Nick Cannon is getting a degree in child psychology to be a better dad

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This story is so ironic I almost can’t handle it. Nick Cannon, who has twelve children, has said that he doesn’t get to spend enough time with all of his children. He also claims that he earns $100 million a year to support them all, which sounds like a lot of work. But somehow, despite his busy schedule, he has the time to earn a psychology degree…wait for it…so he can learn how to be a better dad to his kids. This came out on the Language of Love podcast episode I covered a couple weeks ago but the Huffington Post has published his comments for those of us who don’t want to listen to the whole thing.

“I was already going to get a master’s in psychology and a Ph.D. in divinity. … Then I shifted — instead of just a master’s in psychology, now it’s more in child psychology,” he said, “because this is my life.”

Cannon stated that he takes part in psychology-related conversations “several times a day,” adding that he’s aimed to make sure his children have “what they need developmentally and emotionally.”

“I’m studying the brain — at what point does sensory matter?” he said, offering an example of some of the topics and questions he has explored.

Cannon has made headlines over the years for his growing number of children. He welcomed his 12th child, Halo, with model Alyssa Scott in December. His kids, whom he shares with six women, range in age from 6 months old to 12 years old.

The actor and “Wild ’n Out” host has publicly discussed some of the challenges he’s faced in co-parenting a dozen children.

Last month, he revealed on his radio show, “The Daily Cannon,” that he mixed up Mother’s Day cards for his kids’ moms, accidentally sending a card to one woman that was meant for another.

“I tried my best, I really did,” he said at the time.

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Look, if he wants to get a master’s degree, I think that’s great. But let’s not pretend it’s solely for the benefit of his kids. I think what his little ones need the most is to feel a secure attachment with their dad, and he doesn’t have to have a psychology degree to give that to them. It feels like something he’s doing so that people stop making fun of him, more so than something he’s doing to be a better dad. Also, mixing up the Mother’s Day cards is amateur hour. You did not try your best, Nick Cannon. That’s not what ‘trying my best’ is. As Emily Post would say, one must double-check the name on the card before putting it in the envelope when one has six baby mamas. I suppose it’s bound to happen when Nick is so overextended. The level of color-coding that must exist on his Google calendar (assuming he has one) makes me anxious just to think about.

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  1. HeyKay says:

    Enough with your nonsense Nick. Honestly.
    I’d laugh in his face but he seems completely out of touch.
    12 kids with different Mothers and this fool as their Dad, poor kids.
    What a total mess.

  2. Lady D says:

    Adorable babies.

  3. North of Boston says:

    Here’s my speed curriculum for Nick:

    Pay attention to each your children
    Be interested in each of your children, their lives, their wellbeing, their joys, their struggles
    Be respectful to your children’s mothers, and interested in their lives, their wellbeing
    Spend focused, quality, caring time with each of your children, frequently and consistently- week after week, month after month, year after year
    Provide financially for all of your children

    There’s your degree!

    • Smart&Messy says:

      That’s a solid list, I agree with every point. I’d like to add giving them a name that they can use proudly in every walk of life. Legendary love Cannon and Golden Cannon don’t convey how you respect your child and think about their future beyond the baby years.

  4. Louise177 says:

    First step is to stop having so many children. It’s one thing if they lived in the same house but I can’t imagine Nick has spent enough quality time to go to 6 or 7 different homes.

  5. Liz in A says:

    nick cummin could just get a condom, so much easier…

  6. Torttu says:

    Well, Cannon, how about you just stay at home with your children so their mothers can go get degrees and start careers.

  7. Zantasia says:

    Yes, the best way to be a better dad is find something else that ensures you spend less time with them.

    • Kate says:

      Right? Sorry I can’t come visit this weekend daddy has to work on his thesis about how to be a better father. Sorry I’m so tired/impatient/unpresent kiddo I’ve been working at my 3 jobs, attending school and dividing my free time between you and your 11 half siblings and my several girlfriends.

  8. Minnieder says:

    So he has a bachelor’s degree? I didn’t know he ever went to college. 🤷‍♀️

    • SAS says:

      This! I’m so stuck on the logistics! In my country, there is literally no way he could get a masters in Psych without doing a psych bachelors (and getting great marks). As another commenter mentioned, I would love him to just do the 1st year attachment subjects!

      And masters is generally a 2 year research project, not a bunch of random classes where you can somehow shift a specialty! (Again maybe US is very different in this regard).

      I get a weird feeling about this, like he wants to be able to say he’s the expert so he can overrule any objections from the mothers.

  9. Laura says:

    So a degree but no vascectomy….umm ok. No amount of degrees can replace him simply being an ACTIVELY involved dad to ALL of his kids.

  10. Coco says:

    Well Nick stop having kids and stop treating their mothers like objects for you to control that’s a good start.

  11. zinjazin says:

    Everything else aside I think its commendable of him.
    I mean maybe he will get some insights into how he can better be there and suport his children and the babymomas and hopefully also get some insight to himself.

    • Kate says:

      Or he’ll just be armed with more lingo and knowledge about how to manipulate others without looking at himself…

  12. JM says:

    Spend the time you’d spend at school, with your kids. Boom. Already better.

  13. Reader says:

    This man just cannot stop creating distractions which provide him excuses to not quality spend time with his children or his “partners”.

    If he’d just announce that he achieved his child psychology focused degree, maybe he’d earn a quick round of snaps. But by the time he learns about how much and at what point “sensory” matters *eyeroll*, his children will have grown past that extremely important development phase of 0-48 months.

  14. Sass says:

    As Emily Post would say 🤣

    I hate him.

  15. bisynaptic says:

    He’s going to gaslight the hell out of those kids.