a Bravo fan. One such fan bravely stepped forward as the “Hello” chanteuse asked, “What does that man do?”

“He’s trash,” the Bravoholic said, unbothered. Adele, while agreeing, still wanted to know what Sandoval actually does, though. “He tries to sing, but he’s no Adele,” the Adele fan and apparent Ariana Madix stan added, shadily.

When this noble citizen mentioned that Sandoval “pretends” to be a server on the show and is now trying to be an entertainer, Adele quipped, “Like most of L.A.”

She recalled, “When I was at a restaurant someone tried to slide me a demo.” Little did she know that person was (or could easily have been) Tom Sandoval, frontman for… Tom Sandoval & the Most Extras. Ugh, that wasn’t worth looking up.


Maybe Adele went to Lisa Vanderpump’s Vegas restaurant, heard snippets of gossip from other patrons, and now wants to know more. Look at Adele trying to stay current with her reality show gossip. Stars really are just like us. They want to know the hot gossip and they like reality TV. I’m sure the fan that explained during the concert was thrilled to talk to Adele and thrilled to opine on Tom Sandoval. They got to compliment Adele to her face and shade Tom Sandoval in the same breath. My only quibble with their description is that Tom doesn’t pretend to be a server anymore. He was an actual bartender for awhile and now pretends to be an entertainer. The only ones who pretend to still work at any of the restaurants are Raquel and James Kennedy. Anyway, Adele had a little harmless gossipy audience banter on a topic that most can agree on.

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4 Responses to “Adele asks Vegas concert goers to explain Vanderpump Rules and Tom Sandoval”

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  1. Jason says:

    I am soooo over this bs. Ariana is bugging at this point IMO. SKIP.

  2. HeyKay says:

    Adele has been grinding my nerves for a long time.
    Annoying as heck with her chatting and TMI.
    If she wants to have a chat with her fans, do a meet and greet after the show.

    Sing. People are fans of your music. At the cost of tickets, sing.

  3. BothSidesNow says:

    I don’t even know who this Sandoval guy is except the pictures and posts here but I never read the posts. I don’t care to much for reality tv because it’s not reality, it’s basically a bunch of rich people fighting and screeching like cats, isn’t it?

  4. Gelya says:

    I am not a big fan of Adele’s music. I am sorry. I love her as a person. I would talk to my audience too. You get a small break, nice drink of water and catch up on some gossip, lol. Least she wants to interact with the fans and is smart enough not to push herself.
    I am barely following this Sandoval scandal. I think he is gross and the women who are involved with him need to think about their life choices.